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Mistakes leading to goals ratio

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Guest John M Doe   
Guest John M Doe

This is a question for SI more than anyone else really.

I was wondering if you at SI analysed game data (of course you did) and acted accordingly in order to produce the mistakes leading to goals “feature”? I’m asking because i’m off to my 8th season now with 3 different teams and in all those seasons the best ratio i got from goals/mistakes leading to goals was 4/1. Worse, i’ve even had 2 seasons with a 3/1 ratio. This season i’m on a roll with 8 out of 21!!! Is it like this in real life? Do teams aspiring for an UEFA cup place concede 1 out of 3 or 4 goals from a stupid silly individual mistake as a backpass or a missed interception/header? I find it hard to believe…

Also, when i first took charge of Bordeaux i did it with 12 games remaining. The team was underachieving but had very few goals conceded from mistakes: 2! In the 12 games i was in charge, the number rocketed to 9!! The very low number of mistakes before i took charge probably has to do with full/background simulation but the numbers are enough to get in one’s nerves.

Something else i found awkward, and this is a bit off topic. I was managing Shalke 04 and got tired of underachieving so i quit. During my stay, the best rating i got from my world class striker was 9,4 when i won 5-0 and he scored a hat trick. As the season came to an end, i went to check up on Shalke and found, while browsing the team rocketing ascent to 2nd place that my striker got a 9,9 rating in a game he only scored twice and, believe me, did nothing else worthy of mention. Even if this has to do again with full/background simulation it is still outrageous…

These two episodes fuel my idea that there are two mesaures that date from the early days of CM: one is when a human takes charge, and the other is when AI does. The same scenario has different outcomes for both human and AI. (yes, this does seem like a rant)

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