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New game suggestions?

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smile.gifHello, i am already in the 9th season with AEK and i am not planning to delete or stop this game , but i would like to try something new on the side. Any recommendations? I would like a team with high reputation so I will not have the incredible problem of signing players like i had in AEK, A team that winning the CL for consecutive years along with the league and cup of the country would be a great achievement, a team that playes in a league that does NOT have the limited foreign players rule. Also, what would be the best database to start with? Leagues to load and why?


PS. sorry to post here if i shouldn't,i just need a fast answer! After i get it you can delete it!

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Portugal you can manage Porto and you can get a boatload of Brasilian superstars

Holland you can try Ajax or PSV they have quality talents there

Italy you can try Juventus they are fun to manage

(the best choices are, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Lyon with these clubs you can get championships easily but if you want a little challenge try those I've mentioned above)

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thanks gergo but i am looiking for a biggest challenge! let me give an example. I manage AEK and have won the league and Champions league easily 2 years in a row so it got boring. also i am sick of the foreign players rule. also i am sick of having the money but losing players to teams like OM etc!

selcukeightyseven thanks but, no thanks :) !

KyleBFC thanks but something better!

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