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Save games have dissapeared!? (Ipod version)

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I play FM 2010 on a Ipod touch 3g 32GB, jailbroken device.

No I have not downloaded a pirate copy of the game, I have bought it legally on the app store. I don't want my save games to dissapear with every update so of course I have the correct legal version including the latest update 1.2 (that for some reason is named 1.3 on the app store). And yesterday at about 23:20 before bed I was on year 2015 in the game in month february or mars with my Leeds united in the Premier division, and before I turned it off I saved as usual and then I turned off the game. I checked out some things on the app store and then I went to bed without turning my ipod off. And now today at 10:20 when I start up FM 2010 I can see that I have no saved games anymore. I can not push the load button, it's grey and says "continue game" but since it's grey I can't push the button. How the hell can my save games disappear!!?? I had 2 saved games and one auto save and they are all gone. I went directly to the options screen and noticed that my settings for monthly auto save were changed to off and the currency was changed from euro to the default UK pounds. So it seems like my game for some reason have been reinstalled or anything, right?

So how in the world can a game be resetted or reinstalled or something all by itself? In the future can I prevent this happening, can I make a backup of my saved games or anything? I don't want this to happen again, it's very boring to start over when I have played over 4 seasons building up my team to one of the best in Europe, and now I need to start over.

When I have paid 95SEK for a game I am not expecting it to be resetted or anything. And my ipod have not crashed or anything. Are there any way to retreive my saved games again??

Please help me... I'm very unhappy :(

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Hi, the only way in which save games can physically disappear en-masse is if someone deletes and then reinstalls the game.

I've never used a jailbroken device and obviously games installed through the app store to such a device should upgrade normally, I have heard however that warez copies of games when upgraded simply delete and then reinstall the upgraded copy which would give the situation you have described (but you have indicated that you aren't running a warez version which leaves me a bit confused in that regard - if you suddenly remember that you are actually running a warez version then let me know via. PM or email pls*, just so I know and don't waste further time trying to replicate this inhouse - i realise people are reluctant to admit to using warez copies on the forums as it is obviously a bannable offence).

If the game has been deleted from your device for any reason then it will remove the save games at that point - thats a 'standard' function of the OS and outside of my control I'm afraid.

*I won't jump up and down and shout at you don't worry, although I might frown in a disapproving manner and ramble on about me needing to be able to feed my children .... ;)

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Thank you for the answer.

No I am not using a warez version of the game. And it was already the latest version when I bought it from the app store.

However I can admit that I first tried out the game via a warez version and then when I realized it was really good I deleted the warez version and went to the app store to buy the real legal version. Don't worry I will send a PM with the my order no and receipt no in a minute. But as you say, what happened is probably that the game have been reinstalled for some reason. The only strange thing is that the icon was placed at exactly the same place as it was yesterday, and I have not by purpose (unless I did it in my sleep) reinstalled the game. Maybe what have happened is that the warez version have installed itself again over the correct legal version I don't know. But when I went to the app store to have a look it didn't say that I already had it installed. So something like that may have happened. Probably it is no fault with the game and I am sorry if I was a bit upset before, anyhow I have now deleted the game and installed it once again via the app store and I hope that nothing like this will happen again.

And as I say, I will send you my order no and receipt in a minute so you won't jump up and down shouting at me, haha ;)

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