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Suggestion for contract negotiations

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Hi all.

First off, SI, love this years edition. My favourite EVER! Its highly addictive (pssh exams), and just an awesome game.

I have one point that has been bugging me. Contract negotiations. It’s nice to see players (and teams) actually accepting offers below their demands - managed to sign a player for 800pw when he was demanding 1200! - Never had that before :)

Anywho, When a player does reject a contract, and it’s says something like basic wage unacceptable, I really think their needs to be a 'continue negotiation' button or something. Instead of having to just re-offer a contract. Here is my logic

A) Main point. My assistant told me I have about 5 players whose contracts are running out. Cool. Negotiation underway! 3 of them rejected, I didn’t care they were rather stingy offers. The point that bugs me is when you re-offer, it takes it right back to their demands. Meaning, unless I write it down, I cannot remember the initial offer (as I’m speaking with more than one at a time, if it was just one person I would prob remember. But if you add in the time between and thinking about other things, it becomes a minor, forgettable detail - and its even worse if you change it to an incentive heavy contract instead of one based of a weekly wage, like Owen and United...) Meaning I have to guess what it was.

Having a continue negotiation, or even when you re-offer it should come up with your last offer so then you can adjust from there, instead of starting blank!

B) Mainly cosmetic/immersion, but if you could continue negotiations then it would seem to flow a bit more instead of being; Offer, Refected, New offer and so on. It really should be, Offer, rejected, improved offer. Hence it’s called negotiating. But since it doesnt really let you continue there is no flow between the offers.

Those are my thoughts. Just throwing it out their, let me know what you all think.


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some do. Some come up and say they want this this and this and you can negotiate, some say a flat out no thats not good enough dont bother.

Not all players will want to negotiate if they feel the offer is a long way off what they want or they are not interested enough in your club to negotiate, they say what they want if you wont match it they say no.

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They tend to negotiate if your trying to buy the player. But if they are already on your team I have never seen a renegotiation...

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