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[FM11] IK Tord - Becoming the best in Europe using only youth products

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Thanks for all the comments guys

Flamers: I guess that's something, I would prefer the points than the goal difference though :D

Taunton: If only my team could take what they do in the cup into the league, would make it a lot less stressful for me.

RichG: yer at least all these draws are just about keeping me in touch with the rest of the table

DSYoungEsq: I would take that

SnakeXe: In game theyve bounced around between a top 1st Division Elite team to struggling Premier Division side. In the early 21st century they were one of the top clubs but since 2008 theyve fallen apart.

emgergo: Sweden is a really fun country to play in, I prefer England but that's only because I know more about the English game.

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June 2017

League: IK Sirius 3-1 Tord

Not a good start to the month, 2 goals in 5 mins in the 1st half effectively ended the match for us. They got a 3rd early in the 2nd half which sealed the 3 points although Heinonen did get a consolation in the 66th min.

League: Tord 1-1 Hacken

A good point against one of the better sides in the division. It wasn't looking good when they took the lead early on from a corner but we fought back well and Fredrik Karlsson (YP8) got us a deserved equaliser in the 59th min.

League: Norrkoping 1-1 Tord

The game of the Fredrik Karlsson's, firstly Norrkoping's Fredrik Karlsson scored a penalty in the 1st min to give them the lead. But our own Fredrik Karlsson (YP8) equalised in the 15th min.

League: Tord 2-3 GAIS

I admit I did chuckle at their name :D. But by the end of the game I wasn't laughing as they trounced us. They took the lead through a penalty in the 33rd min but Fredrik Karlsson (YP8) equalised for us for the 3rd time in as many matches. Our poor start to the 2nd half gifted them the match as they scored 2 early goals which was too much us for us to come back from. Christoffer Zekria (YP17) did get us 1 back in the 82nd min but that was it.


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July 2017

League: Vasteras SK 1-1 Tord

Johan Bystrom (YP2) gave us 1st half lead but that was ruled out by a 2nd half Vasteras SK goal to make it yet another draw. It also extended our winless run.

Swedish Cup 4th Round: Tord 2-0 Hammarby Fotboll

The cup is a welcome distraction at the moment as we keep on pulling off the results. The 1st half was pretty average, neither side getting many chances but in the 2nd half we pulled away from them. Johan Bystrom (YP2) gave us the lead 9 mins into it. Anders Svensson (YP16) wrapped things up in th 82nd min after heading home from a free kick.

League: Landskrona 2-0 Tord

Back to league form, I assume fatigue had a big part to play in this as well, this being our 3rd match in a week. We never really showed up for this match and deserved to lose.

League: Tord 2-0 LB07

Our 1st league win for 10 games but it has come at a price as Johan Bystrom (YP2) is now out injured for 3-4 weeks. But not before he opened the scoring for us just before half time. Fredrik Karlsson (YP8) then made it 2-0 midway through the 2nd half to secure the win.

League: Tord 2-0 Degerfors

A 2nd win in a row :eek:, but again it has come at a price as Fredrik Karlsson (YP8) is now out injured for 7-8 weeks. But like Johan Bystrom (YP2) in the previous match he still had time to make an impact by scoring the 1st goal. Martin Andersson (YP19) then added the 2nd in the 81st min to see us rise out of the autoatic relegation places.

League: Trelleborg 2-2 Tord

With our two best strikers out injured up steps Christoffer Zekria (YP17) to score twice in the 1st half to give us a shock 2-0 lead going into the break. However we fell apart in the 2nd half and a penalty let them back into the game before they equalised with the last kick of the game.


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You need to score more :p Your goals conceded put you 4th!!! same with your loses!


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You need to score more :p Your goals conceded put you 4th!!! same with your loses!


Doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon with my two best strikers out for a while

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Put naked Swedish girls in the opposition goals and reward the players who score. ;)

+1 :)


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Put naked Swedish girls in the opposition goals and reward the players who score. ;)

Great idea, now why isnt this an option in fm:mad:

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August 2017

Swedish Cup Quarter Final: Tord 0-1 Elfsborg

As you can see from the stats we gave this match a right go and were unlucky not to take it into extra time at least. Story of our season really, create plenty of chances but can't finish them. Maybe it would have been a different story if our 2 best strikers weren't out injured for this match.

League: Sleipner 3-1 Tord

I knew we would struggle in this match due to it being played 3 days after the cup match. We got off to a terrible start, being a goal and man down after just 15 mins. They scored twice more in the 1st half and it looked like the beginnings of a rout but we played better in the 2nd half and even got a consolation thanks to an own goal.

League: Tord 1-2 Orgryte

Another terrible start as we conceded almost straight away and could have been 2 down inside half an hour had they not missed a penalty. Johan Bystrom (YP2) levelled things up on his return in the 34th min but our parity didn't last long as Orgryte retook the lead 4 mins later.

League: Syrianska Kerburan 1-1 Tord

Another exciting start to the match as Johan Bystrom (YP2) put us in the lead in the 4th min but they equalised 2 mins later. The last 3 matches we have conceded in the opening 6 mins :(.

League: Djurgarden 3-1 Tord

For once we played incredible in the 1st half, Johan Bystrom (YP2) single handedly is dragging us along as he scored another goal to give us a 1-0 half time lead. But we completely fell apart in the 2nd half after conceding twice in the opening 10 mins, they could have had 6 or 7 luckily it was only 3.


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September 2017

League: Tord 1-1 IK Sirius

Have a run of 3 home games where we need to pick up some points, this one went alright i'll take the point. We conceded early in the 1st half but Miodrag Damjanovic (YP3) got his 1st of the season to grab us the draw.

League: Tord 1-1 Kvarnby

Really thought we would have won this but we blundered. Fredrik Karlsson (YP8), on his return to the 1st team, looked to have given us all 3 points when he scored in the 86th min but Kvarnby equalised in the last min of added time.

League: Tord 0-0 Oster

Our winless streak extends to 9 games after this bore draw, we really should have won it though, there were at least 3 good chances to do so.

League: Hacken 3-1 Tord

10 games now and relegation is looking increasingly likely especially if we keep playing like this. Conceding twice in quick succesion in the 1st half really took the fight out of us. A third after half time killed the game although Johan Bystrom (YP2) got a consolation late on.


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Remaining Fixtures:


Norrkoping (H)


Vasteras SK (H)

Vasteras SK:

Kvarnby (A)

Djurgarden (H)

Tord (A)


Vasteras SK (H)

Landskrona (A)

Degerfors (H)

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Prediction: Comes down to the last game of the season, you needing a 2-0 win :)


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Prediction: Comes down to the last game of the season, you needing a 2-0 win :)


And we will inevitably get a draw:(

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hrbfcrule, do you think going down (if you do) will be beneficial in the long run, as it often is? It seems that you're defence is more than capable for this level, if only you could score more!

My prediction - Tord to stay up on GD (thus rewarding you're defensive prowess...)

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hrbfcrule, do you think going down (if you do) will be beneficial in the long run, as it often is? It seems that you're defence is more than capable for this level, if only you could score more!

My prediction - Tord to stay up on GD (thus rewarding you're defensive prowess...)

To be honest I don't think going down would be beneficial at all, mainly due to the fact that I would lose so much money in the division below as my wages have increased. If I manage to stay in this division for a couple of seasons I may have enough money to get my youth facilities upgraded.

Going down wouldn't be a disaster but I would need to get promoted back up within a couple of seasons I would be in big financial trouble.

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October 2017

League: Tord 0-0 Norrkoping

A bore draw but it's a point and we'll take it. We were outplayed for large parts of the match but we did have our chances to win it.

Kvarnby 1-1 Vasteras SK

League: GAIS 0-1 Tord

Could this be the result to save the season. GAIS were probably the better team but didn't create many chances whereas we had one golden one which Fredrik Lundgren (YP10) took in the 79th min to get us our 1st win in 12 games.


Vasteras SK 0-2 Djurgarden

Landskrona 0-1 Kvarnby

So basically we need to avoid defeat in our final match, that is all.

. . . . and even then we still go into a relegation playoff

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*Drum roll*

See my prediction motivated your players ;)

Relegation playoff: draws all matches...


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League: Tord 2-1 Vasteras SK

Phew. It was a very even game. Christoffer Zekria (YP17) scored a "controversial" penalty for us with 5 mins of the 1st half remaining. Martin Andersson (YP19) then doubled it early in the 2nd half and it looked like we were cruising it. However my team will never do things the easy way, Fredrik Karlsson (YP8) got himself sent off with 20 mins remaining then with 5 mins left they had a goal disallowed. In the 89th min they scored and this time it was allowed to stand then in the 97th min they had another disallowed goal. Bloody hell that was nerveracking.

Vasteras SK took it upon themselves to injure as many people as possible to ruin me in the playoff, they succeeded in injuring 3 people in the match. So that leaves us with 9 people out for the 1st leg (8 injuries, 1 ban) 3 of the injured players may be able to play in the 1st leg but their condition will probably be too low. But we should have 5 of them back for the 2nd leg.

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Haven't seen this before

The funny thing is it's the opposition manager complaining about the state of his own pitch :D

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A nerve wrecking run in for sure. Hope you will do well in the play offs. It would be essential for you to stay up and build on the experience from this season. Have to say that the youngsters are doing very well. The swedish first division is very competetive and I think you did well just to avoid relegation.

Crossing fingers now:)

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Thanks for the good luck messages, sorry it's been a while but I have been really busy recently due to numerous tests.

MUST be a bug. :D

Definitely. SI need to sort it out it's completely ruined the game for me :D

Who is the playoff against? Degerfors?

It's against Forward who are in the division below.

13th and 14th from the Elite Division (2nd Tier) play the teams who finished 2nd in the Fits Division North or South (3rd Tier).

So it's a relegation playoff for 2 teams but promotion playoff for the other 2. I assume the 2 relegated teams can't play each other and the 2 promoted teams can't play each other.

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Relegation Playoff

1st Leg: Forward 1-2 Tord

We got off to a terrible start when Forward scored after just 10 mins of play. Then a goal out of nothing sparked us into life, Isaac Blixt

, not sure about the celebration though. We continued to push for the lead throughouth the rest of the 1st half but we just couldn't break down the Forward defence. I was hoping to start from where we left off in the 2nd half but that was quickly ripped to shreds rather like an opposition player's leg once Martin Andersson (YP19) had finished with him, unfortunately this earned him a red card which sent us down to 10 men. From this point on we were on the back foot and I was looking to settle for the draw. We somehow went one better than that when Johan Bystrom (YP2) took advantage of some very poor defending to before beating the keeper and tapping into an empty net. How we came away with a win here i'll never know but i'll take it.

2nd Leg: Tord (3) 1-1 (2) Forward

Only had enough players for 3 subs like in the 1st leg (admittedly I could have used the players in the reserves or U19's). Despite this we played extremely well creating loads of chances but as per usual we just couldn't finish them. Again we conceded 1st and againit was from an early goal as we paid the price for starting off slow. We soon found our stride though and pushed for an equaliser, I could barely watch as we went into the final 10 mins ahead on only away goals. Then our big chance came as we awarded a clear penalty, Christoffer Zekria (YP17) stepped up and smacked it onto the inside of the post. My anger and hatred towards him was shortlived though as Forward cleared the ball away really poorly allowing Fredrik Bjork (YP12) to score after going 1 on 1 with the keeper. Despite a few more nervy moments including them hitting the bar from 6 yards out in the 91st min we hung on to survive for another season.

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Woohoo!!!!! I knew you could do it!

My prediction: Tord stay up, barely. Next season, Tord improve. Next season, Tord take a shot at the playoffs.
See how prescient I am! :D

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Thanks everyone, end of season update should be tomorrow (well technically it will be today but you know what I mean) as I have plenty of time then.

Woohoo!!!!! I knew you could do it!

See how prescient I am! :D

Ok so next step is to improve, shouldn't be too hard :D

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Yes! You stayed up. Good luck with the next season. Great achivement to stay up.

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End of Season Report: IK Tord Swedish First Division Elite, 2017

League Table, League Graph


We drew half of our league matches, says it all really. We don't really have the quality to finish games off while we are in the lead and end up conceding late on. Hopefully we will also get a bit more luck in the upcoming season. The league went right down to the wire, we managed to beat Vasteras SK to take us into the relegation playoff spots. We then scraped past Forward 3-2 on aggregate in the playoffs to survive by the skin of our teeth.

Relegation Playoff 1st Leg

Relegation Playoff 2nd Leg

Swedish Cup

We had an extraordinary run in the cup. In the 1st and 2nd rounds we just about scraped past 2 4th tier sides, both games finishing 2-1. But then we were drawn with the big guns in the Swedish Premier League. Admittedly they were some of the worst of the Premier League teams, the 2 that I beat finished 14th and 15th (out of 16). Johan Bystrom (YP2) was to thank for getting us through to the quarter finals as he scored against both Assyriska and Hammarby Futbol on our way to recording 2-0 victories over each. At the quarter final stage we drew Elfsborg, also of the Premier League. This time they were just too strong for us and we succumbed to a 1-0 loss although I thought we played extremely well.

Youth Players

Anton Alvefelt (YP1) - One of the worst players in the squad at the moment, was terrible in the First Division Elite although that is understandable as he struggled in the division below.

Johan Bystrom (YP2) - Not bad, 12 in 31 with 8 assists. One of the better performers really need him to keep it up next season or we could be in real trouble.

Miodrag Damjanovic (YP3) - Absolutely terrible I gave him plenty of chances but 1 goal and 1 assist in 24 is unacceptable. Will be sold asap.

Thomas Jonsson (YP4) - I think he has retired as I can't seem to find him. Last time I checked on him was in October and he had yet to find another club.

Tony Thoren (YP5) - Pretty decent. His performances are reflected by the amount of goals we conceded in the league (39, the 5th lowest). Will be a key player for many seasons to come.

Filip Linder (YP6) - Started off incredibly well, even winning a couple of player of the month's which is very good for a team struggling to survive. Although we did lose a lot of games this season it could have been much worse if he hadn't pulled off some top quality saves.

Niklas Andersson (YP7) - Only played a few games while Filip Linder (YP6) was injured. Played alright but still is 2nd choice.

Fredrik Karlsson (YP8) - Good partner to Johan Bystrom (YP2), 11 in 28 for Karlsson. These two are capable of smashing in the goals but as soon as they get injured we struggle badly.

Christer Lindahl (YP9) - Got a few more games than he usually does due to injuries but didn't do too much to cement a 1st team place.

Fredrik Lundgren (YP10) - Our whole midfield seemed to struggle, I think it really lacks quality. Lundgren being an example of this.

Calle Ewald (YP11) - Has probably overtaken Anton Alvefelt (YP1) as 1st choice left back and has done really well.

Fredrik Bjork (YP12) - Could and should be playing at Bystrom (YP2) and Karlsson (YP8)'s level if it weren't for injuries. Was out for most of the season with a torn calf muscle. Hoping he will stay fit next season as he should be an exciting prospect.

Stefan Nilsson (YP13) - Commits a lot of fouls but seems to get away with it, I suppose that's what DM's have to do sometimes to break down counter attacks. Again another player showing how average our midfield is.

Paul Johansson (YP14) - The best of the midfield which is pretty bad considering his average rating was just 6.87.

Robin Johannesson (YP15) - The only thing I can say about him is that he did score a goal, apart from that you wouldn't have remembered he was there.

Anders Svensson (YP16) - Looks like last season wasn't just a flash in the pan for him as again he was consistently the best player.

Christoffer Zekria (YP17) - Hoping he can get to a similar level as Bystrom (YP2) and Karlsson (YP8). He improved greatly this season but is still only 19 so there is some way to go.

Lars Lundgren (YP18) - Terrible. As he is only 18 I'm willing to let him stay and (hopefully) improve.

Martin Andersson (YP19) - A real disappointment as he showed promise last season. Hoping for an improvement next season (to be honest it would be hard not to.)

Anders Axelsson (YP20) - Probably one of the worst overall performances I have ever seen, this shows how badly I have been clutching at straws these past few years when choosing youth products to come into the 1st team.

Finances - Profit \o/, never thought I would be able to say that (without being wrong). Board won't upgrade youth facilities but another season of 90k profit should be enough.

Season--------------League---------------Position-------------Swedish Cup--------------Euro Cup-------------Champions League----
2010         Second Division EG           10th                   N/A                     N/A                       N/A 
2011         Second Division EG            4th                   N/A                     N/A                       N/A
2012         Second Division EG            3rd               Prelim Rnd                  N/A                       N/A
2013         Second Division EG            1st                 1st Rnd                   N/A                       N/A
2014         First Division South          9th                 3rd Rnd                   N/A                       N/A
2015         First Division South          9th                 1st Rnd                   N/A                       N/A
2016         First Division South          2nd                 1st Rnd                   N/A                       N/A
2017         First Division Elite         14th                    QF                     N/A                       N/A

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Roll of Honour - Leagues


[center][b][u][size=3]Premier League[/size][/u][/b][/center]

------------[b]Champions[/b]--------[b]Champions League[/b]-------------------------------[b]Euro Cup[/b]------------------------[b]Relegated[/b]----------------
2010/11  |   Man Utd |  Chelsea   Arsenal    Aston Villa  |   Liverpool  Tottenham    Sunderland |  Fulham      Blackpool  Newcastle
2011/12  |   Man Utd |  Man City  Arsenal    Liverpool    |   Chelsea    Aston Villa  Tottenham  |  Sunderland  West Ham   Wolves
2012/13  |   Man Utd |  Liverpool Arsenal    Chelsea      |   Man City   Aston Villa  Tottenham  |  Sheff Wed   West Brom  Forest
2013/14  |   Chelsea |  Man Utd   Tottenham  Arsenal      |   Liverpool  Man City     Aston Villa|  Portsmouth  Hull       Barnsley
2014/15  |   Chelsea |  Man Utd   Tottenham  Liverpool    |   Man City   Arsenal      Blackburn  |  Stoke       Charlton   Plymouth
2015/16  |   Man Utd |  Chelsea   Tottenham  Arsenal      |   Man City   Liverpool    Aston Villa|  Burnley     Watford    Preston
2016/17  |   Man Utd |  Chelsea   Arsenal    Aston Villa  |   Tottenham  Man City     Liverpool  |  West Ham    Bristol R  Peterborough


[center][b][u][size=3]Ligue 1[/size][/u][/b][/center]

------------[b]Champions[/b]--------[b]Champions League[/b]-----------------------[b]Euro Cup[/b]------------------------------------[b]Relegated[/b]----------------
2010/11   |  AS Monaco | Lyon       Marseille   |    Lille          AS Nancy       PSG          | Stade Brestois  Lens          Arles-Avignon
2011/12   |  Lyon      | PSG        Marseille   |    AS Monaco      Stade Rennais  Lille        | Toulouse        Le Mans       Nantes
2012/13   |  Lyon      | AS Monaco  Lille       |    Stade Rennais  Bordeaux       Marseille    | Grenoble        Auxerre       Caen
2013/14   |  Lyon      | Bordeaux   AS Monaco   |    PSG            Marseille      Stade Rennais| Ajaccio         Nice          Amiens
2014/15   |  Lyon      | Lille      AS Monaco   |    Marseille      Bordeaux       Boulogne     | Montpellier     Valenciennes  Le Mans
2015/16   |  Lyon      | AS Monaco  PSG         |    Bordeaux       Tours          OM           | Lens            Vannes        Paris
2016/17   |  Lyon      | AS Monaco  OM          |    PSG            Lille          Bordeaux     | AS Cannes       Tours FC      RC Strasbourg


[center][b][u][size=3]German 1st Division[/size][/u][/b][/center]

------------[b]Champions[/b]--------[b]Champions League[/b]-----------------------[b]Euro Cup[/b]------------------------------------[b]Relegated[/b]----------------
2010/11   |  Schalke   | Dortmund   Wolfsburg   |    FC Bayern      W. Bremen      Leverkusen   | Mainz           St Pauli      Kaiserslautern
2011/12   |  FC Bayern | Wolfsburg  Stuttgart   |    Aachen         Leverkusen     Schalke      | Hannover        Freiburg
2012/13   |  FC Bayern | Wolfsburg  Schalke     |    W. Bremen      Dortmund       Karlsruhe    | Nurnberg        Gladbach      Dusseldorf
2013/14   |  FC Bayern | Leverkusen HSV         |    Schalke        Wolfsburg      Karlsruhe    | Offenbach       1860 Munchen          
2014/15   |  Leverkusen| FC Bayern  Dortmund    |    W.Bremen       Stuttgart      Schalke      | Frankfurt       Mainz  
2015/16   |  FC Bayern | Leverkusen Schalke     |    W.Bremen       Dortmund       Wolfsburg    | Bochum          Duisburg
2016/17   |  Leverkusen| FC Bayern  Wolfsburg   |    Schalke        Hoffenheim     HSV          | Dusseldorf      Ahlen


[center][b][u][size=3]Serie A[/size][/u][/b][/center]

------------[b]Champions[/b]--------[b]Champions League[/b]----------------------------[b]Euro Cup[/b]-------------------------------[b]Relegated[/b]----------------
2010/11   |  Juventus  | Sampdoria    Roma       AC Milan  |   Inter         Palermo     Napoli   | Chievo          Lecce      Brescia
2011/12   |  Juventus  | AC Milan     Inter      Sampdoria |   Palermo       Napoli      Genoa    | Atalanta        Torino     Novara
2012/13   |  Napoli    | AC Milan     Fiorentina Roma      |   Juventus      Genoa       Cagliari | Bologna         Bari       Cesena
2013/14   |  Juventus  | Roma         Palermo    Genoa     |   Napoli        Fiorentina  AC Milan | Sassuolo        Triestina  Modena          
2014/15   |  Inter     | Napoli       Roma       AC Milan  |   Juventus      Udinese     Palermo  | Lecce           Brescia    Empoli 
2015/16   |  AC Milan  | Napoli       Sampdoria  Juventus  |   Genoa         Inter       Roma     | Cesena          Vicenza    Chievo 
2016/17   |  Inter     | AC Milan     Napoli     Udinese   |   Roma          Palermo     Juventus | Ascoli          Atalanta   Siena


[center][b][u][size=3]La Liga[/size][/u][/b][/center]

------------[b]Champions[/b]--------[b]Champions League[/b]-----------------------------[b]Euro Cup[/b]-------------------------------[b]Relegated[/b]----------------
2010/11   |  R. Madrid | Barcelona    At. Madrid  Athletic  |   Villareal     Sevilla     Sporting | Racing        Almeria       Osasuna
2011/12   |  Barcelona | R.Madrid     Villareal   At. Madrid|   Sevilla       Valencia    Zaragoza | Tenerife      Numancia      Xerez
2012/13   |  R.Madrid  | Barcelona    Valencia    At. Madrid|   Sevilla       Mallorca    Athletic | Almeria       Hercules      Levante
2013/14   |  R.Madrid  | Barcelona    At. Madrid  Malaga    |   Sevilla       Villareal   Valencia | Girona        Osasuna       Recreativo  
2014/15   |  R.Madrid  | Barcelona    At. Madrid  Sevilla   |   Malaga        Villareal   Mallorca | Racing        R. Sociedad   Betis 
2015/16   |  R.Madrid  | Barcelona    Sevilla     Villareal |   At. Madrid    Valencia    Deportivo| Recreativo    Murcia        Elche 
2016/17   |  Barcelona | Sevilla      At. Madrid  Villareal |   R.Madrid      Athletic    Getafe   | Numancia      Cadiz         Oviedo

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Roll of Honour - Cups

Champions League

2010/11: Inter e4-1 R.Madrid

2011/12: Man Utd 3-1 Barcelona

2012/13: Real Madrid 4-0 AC Milan

2013/14: Man Utd 1-0 Lyon

2014/15: R.Madrid 1-2 Barcelona

2015/16: Lyon p1-1 Chelsea

2016/17: Barcelona 2-1 PSG

Euro Cup

2010/11: Man City 3-1 Napoli

2011/12: FC Bayern e2-1 Leverkusen

2012/13: Genoa 1-3 Palermo

2013/14: Porto 2-1 Juventus

2014/15: Liverpool p1-1 Marseille

2015/16: Man City 0-2 Arsenal

2016/17: Liverpool 3-1 Man Utd

FA Cup

2010/11: Sheff Wed 1-3 Chelsea

2011/12: Man Utd e2-1 Birmingham

2012/13: Tottenham p2-2 Blackburn

2013/14: Tottenham 0-3 Chelsea

2014/15: Tottenham 3-2 Man Utd

2015/16: Liverpool 1-3 Man Utd

2016/17: Man Utd 3-1 Wigan

French Cup

2010/11: Strasbourg 1-0 Lorient

2011/12: Guingamp 2-1 Lyon

2012/13: Marseille 3-1 AS Monaco

2013/14: Marseille 1-3 Lyon

2014/15: Lyon 4-0 Caen

2015/16: Bourdeaux 3-0 Vannes

2016/17: Valenciennes 2-1 Nancy

German Cup

2010/11: HSV 1-3 FC Bayern

2011/12: FC Bayern 2-1 Bochum

2012/13: Ahlen 1-3 Schalke

2013/14: HSV 1-1p Koln

2014/15: Schalke 4-1 Leverkusen

2015/16: FC Bayern 4-0 Duisburg

2016/17: Stuttgart 1-1p Schalke

Italian Cup

2010/11: Napoli 1-2 Udinese

2011/12: Palermo 2-1 Lazio

2012/13: Roma 3-0 Juventus

2013/14: Cagliari 1-2 Juventus

2014/15: Napoli 2-4 Genoa

2015/16: AC Milan 1-2 Udinese

2016/17: Genoa 3-2 Napoli

Spanish Cup

2010/11: At.Madrid 1-0 R.Madrid

2011/12: R.Madrid 3-2 Getafe

2012/13: Valencia 1-2 Osasuna

2013/14: R.Madrid 2-1 Barcelona

2014/15: Valencia 0-3 R.Madrid

2015/16: R.Madrid 2-0 Barcelona

2016/17: Valladolid 2-3e Villareal

European Championship

2012: Portugal 2-0 Holland *England failed to qualify, finishing behind Wales and Switzerland in their group.

2016: Poland 1-0 Serbia wtf??? *England do their standard early knockout stage exit by losing 2-0 to France in the 2nd Round.

World Cup

2014: Germany 0-0p Brazil *England reached the 2nd round before being knocked by Belgium 2-0

If you want any updates on specific teams don't hesitate to ask

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[center][b][u]IK Tord: All Matches[/u][/b][/center]

--------Season-------Games Played--------Won--------Drawn---------Lost--------For--------Against--------GD--------Win%-------------
        2010              24               6          8          10         24 (1.00)   27 (1.13)      -3         25%
        2011              22               9          7           6         38 (1.73)   29 (1.32)      +9         41%
        2012              23              10          5           8         32 (1.39)   29 (1.26)      +3         43%
        2013              24              14          7           3         41 (1.71)   24 (1.00)      +17        58%
        2014              30              11          8          11         41 (1.37)   38 (1.27)      +3         37%
        2015              28              10          6          12         43 (1.54)   35 (1.28)      +8         36%
        2016              30              16          8           6         50 (1.67)   27 (0.90)      +23        53%
        2017              37              10         16          11         44 (1.19)   44 (1.19)      +0         27%
        Total            218             86         65           67       313 (1.44)  253 (1.16)      +60        39%


[center][b][u]IK Tord: Home Matches[/u][/b][/center]

--------Season-------Games Played--------Won--------Drawn---------Lost--------For--------Against--------GD--------Win%-------------
      2010               12               5          5             2       15 (1.25)    10 (0.83)      +5         42%
      2011               11               5          4             2       21 (1.91)    13 (1.18)      +8         45%
      2012               12               7          3             2       22 (1.83)    12 (1.00)      +10        58%
      2013               12               8          3             1       21 (1.75)     8 (0.67)      +13        67%
      2014               15               6          3             6       16 (1.07)    13 (0.87)      +3         40%
      2015               14               7          4             3       24 (1.71)    13 (0.93)      +11        50%
      2016               14              10          4             0       24 (1.71)     5 (0.36)      +19        71%
      2017               19               6          9             4       25 (1.32)    17 (0.89)      +8         32%
      Total             109              54          35           20      168 (1.54)    91 (0.83)      +77        50%


[center][b][u]IK Tord: Away Matches[/u][/b][/center]

--------Season-------Games Played--------Won--------Drawn---------Lost--------For--------Against--------GD--------Win%-------------
      2010               12               1          3             8        9 (0.75)    17 (1.42)      -8          8%
      2011               11               4          3             4       17 (1.55)    16 (1.45)      +1         36%
      2012               11               3          2             6       10 (0.91)    17 (1.55)      -7         27%
      2013               12               6          4             2       20 (1.67)    16 (1.33)      +4         50%
      2014               15               5          5             5       25 (1.67)    25 (1.67)      +0         33%
      2015               14               3          2             9       19 (1.36)    22 (1.57)      -3         21%
      2016               16               6          4             6       26 (1.63)    22 (1.38)      +4         38%
      2017               18               4          7             7       19 (1.40)    27 (1.32)      -8         22%
      Total             109              32         30            47      145 (1.33)   162 (1.49)      -17        29%

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Media Prediction: 16th

Promotion Odds: 1000-1

Expectations: Attempt to avoid relegation

Wage Budget: £4,985 (£6,354)

Wage Bill: £2,612 (£1,849)

Ticket price: £15.30 (£14.20)

Season Ticket Holders: 243 (237)

Season Ticket Price: £169.00 (£158.00)

Key: This Season (Last Season)

Chairman status is now "willing to listen to offers".

Also I decided to sell Miodrag Damjanovic (YP3) - the 1st youth player to be sold to another club, he went to Klagshamn for £2k.

Another 3 youth players come into the 1st team although none of them look like having a very bright future:

Fredrik Berg (YP21) (ML) - Report

Marcus Johansson (YP22) (ST) - Report

Mattias Hakansson (YP23) (DM, MC) - Report


Tord 1-2 Karlslund

Akropolis 2-0 Tord

Koping 1-2 Tord

Lund 0-2 Tord

Tord 0-1 Syrianska FC

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About your finances:

Just think, only 11 more years of loan payments to go!!! :D

<ducks and runs>

grrrrrr :mad:

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April 2018

Swedish Cup 1st Round: Varnamo 0-3 Tord

A great start to the season as we brushed aside a poor Varnamo. Fredrik Karlsson (YP8) netted twice, once in each half and Fredrik Bjork (YP12) got the other. The pick of the goals being Fredrik Karlsson (YP8)'s 2nd where he ran 40 yards before smashing it into the top corner.

League: Landskrona 0-1 Tord

A shock winnning start in the league as well. Johan Bystrom (YP2) got the only goal of the game early in the 2nd half. You couldn't argue we didn't deserve it.

Swedish Cup 2nd Round: Skiljebo 0-1 Tord

Another good win considering I am putting out weakened sides for the cup games. But it was 1st team regular Fredrik Karlsson (YP8) who got us the goal. He headed home from a corner in 1st half injury time.

League: Tord 1-0 Degerfors

4 wins in a row?!?!?!?! We deserved victory again here after Degerfors gave us an advantage by getting a man sent off in the 40th min. This allowed Fredrik Bjork (YP12) to grab the winner in the 70th min after playing a lovely one two with Christoffer Zekria (YP17).

League: Assyriska 0-3 Tord

Beat them last season in the cup and now even more shockingly we have thrashed them away from home. This meant we now have twice as many away league wins as we did in the whole of last season. We got off to a fantastic start with Fredrik Karlsson (YP8) and Johan Heinonen both scoring in the opening quarter of an hour. Johan Bystrom (YP2) put the icing on the cake in the 2nd half. The defence should also get a mention as we have now got 5 consecutive clean sheets earning me the "Park the Bus" Steam achievment.

League: Tord 2-1 Atvidaberg

Our winning streak just keeps on going :eek:. At half time it looked like it would come to an end as Atvidaberg were 1-0 up and all over us. However we gave a monumental 2nd half performance where both Johan Bystrom (YP2) and Anders Svensson (YP16) early on to turn the game in our favour.


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May 2018

League: Syrianska Kerburan 4-1 Tord

Well it had to end sometime but boy were brought down to earth with a bump. It was a very open game but Syrianska's superior strikers proved the difference. They quickly went two up but Anders Svensson (YP16) pulled one back for us almost straight away. The real blow was when they restored their 2 goal advantage just before half time. That really took it otut of us and we collapsed in the 2nd half allowing them to score another.

League: Tord 1-0 Oster

A good comeback win in a match that could have gone either way. Martin Andersson (YP19) got his 1st of the season on the hour mark to make it 5 wins out of 6 in the league for us.

League: Sleipner 0-0 Tord

I must have got this wrong very wrong tactically as they destroyed us throughout the match but just couldn't score. Even when they went down to 10 men in the 57th min they looked the more likely to score.

Swedish Cup 3rd Round: Tord 2-0 AIK

Greatest moment ever!! We got a harsh draw in the cup against 2nd placed AIK in the Premier Division. They had lost once this season out of 11 games and are in the Euro Cup. So what do we go and do :D that's right beat them despite me making 6 changes to last match's line up so we were playing with half a 1st team and half fringe players. Anders Svensson (YP16) scored his 3rd in 4 games - not bad for a defender to give us the lead at half time. Martin Andersson (YP19) got his 2nd in 3 games to seal a shock victory. Our 3rd Premier Division scalp in 2 years.

League: Tord 0-2 GAIS

We ran out of luck, GAIS were the marginally better team and they put away their chances to prove that.

League: LB07 2-0 Tord

Damn! Could 2nd season syndrome be kicking in now? Admittedly we were really unlucky to lose let alone by 2 goals. My strikers are really struggling now Johan Bystrom (YP2) and Fredrik Karlsson (YP8) both on goal droughts now.


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June 2018

League: Tord 2-1 Vasalund

Christoffer Zekria (YP17) was another play on a goal drought but he righted it in this match with his 1st 2 goals oo the season. Vasalund got off to a good start by scoring 1st but Zekria (YP17) scored at two crucial times, once right at the end of the 1st half and again in the 89th min giving Vasalund minimal time to reply.

League: Falkenberg 1-0 Tord

A bit disappointed since Falkenberg were in the relegation zone but they were the better team on the day and probably should have won by more.

League: Tord 2-1 Trelleborg

Our home form is staying strong at the moment though. Christoffer Zekria (YP17)'s season has really kicked off now as he bagged another to give us the lead. Johan Bystrom (YP2) ended his 16 hour goal drought to seal the victory although Trelleborg did make it nervy when they got one back in the 87th min.

League: Tord 2-0 Brommapojkarna

Another good home win but again the men you would expect to get the goals aren't getting them, Johan Bystrom (YP2) and Fredrik Karlsson (YP8), my supposedly "star" strikers have now scored 1 between them in the last 10 matches, very disappointing. Lars Lundgren (YP18) hasn't had the best of seasons so far but his early goal gave us a 1-0 lead. Tony Thoren (YP5) powered home a header in the 76th min to seal the 2 goal win.

League: Norrkoping 1-0 Tord

It's becoming a bit predictable, win at home and lose away. Not saying I wouldn't take that or anything. We were a bit unfortunate not to get anything in this one but 5 away matches without a win suggests a change in tactics may be in order.


Only 1 draw all season so far? I don't like it it feels weird :D

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July 2018

Swedish Cup 4th Round: Sylvia 1-0 Tord

After the heroics of the last round this was a pretty tame way to go out. Anton Alvefelt (YP1) didn't help our cause when he got sent off in the 68th min. Things went from bad to worse when they nicked the lead with just a few mins left. We didn't have time to respond and went crashing out to lower league opposition.

League: Tord 2-1 Assyriska

Got off to a terrible start with Mattias Hakannsson (YP23) getting himself sent off in the 7th min. However we got a bit of payback when we took the lead through an own goal. We hung on well for the rest of the match and it looked like it would be enough for the 3 points until Assyriska equalised in the 2nd min of injury time in the 2nd half. We didn't give up though and Fredrik Karlsson (YP8) ended his goaldrought to get us the winner in the 94th min.

League: Degerfors 3-0 Tord

Our usually solid defence went missing this match as we crashed to a 3 goal defeat. We conceded from every shot on target in this match. Not just the defence's fault either, our strikers had plenty of chances to get us into the game. All round a terrible performance.

League: Tord 1-1 Orgryte

A pretty dire game to be honest, just 9 shots in total with less than half of them on target. Fredrik Bjork (YP12) struck in the 2nd min to give us the lead but Orgryte equalised out of nothing 6 min into the 2nd half to earn themselves a point.

League: Tord 0-2 Landskrona

A guess I should have seen that coming, we have been riding our luck recently especially at the very start of the season. Now we don't seem to be getting any, we went 2-0 down after 8 mins from Landskrona's 1st 2 shots of the game. We dominated the rest of the match but just couldn't find the net, well actually we did but it was wrongly ruled offside. We did have a few penalty appeals but I can't really tell if they are actually penalties or not. It did say after the match that the ref had a poor game though.


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