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How can I activate the regional premier divisions ?

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How can I activate the regional premier divisions and allow promotion relegation etc ?

The editor shows them, but the game itself only goes down as far as the Blue Square N/S.

And is it safe to activate those regional premier divisions ?

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check the download section mate

Can't see a download section anywhere, but I believe I have just managed it in the editor, at least it said the new nation rules were correct.

Blue Square N/S has 6 relegation slots. So added 1 auto place for the 3 lower divisions, and 4 teams cntesting the other spot from each division in a cup format. And put 10 teams from each division for relegation (to give a lot of recycling, and give a lot of other teams a chance in the league system)

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Speople, there are already people that have done that, so don't put yourself through it!

Check the 'Editors Hideaway' forum, and then look for the additions to England - there is one that goes down to Tier 10 by Super Bladesman, and one to Tier 8 by Uncle Ron. They have already done all the hard work so you don't have to. :)

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Hadn't seen that post myself, Dalimyr.. interesting spot..

So what exactly is going on with this fella?

Nothing too exciting or for conspiracy theorists :)

After some trying, I completely deleted the game from my comp http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=191807

and reinstalled, due to the extreme number of times the game kept crashing during matches.

In my previous installation, I had already installed the level 10 league system by Superbladesman, and activated lv 11 too (v easy to do). However I thought that possibly the number of crashes I was getting was maybe related to this edit (at least on my comp) (game crashed virtually every time for me on one particular date, so i thought it was maybe something to do with the FA Cup which for whatever reason just can't be properly configured at such low levels).

And also, yesterday, I saw a posting in that particular forum regarding a player's ticket price being far higher than any of the other teams once he had started to move up divisions, maybe normal, but maybe possibly due to some unforseen flaw in the edit

So for those 3 reasons, when I reinstalled the game, I decided not to touch tiers lower than what are already enabled in the editor. Lowest tier available there is 7, and so that is what I have now activated. Hopefully this will now enable the game to run smoothly.

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