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FMO Basics & RULES - What we know that YOU need to KNOW!

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FMO Basics

In here we will try to give you the essential basics to getting your FMO experience underway so that you can start enjoying your favourite game online with others.

Obviously for a lot of FMO Players hosting and connecting to games will never be a problem, however others do not have this luxury and thus get frustrated that they cannot play with their friends online, first of all, the problem is "not the game" as others have no problems at all, the real problem comes down to yourself, well more the way your computer is configured. Basically, the game stays the same, nothing changes where as everyone else, thats you and me, our computers do, we all have different equipment which we use in conjuction with our computer and there is a lot of different computer hardware/software on the market which gets used.

So lets get on with the basics...

Starting A Network Game (This is in-depth information additional to Page 51 of your FM08 Manual)

1). Start Football Manager and go into the Preferences (Note: This can be done via a shortcut on your desktop)---> FMIcon.jpg


2). You need to make sure you have the "Run As Server" box ticked, to do this click on Preferences

3). Within Preferences click on Network

4). Here a tick is required in the box by "Run As Server"

5). Once all the settings have been setup for your game click on "Confirm" - You will now be ready to begin your FM Online Game


The Network Preference Screen

Server name - Enter the name of your server to make it identifiable to anyone you wish to join your game

Run As Server - Tick this box to enable your computer to act as a server for a network game

Password - Set a password for your game if you wish to be private

Password - Tick this to enable the Force Continue command

Force Continue Options - If enabled, you can configure exactly when the game will Force Continue here


As players dont like waiting and playing online can sometimes be slow I would recommend unticking the options "Move Matches for TV"

This is a popular option in Network Play and means that all players should play their fixtures on the same scheduled day.

To do this, go into the Preferences and General. Here you will find the option that requires to be unticked. (Notes: It is advised that ALL players of the Network Game untick this option)


Starting A Network Game

Now that you´ve configured your settings to enable you to play Online you need to start an actual game for you and your friends.

This is quite easy to do, all you need to do is Start a New Game as normal.

1). On the Main Screen select "New Game" (Note: Exactly like you would start a normal game which you would play on your own)


2). If you have several databases or patches installed you will be asked to choose one to use. (Note: All users MUST have the same database/patch installed)


3). Choose the leagues and additional options you would like for your Online game.

4). Once setup click on "Start New Game"


Addtional Game Options

Game Start Date - If you have selected more than one country, here you can choose which country/date you start, some countries football calender differs to others.

Database Size>>>Small>>>Medium>>>Large - Obviously the larger the database the more there is to process and the slower your game may advance.

Load All Players From - Here you can add additional players from other nations, once again be aware about having a large database to play with.

Players - Choose between having real players we all know in your game or an extreme challenge of using "fake" players.

Transfer Budget>>Allow Transfers in First Window - Enabling this option means your game could run a bit quicker at the start but means you could not improve your side if needed.

Attributes>>>Enable Player Attribute Masking - Enabling this options means that the attributes you see for a lot of players are hidden and require your skills to make them visible.

5). A Confirmation Screen will appear detailing your setup, if your happy then click "Start Game"


6). Once the game has been created then your done! Your online game has been created. You can create yourself as a manager and choose the club you wish to manage.

Additional Note to Hosting

Now that you have setup and created your online game your friends need to be able to join you, for this they will your IP address so that they can do this.

For your IP Address you need to go to the Game Status screen ---> Options > Game Status

Under the Heading "Server IP Address" you will find the IP address that you will need to give to your friends to enable them to join your game.

You may be presented with two IP addresses under this heading, in most cases it should be the second IP address listed here that you need to give out to your friends, however, to make sure you give out the correct IP address to your friends, a website can be used that also gives you your IP address: http://whatsmyip.org (Note: For more info on this please refer to the Help Thread)


(Note: It is also possible to select which clubs are manageable by using "Manageable Teams" and selecting one of the options available)

Joining A Network Game

1). Start Football Manager (Note: This can be done via a shortcut on your desktop) ---> FMIcon.jpg

2). On the Main Screen select "Network"


3a). If you are on a LAN and the game you wish to join does not show in the list automatically then use the button "Refresh" so that the network game can be found.

3b). Once the network game is displayed, click on it to join the network game.


4a). If you are on a WAN ie. Internet; then click on "Join Other Server"

4b). You will be presented with the "Join Network Game" screen, here you need to enter the IP address given to you by the Host (the creator of the network game)

4c). Once the IP Address has been entered press "OK" to enter the game.



As players dont like waiting and playing online can sometimes be slow I would recommend unticking the options "Move Matches for TV"

This is a popular option in Network Play and means that all players should play their fixtures on the same scheduled day.

To do this, go into the Preferences and General. Here you will find the option that requires to be unticked. (Notes: It is advised that ALL players of the Network Game untick this option)


I want to play a quick/short term game - How Do I Do This?

If your just looking for that quick FM Fix or just fancy a short term game to learn the ropes or see how things function online then recommended is that you use the short term game thread. This thread can be found as a sticky thread (this means near the top of the forum). Just post your details in there and then just wait for fellow players to contact you! Alternatively just contact the people who have already posted their interest for a game and see if their willing to have a game with you.

The Short Term Game Thread can also be found by clicking here ---> The Short Term Game Thread

I want to play a long term game / join a Clan - How Do I Do This?

If your looking to play FM for the long term or even want to join a clan then you have a couple of possibilities that let you do this, firstly I would recommend to post in the Available Player Thread, this thread is to advertise yourself as available to potential hosts of FM Games and Clans and they can then easily contact you for further information.

The Available Player Thread can also be found by clicking here ---> Available Player Thread

(Notes: What is a Clan?

Basically a Clan is for example, a bunch of Scottish people wearing skirts, also known as kilts, who beat the living day light out of each other and eat haggis, occassionally they come together to have battle with the English Army.......but in terms of FMO, a clan is a group of players who play their game of FM regularly with of course one person who acts as the "host". Additional to this we just like to hear how your game is going, this can be done via a "Clan Thread" in which all your players post updates with how the game and their team are getting along and of course lets you interact with some of your Clan Players within the forum and not just within your game).

Alternatively you can also look through the Clan Advertiser Thread, within this thread only the host/clan organiser post when they are looking for potential players for their clans, basically here you can see which clans within the forum have currently got spaces open which you may be able to fill, brief details about the clan are posted and if something takes your interest then you just need to contact the host of that game.

The Clan Advertiser Thread can also be found by clicking here ---> the Clan Advertiser Thread

(Notes: All the information to what details you need to post in these threads will "always" be in the "opening post" of the thread)

I have followed this thread but am unable to get a Network game going?

If you are unable to play FM online then please post all questions in the FMO help thread. This thread will be regularly updated with frequently asked questions and answers for various problems that are common when trying to play FM online.

The FMO help thread can be found here - FMO Help! All you ever needed to know but were too afraid to ask! So no need to post anywhere else!

When You Want To Play Online - Dont Forget...

Make sure that all players who are participating in the online game are all using the same database/patch, otherwise you will not be able to play.

Also, don´t forget to untick "Move Matches for TV" as already mentioned earlier in the FMO Basics.


Having problems with your FM Online Game? Need Troubleshooting / help / advice? Visit the FMO Help Thread : Click Here For The FMO Help Thread

Last but not least, Have Fun! Happy Gaming!

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