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Promotion//Relegation Contract Terms

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Hi guys!

Need your help! I am looking for a way to get rid of these annoying feature!

I am Rotherham United in league 2 and have 11 players out of contract in the summer. 7 of them I would like to tie down to long term deals but here's the problem.

When I extend there contract to more than 1 year, the clause comes up, Promotion wage rise( or something to that effect!) 25%, relegation - 25%.

Well, I am doing well and expect promotion, but this blows my wage structure to bits!! Instead of looking to add better players to my team, I am having to work out how much it would take off my budget to keep the best players!!

The board say that this clause can not be removed!!

Can anyone help please??

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They're 'greyed in' at all levels. No idea why - can't be a legal requirement, surely?

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Its annoying, it wasnt greyed out in all previous FM games just recent ones, id like to be able to make it increased to 50% when i get relegated :)

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