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Convince a player to sign a contract?

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How to convince a player to renew/sign a contract, comeon, we're runner up of the league, and we won the cup, and we are currently are still going in the african league, and he's always in the starting 11, and i increased his wage, what can i do more? Is there anyway to interact with him?

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When you offered him a new contract, he rejected it?

Is there interested from bigger clubs?

Oh and who are you managing by the way?

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Yes (does that mean no hope?)

Zamalek (Egyptian League)

You could try and do things so that you could end up on his favoured list by interaction.

Since there is interested from european teams, there may some difficulty in keeping your player, but the more he likes you the more you have a chance of keeping him.

If you keeping winning and winning trophies that might help.

You should consider selling him because you might be able to get good amount of money for him which will allow you sign a decent replacement.

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