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The Champion of Champions(league) - Game Thread

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Decent run for Sporting, although we might have done better if I had played in the second leg

KUTGW Whoopy, im glad you have been able to make my sign-up a success :thup:

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Nice first round that one, here's hoping for a better team for me next time.

Suprised to see Bordeaux in the final though.

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I think I deliberately played poorly in the semi to allow Liverpool through, since they are listed as my favourite club. Should've won with Barca though, not gonna get many better chances.

Time for a decaff...

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Great update, once again I'll say that this idea is really great. Can't wait for next season's club draw.

Too bad for me to be in Barcelona, I didn't get much playing time with Kenco and Messi as my competition.

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YEAHHHHHH! Can't believe i never came off the bench for the final!! but i got 6 games in the champions league. Can't be bad. 2 goals are a bonus...

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So with Game One behind us we move swiftly into Game Two, the draw (in the 1st post) remains the same but you're club changes:


Whoopy Dee'e	        Olympiakos
Charles Beams	        Bordeaux
B.A. Baracus	        AC Milan
V.W. Delight          	Wolfsburg
Nottingham Forest	Liverpool
Kenco	                Standard
Lewis Davies	        Barcelona
Mikael Scholer	        Man Utd
Joe Tompkins	        Slavia Prague
Lawrence Lazewski	Debrecen
Des Tiny	        AZ
Ivan Matkovic	        Chelsea
Jan Klass	        Dinamo Kiev
Gunter Hess	        Unirea Urziceni
Richard Lipscombe	CSKA
Mario Luigi vdB	        Levski
Bruton Gaster	        Bayern
Santi Marquez	        Marseille
Liam Ferguson	        Salzburg
Sam Fisher	        Juventus
William Hall	        Sevilla
Super Lampard	        Porto
Patty Hitman	        Sporting CP
Jack Browne	        Lyon
Joeri Scheerlinck	Inter
Mattie Short	        At Mad
Voicou Razvan	        Rubin
Craig Hopper	        FC Twente
Tyler Burrows	        Besiktas
AJ Kerr	                Fiorentina
Ihsaan Ahmed	        Real Madrid
Allan Juel Hansen	Rangers

This information is also available in post number 2.

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They don't have me this time though so no chance of a repeat performance. Must admit I was very surprised to see us do so well. Not liking my chances with Olympiakos.

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Bayern Munich, better team but tougher group. Hopefully with Robben and Ribery supplying, I can score loads and Bayern go deep into the tournament :)

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OM for Santi this time. Let's see the group draws and it will be clearer if we can make something.

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Havn't been at the laptop for a couple of days so sorry for not posting. Got quite far in the competition and by the looks of it I played quite well so thats good.

Lyon next which isn't bad, could spring a surprise or 2.

Just FYI, I am going up to Brighton to see my mate at Uni for a week on Monday, so I will not be posting during that time :thup:

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Is the draw random each time or do we each get one chance at each team?

One chance at each team so it's fair.

I wanted to keep the same 32 teams and try for a different groups every time but that means tedious amounts of reloading and holidaying so it's the same draw every time.

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Game Two

Group Stage Round Up

Group A - Of the 4 players it was Mr T who had the most disappointing start to the season, only 2 appearances in the competition so far and one of those coming as a sub. Kenco has been a lot more involved, he played all of the first 5 matches before missing the last through injury, despite plenty of game time he's struggled to inspire Standard to anything more than 2 decent results against Porto. Speaking of the Portuguese side, Super Lampard has played 100% of their 6 games but only managed one goal, a long range header in a 1-1 draw with AC. Finally Santi Marquez who has been the star of the group so far, he scored twice in a win over Standard and would've had a hat-trick but for a missed penalty. His other goal turned out to be a crucial one as the French side claimed a 0-1 win in Milan after Marquez' 81st minute winner.

Winners - OM

Runners Up - Ac Milan

Group B - So far this has been all about last years winner V.W. Delight, he started the campaign brightly with 2 goals against Slavia Prague and doubled his tally with another brace against Rangers. He then followed up those performances with a goal in each of the return matches to take his tally to six goals in six games. His old side Liverpool were also in fine form, Fatboy has also played all 6 games and the centre back has 2 goals to his name. The first coming against Rangers and the second a penalty to claim a 0-1 over Wolfsburg. For the other two players it's been an uphill battle, Allan Juel Hansen scored on the opening day against Liverpool but failed to find the net again in his 5 other games and Joe Tompkins was largely ineffective in his 6 games for Slavia Prague.

Winners - Wolfsburg

Runners Up - Liverpool

Group C - It's been a no go for Richard Lipscombe at CSKA, I fear he has fallen victim to a very similar situation that Gunter Hess faced last year. Craig Hopper had no such problems initially, he played 4 times for FC Twente before injury ruled him out for the remaining 2, not that the midfielder had set the World alight. Lewis Davies has done a fine job at left back for Barcelona, usually an attacking player last year he now finds himself tasked with defensive responsibility and he's done a cracking job in all 6 of his matches. Tyler Burrows put on a good showing at Besiktas, only 7 goals conceded in his 6 games and 2 clean sheets to boot, unfortunately the Turkish side still went out.

Winners - Barcelona

Runners Up - CSKA

Group D - This was always going to be dificult for Lawrence Lazewski as he struggles to drag Debercen through a very tough Group, he did his best in the 5 games he played and his only goal of the campaign was enough to earn them a 1-1 draw with Fiorentina in the final match and in doing so winning his side their only point. AJ Kerr wasn't involved as much for Fiorentina, only playing 3 times and he fared little better, conceding 3 times with a goal coming in each game. The other 'keeper in the Group, Mikael Scholer has firmly claimed his place between the sticks for Man Utd, the Dane conceded 8 in his 6 games as he, maybe, looks to follow in the footsteps of a former Man Utd Goalkeeper of similar origin. Finally to Real Madrid and Ihsaan Ahmed, the striker has been in good form scoring 4 times in his 4 outings, however his goal tally may be slightly misleading as he racked up a couple of braces in the games against Debrecen.

Winners - Real Madrid

Runners Up - Man Utd

Group E - Ivan Matkovic is yet to really get into gear with Chelsea, he's played 5 times but only scored a solitary goal, it was the opener in a 1-2 over Olympiakos. On the matter of the Greek side, Whoopy Dee'e played all 6 of their matches but his presence was not enough to inspire them to any sort of herorics like he did with Bordeaux. Fergy on the other hand has been in very good form, he scored against Olypiakos in a 4-0 win and again when the Greek side avenged their loss 3-1. The English striker was also on target against Chelsea in a 1-2 loss taking him to 3 goals in 5 games. Lastly to Sporting where Patty Hitman has been a figure of consitency, playing and playing well in all 6 games but with nothing exceptional as yet.

Winners - Chelsea

Runners Up - Sporting CP

Group F - Gunter Hess will be relieved to learn he played some football for Unirea, not only that but he played 4 times and even came up with a goal in a 3-2 loss to Dinamo. Surprisingly it was only the Austrian to see any action in his Group, the other 3 players are yet to feature.

Winners - Inter

Runners Up - Lyon

Group G - William Hall seems to love this competition, he played brilliantly last season and is doing so again, 6 appearances and an avg rating of 7.58, Sevilla are lucky to have him. Charles Beams hasn't been half bad either, he scored a goal as his side drew with the Spainiards 2-2 and over his 6 games has averaged a 7.22. Des Tiny seems to have found his favourite team to play against, the midfielder picked up a goal in each of the games against Rubin and although he played all 6 games he was largely disappointing for the other four.

Winners - Sevilla

Runners Up - Rubin

Group H - Juventus seem to be getting the best out of Sam Fisher, he's made the left side his own and only missed one game so far, he's also contributed a goal in a 2-3 win in Spain. Mario-Luigi vdB contributed 50% of Levski's goals in this years Champions League in his six games, an impressive sounding stat until you see they only scored 2 goals. Mattie Short failed to find the back of the net in his 4 appearances, however he has contributed 3 assists and his standard of play has been good. Finally to Germany where Bruton Gaster is tearing it up, 3 goals and 4 assists in his 6 games. His goals came in the form of a brace against Atletico Madrid in a crucial win and in a 1-1 draw with Juventus on the final day.

Winners - Juventus

Runners Up - Bayern

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Levski to CSKA Moscow... heading in the right direction at least... :) decent chance of getting out of group with Barcelona.

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Bit disappointed with Man U performance but now with Barcelona. Looking good so far.

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Bit disappointed with Man U performance but now with Barcelona. Looking good so far.

8 goals in 6 games does seem alot for Man Utd. I need to perform better :)

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January Transfers

Maz --> AC Milan £15.25m, great move as he didn't play for Rubin so no cup ties to worry about.

Sam Fisher --> Chelsea £20.5m, horrible decision with Juventus still in the comp and he's cup tied.

Gunter Hess --> Manutd £10.25m, a good move if he wasn't cup tied, but he is.

Whoopy Dee'e --> Juventus £13m, as above.

V.W. Delight --> Barcelona FREE, wrecks any chances of winning back to back, was in very good form but is of course cup tied.

Lawrence Lazewski Jr --> Real Madrid £7.25, a good move but once again cup ties will rule him out.

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First Knockout Round (aggregate scores)

AC Milan 5-1 Sevilla - William Hall played fairly well in both legs, was taken off due to injury 51 minutes into the 2nd leg.

Rubin 1-5 Chelsea - Ivan Matkovic was absent from both games due to injury.

CSKA 1-0 Wolfsburg - Richard Lipscombe played in both games although not particularly well.

Liverpool 2-1 Inter - Was settled 2-1 in the 1st leg, Fatboy played well in both. Scheerlink didn't get off the bench.

Man Utd 5-2 Juventus - A clean sheet in the 1st leg for Mikael Scholer was enough despite conceding in the 2nd leg which Man Utd won 2-3

Lyon 3-2 Barcelona - Shock of the round as Lewis Davies plays well in both games but can't stop his side crashing out. Jack Browne is a regular fixture domestically but can't seem to get in on the CL action.

Sporting CP 1-4 Marseille - Santi Marquez was the hero of the first leg as his goal helped 9 man Marseille claim a 1-1 draw and he took MoM. He also started the scoring in the 3-0 win in the 2nd leg.

Bayern 2-1 Real Madrid - Bruton Gaster scored a crucial goal in the first leg to tie up the game. Arjen Robben did the rest in the 2nd leg.

Quarter Finals

Man Utd 3-4 Bayern - A fairly even first leg in which both Scholer and Gaster were fairly average ended with a 1-2 Bayern Win. Utd fought back in the 2nd leg but it was Bruton Gaster with a 107th minute goal that earnt him MoM and sent his side through.

Chelsea 5-1 Lyon - Ivan Matkovic was involved in both games but it was Drogba who stole the show with 4 goals in the 1st leg.

AC Milan 2-4 Liverpool - Fatboy played OK in the first leg but has since picked up an injury which will see him miss the final should they make it.

Marseille 2-0 CSKA - A goal and MoM in the first leg sent the French side well on their way, they've found a new hero in Santi Marquez.

Semi Finals

Chelsea 3-2 Bayern - Surprisingly it was Ivan Matkovic who got the ball rolling as he scored the opener in the 1st leg, Bruton Gaster was unable to do anything much in that game but came up with an assist in the 2nd leg.

Liverpool 4-1 Marseille - No Santi Marquez for Marseille and couldn't you tell it.


Chelsea 1-3 Liverpool (aet)

Unbelievably Liverpool have done it again, Fatboy may not have played any part in the final itself thanks to a broken ankle but it's not a season he'll soon forget. Ivan Matkovic has no excuses, he was on the pitch for the entire 120 minutes and had every chance to win his side the game.

Game Two Winner - Fatboy

Games - 8(1)

Goals - 2

Assists - 0

Avg Rating - 6.82

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Last year semi's and now finals. If my math is correct, I'm lifting the CL trophy next year. :D

Another great update, maybe some screenshots next time?

Congrats Fatboy :)

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Bleh... Not playing in semis = disaster for OM :( Excellent display by Marquez though, shows he's got the talent to perform.

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What a disastrous draw Bayern had! Easily the toughest group, then Real Madrid, Manchester United and Chelsea in the knockout rounds ffs. How we got to the semifinals I will never know :D Bruton doing a very good job in both his clubs so far :thup:

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If I've worked out the system, it looks like I'm at Liverpool next season. Surely they can't win it again?

(Yes they can, and don't call me Shirley)

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If I've worked out the system, it looks like I'm at Liverpool next season.

It's not the most complex of systems but it does appear you've cracked it. Speaking of the system, here's what it throws up for Game 3:

Whoopy Dee'e	        Rangers
Charles Beams	        Olympiakos
B.A. Baracus	        Bordeaux
Delight	                AC Milan
Nottingham Forest	Wolfsburg
Kenco	                Liverpool
Lewis Davies	        Standard
Mikael Scholer	        Barcelona
Joe Tompkins	        Man Utd
Lawrence Lazewski	Slavia Prague
Des Tiny	        Debrecen
Ivan Matkovic	        AZ
Jan Klass	        Chelsea
Gunter Hess	        Dinamo Kiev
Richard Lipscombe	Unirea Urziceni
Mario Luigi vdB	        CSKA
Bruton Gaster	        Levski
Santi Marquez	        Bayern
Liam Ferguson	        Marseille
Sam Fisher	        Salzburg
William Hall	        Juventus
Super Lampard	        Sevilla
Patty Hitman	        Porto
Jack Browne	        Sporting CP
Joeri Scheerlinck	Lyon
Mattie Short	        Inter
Voicou Razvan	        At Mad
Craig Hopper	        Rubin
Tyler Burrows	        FC Twente
AJ Kerr	                Besiktas
Ihsaan Ahmed	        Fiorentina
Allan Juel Hansen	Real Madrid

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