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Developing Youth players

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Ok so I've played FM07/8/9/10. And half the time I've been Roma and half as Plymouth and outside of probably 5 years I had Plymouth in the EPL and doing well. My issue is despite Roma having a top notch academies and training facilities and Plymouth earn those eventually as well....I've never brought up some wonderkid and had him become a star. I feel like my teams are the only ones who don't develop these players. Am I doing something wrong.

I know people are going to say that my training schedule might have something to do with it but I don't understand how thats possible.....In FM07 I had players when they were young train with the general youth schedule....also i've had them use the general schedule when they got older.....then in FM08 I had a individual schedule for each player once they turned 18 where I would use their positions and weaknesses to determine their schedule.....then in FM09 and now FM10 I've just had like 6 different schedules based on positions and just placed every player in one of those schedules depending on their position.

How do you get good youth products and turn them into stars???? I know Roma isn't Man U but they are one of the bigger teams in Europe

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They need to play some first-team football to become wonderkids, either in your team or in another decent team on loan. Wonderkid status is achieved by having a relatively high level of CA (140?) and a reasonably high reputation before the age of 21. Youngsters won't get that if they're only playing youth football.

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Top youth facilities and top youth coachs,this way your team will produce better regens,and you know what to do after that.

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