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3 official matches in 3 days ?!

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I wonder if somebody had this issue as well. I have to play:

- The 7th of April CCL1

- The 9th of April CCL1

- The 10th of April CCL1

I’m top of the table and in the final sprint for the title with 2 more points that the 2nd. Is it allowed IRL to have championship games played one after each other?

I know some countries require there’s a minimum of 3 days rest between official matches, but I don’t know the rules for the Coca Cola Ligue 1.

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Send out a weaker side in the middle fixture (if it is a easy game that is).

Did you have a long cup run? Putting you behind fixtures or something?

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No long cup run, as I didn't had to replay a game because of a draw. I only had one postponed game because of the Johnstone's Paint Final. What’s funny is that there was plenty of time before the Johnstone’s Paint Final to play 1 or 2 extra games.

14th of February Second leg of the Johnstone’s Paint South Final

18th of February CCL1

21st of February CCL1

25th of February CCL1

3rd of March CCL1


10th of March CCL1


17th of March CCL1


25th of March Johnstone’s Paint Final

28th of March CCL1

2nd of April CCL1

7th of April CCL1

9th of April CCL1

10th of April CCL1

14th of April CCL1

The federation knows since the 14th of February that I’m gonna play the JP Final, but they didn’t reorganized the schedules? Seems pretty much impossible for me. No federation will ever schedule 3 official games in 3 days.

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I have 2x starting 11 in turnover, but with injuries, bans and knocks picked up in the previous matches (it’s the 10th of April now) most of my players didn’t had enough time to recover and have 80 to 85% of fitness. Well, I’ll play this game anyway and probably lose it, pickup some long term injuries because of the low fitness of my players and probably lose the final sprint to the title. And no compatible FMRTE for 10.2 available, damn.

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I too have a terrible time with fixtures, in the English league. I actually played 8 games in 8 days! BUT that was with the 10.1.1 patch, not sure if it has been sorted with 10.2.0 yet? Anyone from SI please?

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