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Game: Football Manager 2010 (PC)

Version: 10.0.1 (Official Patch)

Database: 10.0.0

DB Size: Large

Leagues Loaded:

  • Croatia (Second Division and Above)
  • England (BSN/BSS and Above)
  • France (Ligue 2 and Above)
  • Italy (Serie C2 and Above)
  • Scotland (Second Division and Above)
  • Spain (Liga Adelente and Above)
  • Turkey (Second Division and Above)

View Only:

  • Australian A-League
  • Argentina (Second Division and Above)
  • Brazil (Second Division and Above)


Manager Information


Name: Liam Hurst

DOB: 17/08/1979*

Nationality: English

Second Nationality: Australian

Favourite Club: Manchester United



Alright I'm back!

I'd like to welcome you all to my new career on FM10 and hope you enjoy it just like you enjoyed my 09 one ;)

I'm expecting to make this a long and eventful career(if my laptop can cope :p) and will be playing with LL rules minus the not being allowed to show screenshots of my achievements and players.

So I hope you all enjoy...

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Career Summary

[font=Courier New]Season      Team              League                Position    Achievements[/font]
[font=Courier New]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/font]

[font=Courier New]09/10       FC Canavese       Serie C2/A            15th        Survived Relegation Playouts[/font]
[font=Courier New]10/11       FC Canavese       Serie C2/A            2nd         Promotion Through Playoffs[/font]
[font=Courier New]11/12       FC Canavese       Serie C1/B            18th(DEC)   Resigned in November[/font]
[font=Courier New]11/12       Hereford United   Blue Square Premier   14th(FEB)   Joined in February[/font]

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So after four months of holidaying, rejecting a job offer at Stirling Albion, came an offer from a club I had never heard of in my life. FC Canavese who are in Italy's Serie C2/A.

The Serie C is composed of 54 teams divided into three divisions of 18 teams each, whose teams will be divided geographically. Teams will play only other teams in their own division, once at home and once away for a total of 34 matches each.

The leagues season is divided into two phases: the regular season and the playoff phase. Once the regular season is over, teams placed 2nd to 5th enter a playoff to determine the second team in each division to be promoted to Serie C1. At the same time, teams placed 14th to 17th entered a playout for the right to remain in Serie C2 the following season.

I took over when previous manager Luca Prina had led the team to only 2 victories in 11 games putting them in 17th position and this didn't go down to well with the board as they was expecting a comfortable mid-table position. Well it wasn't his fault either the squad was terrible with the exceptions of Luca Avanzi and Daniele di Benedetto whom were their best players. From the looks of it it was all up hill from here on in. And it was.


Final League Position 15th- I was relatively happy with my teams performance in the last part of the season but in the initial transition I found it very hard to come up with a winning tactic and this is the part where we lost most of our points. But finishing 15th still meant I had to participate in the playouts where I faced Noceto whom finished one place below me. Playout Leg 1 Playout Leg 2

Transfers- I made a few transfers as you can see and the one I've been most impressed with is the 20 million dollar man, well 20K man. Alvaro Campos has been outstanding ever since he joined and was worth every penny for keeping me in a great deal of games. Next season I need to get rid of the excess players though because I'm losing money every month.

Canavese Squad- As you can see I have a very large squad and with there being no reserves league

it is un-needed so I will be shipping some people off.

Fan's POTY- Totally agree with the fans, once the whole team got into their stride Luca looked rock solid in defence all throughout, also chipping in with a couple of vital goals.

Notable Players:

Daniele Di Benedetto- Got first and third in goal of the season with two absolute belters. Benedetto was the midfield that I couldn't keep out of my side and I wish I could say that for everyone.

Luca Avanzi- Top quality player who's too good for this league and I may have to succomb to selling him to raise some much needed funds for the club.

Next Season- Hopefully I can acheive a safe mid table position this season but with our financial crisis this may be hard to achieve as the board has capped our wage budget from 17K down to only 11K and have offered me no transfer budget. Luckily I have a few players already coming in.

Media Prediction- 15th

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Put code tags around the text like
 [/code*] minus the asterix...

Amateur :p

I mean like putting bigger spaces in and so that everything is in line.

Amateur :p

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For that you'll need a fixed width font (Courier New is the best choice). Then simply add the spaces you need to align everything in the editor with the space bar. Like this:

[font=Courier New]
  3 spaces to the left
4 spaces    in the middle

Pos     Team         Points     GA
1st     Canavese     85         +20
2nd     Valenzana    79         +18

You get the idea, I hope...

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Still not working:thdn:

EDIT: I think I have to enable HTML code in my posts :thup:

EDIT2: Had nothing to do with the previous mentioned by me. Just need to change CODE to code apparently.:confused:

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****ing bollocks i tell ya almost finished the season summary and i accidently press backspace which makes it go back to the previous page!! FFS :mad:

Its 11 30 here too so I'm gonna hit the sack and do the write up tomorrow.:thdn:

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Season Summary: 10/11 - FC Canavese


We're going up! We're going up!


Semi-Final Leg 1 - An easy victory that was unexpected to be quite honest, I had expected my side to crash under the pressure, no disrespect to them though of course.

Semi-Final Leg 2 - 2 goals from star striker Bolivard sent us through to the final.

Final Leg 1 - A hard ground out victory put us in good stead fro the second leg where all we needed to do was get a draw.

Final Leg 2 - And a draw we got! We will be playing football in Italy's Serie C1 next year!

Final-League Table - Throughout the season I was always pushing for automatic promotion but every time Pro Vercelli lost I seemed to lose too. Nothing matters now though.

Manager Of The Year

Serie C2/A Top Goalscorer

Serie C2/A Best Player

Serie C2/A Team Of The Year

Canavese Squad - As you can tell I reduced the squad from last years total, also pushing the wage budget abit after my board reduced the limit to 11K from 17K, this obviously impacted my finances but it was worth getting promoted.

Fans POTY - I kind of agree with this but was expecting Bolivard to get it. Still the little Argentine did me proud with19 goals throughout the season.

Notable Players

Malick Bolivard - 25 goals in the league sums it up for Bolivard. He was a class act.

Mike Mampuya - Struggled to settle in at first but once he got going he was brilliant.

Luca Avanzi - Again he showed that he was too good for this league.

Daniele Di Benedetto - Hopefully he'll be able to make the step up to the next level, my scouts and coaches certainly think so.

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Good luck with Canavese, Italy's lower leagues can be hellish.

Yeah I'm expecting to go straight back down now...

Well done Hursty. I've not been lucky with play-offs recently :(

I honestly expected my team to crash and burn in the play-offs after doing so well but they didn't, so :thup::D

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December 2011 My Resignation From FC Canavese

Yes I have resigned.

A string of poor results have led me to do this, well I say poor results but I mean shocking results. I thought this team would be good enough for this league but how wrong was I. So I duly left, hopefully keeping my minor reputation intact.

Three of my fellow staff also followed me out of the door, they too must have felt my dismay at the teams underachieving status.

League Table- Four draws, nines losses was simply not good enough and left us at the foot of the table before my resignation in December, my teams inability to convert leads in games to victories was the main downfall. I could also not see my team avoiding relegation by having only 4 points at this stage in the season.

Results- Dissapointment all round really as you look at these results. Draws against teams that we should have easily beat really summed uo my short spell in Italy's Serie C1/B.

Now where? Is the question on everyones lips now.

Italy, Spain, Scotland, France, England, Turkey or even Croatia?

Only time will tell...

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Damn it. I just wrote a response and then the forum crashed. :mad:

Here goes again...

Unlucky Hursty. The gap between the divisions is tough and I think it must be harder with a team like Canavese who you've had to build up from the bottom of C2. I've been quite lucky with Carrarese because they were already a decent C2 outfit when I took over.

Good luck wherever you may end up next. I'd fancy Croatia or Turkey for something totally different! I've never managed in those countries before.


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Yeah it was tough and it was getting annoying. I knew my players were good enough but they weren't performing, so I set a goal of 'If I get a win by Christmas (In-Game), I won't quit.'

And we didn't so I quit, I am quite sad now though :(

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Who are you again :p

Unlucky to hear that the results were not going your way at all, I know I would be one that couldn't take it.

I'd say Scotland for a home next but i'm that crazy guy managing in Wales of all places, so I would not take any advice from me at all. :)

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Hereford United FC - Blue Square Premier


Before getting the Hereford job I was offered managerial postions at both Pavia in Italy's Serie C2 and Hampton & Richmond in the Blue Square regional divisions. I rejescted both of these as I felt that I deserved a job at a 'higher' level although Hereford weren't a club that I particularly wanted to go. I would have much rather moved on into unknown Croatia or Turkey but no clubs wanted me so I had to settle for an English Club.

I accepted an &550 P/W contract for two years at the club just relegated from Coca-Cola League 2. I have taken over whilst the club is 13th after 32 games with 14 remaining, the playoff spots quite a large margin of 15 points away but still reachable if I hit the ground running.

Again I say, 'Wish Me Luck'


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Good luck Hursty. Sure it will go well and now a good chance to build up your reputation. :thup:


Thanks, need a mod to change the title now though...

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Thanks, need a mod to change the title now though...

Those poor mods, you must of known beforehand you wern't going to be a success :p

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Hereford United FC - 2011/2012

I took over and instantly found out how tough it was going to be, getting spanked 3-0 by Histon then 3-1 against Fleetwood. But in the next ten games I managed to say unbeaten, winning five, drawing five, this pushed me up the table and away from relegation, at one point I was even in with a shout of promotion if results had gone my way. So in the end 14th place wasn’t too bad for me personally but over the whole season the team was expected to have been promoted quite easily and hadn’t been.

League Table - We gave Oxford the title on the second last day of the season handing them an easy victory but it was safe to say they deserved it, performing very well throughout.

Squad - The squad as a whole is very weak especially in defence and up front but we also lack midfielders too. I cannot imagine how we would cope in the midst of an injury crisis due to the lack of cover in all areas. Only two loaned centre backs featured regularly when I came to the helm Yado Mambo and Sam Gaughran whom were oh so much better than the ones already at the club. So here’s to guessing what players I’m going to be investing in next year? Centre Backs! Goals were also hard to come by from my strikers but a young wonder kid whom I loaned from Doncaster chipped in with a few vital goals along with winger Joe Thompson.

Finances - Because of Hereford’s relegation from the English Leagues it was inevitable that I was going to lose a great deal of money this year. Small crowds, big wages, poor investments, then a poor show in the league meant I was losing money all the time. To counter this the board has now reduced my wage bill to 9K so I will struggle to keep it under that too.

Transfers - Only the three loans shown were the ones I had made at the club all others from the previous manager (shocking manager I must say) who brought in players basically un-needed.


Fans Player of The Year - His experienced shoulders really helped Lunt in this league and it showed his superiority.

Blue Square Premier POTY

Blue Square Premier Best Eleven

Notable Players

Kenny Lunt - A superb season for Lunt, even getting in the leagues best eleven and also making the player of the year short list. His older presence within the team will also be needed next year.

Joe Thompson - He seemed to flurry under me, getting two MOM, four goals and four assists.


Media Prediction: 11th

My Prediction: 6th

At least make the promotion spots with a much improved squad using free transfers and loans because of the lack of transfer budget this year. First of all though I will have to reduce the wage bill and get rid of all the dead rubber in the squad and fill it with more worthwhile players. This in turn should make the team play better and bring in more crowds, so more money.

I will also take the cups very seriously this year to bring in much needed cash.


FC Canavese - It seemed so soon after my departure that the new manager would rescue the club from relegation back down to Serie C2 but it was just a short spell. They found themselves automatically relegated after finishing rock bottom by 5 points. I feel for them but also angry at the other manager for not keeping them up after my hard work of getting them there :p

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World Cup 2010

Winners: Czech Republic

Runners-Up: Argentina

European Championships 2012

Winners: Germany

Runners-Up: Italy

African Cup of Nations 2010

Winners: Cameroon

Runners-Up: Nigeria


Winners: Cameroon

Runners-Up: Ghana

Asian Cup 2011

Winners: Japan

Runners-Up: United Arab Emirates

Copa America 2011

Winners: Argentina

Runners-Up: Mexico

OCE Nations Cup 2010/11

Winners: New Zealand

Runners-Up: New Caledonia


Winners: Tahiti

Runners-Up: New Zealand


World Club Championship

2009: Barcelona

2010: Real Madrid

2011: Real Madrid

Asian Champions League

2009: Al-Ain

2010: Al Hilal

2011: Wellington Phoenix

European Champions League

2009/10: Real Madrid

2010/11: Real Madrid

2011/12: Real Madrid

Europa League

2009/10: Porto

2010/11: Arsenal

2011/12: Man City

North American Champions League

2009/10: Pumas

2010/11: America(MEX)

2011/12: Chivas

Copa Libertadores

2010: Internacional

2011: Independiente

2012: Cruzeiro

Copa Sudamericana

2009: Internacional

2010: Fluminese

2011: Libertad


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League Updates


Premier Division

2009/10: River

2010/11: River

2011/12: Independiente

Second Division

2009/10: Belgrano

2010/11: Union

2011/12: Belgrano



2009/10: Wellington Phoenix

2010/11: Perth Glory

2011/12: Wellington Phoenix


2009/10: North Queensland Fury

2010/11: Central Coast Mariners

2011/12: Wellington Phoenix


First Division

2009: Sau Paulo

2010: Sau Paulo

2011: Cruzeiro

Second Division

2009: Vasco

2010: Santa Cruz

2011: Vitoria

Brazillian Cup

2010: Botafogo

2011: Vasco


First Division

2009/10: Dinamo

2010/11: Dinamo

2011/12: Hajduk

Second Division

2009/10: Imotski

2010/11: Croatia (S)

2011/12: Inter Zapresic

Croatian Cup

2009/10: Cibalia

2010/11: Hajduk

2011/12: Varteks


To be continued...

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Such an in depth global update there, it feels like a Sky Sports new room.

I hope Kenny Lunt can provide another good season, what do you rate your chances of getting out of the BSP this season.

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I think this thread is finished guys ubless my laptop pulls through and all my FM saves are rescued. I was really getting into it too :thdn: You could see another update in this thread soon but you might not too.


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This is over guys, my save could sadly not be retrieved by computer techy guy. :thdn:

I'm going to an International game I think next, then maybe a game with Man Utd if I am not too busy. :)

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