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[FM10] One Continent, Many Landscapes

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This is my first ever journeyman. I've managed at lower levels before but not in a journeyman style.

Set-up: 10.3, Large Database, Top Division players for Europe and South America, Players with National rep for rest, Current International players, Japanese player database and FuryG's African expansion

Past Experience: Sunday League Footballer

Leagues loaded (Lowest level listed):

Austria - Landesliga*

Belgium - Derde Klasse

Croatia - 2.HNL

Cyprus - B Divison*

Czech Republic - 2.Liga

Denmark -2.Division

England - Regional First Divisions*

France - DSR*

Germany - Verbandsliga*

Greece - Betha Ethenki

Italy Lega Pro Seconda

Netherlands - Derde Klasse*

Norway - 2.Divijsion

Portugal - 2 Divsiao

Russia - Pervyj Division

Scotland - Junior Conference*

Spain - Segunda Division Regional*

Sweden - Division 2

Switzerland - Amateur Liga (includes working Lichtenstein cup)*

Turkey - 1.Lig

Ukraine - Persha Liha

* - xml/dbc

Big game I grant you but I'm a sucker for realism and I know my pc can handle it

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Thats a lot of leagues running, I hope your computer can withstand that. Good Luck with this :thup:

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Got my first job at


A.S. Pescina Valle del Giovenco (Nicknamed I Lupi - The Wolves)


A.S. Pescina Valle del Giovenco, commonly referred to as simply Valle del Giovenco, is an Italian professional football club based in Pescina, Abruzzo, that was founded in 2005. Though they are based in Pescina, the team is temporarily playing in Avezzano, a nearby city.

n 2006, Valle del Giovenco gained promotion from Eccellenza after winning the promotion play-offs. The following year, the squad gained a second consecutive promotion by winning Round F of the Serie D promotion play-offs. The club then played in Serie C2 in the 2007-2008 season.

Following the promotions, the club started a rebranding process that included the relocation to Avezzano to accommodate their quickly advancing position on the Italian football scene. The club already define themselves as representative of the city of Avezzano, starting from their official website and changed their crest that features a wolf in white and green color scheme, which is clearly reminiscent of the now defunct Nuova Avezzano Calcio franchise. Moreover, the club has signed a sponsorship deal with the comune of Avezzano.


Stadia etc

Board Expectations: Fight Bravely against relagation

Budget: 300k (40k p/w)

Looking forward to this one. Decent amount to play about with low expectations so I'll look to push for mid-table in order to ease myself in to this challenge. Also the limit on non-eu players from abroad (0) adds an extra dimension. Also have affiliate deals with both Atalanta and Siena so plenty of loan opportunities

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