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Ollie's Chairman game version2 - the story

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Welcome! Learning from my first game and then Dan’s im hoping this will me a much improved version of the what i would consider a great version of the game, so here it is and we are almost ready for kick off, please take the time to go through the rules there are one or two that are quite complicated.

In case anyone wants to run the db to scout players or what not, i decided to use Chris’ unchanged (CA/PA) update as of the 4th of July so Silva at city and Hodgson at Liverpool and what not :)


1. You may part with as many managers as you see fit,the financial and moral implications are on you.

2. When sacking a manager you must pay a contract settlement, This will be what remains on his contract.

3. When approaching a new manager, you cannot just hire anyone. I will only accept realistic managerial bids.

if your target is without a club, I will check his managerial rep. If it's unrealistic, he will reject you. however any manager on a clubs legends or icons list

will be fair game, for example, Cappello to Blackpool is not possible however Daglish to Blackburn is

4. If you want to approach another club about their manager, contact them directly and negotiate a fee. Once both parties have agreed, PM me and I will sort it out.

5. When offering a manager a contract, you will need to set his wages and contract length. If you are the WBA manager and want Alan Pardew from Southampton, you will need to offer-

him a greater wage and a contract length.

6. Transfer and wage budgets are decided by you, offer too much and you could see your club in administration. I will not edit the finances on FM at all. I will provide 6 monthly financial reports

This lets you keep on top of things.

7. Once the game starts, message your club name and assigned transfer and wage budgets. I will implement your details into the game.

8. If you wish to sack your manager, simply write in the forum and i will then inform you of the costs to do so. If you wish to proceed, I will get it done and announce it on the thread.

9. i Can either offer FM weekly or monthly updates up to the chairman involved

10. I will not provide screenshots of individual players or tactics, sorry but it takes too much effort

11. Now for the tricky one please read with care! Haha

I have come up with a concept of the ‘FA’ for our game, this will include myself and two elected board members up too 1st January in the game, then there will be more elections where the head and the two other members will be elected. The board will be allocated between £10-£15m a year, too make decisions on of course the sacking or extension of a managers contract, not only of the main squad but also the under 21’s . This should add an extra dimension to the game :)

12. concerning transfers. You may make as many transfers chairman to chairman as you see fit however you are limited to one overseas transfer per transfer window and it must be at 3 times the value of that player so for example, Diego Forlan’s value is currently £8m therefore a bid of £24m is required to purchase him.

As soon as we have 20 members the game can begin and there will be a 2 day transfer window and this is also the window for the FA selection, everyone will receive one vote, although they cannot vote for themselves! If someone is really intent on being one of the 2 FA chairman spots up for grabs till January then I advise you release a press statement outlining what you wish to do in the role :)

These are the current chairmen of each club;

13. for all free agents an auction style transfer will take place, simply PM your weekly wage bid for a player e.g. 110k a week for Joe Cole and the highest bidder wins

Arsenal - Mikel LUFC

Aston Villa - TheProblem

Birmingham - William Hall

Blackburn - lcfc1

Blackpool - Ollie (me)

Bolton - Nottingham Forest

Chelsea - Galinsky

Everton - hitman19ko

Fulham - Paulo1985

Liverpool - jordan07

Man City - EvertonianChriss

Man Utd - lutontown1991

Newcastle - cplpeters1900

Stoke - paul_dalglish

Sunderland - rhyscartwright91

Tottenham -

West Brom - Greasy Chip Butty

West Ham - Death Ball

Wigan - liverbird93

Wolves - the greyham

Here are the pre-season budgets and finances of each clubs; anything can be changed except for obviously the balances and loans 



Aston Villa:


















Man City:


Man U:










West Brom:


West Ham:






Here is a list of all the clubs current managers and the cost of sacking them:

Wenger - june 2011 - 7.8m

O'neil - june 2010 - 1.3m

Mcleish - june 2011 - 3.12m

Allardyce - june 2011 - 3.12m

Holloway - june 2010 - 260k

Owen Coyle - june 2012 - 1.56m

Ancelotti - june 2012 - 15.6m

David Moyes - june 2013 - 10.4m

Hodgson - june 2013 - 5.1m

Mancini - june 2013 - 13.2m

Ferguson - june 2010 - 4.16m

Hughton - june 2012 - 3.4m

Pulis - june 2010 - 260k

Bruce - june 2012 - 7.8m

Redknapp - june 2013 - 8m

Di Matteo - july 2010 - 218k

Grant - july 2014 - 1.87m

Martinez - june 2012 - 1.35m

Mccarthey - july 2010 - 520k

Note: Fulham currently have no manager so there is no cost to remove Ray Lewington as caretaker manager.

If you have any questions fire away.

Hope everyone remains active and gets involved

Major Free-Agents

Joe Cole

Kris Boyd

Jaun roman Riquelme

Robert Pires

Thierry Henry

Fernando Morrientes

Harry Kewell

Mark Viduka


william Gallas

Sol Campbell


DaMarcus Beasley



Steve Finnan

Kieron Dyer

Timo Hilberand

Robert Koren

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It is being reported that the FA have invited all the chairmen of the premier league to put there name into the hat for the remaining two places on the FA board, the premier league chairman are too decide themselves as too who they will be and have given a two day deadline for the men to put their names forward and for the vote

there are also 5 national jobs up for grabs:




South Korea


it is thought that many of these nations are looking to pick up premiership managers and many clubs are bracing themselves for the loss of managers

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Birmingham's new chairman has announced that he is extremely interested in taking up a place on the FA's board he has also declared that alex mcleish has recieved the full backing of the board and will be continuing the good work he started last season.

In other news, there has been much talk around st. andrews about possible premier league returns for former arsenal duo robert pires and thierry henry on free transfers as well as former celtic free kick specialist shunsuke nakamura and german goalkeeper timo hildebrand

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Breaking News from St James Park is that Chris Hughton has recieved the full backing of the board, and the Chairmen, Ben Peters is looking to make £15 million available for transfers this year. He is also looking for a place on the FA Board. Reports suggest that he is also hoping Chris Hughton shows an interest in Joe Cole, Sol Campbell, and would be looking to bring Kieron Dyer back to the club.

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Tottenhams new chairman Stewart Robertson has today given his full backing to Harry Redknapp.

"Harry has turned this club around since he took over and long may it continue. Harry will have around £15 mil to spend on players this summer with about £1.2 mil available for the weekly wage bill. We fully expect Harry to guide us into Europe this year and will be looking for a good showing in the Cup competitions. We will be moving for a couple of free transfers, but at the moment we will be keeping these deals private."

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Breaking News!!

Fulham chairman hopefully Paul Wilmot hopes to tie up the purchase of the club in the next few Hours. Speaking exclusively to BBC sport he had this to say: I hope that the fit and proper persons test comes back positive and i am allowed to complete the takeover of the club. Obviously the outgoing regime have done great work and i hope to emulate there success and propel this club to the heights that the fans deserve.

The first port of call for any new chairman would obviously be to replace the departed Roy Hodgeson who left the club last week to take the reigns at Liverpool. Paul Wilmot is believed to be drawing up a short list of managers who he would feel could take his potential new investment to the next level.

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I will take Fulham.

A board meeting has been called for the upcoming hours to decide our policy on transfer, wages and coach.

Had already asked for them but i am waiting for an answer!

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Had already asked for them but i am waiting for an answer!

Oh, ok. Missed that.

Then the board will wait to know which is their clubs. In the meantime, the man with the white jacket tells the president to get their memory medication XD

Anyway yes, dumb me. Got a neuron shortcircuit.

Then, West Ham.

If taken, Bolton, if taken, Blackburn.

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Transfer Rumours:

it is being reported that Newcastle are the front runners to sign both free agents theiry Henry and Joe Cole

Elsewhere, it seems Ian Holloway and Tony Pulis are close to losing their jobs as is Newcastle manager Chris Hughton

It's also announced that the transfer window will shut at 5pm on July 7th, this is also the time the vote for the FA will begin and this will shoot at 10 :)

http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=216251 this is also the link to the db

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its cos im new n stuff n i dont know how to download the file n stuff. i wanna play cos it looks fun but i just dont get everything. ill ask a few questions. can u offer players. i no its chairman n that but say you wanted to offload a player could you see if anyone is interested by offering that player.

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yeh you dont download the file mate, i run it through here and upload screen shots and stuff and you make the decisions and i do it through FMRTE, you can transfer list as many players as you like and using private messages with other players can buy and sell as many players for your manager and i use fmrte to edit it all :)

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yes you can but you might want to remember thats why you employ your manager :L and only one overseas player per transfer window and it must be at 3 times their value. i must also receive confirmation from both chairmen on the deal

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Breaking News:

Stoke chairman Paul Dalglish today has announced that Tony Pulis has been removed from his role as manager along with his assistant, the new man in charge is former Tottenham and Sevilla manager Juande Ramos, he joins on a 2 year contract. Dalglish had this to say "Ramos brings an experienced and well known manager to this club who will hopefully match our ambition and take us forward".

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Blackpool chairman has today confirmed that local hero Ian Hollway has left the club by mutaul concent, 'ian wasnt happy with his contract and we felt the club was being held to randsom with his demands, no one man is bigger than the club, however in ians case he almost was, he is a God here and we will do anything in the future to help him'

Connolly also confirmed the new man to take over was argentine Roman Diaz ' Roman is a world class manager, the word world class is often thrown around but Ramon truly is, he is an exceptional catch for the club. Ramon once had a stint at Oxford United and this to us meant he was get-able, Ramon agreed straight away an said he wished for nothing more to remain at the club for years and take the club from premiership newbeeis to european challengers'

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The Bolton Chairman has today come out in support for current manager Owen Coyle. He stated that Coyle was the best man for the job and hoped that he could finally move Bolton on to the next stage.

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Any teams left? If so, can I have one? According to post one, West Brom and Blackburn are up for grabs.

If I can join in, can I have one of these two (not bothered which although would prefer Blackburn) and I'll be back on tomorrow to get properly started?


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sorry ollie i'm gonna have to drop out mate, going away for a few weeks so its pretty pointless me just taking up a position

as last moves as chairman i would like to make formal offers for thierry henry and robert pires putting both on 80k a week, 2.4k appearance, 5k goal bonus and 25% yearly wage rises and relegation wage drops, 2 year deals

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Sky Sports News: Sunderland Transfer List Players

Sky sources understand Sunderland chairman, Rhys Cartwright, has today put several players up for sale in a bid to raise funds for new signings.

The club is welcoming bids for the following players:

David Healy

Daryl Murphy

Marton Fulop

George McCartney

Cartwright gave no indication as to a set price for the players and will wait to see what offers arrive on the table. But has warned no player will be sold on the cheap, as Sunderland are in no way in desperate need for money.

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Sky Sports News: Sunderland Transfer List Players

Sky sources are now hearing that one more player has been put up for transfer by Sunderland chairman, Rhys Cartwright.

Kenwyne Jones is the unlucky man.

Cartwright was quoted as saying "After speaking to Steve Bruce, we have decided that Sunderland should be able to attract a higher calibre of striker, and as such Kenwyne is no longer needed. If any transfer was to go through however, it would be entirely dependent on Steve or myself being able to find a suitable replacement before the sale."

As such Sunderland are believed to be welcoming straight cash or player plus cash deals.

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you both have teams :) william ive given you birmingham taking over from xechs, its up to you whether you want to bid for the free agents now, as there is only one team remaining (blackburn) the transfer window is open and will stay open until 5pm on the 7th of july if anyone wants to be FA chairman please outline your ideas in this post in the hope people agree and vote for you :) good luck everyone :D

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Blackpool chairman Oliver Connolly today issued a plea for strickers, 'i've sat down with the manager and he has told me we need much more fire power and has asked me to try and conclude some deals as he has minimal english, therefore i am invitng chairman to send me the valuations of their for sale strickers top of our hitlist are;

Andy Carrol

Michael Owen

Bobby Zamora

Hugo Rodallega

Robbie Keane

we have come into the premiership with a positive attitude and have money to spend but will not be held to randsom over players'

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Do not worry about the Director of Football bit that's just adding to the article.

The newspaper made a typo. The current manager is Alex McLeish and not Ramon Diaz.

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The Bolton Chariman has stated today that they will listen to bids for the following players:

Andy O'Brien

Joey O'Brien

Ali Al Habsi

Adam Bogdan

Paul Robinson

Jlloyd Samuel

Danny Shittu

Further more, he did say that they would consider offers key central defender Gary Cahill. However the central defender would not be let go cheaply and would only be allowed to move if our valuation of the player is met. Having spoken with manager Owen Coyle it was decided that if the sale of Gary Cahill was to happen then it may allow us to move forward to the next step

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Breaking news*

Wolves manager mick mccarthy has mutually agreed to terminate his contract with a settlement fee totalling 520k. mick was very unhappy with the chairman the greyham's decision to terminate his contract "i thought we got along greatly???"

when the greyham was questioned about his decision he said " i had to do what i did i woke up one morning to find mick staring through my daughters window. i wish to have nothing to do with him, the perv"

the greyham was later pleased to announce the appointment of tony mowbry as he was a free agent after his stint at celtic

"i'm very pleased to announce this and tony has my full support and i trust his judgment in what ever players he wishes to bring into the club"

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