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As there is lots of 'white space' in the end of game reports, specifically the post match report, why can't the man of the match and goals sections be made more prominent?

For example rather than hiding the man of the match text amongst the other text surely it would be easier to identify this by having it in it's own large section with room for the player pic too? This way you can easily see at a glance the man of the match, and perhaps similar sections for goal scorers and assists even?? A bit like how it's done on FIFA.

It baffles me why more isn't done about the amount of space left on the screen when really helpful things like the above are very easy to implement.

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Bear in mind the game is designed around a resolution of 1024x768, if you play at higher than this you will naturally see a lot more empty space. Personally I don't like the empty space either (I play a 1920x1200) but am editing xml files where I can to make better use of space.

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