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Deactivation issues with FM2010

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Hi, just wondering if anyone can help. I have been having a problem with fm 2010 patch 10.2 (digital download from gamesplanet) that started a couple of weeks ago. Every time i started FM2010 it would ask me to activate with uniloc. So i have been doing this each time. Now when i start it it asks for the activation license key again and it says:

"It appears this license key is over its device limit. The key is currently active on too many computers. Error code: -1004"

Then it asks me to manage devices which takes me to deactivate licenses, but everytime i click deactivate it says "cannot be deactivated" on every license.

I have now installed patch 10.3 (digital version) and this has not resolved this issue.

Please help as dying to start a new game! thanks in advance.

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Did you get the game itself from Gamesplanet or just the patch?

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