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Hey all,

Benn playing FM10 for just under a week and absolutely love it! (Helps that I'm doing alright in my game) but I've hit a problem.

I'm playing with my local team Cork City who are in the 2nd round of the Europa League, I was asked to submit a squad but it seems that I only 5 out of the 20 odd in my squad actually train in Ireland (Where did this come from) and that I don't have the quota of 8 I need to submit my team. Strange I thought and promoted a few youth players up and picked them in ahead of the worse first team players. But it seems that they don't train in Ireland either?!!!

I can't sign players because I'd need to continue to do that and so I'm stuck because I can't submit a squad and continue. Help please!

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Go holiday for the 1 day and ur ass man will fix it up for ya :p

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