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Ecuador league - alternate reality

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I created an Ecuador league. Its an alternate reality because it was not possible to recreate it exactly as its played.


Ecuadorian Serie A

16 teams as opposed to 12, really just changed it because it was boring in my opinion to play four times against the same clubs. 3 clubs are relegated

Ecuadorian Serie B

16 teams as opposed to 12, same reason as above. 3 are promoted, 3 relegated

Ecuador Segunda Categoria

Because its not possible to recreate the Segunda division as its played, I created a middle division between the Provincial tournaments each province plays. This league has three subdivisions, Zonal Norte, Zonal Centro and Zonal Sur. These are 16 teams each and 2 qualify from each division to play a 6 team league where only 3 go up to the Serie B.

Torneo Provincial

21 subdivisions, each representing teams from a one province. The winner of each province play a playoff cup where 6 teams go up. Province league vary from 12 teams max to 6 teams min.

In theory, all teams have a stadium with coordinates, they should be promoted/relegated as follows: (the first name refers to the Segunda Categoria subdivision, and the next name refers to the provincial league ie. Norte (Segunda categoria), Pichincha (Torneo Provincial)

Centro:Chimborazo, Tungurahua, Bolivar, Pastaza, Cotopaxi, Orellana, Morona Santiago

Sur: Guayas, Loja, El Oro, Azuay, Cañar, Los Rios, Santa Elena

Norte: Pichincha, Imbabura, Carchi, Esmeraldas, Manabi, Santo Domingo, Sucumbios.


To add a FA cup, I created a 256 cup one game decision tournament with all teams in the league. about 5 clubs get out of the league because i could not add all teams to the cup. The small Torneo Provincial subdivisions dont have all their teams qualify to this Cup.

Ecuador has 261 clubs, of which i am currently creating real squads for Serie A teams. About half of those are done. There are about 10 created teams that were added to complete some provincial leagues. All created teams have a 2009 or 2010 year of foundation.

I am still missing kits for most teams, but except for the mentioned above they are all real Ecuadorian teams.

please try it and let me know what you think. After all this explaining, the link better work :-)

here is the link:


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Here is an update to the league:


1. Added complete first team squads for the Serie A and Serie B teams.

2. Eliminated the 25 player maximum squad.

3. Changed the under 21 regulations for Segunda Categoria, where 8 were required in first team. As the game does not allow those players to play for only 45 minutes, it is now set at 5 players in match squad.

4. Same with Serie A and Serie B, 2 players min. in match squad.

5. For Provincial Tournaments, 8 players min under 21 in match squad.

6. All Serie A and Serie B teams have close to realistic financials, some teams though because they are hard coded in to the game, do not accept avg. ticket price. I put all Serie A teams in debt, as it is probably the most realistic.

7. Added 6 awards, player of the year Serie A (Condor de Oro), player of the year Serie B (Jugador del Año Serie B) Manager of the year (Director Tecnico del Año), Top Goalscorer Serie A,and another for Serie B and First 11 of the Year.

8. All teams (261) have home and away uniforms. Where possible they are the real ones.

Also I have a logo pack, that takes a little work to implement since so many teams have been created. For the teams that are not in the original database, you have to search for the team ID and then add dat to the config file. I will post the link to this one on a later post.

here is the link:


please download it and let me know what you guys think

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Keep up the good work Serrano77!! Very gald you did this!

No problem...I enjoy doing it, it is almost as entertaining as playing the game :-)

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Its not realistic, since Ecuadorian league gives out no prize money at all...at least that I know about, I could be wrong. The top prize they provide is the international competitions (libertadores, sudamericana) which provides extra income in gate receipts and sponsorships to the clubs, as well as prize money from conmebol.

All clubs have their own financial backing. In game, some ticket prices could not be changed, I assume they are hard coded somehow.

In Ecuador, most if not all clubs, have running debts, even the top clubs, but their budgets are based on mostly sponsorships, sale of players, attendance, loans...in that order of importance.

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