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Patch10.3 & Defensice Advice sought :)

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I always pick NUFC as my starter team.

1st season – Patch 10.1

This year I had the fortunate experience of getting them promoted from the fizzy pop into the premiership. That was relatively easy and very enjoyable. Mainly they had a better team, training facilities, and backroom staff than most championship sides.

I used my favourite 442 tactic, tweaked the wizard and touchline shouts as appropriate and coupled this with the 451 tactic depending on whom I was playing, this did the job, and we won the league.

2st Season - Patch 10.2

Of course I realised that moving up into the premiership was not going to be easy. But I was given decent finances that enabled me to buy in reasonable to good players, upgrade and increase my backroom staff. I still used the above tactics and my first season finished well in that I gained a European place, finishing 7th.

The Season

Again with increased funding I continued to improve. However, I noticed that each game I played took on a much more fraught attitude and experience.

Tweaking 442 and using 451 less the games became harder and the results harder to come by. I also noticed that the scoring was not as free flowing and that I conceded more goals and late goals being scored against me.

I therefore started to read and digest the FM10 Bible “Tactical Theorems” and was lucky enough to find a ProZone FM10 Squad Analysis Tool thread in T&T forum that calculated your players’ best positions.

Suitably armed and reinforced with all this knowledge I embarked on putting all that theory and information to the test. However, it became apparent to me that I am no tactician and even with all this information, assman advice and backroom advice, my team was not flowing. Each game became a torture. Whilst I would generally win at home the results tended to be 1-0/2-1/ 3-2. Away I either drew 1-1 or won 2-1 or lost 2-1.

So my defence was holding up but not in the latter stages of the game and my attack were stuttering most of the time. I was getting messages saying that so and so striker was in a goal drought and lots of my goals were thankfully being scored by the midfielders with the odd defender chipping in.

I even downloaded the “explanation to the touchline shouts”, which I found did actually help but not all the time as I was still left standing too many times on the touchline pulling my hair out as we give lead after lead away. Just as well there’s no expletive/depletive shouts!

3rd Season – Patch 10.2

Again with an improved squad consisting of the following defence:

DR/DL (inclusive of wing backs)

P. Ochs

J. Calve

R. Taylor

J. Garrido

J. Enrique (WB)

T. Kadar

F. Beria (WB)

S. Taylor

All full backs D, S or A


S. Taylor (limited defender-stopper/defender)

T. Kadar (limited defender-stopper/central defender stopper)

F. Coloccini (limited defender-cover/stopper)

G. Kacar (limited defender-stopper/defend)

F. Beria (limited defender-stopper/cover)

They seem like a decent bunch of defenders, yet leak goals. The season brought higher fan and Board expectations. Using my usual Standard 442 Tactic, starting with a wide formation then using narrower width as recommended by people on the forum due to the (wide winger bug!); tweaked throughout games as required, I struggled. Even though I found myself finishing 3rd, mainly due to other favourable results around me, at the end of the season, otherwise it would have been 5th place.

To cap each game is a fraught, traumatic experience. I cannot get a consistent striker and my defence seem to go walkies in the final stages of the game.

Season 4 - Patch 10.3

Before I embark on the season with the new patch, I am after tactical defensive advice.

What to do? Anyone out there that may be able to nudge me to happier times, where games are a joy and not an event that I need to take counselling before I can stand in the dugout.

I attach an ImageShack of my team and current tactic settings.


K :)


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Bump just looking for advice guys. Maybe the gurus' are not on yet..:)

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I would say you have far too many players on the limited defender role. This just invites pressure because instead of retaining possession, your defenders will 'hoof' the ball away where it will likely be picked up by an opposing sitting midfielder or defender. The defenders you listed above are easily capable of handling the more orthodox 'central defender' role. Another suggestion would be to go 451 with a holding DMC and use the shout 'retain possession' when holding on to a lead. Finally, be careful not to sit too deep, as this also invites pressue. I find a combination of a 'defensive strategy' with a 'push higher up' shout works well.

These are by no means sure fire ways to hold a lead, but they have worked for me in the past.

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Ta - will give that a go..:)



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It might also be worth your while to switch to counter/defensive for the last 15 mins or so. Maybe even go to Contain for the last 5 or 10 minutes - I've protected many 1 goal leads this way.

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some good advice so far, anymore?



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Still lookiing for that killer answer re how to defend simply and effectively..:). using 442 standard (wizard)and adjusted as necessary.

Just some more ideas would be nice and I have read the Tactics bible and theorems though they have not stopped the rot in my defense.

The positions shown for my defenders are their preferred option(s), I do not necessarily use those all the time.

k ;)

ps currently using a successful 443 tactic but that is not my preferred option.

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