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Trouble With Match Day,Keeps Restarting Computer

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hi there,i bought the game the day it came out and installed it just as it said install the game.then i started a new game manager mode and did all the build up to the season,did pre season friendlies and transfers etc etc,but then it came to the 1st game of the season and played the game in 3d and it was fine,but every time i play the matches on 3D,the 3rd game that comes up,it re-starts my computer completly and i have to laod it all back up again n lose all my progress in the game?

is this because my laptop cannot hack the size of the game or something?

i played fm 08 and fm 09 on the laptop so i thought fm10 would be just as big to play and wouldnt be a problem,but because it restarts my computer all the time,i jus havnt bothered playing it anymore as it is a hassle and also annoys me that it restarts.

i would love to get it fixed though as i love footie manager and wanna really get stuck into a season.

so any help would be great please from you experts out there and from anyone that could giv me some info or advice on what i need to do and how to maybe fix the solution.

cheers guys and any help would be very helpful and would be very pleased to recieve.


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