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FM10 Top2Bottom - Game Thread

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Welcome to Top2Bottom FM10!

Top2Bottom is an FM10 sign-up where 33 users have created their own teams from the top to the bottom; they have designed the kits, chosen their stadium and facilities, created their chairman and their manager and specified the funds to be used to determine their initial squad and backroom team. The sign up thread shows just how much work went into the creation of the 33 squads and includes the Top2Bottom Trade Window, a week of mayhem where the creators got to trade players and cash to fine tune their squads ready for the start of the sign-up.

And now the teams are all created and the squads and staff are all in place. It’s time to start to sign-up. The FM09 Top2Bottom shows much of what will happen here; however, it is my intention to make some changes and produce a better quality of sign-up this time around. On FM09, we had 24 teams created; this time around, we are up to 33 with many of the first version teams returning for the second attempt. We also have a number of new faces involved from CSE veterans to CSE newbies and hopefully, they will all enjoy the Top2Bottom experience.

Top2Bottom is based in the English leagues although there is a continental flavour to many of our 33 teams. The top 33 Premier League and Championship teams have disappeared completely to make space in the Premier League and Championship for our teams. The teams moving over from the FM09 version start in the same situation as they finished the first version. For example, the FM09 champions Coedpoeth United start as champions of England with a Champions League place whereas Melbourne – losers of the Championship Play Off Final in FM09 – remain a Championship side for the FM10 start. The newcomers fill the spaces in the Premier League – and indeed Europe – left open by FM09 users who have not returned for this version.

There was a draft to determine 21 players that each team would start with. Each team received – depending on the amount of money they spent – a 4-4-2 based eleven made up of the best 33 players in England in the eleven positions. This occurred after the FM09 users had selected two players to keep from the FM09 version and the newcomers had selected two from the remaining players. Another four players – GK, DF, MF and ST – were drafted from Europe and a further four players – again GK, DF, MF and ST – under the age of 22 were drafted as the hottest prospects from around the world. Each squad started with 21 players ahead of the trade window.

The trade window meant that a lot of deals took place which reduced or increased the sizes of squads. However, all teams start with at least 19 players – one has 27 – and their created managers will be charged with putting the final touches to the squad in the July and August transfer window at the start of the game. Several players from the 33 teams who disappeared were not drafted and as a result appear as free agents. There could be some interesting free transfers in the early stages of the game.

Top2Bottom intends to make use of several other websites to make the updates as enjoyable as possible. Top2Bottom has its own channel on YouTube will be used for video hosting; many of these videos will feature the unmistakeable tones of XtraNormal – a text based video creation site; PhotoBucket will allow me to host images and embed them into the updates; and Twitter has a Top2BottomFM10 profile that may be used at times although I’m not sure yet.

The updates are brought to you by the greatest fictional TV company of all time.


If you think SKY SPORTS and Jeff Stelling are good, just wait until you see what SPORTS.tv and their two hosts, Hazel Harrison – a girl who will do anything to get the scoops – and Sid Smash – the smooth talking silver fox, bring to you. The SPORTS.tv advert for the 2009/2010 season should whet your appetite.

I hope you enjoy the sign-up. Good luck to all the competitors!

Chip Butty

(Chairman of the Top2Bottom Football League)

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Welcome to Top2Bottom FM10!

The 33 created teams have replaced the top 33 teams in the Premier League and Championship – this means goodbye to Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool thank goodness and hello to Coedpoeth United, Bananas FC, Alcester Angels and FC Libourne Saint-Seurin amongst others – with seven of the sides in European competition. The list below shows the leagues and the new teams:

T2B Premiership:

Alcester Angels (cookie15)

Bananas FC (Fausto)

Boreham Badgers (joetheref)

Capite Ad Calcem (Kenco)

Coedpoeth United (roberto922)

Discworld (magvest)

Essendon (MarkyMark!)

Essex Eagles (jack.browne)

Fafeful United (LowerLeaguesRule)

Fanghunters (TheFanghunter)

Flackwell Falcons (hamilton162)

Gnome’ania United (5ergio)

Hunters FC (matt2403)

London Titans (SJ234)

New Bloc (bergtaur)

Northern Extreme (NorthermLights)

Queensland Origin (PluckaDuck)

Steel Panthers (SnakeXe)

Tibbolini (19992008)

Welsh Wizards (I\’mTheRulerOfAllTheWorld)

T2B Championship:

BC Lions (BenCraig7)

CSKA Oddworld (Charlesbeams)

FC Libourne Saint-Seurin (PaulHartman71)

Hallendren Awakeners (spartans5)

Hangover FC (BigShane)

Helsinki Hurricanes (Loojay)

Horden All Stars (fergysafc)

Melbourne (striker475)

Nordic Thunder (Dumax)

Oldham North Stars (Almondo)

Phoenix FC (Paulo1985)

Rampant Ravishers (weeeman27bob)

Sporting Stronburg (HarryS)


Coedpoeth United – T2B Premiership Champions

Discworld – Defending Champions League Champions

New Bloc – T2B Premiership 2nd Place

Northern Extreme – T2B Premiership 3rd Place


London Titans – League Cup Winners

Capite Ad Calcem – Newcomer taking the place of Inland Valley Hawks (4th)

Steel Panthers – T2B Premiership 5th Place

Essex Eagles – T2B Premiership 6th Place

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Very cool. Going to hold off on a full intro until transfer window shuts though if that's ok?

That's quite a while off. Got pre-season and the first days of the season before then. It'd be better now.

If anyone thinks their squad is slightly small, some players are in the reserves. And if there are names you don't know, they would be your youngsters that are coming through from your U18 teams (regens).

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Nice to see the new season under way :thup:The Gnomes will speak to the media in a day or two.

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The World Football News

Candid pre-season interview with Northern Extreme Manager Kodaly McMaster

Interviewer: At the start of last season you said

“Some people have great dreams others make their dreams reality! We are really looking forward to this - the challenge, the opportunity- the prospect of going head to head week in week out with the best. ”

Do you feel you achieved anything last season?

Kodaly McMaster: Last season was a great experience and we did achieve a great deal – a top 4 finish with the opportunity to get into the group stages of the Champions League and we had some memorable matches not least the Pimus Certantibus at the end of the season.

Interviewer: Ah yes the Primus Certantibus – the name of the rivalry between Northern Extreme and New Bloc . Notable achievements indeed, and yet you dismantle the squad and, some people argue, put together a weaker squad, what do you say to this?

K M: We’ve got a great spine to the team – Vidic, Gattuso, and Torres and their back up looks pretty impressive too Agger, Ferguson and The Vezzi. This year we have a better mix of youth and experience – last year the squad was too old. But its early days yet, we might still add to the squad.

Interviewer: Do you think you have a chance of winning the league?

K M: It’s going to be tough – tougher than last year but we’ll have a go – you know what we are like. Where I can I’ll stick nose in and get in the faces of the opposition managers if I think it’ll give us an advantage ;)

We’ve also increased the size of our stadium so if we can fill it every match then it will do the bank balance no harm at all!

Interviewer: If you don’t win the league then who will?

K M: Well, looking at the squads I’d have to say Fanghunters - they’ve got A LOT of attacking options (but a dodgy defense – bit like Extreme last season) or Capite Ad Calcem – one awesome midfield (shame about the goalie ;) )

Interviewer: And the teams that beat you last season?

KM: Coedpoeth will need to add to a small squad and New Bloc look like a 1 player team

Interviewer: I cant print that!! Will you finish above New Bloc this season?

K M: Finish above New Bloc? Finish above New Bloc? Laddie we’ll finish above everybody. Thank you and goodbye!!!

Stand by for interviews with the stars of Northern Extreme

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NTFK Announce Starting XI


Nordic Thunder FK manager Vilhjálmur Baldursson has today announced the starting XI at a press conference at Eldinghöllin Stadium.

Arguably the most important signing of the transfer period was the controversial Italian international - Antonio Cassano, who today was presented with the captain's armband by club chairman Björgólfur Thor Björgólfsson. When asked about Cassano's infamy for clashing with management, team manager Vilhjálmur Baldursson interrupted and replied: "Antonio has assured me of his commitment to the club, both on - and off the field". Cassano continued, saying that he was delighted when he was approached to lead Nordic Thunder, and that he was confident in being able to lead the side to victory in its inaugural season.

Newly selected team vice-captain Javier Mascherano was also present in welcoming fellow Argentine International Walter Samuel to the club. Mascherano said that he was ecstatic when he heard that the club had signed Walter, and that he was looking forward to helping him settle into life at The Thunder.

Team manager Vilhjálmur Baldursson was also thrilled to of been able to secure the signature of Mexico superstar Guillermo Ochoa. Baldursson could hardly keep the smile from his face as he spoke of his admiration for Ochoa, saying that "Guillermo proves that a keeper doesn't have to be one of the biggest men on the field and I am delighted to have the opportunity to work closely with him".

Baldursson was also quizzed about his experiences during the transfer period, laughing then joking that he was "glad that the hard part was out of the way", continuing by saying that "there were many sleepless nights, it was a high stress situation for everyone involved". Baldursson also refused to rule out the possibility of making new signings before the start of the Championship season declaring that: "I won't rule anything out, if the right opportunity comes along I will have no reservations about seizing it".

Other key signings so far included strong English centre-back Joleon Lescott, talented Peruvian winger Jefferson Farfán, and clinical Dutch striker Ruud van Nistelrooy.

The Nordic Thunder FK Starting XI was announced as: Ochoa - Lescott, Brown, Samuel, Ferreiera - Mascherano (vc) - Zé Roberto, Cassano ©, Ribéry - Dzeko, van Nistelrooy

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Its starting :D

Like the look, of my squad there, although, a few injuries and we could have to rely on the younger players.

Great start Andy :thup:

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Stronburg's Announce New Signings

Halo Von Stronburg has announced this afternoon his full signings and why he has signed the players.

The First signing of the window was that of Sproting Stronburg in where Keeper Chris Kirkland was

swapper for another keeper Ben Foster from FCLSS. Stronburg also took the second signing of the

window by trading Sambou Yatabare along with £2.5M for central defender Juan from AA.

There was also the deal with Fabriconni Coloccini who went away from Sporting Stronburg in order

for right back Julian Faubert to join the club as the Strongburgians needed a right back. Jermaine

Jenas also went this time to HAS for a fee in the region of £6M. It was a shame to see Ben

Foster go even though he was only traded in this transfer window but Stronburg needed another

central defender to bolster the backline this is why Ben-Haim was brought in from HAS.

It was also sad to see central defender Ryan Shawcross leave but Halo Von Stronbug had realised

that he had too many of them but we were short of a left back so Joe Mattock was traded LT. But

with this acquisition, Halo realised we were short of a decent rightside winger so Saloman Kalou was

brought in to the club from WW for a fee of £5M.

Halo Von Stronburg has also admitted that rivals Phoenix FC have made some flops and some

good signings in the current transfer window. The first laughable transfer was trading Anelka

for Berbatov, as HVS considers Anelka to be much better than Berbatov and if given the

chance would have Anelka over Berbatov everytime. I feel sorry for LT in transferring Nani

and £1M! for the signing of Flamini (not all to do with the fact i wanted nani) but the

fact that Flamini comes nowhere near Nani in class. There is also the signing of Fulop,

even though on a Free Transfer it is still funny as Handanovic (Stronburg's 1st string Goal

Keeper) is better outfield than Fulop. The 2 good pieces of deal that Von Stornburg has

admitted to is that of Jermaine Defoe and David Wheater. As HVS believes Defoe was a

steal at £8M and the fact that he bought Wheater at £2.5M then sold at a profit of £9.5M

to ONS.

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Looking forward to seeing how this pans out, will do an intro later when I have the time.

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