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[FM10] All Around The World

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I have decided to give a career game a go after having fun doing one in FM09 which was based around Europe due to the slow speed of my computer at the time. now I have a brand new PC so have decided to have a go at winner all available Champions Leagues in the world as well as having fun with the larger amount of International teams available.

Leagues running:

Argentina (Second Division and above)

Australia (A-League)

England (League 2 and above)

South Africa (First Division and above)

South Korea (N-League and above)

U.S.A. (MLS)

Database size: Medium

Players loaded: 30,000

Performance: 4 Stars

Have got no idea where my first job will be which make it exciting as I hit holiday until I get an offer.

Season   Team                 Division                                      Finish     Cup Wins      Notes
2009     Changwon City FC     South Korean N-League 			    1st        None          No promotion

2009     Vanuatu              OCE Nations Cup

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Changwon City


Changwon City were founded only four years ago in 2005 and have the city mayor as their chairman, they play at the Changwon Civil Stadium which has a 27,000 capacity.

Well I didn't expect to get an offer so quick, I started the game in July 2009 (English league start) and was offered the job in South Korea a few days later who appear to be on a mid-season break. Which is perfect as it gives me some time to scout for some talent in Korea. The club are currently 2nd in the Korean National League after their manage left to go to the team in 3rd.

League Table:


See I was so surprised at the speed of the offer that I never had time to post a profile picture to show I started as a Sunday League nobody:


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Didn't expect to get an International managers job before I had played a single game but both Cook Islands and Vanuatu offered me jobs after I applied so I accepted with Vanuatu who stand a better chance in any future qualifiers. Ranked 138th in the world which ain't too shabby.

They don't have any upcoming matches so have set up friendlies against Bermuda as well as Antigua & Barbuda.

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Changwon City - 2009 - South Korean N-League

Talk about unlucky, I was trilled when in the final game of the season the Alex Ferguson hair dryer effect got me a win to send me top of the N-League...... except I then find out that I don't get promoted any way. Turns out the league is split into an opening stage and closing stage , both 13 games long with each winner making a play off for promotion. Changwon City finished 2nd in the opening stage before I arrived and I got them to 2nd i the closing stage so no play off chance for us.

Overall Table:


Opening Table:


Closing Table:


Not really much to say as I was only there for 13 games this season, but the starting 11 were no where near good enough to dominate even the bottom teams and we drew far too many games. The club even lacked a decent top scorer so it looks like the pre-season for season two could be quite busy.

Best Player: Lee Kil-Yong:

20leekilyong.th.png His 4 goals in the last 5 games gave me hope, even if there was none to have.

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Unlucky Azeryk-

I gather promotion between the two divisions in South Korea is not guaranteed.

Good luck with Vanautu and the rest of the career :thup:

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