[FM11] IK Tord - Becoming the best in Europe using only youth products

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Hope your replayed season goes as well, this is one of my favourite careers!

(1500th reply, congrats on an epic thread! :cool:)

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Absolutely brilliant, have read all the way through since last night. Disappointing that you lost a season, but maybe you'll come back even better. Also, what kind of attendances have you been getting in your new stadium?

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Thanks for the replys, I have managed to get the default logos working, that'll have to do for now. However my laptop seems to be on its last legs so if I don't post updates in a while its probably because my laptop has died. I am hoping to get a new one for xmas fingers crossed.

[quote name='adam426']Absolutely brilliant, have read all the way through since last night. Disappointing that you lost a season, but maybe you'll come back even better. Also, what kind of attendances have you been getting in your new stadium?[/QUOTE]

In the new stadium I was getting 14k attendances when the capacity was around 15k. Not quite full but well on its way.

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I hate when that happens, but you have to at least love the restore to previous version option! Losing one year is disheartening but not as upsetting as crashing a save to never be able to open it again. All the history, work, fun and most importantly, statistics gone!

Hopefully the next bunch of youth players are just as good, if not better. Best of luck in building Tord higher!

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I've been reading this since about 1pm today and it has been 15.5 pages of absolute bliss followed by some dreadful news! An absolutely epic and inspiring thread!

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[quote name='1967']I've been reading this since about 1pm today and it has been 15.5 pages of absolute bliss followed by some dreadful news! An absolutely epic and inspiring thread![/QUOTE]

[quote name='leonavich']I hate when that happens, but you have to at least love the restore to previous version option! Losing one year is disheartening but not as upsetting as crashing a save to never be able to open it again. All the history, work, fun and most importantly, statistics gone!

Hopefully the next bunch of youth players are just as good, if not better. Best of luck in building Tord higher![/QUOTE]

Thanks for the comments

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[SIZE=3][B][U]August 2038

[/U][/B][/SIZE][B][COLOR=#ffa500][SIZE=2]League:[/SIZE] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Tord 5-0 Orebro
[/COLOR][COLOR=#ffa500][/COLOR][/B][SIZE=2]We made a stunning start to the match with 4 goals coming inside the 1st half an hour.[B] Jorgen Melki (YP37)[/B] got the 1st after 4 mins before [B]Sebastian Jeppsson (YP59) [/B]netted a 19 min hat trick. [B]Albin Carlsson (YP55)[/B] got the final goal in the 90th min to complete the rout[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2].

[COLOR=#0000ff]Champions League 3rd Qual 2nd Leg: [/COLOR]Bodo-Glimt (1) 1-1a (1) Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]Despite the last match thrashing of Orebro we couldn't take that form into this match. We struggled badly again and it showed when they took a deserved lead. We improved in the 2nd half and[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Jonas Andersson (YP49) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]got our equaliser. We didn't concede again but we didn't exactly leave on a high. Albin Carlsson (YP55) saw red for a violent challenge and Viktor Andersson (YP53) got himself injured.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffa500]League:[/COLOR] Syrianska FC 2-2 Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]We started off well, [/SIZE][B][SIZE=2]Jonas Andersson (YP49) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]putting us ahead after just 3 mins but complacency got the better of us. We conceded twice late in the 1st half despite being the better team for the majority of the match[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2]. Jonas Andersson (YP49) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]restored parity just before the hour mark. After that it was Syrianska pushing for the winner but in the end a draw was a fair result.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffa500]League:[/COLOR] Tord 0-0 IFK Goteborg
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]An even game, no one had any major chances and a draw was probably a fair outcome[/SIZE][SIZE=2].

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#0000ff]Champions League Playoff 1st Leg:[/COLOR] Tord 1-0 Partizan
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]We dominated them and deservedly took the lead through Erik Johannesson (YP56) early in the 1st half. We really did need more goals in the 2nd half but we couldn't make our dominance count.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffa500]League:[/COLOR] Atvidaberg 4-5 Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]An incredible game, one of the best i've seen in this save[/SIZE][SIZE=2]. We started off badly going 1-0 down after just 4 mins and 2-1 down by half time. Erik Johannesson (YP56) with our only goal of the 1st half. Jorgen Melki (YP37) levelled things up 10 mins into the 2nd half but we went behind again for the 3rd time in the match soon after. With 20 mins remaining Peter Jansson (YP33) fired into the top corner from just outside the area to make it 3-3. With 5 mins remaining they headed home from a corner to send us behind yet again but we weren't finished just yet. Hakan Larsson (YP35) scored a screamer from just outside the area in the 89th min before Bojan Ohlsson (YP29) headed into the bottom corner from a cross in the 97th min to give us the win.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#0000ff]Champions League: Playoff 2nd Leg:[/COLOR] Partizan (3) 3-0 (1) Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2][/SIZE][SIZE=2]That's why we needed to make our dominance count at home. Partizan were just too strong for us at their home ground. The scoreline was a bit harsh as they scored twice on the counter as we looked for an away goal.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffa500]League:[/COLOR] Tord 0-0 Trelleborg
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]Our league woes continue, we are drawing far too many games which we should be and need to be winning. Especially games like this against bootm of the tabel Trelleborg.



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[quote name='hrbfcrule']Our league woes continue[/QUOTE]

You've come quite a ways when 2-2-0 is woeful :D
Liverpool,Ajax and Omonia...going to guess you take 4 points. :) Good to have you back.

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[quote name='Nordan']You've come quite a ways when 2-2-0 is woeful :D
Liverpool,Ajax and Omonia...going to guess you take 4 points. :) Good to have you back.[/QUOTE]

We have a tough run in (still got to play 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th) so its frustrating dropping points against the easier opposition.

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[SIZE=3][B][U]September 2038

[/U][/B][/SIZE][B][COLOR=#0000ff][SIZE=2]U21 European Championship Quals Group 9:[/SIZE] [/COLOR][/B][COLOR=#0000ff][COLOR=#ff0000][B]Sweden U21's 2-1 Faroe U21's
[/B][/COLOR][/COLOR][SIZE=2]A flurry of early goals followed by absolutely nothing for the rest of the match. Alexander Pettersson (YP61) and Olle Stenamn (YP63) gave us 2-0 lead after 15 mins. They scored in the 23rd min but didn't seem too bothered in getting another as they just sat back for the rest of the match.[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2]

[COLOR=#0000ff]U21 European Championship Quals Group 9:[/COLOR] [COLOR=#ff0000]Sweden U21's 0-0 Slovenia U21's
[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]We finish the campaign rather poorly which sees us stay in 3rd place. [/SIZE][B][SIZE=2]

[COLOR=#ffa500]League:[/COLOR] Tord 2-1 Helsingborg
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]We found it tough to break them down but eventually a penalty deep in 1st half injury time did the trick,[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Jorgen Melki (YP37)[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2] converted it.[B] Sebastian Jeppsson (YP59) [/B]quickly made it 2-0, their defence had turned into a shambles. They got a consolation late on but we held on for the win.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#0000ff]Euro Cup Group E: [/COLOR]Tord 0-1 Ajax
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]A very good effort against a very good side. They did have a lot of shots but we restricted them to long shots and tough chances. In terms of clear chances we were even but our inability to finish our chances let us down. We could have quite easily nicked a point here.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffa500]League:[/COLOR] Mjallby 0-0 Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]Should have won it, Mjallby hardly saw any of the ball and hardly got any chances whereas we had a fair few. More points dropped.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffa500]League:[/COLOR] Tord 2-2 AIK
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]Again we should have won but this time it was our defence that let us down. A defensive mix up helped AIK take the lead which fortunately didn't last long. [B]Jorgen Melki (YP37)[/B] converted from the spot 7 mins later to level things up. [B]Sebastian Jeppsson (YP59)[/B] completed the comeback with a strike on the hour mark but AIK equalised with a screamer from 25 yards.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#0000ff]Euro Cup Group E:[/COLOR] Omonoia 1-0 Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]Despite being the easier of the teams we have to play in the group we made a right meal of it. Things looked okay in the 1st half, pretty even and still 0-0. Then after the break we just collapsed as they had chance after chance, we had a few oursleves but nothing compared to them. They finished one of their numerous opportunities to get the 3 points.



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[B][SIZE=3][U]October 2038

[/U][/SIZE][COLOR=#ffa500][SIZE=2]League:[/SIZE][/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Tord 0-0 Malmo FF
[/COLOR][/B][SIZE=2]A draw was probably a fair result after a dismal display by us[/SIZE][SIZE=2]. Now just 2 wins in the last 8 league matches.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2]Friendly: [COLOR=#ff0000]Sweden U21's 0-0 Austria U21's
[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]An even game with many chances and shots but only 2 of them found their way on target.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2]Friendly:[COLOR=#ff0000] Latvia U21's 1-2 Sweden U21's
[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]Latvia looked the better team in the 1st half, taking a deserved lead in the 18th min as well[/SIZE][SIZE=2]. But the turning point in the game was a Latvian red card just before half time for a 2nd bookable offence. [B]Olle Stenman (YP63)[/B] and [B]Ivan Malmstrom [/B]turned the game around with a goal apiece.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffa500]League:[/COLOR] Assyriska 1-2 Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]Assyriska took a shock lead but we recovered and fought back[/SIZE][SIZE=2].[B] Viktor Andersson (YP53) [/B]equalised just before half time before [B]Jonas Andersson (YP49)[/B] left it late to grab the win.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#0000ff]Euro Cup Group E:[/COLOR] Tord 1-5 Liverpool
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]Obviously they were the better team but no way did they deserve that large win. Luckily we scored so the scoreline doesn't seem too bad, [B]Jorgen Melki (YP37)[/B] headed home from a corner for our consolation.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffa500]League:[/COLOR] IK Sirius 1-3 Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2][B]Jorgen Melki (YP37)[/B] added two more goals to his season's tally[/SIZE][SIZE=2]. Both were headers at the back post from free kicks.[B] Tommy Eriksson (YP66)[/B] sealed the result with a 3rd in the 85th min. A great result which puts us right up there with 2 games remaining.

[IMG] Tord/LeagueTbaleOct.png[/IMG]


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Tight finish, especially if you can win the game in hand.

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AIK's goal difference is unbelievable! Insane amount of goals scored! You need another goal scorer to come through the ranks!

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[quote name='1967']AIK's goal difference is unbelievable! Insane amount of goals scored! You need another goal scorer to come through the ranks![/QUOTE]

Yer tell me about it, had one before I lost a season, let's hope I can get another.

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[B][SIZE=3][U]November 2038

[/U][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffa500]League:[/COLOR] Tord 1-1 Umea FC
[/SIZE][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=3][SIZE=2]A funny game, hardly anything happened for most parts of the match until the dying seconds of the 1st half. [/SIZE][/SIZE][B][SIZE=3][SIZE=2]Peter Jansson (YP33)[/SIZE][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=3][SIZE=2] opened the scoring but before we had even finished celebrating Umea had equalised with the last kick of the half. It's left us with an uphill battle to claim the title now. 2 poinst behind AIK with 1 game remaining. Although they have to play 4th place Malmo FF whereas we have got lowly Kalmar.

[/SIZE][/SIZE][B][SIZE=3][SIZE=2][COLOR=#0000ff]Euro Cup Group D:[/COLOR] Liverpool 5-2 Tord
[/SIZE][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=3][SIZE=2]We again shipped 5 against them but this time we scored twice. To be fair we didn't deserve 1 but it gives the scoreline a slightly more respectable look. We coped with them well in the 1st half in general, except for a 4 minute window towards the end where we conceded twice. They continued scoring goals regularly after the interval but [/SIZE][/SIZE][B][SIZE=3][SIZE=2]Sebastian Jeppsson (YP59) [/SIZE][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=3][SIZE=2]scored a consolation before an [/SIZE][/SIZE][B][SIZE=3][SIZE=2]own goal [/SIZE][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=3][SIZE=2]in injury time made it 2.

[/SIZE][/SIZE][B][SIZE=3][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffa500]League:[/COLOR] Kalmar FF 0-2 Tord
[/SIZE][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=3][SIZE=2]A big game but it didn't realy look like we were up for it. Kalmar had the better 1st half and our 1st goal definately came against the run of play. [/SIZE][/SIZE][B][SIZE=3][SIZE=2]Tommy Eriksson (YP66) [/SIZE][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=3][SIZE=2]scored just before the half hour. Just when it looked like it could be our day Erik Mansson (YP50) saw red for hsi 2nd bookable offence. We faced a struggle now to hold on as we were looking ropey anyway. But the red card seemed to have made us play better as we doubled our lead in the 2nd half through[/SIZE][/SIZE][B][SIZE=3][SIZE=2] Tommy Eriksson (YP66) [/SIZE][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=3][SIZE=2]again and generally we handled them well.

A good 2-0 win but was it good enough for the title?


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[B][U][SIZE=3]End of Season Report: IK Tord, Swedish Premier Division 2038

[/SIZE][/U][/B][URL=""][COLOR=#2b588f][SIZE=2]League Table[/SIZE][/COLOR][/URL][SIZE=2], [URL=""][COLOR=#2b588f]League Graph[/COLOR][/URL] [/SIZE]

[/COLOR]We had a fantastic start to the league, notching up 7 straight wins and conceding just once. However a loss in form towards the end of April put us back into reality. We seemed to pick it up a bit during the Champions League qualifiers which helped us stay around 1st place until another blip kept us in the pack of about 5 teams vying for 1st place. We struggled all the way to the end of the season but luckily so did everyone else. In the end it rested on the last day, we were 2 points behind AIK who were playing 4th place at home, we were playing 11th away. We managed to win 2-0 despite being down to 10 men for the most of the match, incredibly AIK lost 3-1 (their 1st home loss all season) to gift us the title.

[URL=""]Swedish Super Cup
Lost out in extra time this time. Umea were the better team and deserved to win.
[/COLOR][SIZE=2][B][U]Swedish Cup[/U][/B][/SIZE]

Fell in the 3rd Round again as we unluckily drew AIK away from home.


[/URL]We didn't exactly have a glittering Champions League campaign as we struggled past Nyiregyhaza and Bodo-Glimt. A home win against Partizan gave us a glimmer of hope of reaching the CL group stage. But it wasn't to be, a resounding 3-0 loss in the away leg put us in the Euro Cup Group draw. We got Liverpool, Ajax and Omonioa. We started well with only narrow losses to Ajax and Omonoia before 2 big losses against Liverpool. Was to be expected really though.


Finished 3rd, some way off AIK.
Also got to the Semi final of the cup.

[U][B]Youth Players (At the Club)[/B][/U]

[URL=""]Peter Jansson (YP33)[/URL] - Had a pretty poor season but then again so did all our strikers.

[URL=""]Hakan Larsson (YP35)[/URL] - Was hampered by a couple of bad injuries, wasn't at his best throughout the season.

[URL=""]Jorgen Melki (YP37)[/URL] - Still one of our best players despite his age.

[URL=""]Niklas Svensson (YP38) [/URL]- Conceded just 15 in the league but his position will be under threat from Pierre Nilsson (YP67) in the coming seasons.

[URL=""]Niclas Carlsson (YP39)[/URL] - Was average all season but is slowly being pushed out the team by younger players.

[URL=""]Erik Carlsson (YP41)[/URL] - Didn't play many and I won't be renewing his contract so next season will be his last.

[URL=""]Martin Hansson (YP43)[/URL] - Played a lot better than in previous seasons but I'm not sure he will be able to keep it up.

[URL=""]Joakim Dahlberg (YP44)[/URL] - Didn't make an appearance and will be gone after next season.

[URL=""]Magnus Kjellman (YP45)[/URL] - Not as good as the past few seasons but was still a handy player to have in midfield.

[URL=""]Hakan Neilsen (YP47)[/URL] - Another injury hit season but when he played he played well.

[URL=""]Jonas Andersson (YP49)[/URL] - Played okay, not many goals but we struggled in general for goals anyway. Got injured toward the end of the season just as he was getting going.

[URL=""]Erik Mansson (YP50)[/URL] - A fantastic season he was a rock at the back.

[URL=""]Roger Magnusson (YP52)[/URL] - Even better than Erik Mansson (YP50), got a few goals and some assists. Just what I like to see in a fullback.

[URL=""]Viktor Andersson (YP53) [/URL]- Continued his good form from last season and went even better.

[URL=""]Albin Carlsson (YP55)[/URL] - Another defender to have a brilliant season. We were lucky they all did as our strikers were badly misfiring.

[URL=""]Erik Johannesson (YP56)[/URL] - Struggled at the start of the season but burst into life in the 2nd part.

[URL=""]Sebastian Jeppsson (YP59)[/URL] - The best out of our strikers with just 8 goals :S.

[URL=""]Oskar Johansson (YP60)[/URL] - Got a lot more game time but still struggled, may soon be out the door.

[URL=""]Alexander Petterson (YP61)[/URL] - Was probably one of the worst players this season but he is still young so I can forgive him. However his future is in doubt after he wanted ridiculous wage demands which I am not prepared to give to someone of his potential.

[URL=""]Victor Lindgren (YP62)[/URL] - Only made a few appearances due to the rest of our brilliant defenders.

[URL=""]Olle Stenman (YP63)[/URL] - Getting better, will soon be ready for a starting place.

[URL=""]Stefan Hedlund (YP64)[/URL] - Didn't build on last season at all, may be on his way if he doesn't pick it up.

[URL=""]Adam Karlsson (YP65)[/URL] - A great prospect but will struggle to get a 1st team place, what I would do for some decent mids or strikers to come through instead of a load of defenders

[URL=""]Tommy Eriksson (YP66)[/URL] - A poor debut season but has great potential

[URL=""]Pierre Nilsson (YP67)[/URL] - The long term replacement for Niclas Svensson (YP38) had a good 1st season and may be 1st choice sooner than thought.

[U][B]Retiring Players

[URL=""]Bojan Ohlsson (YP29)

[/URL][URL=""]League History
Made 305 league appearances for the club and over 350 in all competitions. A great player for the club but he was in decline the past few years so it was probably his time to go. Have kept him on as a coach after he retired.

[URL=""]Finances[/URL] - £3.66M profit this season, need all the money we can get so we can expand our stadium.

Season--------------League---------------Position-------------Swedish Cup--------------Euro Cup-------------Champions League----
2010 Second Division EG 10th N/A N/A N/A
2011 Second Division EG 4th N/A N/A N/A
2012 Second Division EG 3rd Prelim Rnd N/A N/A
2013 Second Division EG 1st 1st Rnd N/A N/A
2014 First Division South 9th 3rd Rnd N/A N/A
2015 First Division South 9th 1st Rnd N/A N/A
2016 First Division South 2nd 1st Rnd N/A N/A
2017 First Division Elite 14th Quarters N/A N/A
2018 First Division Elite 6th 4th Rnd N/A N/A
2019 First Division Elite 11th 2nd Rnd N/A N/A
2020 First Division Elite 13th 2nd Rnd N/A N/A
2021 First Division Elite 4th 2nd Rnd N/A N/A
2022 First Division Elite 1st 2nd Rnd N/A N/A
2023 Premier Division 12th 3rd Rnd N/A N/A
2024 Premier Division 11th 3rd Rnd N/A N/A
2025 Premier Division 9th 3rd Rnd N/A N/A
2026 Premier Division 9th 4th Rnd N/A N/A
2027 Premier Division 5th 3rd Rnd N/A N/A
2028 Premier Division 4th 3rd Rnd N/A N/A
2029 Premier Division 5th 3rd Rnd N/A N/A
2030 Premier Division 3rd 3rd Rnd N/A N/A
2031 Premier Division 2nd Winners 4th Qual N/A
2032 Premier Division 3rd Quarters 3rd Qual N/A
2033 Premier Division 2nd Quarters 4th Qual N/A
2034 Premier Division 1st 3rd Rnd 3rd Qual N/A
2035 Premier Division 1st Quarters N/A Group Stage
2036 Premier Division 2nd Winners N/A Group Stage
2037 Premier Division 1st 3rd Rnd 4th Qual N/A
2038 Premier Division 1st 3rd Rnd Group Stage Qual Playoff Rnd

[B][U]International Section[/U][/B]

A really good year this year which consisted of 3 wins and 2 draws even if it was against poor opposition.

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[B][U][SIZE=3]Roll of Honour - Leagues

[CENTER][B][U][SIZE=3]Premier League[/SIZE][/U][/B][/CENTER]

[B]---------Champions---------Champions League--------------------------------Euro Cup----------------------------------------Relegated------------[/B]
2010/11 | Man Utd |Chelsea Arsenal Aston Villa |Liverpool Tottenham Sheff Wed (FA) Man City (EC) | Fulham Blackpool N'castle
2011/12 | Man Utd |Man City Arsenal Liverpool |Chelsea Watford (LC) Birmingham (FA) | Sunderland West Ham Wolves
2012/13 | Man Utd |Liverpool Arsenal Chelsea |Man City Aston Villa Tottenham (FA) | Sheff Wed West Brom Forest
2013/14 | Chelsea |Man Utd Tottenham Arsenal |Liverpool Man City Aston Villa | Portsmouth Hull Barnsley
2014/15 | Chelsea |Man Utd Tottenham Liverpool |Man City Arsenal Aston Villa (LC) | Stoke Charlton Plymouth
2015/16 | Man Utd |Chelsea Tottenham Arsenal |Man City Liverpool Aston Villa | Burnley Watford Preston
2016/17 | Man Utd |Chelsea Arsenal Aston Villa|Tottenham Man City Wigan (FA) Liverpool (EC) | West Ham Bristol R P'boro
2017/18 | Aston V |Chelsea Arsenal Man Utd |Liverpool Tottenham Wigan Man City (EC) | Barnsley Leicester WBA
2018/19 | Arsenal |Chelsea Aston Villa Tottenham |Man Utd Man City Bolton (FA) | Charlton Sheff Utd Burnley
2019/20 | Chelsea |Man Utd Aston Villa Arsenal |Tottenham Man City Leeds (FA) Birmingham (LC)| Forest Portsmouth Leicester
2020/21 | Aston V |Chelsea Man Utd Liverpool |Tottenham Arsenal Bolton (FA) | Leeds Preston Watford
2021/22 | Man Utd |Aston V Liverpool M'boro |Tottenham Man City Everton (FA) | Portsmouth Sheff Wed Yeovil
2022/23 | Aston V |Chelsea Man utd Arsenal |Tottenham Liverpool Man City | West Ham Leicester Sheff Utd
2023/24 | Tottenhm|Chelsea Man Utd Liverpool |Aston V Man City Arsenal | Charlton Bristol R Watford
2024/25 | Arsenal |Aston V Liverpool Man Utd(CL)|Tottenham Chelsea Man City Blackburn (FA) | Sheff Wed Fulham Swansea
2025/26 | Man Utd |Chelsea Aston Villa Liverpool |Arsenal Tottenham Man City | Newcastle Forest Portsmout
2026/27 | Aston V |Man Utd Liverpool Tottenham |Man City Chelsea Birmingham (LC) Arsenal (EC) | Preston P'borough Bristol R
2027/28 | Chelsea |Man Utd Aston V Tottenham |Arsenal Liverpool Sunderland (FA) | Leicester N'castle Swansea
2028/29 | Aston V |Man Utd Arsenal Tottenham |Man City Chelsea Liverpool (EC) Birmingham | Fulham Forest P'borough
2029/30 | Man Utd |Chelsea Liverpool Aston V |Arsenal Tottenham Man City | West Ham Portsmouth Sheff Wed
2030/31 | Aston V |Chelsea Arsenal Man Utd |Man City Tottenham West Ham (LC) | Preston Notts Co Swansea
2031/32 | Man Utd |Aston V Arsenal Tottenham |Chelsea Liverpool Sunderland (FA) | West Ham Newcastle Forest
2032/33 | Arsenal |Aston V Man Utd Chelsea |Man City Tottenham Liverpool | Coventry Notts Co Leicester
2033/34 | Man Utd |Aston V Liverpool Chelsea |Tottenham Everton Arsenal (EC) Middlesboro(FA)| Fulham West Ham Wolves
2034/35 | Aston V |Chelsea Arsenal Liverpool |Man Utd Tottenham Sunderland (FA) | Leicester Preston Swansea
2035/36 | Chelsea |Man City Aston V Tottenham |Arsenal Man Utd Leeds (FA) | Watford Plymouth Notts Co
2036/37 | Chelsea |Man City Arsenal Tottenham |Liverpool Aston V Man Utd | Blackburn Sheff Wed Newcastle
2037/38 | Man City|Chelsea Man Utd Arsenal(CL)|Tottenham Liverpool Aston V | Forest West Ham Notts Co


[CENTER][B][U][SIZE=3]Ligue 1[/SIZE][/U][/B][/CENTER]

[B]---------Champions--------Champions League---------------------------Euro Cup-------------------------------------Relegated---------------[/B]
2010/11 | Monaco | Lyon Marseille | Lille AS Nancy Strasbourg (FC) | Stade Brestois Lens A-Avignon
2011/12 | Lyon | PSG Marseille | Monaco Stade Rennais Guingamp (FC) | Toulouse Le Mans Nantes
2012/13 | Lyon | Monaco Lille | Stade Rennais Bordeaux Marseille | Grenoble Auxerre Caen
2013/14 | Lyon | Bordeaux Monaco | PSG Marseille Stade Rennais | Ajaccio Nice Amiens
2014/15 | Lyon | Lille Monaco | Marseille Bordeaux Boulogne | Montpellier Valenciennes Le Mans
2015/16 | Lyon | Monaco PSG Bourdeaux | Tours Marseille Lille | Lens Vannes Paris
2016/17 | Lyon | Monaco Marseille | PSG Lille Valenciennes (FC) | AS Cannes Tours FC Strasbourg
2017/18 | Lyon | PSG Lille Monaco | Bordeaux Marseille Guingamp (FC) | Le Mans Montpellier SC Bastia
2018/19 | Lyon | Lille Bordeaux | PSG Marseille Monaco | Angers Boulogne Valenciennes
2019/20 | Lyon | Monaco Lille | PSG Marseille AS Canet (FC) | Stade de Reims Chateauroux AS Cannes
2020/21 | Lyon | Lille PSG | Bordeaux Marseille Schiltigheim (FC) | Troyes Strasbourg Paris FC
2021/22 | Lyon | PSG Lille | Monaco Bourdeaux FC Sete 34 (FC) | RC Lens FC Gueugnon Sannis SG
2022/23 | Lyon | Lille PSG | Monaco Marseille ES Paulham (FC) | Tours Troyes Grenoble
2023/24 | Lyon | Lille PSG | Monaco Marseille Toulon-le Las (FC)| Boulogne Valenciennes Angers
2024/25 | Lyon | Bourdeaux Marseille | Lille PSG D'Aizenay (FC) | Sannois Vannes FC Gueugnon
2025/26 | Lyon | Lille Marseille | PSG Monaco Ginglin-Cesson(FC)| Lens Guingamp Troyes
2026/27 | Monaco | Lyon Lille | Marseille PSG Joue FC (FC) | Ajaccio AS Beauvais Nantes
2027/28 | Lyon | Monaco PSG | Lille St Etienne Nancy (FC) | Troyes Nancy Vannes
2028/29 | Lyon | Lille Marseille | St Etienne PSG USJA Carquefou(FC)| Valenciennes Strasbourg Auxerre
2029/30 | M'seile| Lyon Lille | PSG St Etienne Tours (FC) | RC Lens Tours Troyes
2030/31 | Lyon | Marseille Monaco | St Etienne Lille PSG | Nancy FC Rouen Ajaccio
2031/32 | Lyon | Lille Marseille | Monaco PSG Bourdeaux | GF 38 St. De Reims Vannes OC
2032/33 | M'seile| Lyon Lille | Monaco PSG St Etienne (FC) | Strasbourg Paris FC Dijon FCO
2033/34 | Lyon | Monaco Lille | Marseille Bordeaux Rennais | RC Lens Besancon RC Stade Reims
2034/35 | Lyon | Marseille Lille Monaco | PSG St Etienne Bourdeaux | Lorient GF 38 AS Nancy
2035/36 | Lyon | Marseille Monaco PSG | Lille Rennais Montpellier | Vannes Caen Besancon RC
2036/37 | Lyon | Lille Rennais PSG | Monaco Marseille Bourdeaux | Havre AC St. De Reims Le Mans
2037/38 | Lyon | Lille Rennais | PSG Marseille St Etienne | FC Lorient Dijon FCO Vannes OC


[CENTER][B][U][SIZE=3]German 1st Division[/SIZE][/U][/B][/CENTER]

[B]----------Champions-----------Champions League---------------------------Euro Cup----------------------------------------Relegated-----------------[/B]
2010/11 | Schalke | Dortmund Wolfsburg | FC Bayern W. Bremen Leverkusen | Kaiserslauten St Pauli Mainz
2011/12 | FC Bayern | Wolfsburg Stuttgart | Aachen Leverkusen Bochum (GC) 1860 Munchen | Hannover Freiburg
2012/13 | FC Bayern | Wolfsburg Schalke | W. Bremen Dortmund Karlsruhe Ahlen (GC) | Nurnberg Gladbach Dusseldorf
2013/14 | FC Bayern | Leverkusen HSV | Schalke Wolfsburg Aachen Koln (GC) | Offenbach 1860 Munchen
2014/15 | Leverkusen| FC Bayern Dortmund | W.Bremen Stuttgart Schalke | Frankfurt Mainz
2015/16 | FC Bayern | Leverkusen Schalke | W.Bremen Dortmund Duisburg (GC) | Bochum Duisburg
2016/17 | Leverkusen| FC Bayern Wolfsburg | Schalke Hoffenheim HSV Aachen (GC) | Dusseldorf Ahlen
2017/18 | FC Bayern | Leverkusen Wolfsburg | Schalke HSV Dortmund (GC) | Burghausen Dresden Hertha BSC
2018/19 | Leverkusen| Hoffenheim FC Bayern | Wolfsburg Dortmund Aachen Offenbach (GC)| Karlsruhe Gladbach
2019/20 | FC Bayern | Leverkusen Dortmund | Hoffenheim HSV Wolfsburg Aachen | Kaiserslauten St Pauli
2020/21 | FC Bayern | Leverkusen Stuttgart Wolfsburg| HSV Dortmund Aachen | Offenbach Cottbus Jena
2021/22 | Leverkusen| FC Bayern Hoffenheim | Wolfsburg Dortmund Aachen Jena (GC) | Bielefeld Dresden
2022/23 | Leverkusen| FC Bayern Schalke | Hoffenheim Wolfsburg HSV | Koblenz Duisburg Wehen
2023/24 | FC Bayern | Leverkusen Werder Bremen | Dortmund HSV Wolfsburg | Dusseldorf Hertha BSC
2024/25 | FC Bayern | Wolfsburg Leverkusen | Dortmund(EC)HoffenheimStuttgart Schalke (GC) | Karlsruhe Wehen Osnabruck
2025/26 | FC Bayern | Leverkusen Wolfsburg HSV | Stuttgart Hoffenheim Aachen | Hertha BSC Frankfurt
2026/27 | Leverkusen| FC Bayern HSV | Dortmund Wolfsburg Aachen (GC) | Gladbach Bielefeld Augsburg
2027/28 | FC Bayern | Leverkusen Wolfsburg | Dortmund HSV Hoffenheim | Dusseldorf Offenbach
2028/29 | FC Bayern | Dortmund Levrkusen Wolfsburg| HSV Stuttgart Hoffenheim | Osnabruck Kaiserslautern
2029/30 | FC Bayern | Stuttgart Dortmund | Leverkusen Wolfsburg HSV | Offenbach Karlsruhe Eintracht
2030/31 | FC Bayern | HSV Dortmund | Leverkusen Hoffenheim Stuttgart | St Pauli Nurnberg
2031/32 | Leverkusen| HSV Wolfsburg | Dortmund FC Bayern Schalke | Gladbach Bielefeld Jena
2032/33 | FC Bayern | Leverkusen Hoffenheim | HSV W. Bremen Wolfsburg (GC) | Osnabruck Nurnberg Eintracht
2033/34 | FC Bayern | Leverkusen HSV | Dortmund Wolfsburg Bochum (GC) | Karlsruhe Duisburg Jena
2034/35 | FC Bayern | Leverkusen Hoffenheim | Stuttgart HSV Dortmund (GC) | Hallescher Nurnberg Cottbus
2035/36 | FC Bayern | Dortmund Leverkusen | Hoffenheim Wolfsburg Stuttgart | Karlsruhe Dusseldorf Wehen
2036/37 | FC Bayern | HSV Wolfsburg | Hoffenheim Leverkusen Stuttgart | Augsburg St Pauli RW Essen
2037/38 | FC Bayern | Hoffenheim HSV | Dortmund Leverkusen Wolfsburg Stuttgart | Unterhaching Nurnberg


[CENTER][B][U][SIZE=3]Serie A[/SIZE][/U][/B][/CENTER]

[B]---------Champions----------Champions League----------------------------Euro Cup-------------------------------------Relegated---------------[/B]
2010/11 | Juventus | Sampdoria Roma Inter (CL)| AC Milan Palermo Napoli Udinese (IC) | Chievo Lecce Brescia
2011/12 | Juventus | AC Milan Inter Sampdoria | Palermo Napoli Genoa | Atalanta Torino Novara
2012/13 | Napoli | AC Milan Fiorentina Roma | Juventus Genoa Roma (IC) | Bologna Bari Cesena
2013/14 | Juventus | Roma Palermo Genoa | Napoli Fiorentina Cagliari (IC) | Sassuolo Triestina Modena
2014/15 | Inter | Napoli Roma AC Milan | Juventus Udinese Genoa (IC) | Lecce Brescia Empoli
2015/16 | AC Milan | Napoli Sampdoria Juventus | Genoa Inter Udinese (IC) | Cesena Vicenza Chievo
2016/17 | Inter | AC Milan Napoli Udinese | Roma Palermo Genoa (IC) | Ascoli Atalanta Siena
2017/18 | Palermo | Juventus AC Milan Napoli | Udinese Inter Genoa | Cremonese Livorno Cittadella
2018/19 | Inter | Fiorentina Napoli AC Milan | Catania Roma Juventus | Sassuolo Bologna Atalanta
2019/20 | AC Milan | Fiorentina Juventus Roma | Napoli Palermo Inter | Novara Ascoli Bari
2020/21 | Inter | AC Milan Juventus Palermo | Genoa Sampdoria Napoli | Salernitana Bologna Pescara
2021/22 | Juventus | AC Milan Roma Parma | Napoli Palermo Sampdoria | Chievo Cremonese Reggina
2022/23 | Juventus | Napoli AC Milan Inter | Palermo Roma Fiorentina | Torino Grosseto Verona
2023/24 | Napoli | Inter Juventus Palermo | Udinese AC Milan Sampdoria (IC) | Atalanta Bologna Cesena
2024/25 | Juventus | Inter Palermo Napoli | AC Milan Roma Genoa | Siena Ascoli Vicenza
2025/26 | Napoli | Inter Juventus | Roma AC Milan Sampdoria | Crotone Grosseto Piacenza
2026/27 | Juventus | Roma Inter Napoli | AC Milan Sampdoria Parma | Bari Atalanta Monza
2027/28 | Napoli | Juventus Inter AC Milan | Genoa Roma Fiorentina (IC) | Chievo Novara Salernitana
2028/29 | Napoli | Genoa Juventus Lazio | Inter Palermo Roma | Bolgna Piacenza Juve Stabia
2029/30 | Cagliari | Juventus Inter Napoli | Roma Genoa AC Milan | Ascoli Verona Grosseto
2030/31 | Juventus | Napoli AC Milan Roma | Inter (EC) Fiorentina Lazio Palermo | Bologna Chievo Piacenza
2031/32 | Inter | Napoli Roma Genoa | AC Milan Cagliari Juventus | Ascoli Benevento Siena
2032/33 | Napoli | AC Milan Juventus Inter | Palermo Genoa Roma | Portosummaga Verese Verona
2033/34 | Juventus | Napoli AC Milan Inter | Roma Genoa Palermo (IC) | Grosseto Siena Cosenza
2034/35 | Napoli | Genoa Roma | AC Milan Inter Juventus | Reggina Verona Atalanta
2035/36 | Napoli | Juventus Inter | Cagliari Roma AC Milan | Portosummaga Piacenze Juve Stabia
2036/37 | Napoli | Juventus Inter | Fiorentina AC Milan Cagliari Roma | Chievo Siena Torino
2037/38 | Napoli | Roma Juventus Genoa | AC Milan Fiorentina Inter (IC) | Novara Verona Bologna


[CENTER][B][U][SIZE=3]La Liga[/SIZE][/U][/B][/CENTER]

[B]----------Champions--------Champions League------------------------------Euro Cup----------------------------------Relegated----------------[/B]
2010/11 | R. Madrid| Barcelona At. Madrid Athletic |Villareal Sevilla Sporting | Racing Almeria Osasuna
2011/12 | Barcelona| R.Madrid Villareal At. Madrid|Sevilla Valencia Getafe (SC) | Tenerife Numancia Xerez
2012/13 | R.Madrid | Barcelona Valencia At. Madrid|Sevilla Mallorca Osasuna (SC) | Almeria Hercules Levante
2013/14 | R.Madrid | Barcelona At. Madrid Malaga |Sevilla Villareal Valencia | Girona Osasuna Recreativo
2014/15 | R.Madrid | Barcelona At. Madrid Sevilla |Malaga Villareal Valencia (SC) | Racing R. Sociedad Betis
2015/16 | R.Madrid | Barcelona Sevilla Villareal |At. Madrid Valencia Deportivo | Recreativo Murcia Elche
2016/17 | Barcelona| Sevilla At. Madrid Villareal |R.Madrid Athletic Vallodolid (SC) | Numancia Cadiz Oviedo
2017/18 | Barcelona| Sevilla Getafe At. Madrid|Zaragoza R.Madrid Valencia | Hercules Sant Andreu Racing
2018/19 | Barcelona| Sevilla Malaga Valencia |Zaragoza R.Madrid Villareal | Salamanca Alaves Albacete
2019/20 | Barcelona| Villareal R.Madrid Sevilla |At. Madrid Athletic Valencia | Almeria Elche Cadiz
2020/21 | Barcelona| R.Madrid Sevilla Villareal |At. Madrid Athletic Valencia (SC) | Mallorca Celta Gimnastic
2021/22 | Barcelona| Sevilla R.Madrid Athletic |Malaga At. Madrid Getafe (SC) | Hercules Cordoba Las Palmas
2022/23 | Barcelona| Sevilla R.Madrid Villareal |Athletic Valencia At. Madrid | Valladolid Oveido Racing
2023/24 | Barcelona| Sevilla Athletic R.Madrid |Villareal At. Madrid Getafe (SC) | Betis Celta Ceuta
2024/25 | Barcelona| R.Madrid At. Madrid Athletic |Sevilla Villareal Valencia | Gimnastic Alaves Murcia
2025/26 | R.Madrid | Villareal At. Madrid Athletic |Sevilla Barcelona Valencia | Levante Oviedo Hercules
2026/27 | R.Madrid | Villareal At. Madrid Barcelona |Athletic Sevilla Getafe | Eibar Xerez Granada
2027/28 | R.Madrid | Athletic At. Madrid Barcelona |Valencia Villareal Sevilla (EC) Deportivo| Valladolid Gimnastic Sant Andreu
2028/29 | R.Madrid | Atletic Barcelona Sevilla |At. Madrid Getafe Zaragoza | Xerez Alaves Hercules
2029/30 | R.Madrid | Sevilla Villareal Barcelona |At. Madrid Athletic Valencia | Granada Celta Alcorcon
2030/31 | R.Madrid | Athletic At. Madrid Barcelona |Villareal Sevilla Valencia (SC) | Xerez Racing Eibar
2031/32 | Barcelona| R.Madrid Villareal Athetic |At. Madrid Valencia Sevilla | Levante Gimnastic Cordoba
2032/33 | R.Madrid | At.Madrid Villareal Barcelona |Sevilla Valencia Athletic | Alaves Eibar Celta
2033/34 | Barcelona| R.Madrid Sevilla Valencia |At.Madrid Villareal Athletic | Barakaldo Valladolid Hercules
2034/35 | R.Madrid | Sevilla Barcelona Villareal |Valencia At.Madrid Deportivo (SC) | Racing Xerez Granada
2035/36 | Barcelona| Villareal At. Madrid Valencia |Sevilla R.Madrid Getafe | Espanyol Alcorcon Valladolid
2036/37 | Sevilla | Barcelona Villareal R.Madrid |At. Madrid Athletic Valencia | Cordoba Ecija Salamanca
2037/38 | At.Madrid| Barcelona R.Madrid Valencia |Sevilla Villareal Zaragoza | Xerez Gimnastic Eibar


Some teams got into Europe via winning or getting to the final of a cup, here is a key:

CL - Champions League
EC - Euro Cup
FA - FA Cup
LC - League Cup
FC - French Cup
GC - German Cup
IC - Italian Cup
SC - Spanish Cup

If there is nothing next to a team's name then they got into Europe via their league position

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Well done on snatching it, even if it was against AIK, who I have a soft spot for.

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[B][U][SIZE=3]Roll of Honour - Cups

[/SIZE][SIZE=2]Champions League[/SIZE]

[/U][/B][SIZE=2][B]2010/11: Inter[/B] e4-1 R.Madrid[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2011/12: Man Utd[/B] 3-1 Barcelona[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2012/13: Real Madrid[/B] 4-0 AC Milan[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2013/14: Man Utd[/B] 1-0 Lyon[/SIZE]
[B]2014/15:[/B] R.Madrid 1-2 [B]Barcelona[/B]
[B]2015/16: Lyon [/B]p1-1 Chelsea
[B]2016/17: Barcelona[/B] 2-1 PSG
[B]2017/18:[/B] Leverkusen 0-2 [B]Lyon[/B]
[B]2018/19:[/B] Aston Villa 0-4 [B]Sevilla[/B]
[B]2019/20: Arsenal [/B]3-0 Leverkusen
[B]2020/21:[/B] Arsenal 0-2 [B]Leverkusen[/B]
[B]2021/22: Man Utd [/B]4-2 Barcelona
[B]2022/23: Porto[/B] 2-0 Liverpool
[B]2023/24: Barcelona[/B] 3-2 FC Bayern
[B]2024/25: Man Utd[/B] 2-1 FC Bayern
[B]2025/26:[/B] Arsenal 0-3 [B]Athletic[/B]
[B]2026/27: Juventus [/B]2-0 Man Utd
[B]2027/28: R. Madrid[/B] 2-1 Aston Villa
[B]2028/29:[/B] Napoli 0-1 [B]FC Bayern[/B]
[B]2029/30:[/B] Marseille 2-3[B] Napoli[/B]
[B]2030/31: Aston Villa [/B]3-1 Marseille
[B]2031/32:[/B] Aston Villa 1-1p [B]R.Madrid
2032/33: [/B]R.Madrid 1-1p[B] Inter
2033/34: Barcelona [/B]e1-0 Marseille
[B]2034/35: Lyon [/B]2-0 Liverpool
[B]2035/36: Lyon[/B] 1-0 Sevilla
[B]2036/37:[/B] Aston Villa 0-2[B] FC Bayern
2037/38: [/B]Lyon 0-1[B] Arsenal

[B][U][SIZE=2]Euro Cup[/SIZE][/U][/B]

[SIZE=2][B]2010/11: Man City[/B] 3-1 Napoli[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2011/12: FC Bayern[/B] e2-1 Leverkusen[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2012/13:[/B] Genoa 1-3 [B]Palermo[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2013/14: Porto[/B] 2-1 Juventus[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2014/15: Liverpool[/B] p1-1 Marseille[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2015/16:[/B] Man City 0-2[B] Arsenal[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2016/17: Liverpool [/B]3-1 Man Utd[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2017/18: [/B]Real Madrid 2-3e [B]Man City[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2018/19:[/B] Liverpool 1-3[B] Inter[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2019/20: Man Utd [/B]2-0 Tottenham[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2020/21: Porto[/B] 3-1 Athletic[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2021/22: Porto[/B] 4-0 Bolton[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2022/23: Lyon[/B] 3-2 Tottenham[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2023/24:[/B] Leverkusen 1-2 [B]Tottenham[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2024/25: Dortmund [/B]p1-1 Sporting CP[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2025/26: Sevilla[/B] p1-1 Palermo[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2026/27:[/B] AC Milan 0-2 [B]Arsenal[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2027/28:[/B] Athletic 0-0p[B] Sevilla[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2028/29: [/B]AC Milan 0-1 [B]Liverpool[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2029/30: Lille [/B]3-0 At. Madrid[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2030/31:[/B] Villareal 0-2 [B]Inter[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2031/32:[/B] Valencia 1-1p[/SIZE][SIZE=2][B] Lille
2032/33: FC Bayern [/B]2-0 Marseille
[B]2033/34: Arsenal[/B] 2-1 PSG
[B]2034/35: Marseille [/B]5-1 Porto
[B]2035/36: At.Madrid[/B] p3-3 Hoffenheim
[B]2036/37: Roma [/B]5-1 Man Utd
[B]2037/38:[/B] PSG 0-1 [B]Leverkusen[/B][/SIZE]
[B][U][SIZE=2]FA Cup[/SIZE][/U][/B]

[SIZE=2][B]2010/11:[/B] Sheff Wed 1-3 [B]Chelsea[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2011/12: Man Utd[/B] e2-1 Birmingham[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2012/13: Tottenham[/B] p2-2 Blackburn[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2013/14:[/B] Tottenham 0-3 [B]Chelsea[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2014/15: Tottenham[/B] 3-2 Man Utd[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2015/16:[/B] Liverpool 1-3 [B]Man Utd[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2016/17: Man Utd [/B]3-1 Wigan[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2017/18: Man Utd [/B]2-1 Chelsea[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2018/19:[/B] Bolton 2-3e [B]Chelsea[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2019/20: Arsenal [/B]2-1 Leeds[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2020/21:[/B] Chelsea 1-1p [B]Bolton[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2021/22:[/B] Everton 1-4 [B]Man Utd[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2022/23: [/B]Tottenham 1-2 [B]Chelsea[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2023/24:[/B] Tottenham 1-2[B] Man Utd[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2024/25:[/B] Middlesbrough 1-2[B] Blackburn[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2025/26: Man Utd [/B]2-1 Liverpool[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2026/27: Liverpool [/B]p2-2 Chelsea[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2027/28: Chelsea[/B] 2-1 Sunderland[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2028/29:[/B] Birmingham 0-2 [B]Man Utd[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2029/30:[/B] Watford 0-1 [B]Man City[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2030/31:[/B] Liverpool 0-1 [B]Arsenal[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2031/32: Man Utd[/B] 3-1 Sunderland
[B]2032/33:[/B] Man City 1-2 [B]Aston Villa
2033/34: Aston Villa [/B]3-0 Middlebrough
[B]2034/35:[/B] Chelsea 1-3[B] Sunderland
2035/36: [/B]Leeds 0-2 [B]Chelsea
2036/37: Man Utd [/B]1-0 Blackburn
[B]2037/38:[/B] Preston 0-1 [B]Tottenham
[U][SIZE=2]French Cup[/SIZE][/U][/B]

[SIZE=2][B]2010/11: Strasbourg[/B] 1-0 Lorient[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2011/12: Guingamp[/B] 2-1 Lyon[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2012/13: Marseille[/B] 3-1 AS Monaco[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2013/14:[/B] Marseille 1-3 [B]Lyon[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2014/15: Lyon[/B] 4-0 Caen[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2015/16: Bourdeaux[/B] 3-0 Vannes[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2016/17: Valenciennes[/B] 2-1 Nancy[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2017/18: Guingamp [/B]2-1 FC Sochaux[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2018/19:[/B] Stade Rennais 1-2 [B]AS Monaco[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2019/20: AS Canet[/B] 2-1 US Saint-Omer[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2020/21: Schiltigheim[/B] 1-0 AS Plouhinec[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2021/22: FC Sete 34[/B] 1-0 Entente Perrier Vergeze[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2022/23: ES Paulhan[/B] 2-1 Nancy[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2023/24: Toulan-Le Las[/B] 1-0 AS Prix[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2024/25:[/B] US Sarre-Union 0-1 La [B]France D'Aizenay[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2025/26: Ginglin Cesson [/B]1-0 Nancy[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2026/27: Joue FC Touraine [/B]2-1 USM Montargis[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2027/28:[/B] Jarville 0-4 [B]Nancy[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2028/29: USJA Carquefou [/B]2-0 Jarville[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2029/30:[/B] Bourdeaux 1-2 [B]Marseille[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2030/31: Lille[/B] 2-0 Havre AC[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2031/32: Marseille[/B] 1-0 Havre AC
[B]2032/33:[/B] Marseille 1-2 [B]St Etienne
2033/34: Lille [/B]4-1 Bourdeaux
[B]2034/25:[/B] Lille 2-2p [B]PSG
2035/36: [/B]AS Monaco 1-3 [B]Stade Rennais
2036/37: Bourdeaux[/B] 2-1 PSG
[B]2037/38: Lyon [/B]2-1 Bourdeaux
[B][U][SIZE=2]German Cup[/SIZE][/U][/B]

[SIZE=2][B]2010/11:[/B] HSV 1-3 [B]FC Bayern[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2011/12: FC Bayern[/B] 2-1 Bochum[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2012/13:[/B] Ahlen 1-3 [B]Schalke[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2013/14:[/B] HSV 1-1p[B] Koln[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2014/15: Schalke[/B] 4-1 Leverkusen[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2015/16: FC Bayern[/B] 4-0 Duisburg[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2016/17:[/B] Stuttgart 1-1p[B] Schalke[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2017/18: Wolfsburg [/B]p0-0 Dortmund[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2018/19: Leverkusen[/B] 1-0 Offenbach[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2019/20:[/B] FC Bayern 0-3[B] Hoffenheim[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2020/21: Leverkusen[/B] 2-0 HSV[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2021/22: Jena[/B] 1-0 Aachen[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2022/23:[/B] Leverkusen 1-2 [B]FC Bayern[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2023/24: FC Bayern [/B]2-0 Leverkusen[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2024/25: FC Bayern[/B] 3-1 Schalke[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2025/26:[/B] Wolfsburg 1-1p [B]FC Bayern[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2026/27: Aachen [/B]2-0 Dortmund[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2027/28:[/B] FC Bayern 2-2p [B]Dortmund[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2028/29: Wolfsburg [/B]1-0 HSV[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2029/30: Stuttgart[/B] 2-0 Leverkusen[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2030/31: FC Bayern[/B] 2-0 Leverkusen[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2031/32: FC Bayern[/B] 1-0 Stuttgart
[B]2032/33:[/B] FC Bayern 0-1 [B]Wolfsburg
2033/34: Leverkusen[/B] 2-1 Bochum
[B]2034/35: FC Bayern [/B]2-1 Dortmund
[B]2035/36: FC Bayern [/B]1-0 Leverkusen
[B]2036/37:[/B] Siegen 0-1 [B]Leverkusen
2037/38: FC Bayern[/B] 3-0 Dortmund
[B][U][SIZE=2]Italian Cup[/SIZE][/U][/B]

[SIZE=2][B]2010/11:[/B] Napoli 1-2 [B]Udinese[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2011/12: Palermo[/B] 2-1 Lazio[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2012/13: Roma[/B] 3-0 Juventus[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2013/14:[/B] Cagliari 1-2 [B]Juventus[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2014/15:[/B] Napoli 2-4 [B]Genoa[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2015/16:[/B] AC Milan 1-2[B] Udinese[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2016/17: Genoa [/B]3-2 Napoli[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2017/18: Inter [/B]p2-2 Udinese[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2018/19: Fiorentina[/B] 2-0 Inter[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2019/20:[/B] Roma 1-2 [B]AC Milan[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2020/21: AC Milan [/B]5-2 Juventus[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2021/22:[/B] Napoli 1-1p[B] Palermo[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2022/23: Palermo [/B]2-1 AC Milan[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2023/24: Juventus[/B] 3-0 Sampdoria[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2024/25:[/B] Napoli 1-2 [B]Palermo[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2025/26:[/B] Inter 0-1[B] AC Milan[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2026/27: Juventus [/B]3-1 Napoli[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2027/28:[/B] Roma 0-2 [B]Fiorentina[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2028/29: Genoa [/B]3-2 Palermo [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2029/30:[/B] Napoli 1-2e [B]Juventus[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2030/31:[/B] Napoli 0-2 [B]Juventus[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2031/32: Juventus[/B] 4-1 Napoli
[B]2032/33:[/B] Juventus 1-2 [B]Napoli
2033/34: AC Milan[/B] 3-1 Palermo
[B]2034/35: Roma[/B] p3-3 Juventus
[B]2035/36: Napoli [/B]1-0 Juventus
[B]2036/37: Fiorentina [/B]1-0 Napoli
[B]2037/38: Inter [/B]e2-1 Napoli

[B][U][SIZE=2]Spanish Cup[/SIZE][/U][/B]

[SIZE=2][B]2010/11: At.Madrid[/B] 1-0 R.Madrid[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2011/12: R.Madrid[/B] 3-2 Getafe[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2012/13:[/B] Valencia 1-2 [B]Osasuna[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2013/14: R.Madrid[/B] 2-1 Barcelona[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2014/15:[/B] Valencia 0-3 [B]R.Madrid[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2015/16: R.Madrid[/B] 2-0 Barcelona[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2016/17:[/B] Valladolid 2-3e [B]Villareal[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2017/18: Barcelona[/B] 2-1 At Madrid[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2018/19: Barcelona[/B] 5-0 R.Madrid[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2019/20: R.Madrid[/B] e4-2 Barcelona[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2020/21: Valencia[/B] p1-1 Sevilla[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2021/22:[/B] Deportivo 0-1[B] Getafe[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2022/23: Barcelona [/B]4-1 R.Madrid[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2023/24:[/B] Villareal 1-2[B] Getafe[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2024/25:[/B] Valencia 1-3 [B]Villareal[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2025/26:[/B] At Madrid 0-1 [B]Athletic[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2026/27:[/B] Barcelona 1-2[B] R.Madrid[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2027/28: Villareal [/B]3-0 Sevilla[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2028/29: R.Madrid[/B] e4-3 Sevilla [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2029/30: Sevilla[/B] 2-0 Valencia[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2030/31:[/B] Athletic 1-2e [B]Valencia[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]3031/32: R.Madrid[/B] 3-2 Sevilla
[B]2032/33: At Madrid[/B] e2-1 R.Madrid
[B]2033/34:[/B] Valencia 2-3e [B]At.Madrid
2034/35:[/B] Deportivo 0-1 [B]Barcelona
2035/36: [/B]R.Madrid 0-1 [B]Villareal
2036/37: Athletic [/B]2-1 Valencia
[B]2037/38:[/B] Valencia 1-5 [B]R.Madrid

[SIZE=2][B][U]European Championship[/U][/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=2][B]2012: Portugal[/B] 2-0 Holland *England failed to qualify, finishing behind Wales and Switzerland in their group.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2016: Poland[/B] 1-0 Serbia wtf??? *England do their standard early knockout stage exit by losing 2-0 to France in the 2nd Round.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2020: France[/B] 2-1 Portugal *England reached the Quarter Finals where they were knocked out by Portugal 3-1[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2024:[/B] Czech Rep 1-1p [B]Germany[/B] *England got knocked out in the 2nd Round by Germany despite having already beaten them in their group. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2028:[/B] Holland 0-1 [B]Germany[/B] *England reached the Quarter Finals where they were beaten 1-0 by Serbia [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]2032:[/B] [B]Portugal[/B] 1-0 France *England reached the 2nd Round where they were knocked out by Belgium 3-1
[B]2036:[/B] Holland 2-3 [B]Russia [/B]*England reached the 2nd Round where they were knocked out on penalties by Portugal[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2][B][U]World Cup[/U][/B][/SIZE]

[B]2014:[/B] Germany 0-0p [B]Brazil[/B] *England reached the 2nd round before being knocked by Belgium 2-0
[B]2018: [/B]Brazil 0-2 [B]Belgium [/B]*England came 3rd by beating Serbia 2-0 in the 3rd place playoff. They lost to Brazil 2-0 in the semis.
[B]2022:[/B] [B]France[/B] 1-0 Spain *England reached the semi finals where they lost to Spain. They then lost to Brazil in the 3rd place playoff
[B]2026: Portugal[/B] e3-2 Argentina *England reached the semi finals where they lost 1-0 to Argentina. They beat Holland 2-0 in the 3rd place playoff
[B]2030: England[/B] 1-0 Holland
[B]2034: [/B]Brazil 1-2 [B]Portugal [/B]*England finished 3rd in their World Cup Group behind Chile and Italy
[B]2038:[/B] England 1-2e [B]France


If you want any updates on specific teams don't hesitate to ask

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Just spent ages reading this thread - unbelieveable! Superb mate, well done :-)

As an aside, could I trouble you for a screenie of Yeovil Town League History? I see they made the Premier League!

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[CENTER][B][U]IK Tord: All Matches[/U][/B][/CENTER]

--------Season-------Games Played--------Won--------Drawn---------Lost--------For--------Against--------GD--------Win%-------------
2010 24 6 8 10 24 (1.00) 27 (1.13) -3 25%
2011 22 9 7 6 38 (1.73) 29 (1.32) +9 41%
2012 23 10 5 8 32 (1.39) 29 (1.26) +3 43%
2013 24 14 7 3 41 (1.71) 24 (1.00) +17 58%
2014 30 11 8 11 41 (1.37) 38 (1.27) +3 37%
2015 28 10 6 12 43 (1.54) 35 (1.28) +8 36%
2016 30 16 8 6 50 (1.67) 27 (0.90) +23 53%
2017 37 10 16 11 44 (1.19) 44 (1.19) +0 27%
2018 34 17 3 14 37 (1.09) 34 (1.00) +3 50%
2019 31 11 6 14 37 (1.19) 48 (1.55) -11 35%
2020 34 13 5 16 39 (1.15) 46 (1.35) -7 38%
2021 32 14 9 9 45 (1.41) 34 (1.06) +11 44%
2022 31 13 10 8 29 (0.94) 21 (0.68) +8 42%
2023 31 7 9 15 22 (0.71) 43 (1.39) -21 23%
2024 31 7 10 14 23 (0.74) 38 (1.23) -15 23%
2025 31 11 5 15 34 (1.10) 44 (1.42) -10 35%
2026 32 12 9 11 36 (1.13) 38 (1.19) -2 38%
2027 31 13 6 12 36 (1.16) 32 (1.03) +4 42%
2028 31 10 15 6 38 (1.23) 29 (0.94) +9 32%
2029 31 15 9 7 46 (1.48) 32 (1.03) +14 48%
2030 31 13 12 6 33 (1.06) 28 (0.90) +5 42%
2031 41 20 15 6 58 (1.41) 39 (0.95) +19 51%
2032 36 19 9 8 50 (1.39) 36 (1.00) +14 53%
2033 39 21 12 6 62 (1.59) 39 (1.00) +23 54%
2034 35 24 7 4 54 (1.54) 26 (0.74) +28 69%
2035 45 25 9 11 75 (1.67) 56 (1.24) +19 56%
2036 48 26 12 10 65 (1.35) 47 (0.98) +18 54%
2037 37 21 9 7 54 (1.46) 30 (0.81) +24 57%
2038 42 20 13 9 52 (1.24) 43 (1.02) +9 48%
Total 952 418 259 275 1238 (1.30) 1036 (1.09) +202 44%

[CENTER][B][U]IK Tord: Home Matches[/U][/B][/CENTER]

--------Season-------Games Played--------Won--------Drawn---------Lost--------For--------Against--------GD--------Win%-------------
2010 12 5 5 2 15 (1.25) 10 (0.83) +5 42%
2011 11 5 4 2 21 (1.91) 13 (1.18) +8 45%
2012 12 7 3 2 22 (1.83) 12 (1.00) +10 58%
2013 12 8 3 1 21 (1.75) 8 (0.67) +13 67%
2014 15 6 3 6 16 (1.07) 13 (0.87) +3 40%
2015 14 7 4 3 24 (1.71) 13 (0.93) +11 50%
2016 14 10 4 0 24 (1.71) 5 (0.36) +19 71%
2017 19 6 9 4 25 (1.32) 17 (0.89) +8 32%
2018 16 10 2 4 20 (1.25) 14 (0.88) +6 63%
2019 15 6 3 6 16 (1.07) 17 (1.13) -1 40%
2020 16 10 1 5 23 (1.44) 20 (1.25) +3 63%
2021 15 10 4 1 29 (1.93) 10 (0.67) +19 67%
2022 15 7 5 3 18 (1.20) 12 (0.80) +6 47%
2023 15 5 5 5 13 (0.87) 19 (1.27) -6 33%
2024 16 5 8 3 14 (0.88) 10 (0.63) +4 31%
2025 15 8 4 3 21 (1.40) 13 (0.87) +8 53%
2026 15 8 4 3 21 (1.40) 14 (0.93) +7 53%
2027 16 9 3 4 24 (1.50) 12 (0.75) +12 56%
2028 16 9 4 3 25 (1.56) 10 (0.63) +15 56%
2029 15 10 5 0 30 (2.00) 15 (1.00) +15 67%
2030 15 10 5 0 19 (1.27) 4 (0.27) +15 67%
2031 19 14 3 2 30 (1.58) 12 (0.63) +18 74%
2032 17 10 5 2 24 (1.41) 14 (0.82) +10 59%
2033 19 13 4 2 32 (1.68) 16 (0.84) +16 68%
2034 17 13 3 1 28 (1.65) 12 (0.71) +16 76%
2035 21 14 4 3 45 (2.14) 21 (1.00) +24 67%
2036 23 15 5 3 34 (1.47) 16 (0.70) +18 65%
2037 17 12 4 1 25 (1.47) 9 (0.53) +16 71%
2038 21 12 6 3 25 (1.19) 15 (0.71) +10 57%
Total 463 264 122 77 684 (1.48) 376 (0.81) +308 57%


[CENTER][B][U]IK Tord: Away Matches[/U][/B][/CENTER]

--------Season-------Games Played--------Won--------Drawn---------Lost--------For--------Against--------GD--------Win%-------------
2010 12 1 3 8 9 (0.75) 17 (1.42) -8 8%
2011 11 4 3 4 17 (1.55) 16 (1.45) +1 36%
2012 11 3 2 6 10 (0.91) 17 (1.55) -7 27%
2013 12 6 4 2 20 (1.67) 16 (1.33) +4 50%
2014 15 5 5 5 25 (1.67) 25 (1.67) +0 33%
2015 14 3 2 9 19 (1.36) 22 (1.57) -3 21%
2016 16 6 4 6 26 (1.63) 22 (1.38) +4 38%
2017 18 4 7 7 19 (1.40) 27 (1.32) -8 22%
2018 18 7 1 10 17 (0.94) 20 (1.11) -3 39%
2019 16 5 3 8 21 (1.31) 31 (1.94) -10 31%
2020 18 3 4 11 16 (0.89) 26 (1.44) -10 17%
2021 17 4 5 8 16 (0.94) 24 (1.41) -8 24%
2022 16 6 5 5 11 (0.69) 9 (0.56) +2 38%
2023 16 2 4 10 9 (0.56) 24 (1.67) -15 13%
2024 15 2 2 11 9 (0.60) 28 (1.87) -19 13%
2025 16 3 1 12 13 (0.82) 31 (1.94) -18 19%
2026 17 4 5 8 15 (0.88) 24 (1.41) -9 24%
2027 15 4 3 8 12 (0.80) 20 (1.33) -8 27%
2028 15 1 11 3 13 (0.87) 19 (1.27) -6 7%
2029 16 5 4 7 16 (1.00) 17 (1.06) -1 31%
2030 16 3 7 6 14 (0.88) 24 (1.50) -10 19%
2031 22 6 12 4 28 (1.27) 27 (1.23) +1 27%
2032 19 9 4 6 26 (1.37) 22 (1.16) +4 47%
2033 20 8 8 4 30 (1.50) 23 (1.15) +7 40%
2034 18 11 4 3 26 (1.44) 14 (0.78) +12 61%
2035 24 11 5 8 30 (1.25) 35 (1.46) -5 46%
2036 25 11 7 7 31 (1.24) 31 (1.24) +0 44%
2037 20 9 5 6 29 (1.45) 21 (1.05) +8 45%
2038 21 8 7 6 27 (1.29) 28 (1.32) -1 38%
Total 489 154 137 198 554 (1.13) 660 (1.35) -106 31%


[CENTER][B][U]International: All Matches[/U][/B][/CENTER]

--------Country-------Games Played--------Won--------Drawn---------Lost--------For--------Against--------GD--------Win%-------------

Sweden U19 35 15 9 11 38 (1.09) 33 (0.94) +5 43%

Sweden U21 64 31 13 20 74 (1.16) 54 (0.84) +20 48%


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[quote name='deltablue']Well done on snatching it, even if it was against AIK, who I have a soft spot for.[/QUOTE]


[quote name='DazRTaylor']Just spent ages reading this thread - unbelieveable! Superb mate, well done :-)

As an aside, could I trouble you for a screenie of Yeovil Town League History? I see they made the Premier League![/QUOTE]


[URL=""]Yeovil League History

[/URL]In the cups they managed to reach the Quarter final once in the FA Cup and once in the League Cup. They've been more succesful in the JPT where they got to the final in 2010/11 and, when entered into it, are regularly in the Quarters or higher

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Thanks a lot :thup: If only we could do that well in real life haha :)

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------------Name-----------------------Appearances-----------Goals---------------Assists-----------Average Rating--------
---------------------------------------------------------GK: Goals Conc-----GK: Clean Sheets-----------------------------

Peter Jansson (YP33) (ST) 417 (486) 146 (171) 55 (58) 6.90

Tony Thoren (YP5) (DC) 405 (444) 14 (14) 3 (6) 6.90

Jorgen Melki (YP37) (DC,DM,MC)400 (474) 77 (90) 16 (22) 7.01

Stefan Nilsson (YP13) (DR, DC) 396 (420) 3 (4) 20 (20) 6.86

Hakan Larsson (YP35) (DM,MC) 391 (454) 17 (21) 101 (121) 6.89

Niclas Svensson (YP38) (GK) 389 (467) 333 (470) 161 (179) 6.73

Fredrik Karlsson (YP8) (ST) 377 (400) 134 (141) 60 (64) 6.83

Niclas Carlsson (YP39) (DM, MC) 374 (431) 18 (19) 22 (28) 6.79

Anton Dahlberg (YP30) (DM, MC) 369 (402) 26 (26) 51 (52) 6.80

Filip Linder (YP6) (GK) 348 (370) 414 (440) 101 (107) 6.75

Magnus Kjellman (YP45) (DM, MC) 337 (405) 15 (16) 7 (10) 6.88

Anders Svensson (YP16) (DC) 308 (320) 28 (30) 11 (11) 6.96

Bojan Ohlsson (YP29) (DC, DL) 305 (362) 10 (10) 9 (10) 6.86

Anton Alvefelt (YP1) (DL, DR) 287 (305) 1 (1) 13 (15) 6.75

Johan Bystrom (YP2) (ST) 261 (280) 91 (101) 36 (38) 6.87

Hakan Neilsen (YP47) (DL, DR) 258 (322) 4 (5) 28 (36) 7.00

Jonas Andersson (YP27) (MC) 255 (273) 25 (27) 21 (21) 6.77

Erik Carlsson (YP41) (ST) 245 (290) 40 (50) 37 (44) 6.73

Jonas Andersson (YP49) (ST) 226 (280) 70 (85) 17 (17) 6.81

Viktor Andersson (YP53) (DM, MC) 214 (279) 12 (18) 32 (37) 6.85

Martin Hansson (YP43) (MC) 204 (251) 8 (11) 27 (52) 6.67

Erik Mansson (YP50) (DR, DC) 179 (235) 3 (6) 17 (21) 6.94

Key: league (all competitions)

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How many of your home grown players have made it as Icons/Legends? Peter Jansson surely?

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Simply, epic! Lol. Good luck in CL qualifiers dude.

Could you post a SS if newcastles history please??

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[quote name='DazRTaylor']How many of your home grown players have made it as Icons/Legends? Peter Jansson surely?[/QUOTE]

None are icons or even legends although Peter Jansson (YP33) and Jorgen Melki (YP37) are both with me on the favoured personnel list.

[quote name='Sir Jake']Simply, epic! Lol. Good luck in CL qualifiers dude.

Could you post a SS if newcastles history please??[/QUOTE]


[URL=""]Newcastle League History

[/URL]They've had little success in the cups reaching the semi final once in the FA Cup and reaching the Quarter final of the League Cup twice.
In the 5 times they have been in the JPT they have got to the Quarter Final 4 times but have never won it.

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[SIZE=3][U][B]December 2038[/B][/U][/SIZE]
[B][COLOR=#0000ff]Euro Cup Group D: [/COLOR]Ajax 5-0 Tord
[/B]We started strong but quickly began to fade, conceding 4 in the 2nd half after a decent 1st half. Had a few chances of our own which we should have put away although it would have made no difference to the outcome.

[B][COLOR=#0000ff]Euro Cup Group D:[/COLOR] Tord 1-1 Omonoia
[/B]Our 1st long overdue points of the group. Typically they come from our worst performance. Omonoia dominated us after scoring early on but[B] Erik Johannesson (YP56)[/B] hit back from our only shot on target in the whole match. We hung on for a point which, from our 6 performances in the group, I think we deserved.


In the new youth intake this year we got another [URL=""]Alexander Pettersson [/URL]who funnily enough plays as a striker as well. Could get confusing if he gets good enough to make it to the 1st team :D

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[/SIZE][/U][/B][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Media Prediction: 1st
[/FONT][/COLOR][FONT=Verdana]Title Odds: [URL=""][COLOR=#2b588f]7-4
[/COLOR][/URL][/FONT][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Expectations:[COLOR=#2b588f] [URL=""]Winners
[/URL][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Wage Budget: £61,958 (£48,718)[/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Wage Bill: £30,968 (£25,143)
Transfer Budget: £11.25M (£11.25M)[/FONT][/COLOR]

[FONT=Verdana][COLOR=black]Ticket price: £36.00 (£36.70)[/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana][COLOR=black]Season Ticket Holders: 1943 (1804)[/COLOR][/FONT]
[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Verdana]Season Ticket Price: £401 (£409)

Swedish Premier Division: 31st (23rd)
[/FONT][FONT=Verdana]Country Coefficients (Sweden): 16th (18th) [/FONT][/COLOR]

[B]Key: This Season (Last Season)

[/B]Just the 1 youth this time:

[URL=""]Dejan Ohlsson (YP68)[/URL] (MC) -[URL=""] Report

The board have agreed to expand the stadium and upgrade the youth facilities:



Juan Aurich 0-1 Tord
Goias 3-0 Tord
O'Higgins 1-0 Tord
Botafogo 1-1 Tord
Cobreloa 1-0 Tord
Hubracan 4-1 Tord

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Nice to see that you are still up and running. Starting to dominate in Sweden now.

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Read this thread from page 1 to here over the past few days. Epic journey and has definately inspired me to try something like it once I'm back into FM (been playing CM9798 for the past 18months, bit of a shock to get all the new features back again!).

Would something like this be doable outside of Europe, if so what do people recommend? I was thinking Brazil - just because the youth could get very good. But I seem to recall their lower leagues being hellish...?

Anyway fantastic achievements hrbfcrule, hope you can keep it up! I'll be following definately - massive shame about the crash as that Ceesay looked pretty good.

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What is your rule regarding parent clubs?
EDIT: Found it, in case anyone was wondering and starting a fountain of youth challenge, hrbfcrule allows parent clubs but doesn't take loan players.

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[quote name='Hegav']What is your club worth now a days?[/QUOTE]

The club is now worth £10.25M which is the 4th best in Sweden behind Malmo FF (£20.5M), AIK (£13.5M) and IFK Goteborg (£13.25M).

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[SIZE=3][B][U]February 2039

[SIZE=2]Friendly: [COLOR=#ff0000]France U21's 2-0 Swden U21's
[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]We played well and deserved at least a draw but we missed a glorious chance to take the lead early on. France then capitalised on a couple of half chances to win the match

[U]March 2039

[SIZE=2][COLOR=#00ff00]Swedish Super Cup:[/COLOR] Tord 0-0p Helsingborg
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]A cagey game with only 2 shots on target in total. Helsingborg were the slightly better team and got what they deserved in the shootout, winning it 5-4.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffa500]League: [/COLOR]Tord 1-1 Umea FC
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]The 1st time we haven't won the opening league game of the season in 5 seasons. We took the lead 7 mins before half time, [/SIZE][B][SIZE=2]Jonas Andersson (YP49) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]getting it. But we switched off as the half drew to a close and ending up conceding a silly goal. Umea were on the front foot throughout the 2nd half but we held on and were lucky to claim a point.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffa500]League:[/COLOR] Kalmar FF 0-1 Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]A much improved performance and a deserved win. Chance after chance passed us by until the 74th min when[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Tommy Eriksson (YP66) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]came off the bench to score the only goal of the game.


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[SIZE=3][U][B]April 2039

[/B][/U][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffa500]League: [/COLOR]Tord 3-0 GAIS
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]A confident home display,[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Jorgen Melki (YP37) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]and[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Jonas Andersson (YP49)[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2] put us 2 up by half time. We continued to control the match in the 2nd half and[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Viktor Andersson (YP53) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]sealed the win with our 3rd.
[/COLOR][/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffa500]League:[/COLOR] Oddevold 0-2 Tord
Jonas Andersson (YP49) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]and [/SIZE][B][SIZE=2]Jorgen Melki (YP37) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]scored either side of half time. A great follow up to the 3-0 win last week.
[COLOR=#ffa500]League:[/COLOR] Tord 2-1 Malmo FF
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]A big test for us and we passed with flying colours. It was a shaky start as we conceded in just the 3rd min but we rallied well and a [/SIZE][B][SIZE=2]Jorgen Melki (YP37) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]brace in the 2nd half sealed a well deserved win.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffa500]League:[/COLOR] Syrianska FC 1-1 Tord
Jonas Andersson (YP49) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]scored his 4th in 6 games to give us an early lead. Syrianska hit back with their only shot on target in the whole match. We spent the whole 2nd half knocking on the door for thew winner but we just couldn't find it. Even when they were reduced to 10 men for the last 15 mins we failed to win it.


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[SIZE=3][U][B]May 2039

[/B][/U][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffa500]League:[/COLOR] Tord 1-1 AIK
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]We played terribly and were very lucky to escape with a draw. Of course it was[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Jonas Andersson (YP49)[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2] who scored our goal.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffa500]League:[/COLOR] IK Sirius 0-0 Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]Our winless streak continues but we slightly improved our performance in this match.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#00ff00]Swedish Cup 3rd Round:[/COLOR] Tord p3-3 Atvidaberg
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]We played really well but we still contrived to balls it up.[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Jonas Andersson (YP49) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]put us 1 up before [/SIZE][B][SIZE=2]Tommy Eriksson (YP66) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]quickly made it 2. Atvidaberg got 1 back in the 66th min but 2 mins later[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Tommy Eriksson (YP66) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]restored our 2 goal advantage. Despite this we conceded twice in the last 10 mins to make sure the game went to extra time and then penalties. This time we won the shootout 5-4.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffa500]League:[/COLOR] Tord 0-1 IFK Goteborg
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]Our 1st loss of the season and it was coming. A string of bad performances where we have just managed to scrape draws, finally our luck ran out.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffa500]League:[/COLOR] Helsingborg 0-0 Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]After such a promising start to the season our winless streak has now stretched to 6 games. A dire performance all round especially upfront.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffa500]League:[/COLOR] Tord 2-1 Mjallby
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]Our long awaited victory has finally arrived. [/SIZE][B][SIZE=2]Martin Hansson (YP43) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]scored his 1st goal of the season but Mjallby equalised against the run of play. Who else but[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Jonas Andersson (YP49)[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2] scored the winner in the 81st min.


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Oh dear, hope you can catch up after that month though it'll take a lot of effort.

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Great to see that Tord is back. Good luck with the season.

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Pretty dissapointing youth intakes lately :confused:.
Anyway best of luck.

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Good to see this still going! Been away for a couple of months and its great to come back to news of another title win!

A shame about the start to the new season, but if the losses stay off the board, you are always a chance.

keep up the outstanding work.

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[SIZE=3][SIZE=2]Thanks guys


June 2039

[/B][/U][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ff8c00]League:[/COLOR] Orebro 1-1 Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]We went behind to a 28th min penalty but[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Sebastian Jeppsson (YP59) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]equalised just before the hour mark. That gave us the momentu to go on to try and win the game but we just couldn't score another.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ff8c00]League:[/COLOR] Atvidaberg 0-0 Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]Another match we really should have won, these draws are really hurting us at the moment.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ff8c00]League:[/COLOR] Tord 1-0 Assyriska
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]A scrappy but much needed win.[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Jonas Andersson (YP49) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]got the only goal of the game late in the 2nd half.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#00ff00]Swedish Cup 4th Round:[/COLOR] Mjallby e2-1 Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]We got absolutely thrashed and we were really lucky to last to extra time. Admittedly I put out a weakened team to save the 1st team for the league and european matches coming up. Things could have been so different if Sebastian Jeppsson (YP59) had converted a 25th min penalty. But instead Mjallby took the lead a few mins later[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2]. Sebastian Jeppsson (YP59) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]eventually did score in the 78th min to take it to extra time. Mjallby continued to batter us and eventually got the winner[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2].

[IMG] Tord/LeagueTableJune-12.png[/IMG][/SIZE][/B][/SIZE]

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Small margins. Do you think you're getting weaker or the other teams are getting stronger?

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[quote name='SnakeXe']Small margins. Do you think you're getting weaker or the other teams are getting stronger?[/QUOTE]

A bit of both really. The other teams seem to have become stronger according to the European competitions but we have had a really poor season. Really do need a few decent youths coming through soon

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[SIZE=3][U][B]July 2039

[/B][/U][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ff8c00]League:[/COLOR] Umea FC 3-2 Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]We had an absolutely shocking start. Conceding 3 times in the opening 36 mins. But our all out attack approach in the 2nd half in the hope of gaining anything almost worked. [/SIZE][B][SIZE=2]Alexander Pettersson (YP61) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]and[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Martin Hansson (YP43) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]both scored to set up a great finish but unfortunately we couldn't turn our momentum into goals but we came up short.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ff8c00]League:[/COLOR] Tord 2-1 Kalmar FF
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]A quickfire double in the 1st half from [/SIZE][B][SIZE=2]Hakan Neilsen (YP47) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]and[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Erik Johannesson (YP56) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]set us on our way. Kalmar hit back almost immediately but we managed to close out the rest of the game.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#0000ff]Champions League 2nd Qual Rnd 1st Leg: [/COLOR]Sutjeska 2-3 Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]We twice went behind surprisingly to Sutjeska but fought back each time and eventually went on to win it. Should have rteally cruised it though. A [/SIZE][B][SIZE=2]Jonas Andersson (YP49) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]brace and a goal from[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Alexander Pettersson (YP61) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]helped us avoid the upset.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ff8c00]League:[/COLOR] Syrainska Kerburan 0-0 Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]A tough game only 3 days after our European outing = bore draw. I'll take a point from this as we could have quite easily lost.
[/COLOR][/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#0000ff]Champions League 2nd Qual Rnd 2nd Leg: [/COLOR]Tord (4) 1-0 (2) Sutjeska
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]Sealed our way to the next stage with a contolling display. We held possession well to frustrate them and then hit them early in the 2nd half with an[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Alexander Pettersson (YP61) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]goal to effectively end the tie.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ff8c00]League: [/COLOR]GAIS 1-1 Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]Really struggled as our busy schedule catches up with us. [/SIZE][B][SIZE=2]Jorgen Melki (YP37) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]took the lead from the spot but GAIS immediately equalised before bossing the remainder of the game. A lucky point.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#0000ff]Champions League 3rd Qual Rnd 1st Leg:[/COLOR] Tord 0-0 Haka
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]A disappointing home draw but at least we didn't concede which will make the next leg a much easier task.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ff8c00]League:[/COLOR] Tord 3-0 Oddevold
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]Nothing like a good thrashing of lowly Oddevold to get the confidence up.[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Stefan Hedlund (YP64), Sebastian Jeppsson (YP59)[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2] and[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Alexander Pettersson (YP61) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]all getting on the scoresheet in the process.



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[SIZE=3][U][B]August 2039

[/COLOR][/B][/U][URL=""][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#0000ff]Champions League 3rd Rnd Qual 2nd Leg: [/COLOR]Haka (3) 3-4 (4) Tord
[/SIZE][/B][/URL][SIZE=2]What. A. Game. And boy were we lucky. We were just minutes away from crashing out of Europe before an incredible comeback. We had a very bad start, going 2-0 down in the 1st half. Things got even worse after the break as they grabbed a 3rd just minutes after the restart. I went all out attack from then on with some fantastic results.[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Jonas Andersson (YP49)[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2] scored twice in 2 mins just after the hour mark to put us within reach of the 4th qualifying round. That dream kept getting further and further away as thye minutes slipped by. That was until the 91st min when a corner was whipped in and [/SIZE][B][SIZE=2]Viktor Andersson (YP53) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]rose up to head home the equaliser. Then to add insult to injury[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Martin Hansson (YP43) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]scored right from the kick off to give us the win.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ff8c00]League:[/COLOR] Malmo 3-0 Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]No miracle comeback this time as we get thrashed by Malmo who have no European competition to worry about.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ff8c00]League:[/COLOR] Tord 1-0 Syrianska FC
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]Recovered from that heavy defeat to easily see off bottom team Syrainska FC. The scoreline doesn't really do us justice as we dominated them for pretty much the whole match.[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Alexander Pettersson (YP61) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]was the only person to break their resistance though.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#0000ff]Champions League 4th Rnd Qual 1st Leg:[/COLOR] Austria Wien 0-2 Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]We were handed a tough draw but we somehow came away with a shocking win. [/SIZE][B][SIZE=2]Stefan Hedlund (YP64) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]and[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Jonas Andersson (YP49) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]scored our goals but we could have had a few more. This was by no means a lucky win, we fully deserved it.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ff8c00]League:[/COLOR] AIK 0-0 Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]A good point against the runaway leaders. We never looked like we were going to win this game and by the end we were hanging on for dear life for just a point.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#0000ff]Champions League 4th Rnd Qual 2nd Leg:[/COLOR] Tord (3) 1-2 (2) Austria Wien
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]We netted in the 5th min through[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Jonas Andersson (YP49) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]to seemingly put this tie to bed but instead it finally seemed like we had woken the beast. Austria Wien ripped us to shreds for an hour or so scoring twice in the process. Thankfully we held on to our 1 goal advantage to edge into the CL groups for just the 3rd time in our history.

[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ff8c00]League: [/COLOR]IFK Goteborg 1-1 Tord
[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]A 50:50 game and a fair result against one of our nearest rivals for 2nd place. They took the lead in the 75th min but[/SIZE][B][SIZE=2] Jonas Andersson (YP49) [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]equalised just 3 mins later.



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