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Offsides and 1 on 1 misses

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Just updated to the new patch 10.02 and i love FM10, so easy to play for hours like the old versions but i noticed there are a lot of offsides in the match highlights (key highlights selected) and lots of 1 on 1 missed. Tbf maybe there are too many 1 on 1 chances aswel but the amount of times Luis Fabiano and Freddie Kanoute have got 1 on 1 for my Sevilla team and jst had there efforts saved. On the other hand my keeper has saved a ton aswel.

Anyone else notice this? Not a criticism just a general thought that i want to see if anyone else feels the same.

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Been discussed on many threads. The conclusion is basically that, like you say, too many 1-v-1s are created. The type of chance missed way too often is generally where the striker is under pressure from a defender or gets too close to the keeper (or is running at him head-on), which gives an unrealistic ratio of chances-to-goals. The overall number of goals scored is about right, but this minor bug throws the ratios out. SI have confirmed it will be looked at for the next patch.

Offsides - I've not really noticed more than 1 disallowed goal in 3-4 games, which isn't a million miles away from a real game. If you mean offsides in general, I only watch on key highlights and I've not noticed a high number.

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