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I wanted to share a few issues as feedback to SI. If you join me, it will be a great source for them to improve in the next patch. Here are my findings:

- There are too many long distance goals. I mean they are a lot of, although it's great when you score them :cool:

- There are too many red cards around. I never play 'hard tackling', but I face lots of red cards

- I'm playing the Turkish Premier League, and teams in Premier Division nearly have no youth players! They all attend the professional team's training when they appear, which is weird and affects the development of the young players

- I can't see any applied passive offside rules around. Not during passing, nor shooting. Especially when shooting from long range, the refree decides for offside although the player intends to score

Thanks to everyone, have a great game :)

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agree with the above, plus 'long term games' are just dire and not worth playing.

the lack of quality regens, or a large amount being well under par.

Has been an issue for years now with the regens.....seems S.I. will not or can not fix it ! shame

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