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Product Key problem (FM09)

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I finally got the itch to play football manager again today but i'm having a few problems. I upgraded my PC before i came back to uni and for some reason, its now asking me to re-enter my product key. Now this isn't a problem as i have a legit copy so i called my brother and told him to give me my product key.

To cut a long story short my unlock key is still apparently active and that i should get another one, now it has been recommended that i uninstall and then reinstall and delete my certificate folder a la' here:


Problem is i can't uninstall because i don't have the game with me, i can't download it from a legitimate source i.e. steam as my uni blocks it, but i was going to try and delete the certificate folder and then re attempt entering the product key but i couldn't find it (maybe this is down to me being thick!).

So if anyone could point me towards that folder, how to deactivate my product key or even somewhere where i can purchase just the product key i'd be very happy.

I'm talking about FM09 by the way (although i'd be tempted to purchase FM10 if someone can point me to a digital download that isn't through steam).

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try downloading the 9.3.1 patch in the sticky at the top of this page. that is supposed to take away the activation. im not sure how it works as ive never used it but it may help

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