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433 question

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as a big fan of barca, i always try to play the regular 433 barca style with one def mid, two advanced playmakers, two inside forwards and lone striker.

i have a few questions i was wondering about and i decided i can use some help figure it out:

1. if i have a fast striker up front, what role should he play? i dont want him to get isolated, but i do want him to score a lot.

2. if i have two fast, very talented wingers, but the right one is righty and the left is lefti, should i prefer playing them as wingers and not inside forwards? if they'l use thier strong foot to cross (as wingers) i dont have a big target man up front who can head them in. if i play a righti winger in his left, not natural, position, he will perform poorer no? usually my wingers are very good and fast, and i want them to do much demage.

3. i like to push up the d line with much pressure so i can win the ball fast. is playing counter attack will be any good for me? and if my defenders are slow, i need to play a deep d line. how will it be with high pressure?

4. what width should i play? and from where? i've noticed that playing wider will cause much problems to the opp, but my defence are struggling.playing narrowly cause my attack to be less dangerous but the defence play better. what should it be like?

sorry about the length, tnx for the help :)

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