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FM10 Small Club to Big Club Big Euro Nation Challenge

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I thought you had to holiday two seasons, but the problem I believe is similar to the Ireland issue in Gundo's where there is actually a Promotion/Relegation game, so this means that you need to make sure the team that wins that game is the team not from the league that is playable, no idea of the date though as I have never played in Holland ;)

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first off, welcome back to the challenge Ohanzee. really enjoyed your French save earlier in the year. As for Holland, i'm not sure. if it was me i'd holiday for a season and see what happens. if nothing new, go for another season! as for the DDT, i can't help you with that i'm afraid...

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SVW Mannheim - Bundesliga II - Season 2012/13

Season Preview

So after last seasons championship win we find ourselves promoted to the second tier of German football. Based on our play-off defeat the season before last i feel reasonably confident that we should be able to compete at this level and avoid relegation. However i am not resting on my laurels and i set about strengthening the squad for the new season. And so onto the new arrivals...



Leovac - Another Croatian LB signed on a free transfer. will provide Vulin with competition and strengthens our LB options.

Salakhadze - Experienced Georgian signed on a free transfer to provide competition to Basala-Mazana. Solid player for this level, he is the cover i needed in this position.

Sama - German Cb signed on a free transfer following his release by Liverpool. Rumblings he may cause unrest in the camp, all has been ok so far. A squad player


Haas - The German returns for a second spell on loan from Hoffenheim. Last season seems to have done him good and he seems a better player for it.

Tie-Bi - Ivorian defensive midfielder signed on a free following his release by Lyon. Strong player, he provides cover at DM.

Ziganda - Young Spanish AML signed on a free from Athletic Bilbao. Brought in to replace Rosado - if he is half the player i'll be delighted.

Nikolic - Montenegran CM/AMR signed on a free after impressing on trial. i rate this guy highly and he will be pushing for a starting berth.

Mutumbo - Belgian CM signed to add competition in midfield. good player for this level.

Boukhari - Dutch winger brought in to cover the AML position.


Fikru - Ethiopian striker signed from Mlada Boleslav for £60k. Brought in to lead the line upfront. has a good goalscoring record in Bulgaria - let's hope the Bundesliga II is within his capabilities

Pitrotto - Young Italian striker signed on a free after good reviews by my scouts. Squad player for now with good potential.

Rabiola - Portugese ST signed on a free transfer. I had trailed Rabiola since taking over at Mannheim and i finally have him. will compete with Fikru for a starting berth.

As you can see it has been all change on the Striker front with a completely new strikeforce brought in. After the inconsistency of last season it was needed and i have had a clearout. On paper i think my squad is good enough for a mid-table finish at least. There's quite a few 'good' teams in the league but i think we can compete. i will be sticking with the formation that worked so well last season. if i can add goals and keep the tight defence we should be laughing.

Time to rest ourselves in Bundesliga II!!

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Best of luck there Rlips, hopefully you can build to mid-table this season. Some really solid signings there.

I am just working on completing my season review for 2031/32, and then looking forward to the new season.

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I thought you had to holiday two seasons, but the problem I believe is similar to the Ireland issue in Gundo's where there is actually a Promotion/Relegation game, so this means that you need to make sure the team that wins that game is the team not from the league that is playable, no idea of the date though as I have never played in Holland ;)

Ah, so I save before the play off game and just do it over and over until the team from below wins then? I'll just holiday until July or something and see, and will use the "all players based in Holland instead of ddt as you mentioned to".

first off, welcome back to the challenge Ohanzee. really enjoyed your French save earlier in the year. As for Holland, i'm not sure. if it was me i'd holiday for a season and see what happens. if nothing new, go for another season! as for the DDT, i can't help you with that i'm afraid...

Actually I was in Spain (S.D. Noja) :p And then in Scotland for 9 seasons or so. I was in France on FM2009 though, probably what you remember :) Good luck in Bundesliga II :thup:

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Best of luck there Rlips, hopefully you can build to mid-table this season. Some really solid signings there.

I am just working on completing my season review for 2031/32, and then looking forward to the new season.

cheers. pleased with the signings i made. i am actually in December (i played the odd night when i couldn't take a Monkeys session) and it's going ok. Looking forward to the review. Will we be seeing you back in Germant any time soon?

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Hmm, ok, there is no promotion from lower leagues after 1 season in Holland. Two teams get relegated yes, but the league also goes from 20 teams to 18 teams. There are no new teams to pick.

So I'm guessing if I holiday 1 more season now I'll have one or both the same teams that got relegated come back up. This could be more trouble than it's worth really. Maybe I'll just go for another country. I kinda love the freedom you have in Holland though. To bring in players from all over the world.

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you could try for another season and see?? it has happened in this thread earlier. you have that freedom pretty much in Germany too from the Second division up. i have a fully multi-national already in my first season in Division 2......

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rlipscombe - Yea I already did. Holiday one more season. Saved on July 6th and went to 7th over and over, about 20 times. One of the two teams that got relegated last season (Fortuna Sittard and Telstar) always come back up. So I give up on that.

Germany looks fun for sure. Getting £11,5 million price money for finishing last in the top division, hehe. Maybe France, Turkey or Portugal. I don't think I want to go to Spain or Italy though. Have to ponder a bit.

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Des Tiny's

Lusitano de Evora


End of Season

2031/32 Liga Sagres

The Missing Touches

The Current Season

The Quick Reference

Predicted: 1st

Actual: 1st - CHAMPIONS!!!

Portuguese Cup: Semi Final vs Varzim: Leg 1 - Leg 2

League Cup: Final vs Varzim

Super Cup: vs Porto - CHAMPIONS!!!

Champions League: Final vs At. Madrid

Euro Super Cup: vs CSKA Moscow

Club World Champs: Final vs New York - CHAMPIONS!!!

The Manager: Des Tiny - History

Euro Rank: 2nd (^1) [1st Por]

Finances: £153M (Debt £39.5M) (1st Por, 13th World)

Season Tickets: 6267 (^607)

The Squad: First & Second XI, Reserves, Under 19s

Transfers: 2031/32

The Season in General

This season I went about spending a truckload of money on bringing in the best youth I could find that would join my club so I bought a huge number of U19s and this boosted my Under 19s greatly, it also meant my finances were terrible until I got the Champions League TV Money which have lifted me to a profit for the season overall. Transfers saw me dump all the players who had no chance of playing while trying to sell any who I didn't think were necessary, this saw me ship Javier out to At. Madrid where he helped defeat us in the Champion League Final to give him 4 in a row. Seven Players joined for fees, and two Goalkeepers as cover came in on frees, both of those keepers got game time and both of them impressed when playing. I also have 4 players joining in July and another 2 joining in January and 2 more in July 2033. This includes spending of 23.4M and with 4 players leaving for a total of 20.05M we look pretty well of financially through those changes as well.

The League

Well the one competition that was never in doubt this season was the Liga Sagres, we started well with 5 wins in a row we slipped up against Porto in game 6, but then remained unbeaten for the next 23 games before going down to Benfica with our Youth side playing against them in the final week. It wasn't even close as we finished 17pts clear of Varzim & Benfica, this means only Varzim will be joining us in Europe as our league dropped a spot in the Champions League after a poor showing by the other teams there last season.

Player Stats

Team Stats

Fixtures 1

Fixtures 2

The Cups

Taca de Portugal

In our first three games we scored thirteen goals to a mere two as we romped into the Quarterfinals, here we faced Sporting and it took an extra time goal by Benitez to get us into the Semi Finals against Varzim, we were to be away from home first and I have no idea what happened, but our team fell apart in the middle of a tough run and we went down 4:0. Heading back to Tiny Stadium we were in serious trouble and I had to go all out attack from the beginning, the first half ended scoreless and we got one straight after halftime and again before the end, but it was never going to be enough and we were out.


Team Stats

Player Stats

Taca de Liga

We were drawn in a group with Sporting, Academica & Vit. Setubal, a first up loss to Sporting put us in serious trouble and it took two good wins against the others to get through to the Semifinal. In the Semi we faced Benfica and a brace from Babic took us through with ease, then onto the final to face Varzim, we were quite dominant all game long, but ended a bad run when they scored off a penalty and took the trophy for the first time ever and then completed their double in the Portuguese Cup.


Player Stats

Team Stats

Super Cup

Our first win of the season saw us beat Porto, and I thought the season would go well from here.


Super Cup

Our second competitive game of the season was terrible as we went down to a CSKA Moscow side that we should've beaten no questions asked.

Champions League

Group Stage: We started out in a group with Elfsbourg, Liverpool & Schalke, with wins in our first four games it was looking good as a draw in our 5th game at home to Liverpool would guarantee victory, we managed that as we went 1:1 to move through, our final game saw a huge turn around as we came from 2:0 down to win 3:2 in the dying minutes, the team credited Tiny with a great team talk to get the victory.

Knockout Round: vs AC Milan 5:2

We went through 5:2 on aggregate in this match after a great second leg, we managed a 2:2 draw in Milan and came home knowing a win would take us through, we got that with absolute ease.

Quarterfinal: vs Man City 4:3

We lost away to Man City as we went down 2:1, but coming home again knowing that we had an away goal was a huge boost. The team put it all out there on the field as we led 3:0 at one point before they grabbed one back to make it close as another goal would've seen them through on away goals.

Semifinal: vs Barcelona 3:0

This was seemingly the easiest two leg match we had all season, we won 1:0 at Camp Nou before heading to Tiny Stadium for the completion which saw Dave Graafland score two goals in the game for a 2:0 victory.

Final: vs At. Madrid 0:0 (6:7p)

We had all the possession and a massive number of chances, but we did not have a single clear cut chance even when they were down to 10 men through the last twenty minutes and into all the extra time as well. In the shootout we were shafted by it going through all eleven players as this played to their advantage as the player sent off was one of their worst penalty takers, we had to use all eleven while they had Javier take two and winning it from there.

Group E


Team Stats

Player Stats


Club World Championships

With only two games in this competition for us we were bound to come in and make a great turnout, we had Heartland (NIG) in the Semifinal and we walked them 6:0 as Danilo got a hattrick, then the final saw us face the New York Red Bulls again and trounce them 3:0 in a great run there.


Player Stats

Team Stats

Vs the Top 3

vs Sporting 2:0

at Sporting 0:1, 1:0, 3:0

Record: 24-7-13 (79:63)

at Porto 0:1

vs Porto 1:0

nv Porto 3:1

Record: 25-5-12 (74:43)

at Benfica 2:0, 2:0

vs Benfica 0:1

Record: 21-6-20 (65:59)

The Club's History

League Records

|  Season  |  League  | Final Pos | Playoffs |            Achievements           |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4647693&postcount=2810"]2010/11[/url] |   2DS    |    [url="http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/1156/portugueseseconddivisio.png"]6th[/url]    |          |                None               |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4669085&postcount=2856"]2011/12[/url] |   2DS    |    [url="http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/1156/portugueseseconddivisio.png"]1st[/url]    |    [url="http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/1156/portugueseseconddivisio.png"]2nd[/url]   |         Promoted & Won 2DS        |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4687627&postcount=2883"]2012/13[/url] |    LV    |    [url="http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/5702/ligavitalis4.png"]8th[/url]    |    N/A   |                None               |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4693906&postcount=2918"]2013/14[/url] |    LV    |    [url="http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/8594/ligavitalis.png"]3rd[/url]    |    N/A   |                None               |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4735466&postcount=3041"]2014/15[/url] |    LV    |    [url="http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/6752/ligavitalis14.png"]3rd[/url]    |    N/A   |                None               |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4897020&postcount=3290"]2015/16[/url] |    LV    |    [url="http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/3581/ligavitalis9.png"]4th[/url]    |    N/A   |                None               |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4901543&postcount=3295"]2016/17[/url] |    LV    |    [url="http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/4115/ligavitalis6.png"]3rd[/url]    |    N/A   |                None               |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4911039&postcount=3311"]2017/18[/url] |    LV    |    [url="http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/8971/ligavitalis10.png"]1st[/url]    |    N/A   |         Promoted & Won LV         |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4918967&postcount=3319"]2018/19[/url] |    LS    |   [url="http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/6383/ligasagres2.png"]10th[/url]    |    N/A   |                None               |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4966396&postcount=3362"]2019/20[/url] |    LS    |    [url="http://img28.imageshack.us/img28/9412/ligasagres5.png"]5th[/url]    |    N/A   |           Qualified EC            |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=5024185&postcount=3430"]2020/21[/url] |    LS    |    [url="http://img265.imageshack.us/img265/7430/ligasagres7.png"]9th[/url]    |    N/A   |                None               |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=5045935&postcount=3472"]2021/22[/url] |    LS    |    [url="http://img32.imageshack.us/img32/9634/ligasagres4.png"]5th[/url]    |    N/A   |        Won Lg Cup & Qual EC       |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=5066265&postcount=3495"]2022/23[/url] |    LS    |    [url="http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/7339/ligasagres9.png"]3rd[/url]    |    N/A   |           Qualified EC            |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=5086438&postcount=3543"]2023/24[/url] |    LS    |    [url="http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/7430/ligasagres7.png"]1st[/url]    |    N/A   |        Won League & Qual CL       |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=5111015&postcount=3605"]2024/25[/url] |    LS    |    [url="http://img101.imageshack.us/img101/6289/ligasagres20.png"]1st[/url]    |    N/A   |      Won LS, SC, PC & 2nd CL      |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=5312387&postcount=3829"]2025/26[/url] |    LS    |    [url="http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/7830/ligasagres8.png"]1st[/url]    |    N/A   |           Won LS, SC, LC          |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=5386357&postcount=3914"]2026/27[/url] |    LS    |    [url="http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/2308/ligasagres27.png"]1st[/url]    |    N/A   |         Won LS, SC, PC, LC        |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=5414360&postcount=3930"]2027/28[/url] |    LS    |    [url="http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/1079/ligasagres23.png"]1st[/url]    |    N/A   |         Won LS, SC, PC, LC        |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=5453227&postcount=3987"]2028/29[/url] |    LS    |    [url="http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/3503/ligasagres13.png"]1st[/url]    |    N/A   |      Won LS, SC, PC, LC & CL      |
[b]*******************************Challenge Complete*******************************[/b]
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=5562944&postcount=4057"]2029/30[/url] |    LS    |    [url="http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/9383/ligasagres19.png"]1st [/url]   |    N/A   | Won LS, SC, PC, LC, CL, ESC & CWC |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/158918-FM10-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Big-Euro-Nation-Challenge?p=5642049&viewfull=1#post5642049"]2030/31[/url] |    LS    |    [url="http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/5941/ligasagres24.png"]1st[/url]    |    N/A   |   Won LS, SC, PC, CL, ESC & CWC   |
|  [url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/158918-FM10-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Big-Euro-Nation-Challenge?p=5840383&viewfull=1#post5840383"]2031/32[/url] |    LS    |    [url="http://a.imageshack.us/img97/339/ligasagreso.png"]1st[/url]    |    N/A   |          Won LS, SC & CWC         |

International Management

|  Year  |  Nation  | Records | World Rank |     Achievements     |
|  2029  |  Brazil  |  3-0-0  |  12th ^ 3  |         None         |
|  2030  |  Brazil  |  5-2-1  |   5th ^ 7  | World Cup Runners Up |
|  2031  |  England |  0-0-0  |   2nd ^ 2  |         None         |
|  2032  |  England |  1-0-0  |   1st ^ 1  |         None         |

England approached Tiny with the offer to manage their national side after they failed to qualify for the European Championships, he accepted and was announced as the new England manager.

Club Records & Competition History

All Records:

Average Attendance: 26161

Most League Appearances - Francisco Javier Sanchez: 297

Most Appearances - Francisco Javier Sanchez: 478

Most Goals - Danilo: 158

Youngest Player - Gorka Prieto: 16 yrs 191 daysYoungest Goalscorer - Reinhard Koch: 16 yrs 240 days

Highest Fee Received: 23.5M (Javier to At. Madrid)

As a side note here Javier scored a rare feat as he got his fourth Champions League Medal in a row by joining At. Madrid.

Competition History:

Club World Championships - Winners 2029, 2030, 2031

Champions League - Winners 2029, 2030, 2031, 2nd 2025, 2032

Euro Super Cup - Winners 2029, 2030, 2nd 2031

Liga Sagres - Winners 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2031, 2032, 3rd 2023

League Cup - Winners 2022, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2nd 2032

Portuguese Cup - Winners 2025, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2031

Super Cup - Winners 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2031

Liga Vitalis - Winners 2018, 3rd 2014, 2015, 2017

2nd Division South - Winners 2012


Group 3 - 3rd 2017

Group 2 - Winners 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2031, 2032 2nd 2019


Group 4 - Winners 2030, 2032 2nd 2024, 2031, 3rd 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028

U19s Cup - Winners 2023, 2030, 2032 2nd 2018

The Players

The Squad

Current Teams Stats - First & Second XI, The Rest & Career

Key: First XI, Second XI, Youth, Not Needed, Legend.


30. Nicky Evers (GK) - Our 22 year old starter has a huge future infront of him, this season he conceded 25 goals and had 18 clean sheets in his 37 appearances, this was pretty good, but a few injuries kept him out of the squad for a little bit.

33. Bruno Nascimento (GK) - He managed to make just 4 appearances in the season, but he only conceded a single goal and achieved 3 clean sheets, he looks pretty good, but as a 29 year old he is likely to be replaced by one of the others.

31. Nicolas Rodriguez (GK) - I bought in the 22 year old as cover for injuries, he managed to make 17 appearances for the club for 12 clean sheets. Those stats are damned good for a complete back-up behind Evers and he fits the billing as a Younger player in our team.

32. Julio Gill (GK) - The 35 year old was unable to find a transfer this season as his wage was considered too high, so I got caught with him not playing all season as both my new acquistions were performing well. He leaves at the end of his contract in July after 106 appearances for Evora.


36. Ferhat Yildiz (DR) - One of Evora's Superstars, he made 36 appearances this season for an average rating of 7.51, a great season from the 28 year old. The end of his tenth season with Evora sees him looking like a true legend.

63. Kamil Sima (DL) - He is leaving for Barcelona on July 1st, 9M was a little hard to turn down, and I have signed an able replacement. At 28 he didn't really fit my team anymore, though through 5 seasons he is an all time great, 7.39 average rating through 42 games this season.

50. Pedro Banos (DRC) - The number one Centre back has made it to 94 caps for Mexico at the age of 25, he now has a new partner in the middle after the others just fell away. A Massive 44 appearances this season including 2 goals for a rating of 7.11 shows why he is one of the best centre backs in the world.

88. Engin Duruer (DRC) - He started the season as the back-up to Yildiz on the right, he still plays that role, and will move there once Yildiz leaves or retires, but for now he has moved in to the middle to partner Banos in the growing central defense strength. With 35 appearances this year for a rating of 7.52 he has blown away the opposition.

6. Francisco Javier (DC) - He started the season as the clear starter alongside Banos, but not very far along the season he slipped behind Duruer, he still started when we had too many games in a row and Duruer moved to DR. He was pretty good in his 33 starts with a 7.11 average rating and he will be looking to continue in future seasons.

5. Barry Britton (DC) - The 23 year old American is really struggling to get game time now for Evora, he managed to make it into 16 games, but has a long way to go before he will make the starting line-up.

81. Nick Swinkels (DLC) - The 17 year old is going to be a superstar, he is already more than capable both on the left, and down the middle with 18 appearances including a man of the match and a 7.19 rating no one can look past him. He also didn't play for the reserves as he featured for the seniors all season.

4. Francisco Javier Sanchez (DC) - Our Club Captain is an absolute legend of the club, but he has definitely slipped down the pecking order at his position. We are going to try and keep him on as a coach after he retires, but for now he will slowly slip in his number of appearances as he chases 500 appearances for the club. He still managed a season average rating of 7.20 throughout his 15 caps this season.

17. Ziga Ruis (DC/DM) - The young Slovenian looks good enough for cover at both MC & DC, but he needs to step up if he is going to make his way past any of the other competition in the backline. His ten appearances in 2031/32 saw him match a 7 average rating, but thats just a little low.

3. Gorka Prieto (DLC) - The youngster is a good looking Left Back option, he has a way to go before being an every week starter. He made 5 appearances for the senior squad this season with a 7.12 rating which is damn good for a 17 year old.


13. Ignacio Benitez (MC) - The 21 year old led all players in appearances this season with 50, he also managed to get into double figures in both goals and assists for an average rating of 7.31, Benitez is a leader in the team at such a young age and comes up everytime we need him. He will lead the midfield for a few years yet.

21. Branko Babic (MC) - A huge goalscoring season in all competitions saw Babic putting the ball into the net 21 times throughout the season. A deadly combination was put together with Benitez and he was a shooting machine in 43 appearances to finish with an average rating of 7.30

25. Pablo Almiron (AM/FC) - Playing just behind the striker for most of the season has seen Pablo make it into double figures in assists this season, the rest of his season was not as good as it has been previously. He is very solid for a 23 year old and is starting to build a good partnership here.

42. Dave Graafland (AMLC) - The Dutch star was the surprise player of the season, he stepped into the top line after an injury early on and he never looked back he made 27 appearances for 11 goals and 10 assists with a rating well of 7 for the season. He will now be holding onto this spot in the coming season.

55. Emiliano Cappiello (AM/FC) - He missed a few months with a torn calf muscle, but he still managed to make 30 appearances with 6 goals and 7 assists for a 7.15 rating, he is now working on building a great combination through the middle to feed the ball to our striker.

22. Dudu Cearense (MC) - The Brazilian has missed out on the International side a few times lately, but he managed to make 12 starts and 12 sub appearances this season for Evora, it was not the best performance, but he looks solid as a back-up.

74. Philippe Simon (MC) - The youngster stepped in and was pretty good in his 24 appearances, admittedly he currently has nothing on Babic & Benitez, but he has a few more years of training in front of him before he will be needed as a leader in the squad.

19. Sedat Ozkan (MC) - He started slip out of contention, but the injuries to our leading midfielders saw him come back in and he cracked a massive 40 games during the season, his overall rating was disappointing and shows why he is on the bench and not starting.

57. Aleksander Lukic (MLC) - He is off to London shortly, but a good career with Evora saw him unable to keep up with the pace of our top team this season after his injury. He came in with 46 appearances, but he slipped behind the top three putting him out and on his way.

68. Thomas Van den Bossche (MC) - He was blinding in the cups, but he was let down by his league appearances in this season. He did manage a great 7 assists which is unexpected from a player who is mostly coming off the bench for 24 of his 33 games.

39. Mark Falix (AMC) - He managed to make a precious 13 appearances this season and also gained his first goal for Evora, if there is a young player to watch he has to be the number one option.


9. Danilo (ST) - The number one all time goalscorer for the club had another amazing season as he netted a huge 30 goals in 44 games, he does everything he ever needs to do for Evora, but he is still struggling for his national side. A few more seasons will see Danilo rated as an all time club legend.

40. Mauricio Flores (AML,ST) - The young Argentinian played both upfront and in the midfield due to injuries this season, with double figures in both goals and assists he looks very good, he may have an average rating under seven, but that may be due to a large number of sub appearances in his 49 games this season.

16. Leonardo (ST) - The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle looked to be next down on the depth chart early in the season, but he didn't score in his six appearances so he ceded the job to Koch.

82. Reinhard Koch (ST) - The German with the great name managed 5 appearances for the club this season and started to show he can score, he is only 16 and has many years in front of him, look for some star appearances from him in the future.

The Best of the Best


The 200+ Club


The 400s

Francisco Javier Sanchez 478*.

The 300s

Ernesto Vazquez 394,Ferhat Yildiz 362*,Wilson Mateus 352,Andre Santos 303.

The 200s

Johnny Myklebust 281, Emiliano Cappiello 267*, Pedro Banos 246*, Borivoje Markovic 231, Pablo Roman 218, Gabriel Bazan 217, Oscar Carrera 211, Gabriele Federici 203.

Youth Watch

94. Oscar Afonso (AMRL) - A clogged midfield appears to be the only thing holding back Afonso as a 7.25 rating in the reserves surely should cross over to being a winner in the senior side.

46. Hugo Arruda (DRC) - He made some great games for the reserve and U19 sides, but he failed to crack the top side. Arruda needs to make a niche for himself as cover for either right back or central positions, there are several others fighting for that spot though.

12. Stoyan Bonev (DM,AMLC) - He spent the season on loan, but he really is one of these players I am looking to ship out, he may have a future for the club, but if he doesn't start to perform shortly I will just send him off on a free.

7. David (DRC) - The 17 year old made no appearances for the senior side this year, but featured as a strong player in both the reserves and U19s run to trophies. A struggle for him to make the senior side now and he may just be sold hopefully for a bit of money to another club.

39. Mark Falix (AMC) - He has been labelled the next Jan Wouters, and has looked amazing for our reserve squad in this season, Falix has also stepped up for a bit of game time in the senior side, but he hasn't managed to cement a spot quite yet. If anyone is going to make that jump he is likely to be there.

42. Dave Graafland (AMLC) - The Dutch star was the surprise player of the season, he stepped into the top line after an injury early on and he never looked back he made 27 appearances for 11 goals and 10 assists with a rating well of 7 for the season. He will now be holding onto this spot in the coming season.

24. Jeffrey Keller (DMC) - He is clearly one of the strongest youth players we have, I am looking forward to his development over the new season, I am possibly looking at making him a bench inclusion ahead of Cearense & Ozkan who are now a little older and not of the standard of their peers.

82. Reinhard Koch (ST) - With the label being bandied around that Koch is the next Jurgen Klinsmann he has a lot of pressure on his shoulders, of course when he stepped into the side he showed some amazing skills and as such will most likely have a good position in the team for the new season. At only 16 he is ripping up the reserve & U19 competitions and has at least 15 years ahead of him, hopefully as a star for Evora.

27. Predrag Kolakovic (MRLC) - Another player who looks excellent for the younger sides, but he struggles to make the step up when it comes to playing for the senior side. The midfield is pretty crowded and I keep adding new youngsters, but sooner or later one of them will be a superstar.

16. Leonardo (ST) - He started the season as the reserve striker, but Flores moved into that slot from the midfield and then we had Koch evolve into a complete striker which left the Ninja turtle out in the cold. He will need some great offseason form to force his way back in.

47. Jose Pacheco (DL) - A very solid Left back, but he has been passed by both Prieto & Swinkels in the Depth Chart, hopefully that is something he can improve on in the future.

90. Jorge Piedade (DL) - Another Left back who has dropped off the radar in recent seasons, he is looking to fight for a place as the upcoming roster cuts occur.

3. Gorka Prieto (DLC) - A rating over 7 in five appearances for the senior side makes him look the goods, but he is let down by being able at a position where Nick Swinkels has cemented the reserve slot with some even better performances.

23. Filipe Reis (AML) - He is very solid at his position for the reserves, but he needs to pull something else off if he is going to be the first find from our club to truly make it in the top team. I just cannot see it happening.

80. Bruno Rocha (DRC) - He has looked average...that is all.

1. Josu Ros (MR,ST) - I don't see him so much as a keeper now as he has been passed over by several other players for the young strikers role. A possibility for a comeback if he can get into a bit of form though.

74. Philippe Simon (MC) - He has been a pretty good find this season and surpassed Cearense & Ozkan in the battle for a midfield reserve role. Looking to build on it in the new season he will need to lift his average rating to something above seven to stay here, but he looks good.

81. Nick Swinkels (DLC) - One of the best youngsters in our squad, he has improved this season to be the back-up behind Sima who is leaving, a downer for Swinkels is that a replacement for Sima is coming in from outside, but he will be in with a chance to fight for the position this season.

49. Sebastian Uriarte (DC) - A very strong player at a position that we seem to be quite overcrowded at currently, but he has many years to develop a partnership with someone else and see where it goes, the impending retirement of Sanchez and possible transfer of Britton could open some doors.

41. Henk van Delft (ST) - He appears to be the weakest of our youth strikers, but he does definitely have a goalscoring touch when he gets going, I doubt that anyone else would have him ranked as low in their squads as I do. Hopefully another season will see him making a difference. Especially with the Label of the next Klaas-Jan Huntelaar.

68. Thomas Van den Bossche (MC) - One of the other top players in our youth side, he looks to cement a top reserve slot in the senior side by pushing Lukic into a transfer and setting himself up for the slot behind Dave Graafland who was a mircale worker last season as he made it into the starting line-up at only 19.

The Awards

(Section still to be completed)

Liga Sagres

Player of the Year: Danilo 3rd.

Young PotY: Ignacio Benitez 1st, Engin Duruer 2nd.

Goal of the Year: Babic 1st.

Team of Year: Benitez & Duruer

Fullback of the Year: Duruer 1st.

Manager of the Year: Des Tiny (9 years running)

Player of the Month - Aug: Babic 2nd, Sep: Danilo 2nd, Oct: Babic 2nd, Nov: Yildiz 3rd, Feb: Duruer 1st, Apr: Cearense 2nd, Duruer 3rd.

Goal of the Month - Aug: Benitez 1st, Sep: Lukic 1st, Benitez 2nd, Oct: Babic 1st, Jan: Cappiello 3rd, Mar: Babic 3rd, Apr: Danilo 1st.

Manager of the Month - Aug: 1st, Sep: 1st, Nov: 1st, Dec: 2nd, Jan: 1st, Feb: 1st, Apr: 1st.

League Cup

Goal of the Year: Benitez 2nd.

Portuguese Cup


Footballer of the Year: Danilo 2nd.

Striker of the Year: Danilo

Champions League

Player of the Year: Benitez 2nd, Danilo 3rd

Golden Boot: Danilo 2nd

Team of the Year: Benitez & Yildiz

Club World Championships


Player of the Year: Danilo 2nd.

Team of the Year: Danilo & Benitez.

Player of the Year Shortlist: Yildiz, Danilo, Sima, Babic, Duruer, Benitez.


Fans PotY: Ferhat Yildiz

Best XI: Evers, Duruer, Sima, Sanchez, Banos, Benitez, Babic, Graafland, Cappiello, Almiron, Danilo

Subs: Rodriguez, Yildiz, Lukic, Cearense, Swinkels, Javier, Flores.

All Time XI: Carrera, Yildiz, Sima, Sanchez, Galiano, Jehl, Lopes, Almiron, Markovic, Danilo, Afonso

Subs: Vogt, Manuel, Santos, Vazquez, Cappiello, Roman, Zeric.

Thoughts of the Future

Predicted Finish: 1st

Odds: 6-4 (1st)

Expectations: Win

Transfer Budget: 14M

Wage Budget: 800k

The Signings:

2032 - Juan Alvarado, Lorenzo Bertoli, Dietmar Reichert, Eusebiu Axinte, Michel van der Linden

2033 - Cristian Martin, Rajko Golubovic, Rodrigo Silva, Zoran Prskalo

The Youth: Fernando Teixiera (DC/MC), Michael Lucas (FC)

The club is also adding another 7000 seats to our stadium, which will take us to a total size of 34,000 or so, still not as big as I would like, but we are on our way. We are also now generating over 1/6th of the total sponsorship in the league at 4.3M a season. Also ex-Evora Player Oier Torres is now the manager of Spain.

Addictedness Rating: I never did what it says, the holiday time is only 1 hour ;)

For my new season I am looking to regain some of those missing trophies, we really had a last minute stumble across the board this season, I may just bring through some younger guys and give it a punt.

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cheers. pleased with the signings i made. i am actually in December (i played the odd night when i couldn't take a Monkeys session) and it's going ok. Looking forward to the review. Will we be seeing you back in Germant any time soon?

I may head back to Germany at some point, I was playing it alternate evenings with the Evora game, but really not getting into it, didn't help with Chemnitz struggling against relegation.

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Well, got fired already after 2 points out of the first 42. Oh well. Turned off by France after this so I might give it a chance in Portugal.

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Welcome to Portugal Twellman, gutted to see the way it went in France, harsh to be fired, but to only have 2pts is a bit of a disaster.

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Welcome to Portugal Twellman, gutted to see the way it went in France, harsh to be fired, but to only have 2pts is a bit of a disaster.

It was crazy indeed. 2 points in half a season is amazingly poor. I had decent squad but the team never got around my tactic. I had a 5 feet striker who was a delight to (try) to see where he was in the field, but the season was destined for disaster.

Anyway, here is me. Even though Moscavide just got promoted this year (after the year of simulating), the board wants me in top half. If I do as badly as I did in France, this one might be cut even shorter folks. We'll see. I'm hopeful!

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Good luck there is Portugal Twellman, Moscavide have been in and out of the bottom league here in Portugal through the 22 seasons I have here with Evora. Hopefully you can do better than that, I would suggest playing an attacking formation whatever you do, and target your attacking through the middle.

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We'll see what happens. So far, we have signed "mighty" striker Jardel, and even though he is well past his...well, his playing days, he just might be what we need to give us that bit of an edge. Personally i am more excited about a couple of other signings, but Mario has made the fans really happy and he might have a good two seasons, you never know with this guy.

I've also made a whooping 35k purchase, spending pretty much everything which was at my disposal, for a 16yo keeper from a lower league team. This guy just played for the U-19 Portuguese side...and he just got called a few days after buying him for the U-21. This guy could very well be my 1,000th appearance guy.

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I'm heading for Portugal as well. I like their strong connection to South America and the fairly open transfer/squad rules in particular. Was considering Germany or a trip back to FC Mulhouse in France, but Portugal it is. Hopefully it'll get me interested.

Manager Profile

I have taken over Anadia Futebol Clube in the Portuguese Second Division - Central. As you can see it is a fairly old but small club with an estimated value of £80K. The facilities aren't much to cheer about either, and I won't even try to type whole the name of the stadium. I'll just call it Cerveira for now. :p

Finances are as expected at this point. £41K in the bank and a wage budget of £2,6K per week. Not much to work with yet. Nice to see we have a kit sponsorship worth £16.8K per season though.

There's no staff at the club at all. It's just me and my monkey (the chairman). So first item on the agenda will be an assistant manager to help me fill in the rest of the staff.

Anadia, the city, has a population of 31,622 inhabitants (according to wikipedia). So I hope every single one of them loves football. :D

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twellman24 - that was a tough season! although sackings are harsh you probably deserved it!! :p good luck in Portugal

Ohanzee - Good luck in Portugal to you too! bit of an influx there. looking forward to seeing how you both get on.

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I may head back to Germany at some point, I was playing it alternate evenings with the Evora game, but really not getting into it, didn't help with Chemnitz struggling against relegation.

struggling against relegation?? i'm disappointed in you! seems like you're a one trick (country) pony!!

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Thanks rlipscombe.

Done with the pre-season and a couple of matches into the season. Bit overhaul of the squad. I hired Vitor Campelos as my assistant, and he's been acting as a bit of a scout since the actual scouts I got are worse at it than him.

Here's our squad now, with the assistant reports. I've been signing anyone he thinks is better than "a good signing". The biggest star in my opinion is Henrique who's played for Rio Ave in the top two divisions. Although only 3 games in Liga Sagres and he got no goals there. He signed on for just 1 year part-time at first, but I've given him a 3 yea year full-time contract already cause I think he'll be important.

The best of the rest are, Adilson (DM), Kipulo (DL), Bessa (SC), and Luis Loureiro (DM). At least according to the assistant manager. Two of them are already injured.

So far the league is a big mystery. First game we drew 1-1 at home to U. Serra when we where 1.17 favs to win. We did deserve better than a draw though, has to be said. Second game was against E. Amadora, and apparently we where "facing the impossible" as they where 1.17 favs and the odds of us winning was 11.00. We beat them 5-0. So, I guess I can just ignore the odds for now.

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Kipulo (DL) - Hmmm thats a familiar face from my Fafeful past...good luck in Portugal Ohanzee and the odds seem purely based on reputation which in lower leagues means absolutely nothing...

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Cheers LLR.

Kipulo is decent, but he's had two groin strains keeping him out for 6 weeks in total so far.

I love that we can scout Argentina and Brazil already. I had two Brazilian strikers join in January now that are rated above Henrique by my assistant. Can't wait to see them play.

I won't say how we're doing in the league, cause that's always bad luck for me. :p

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some decent signings there Ohanzee. i remember the legend that is Kipulo too. as for form, keep your mouth shut!! :D

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Anadia Futebol Clube 2010/11

1st in Portuguese Second Division - Central (pred: 8th) | Graph | Transfers | Finances

The League (Team stats | Corners | IFK | DFK | Player stats)

Not much to say really. I'm surprised at how fast the team gel'ed considering all the transfers. First half of the season went 9-6-0, second half 13-1-1. The one loss came in a match I decided to play all our backup players cause they where getting restless.

The Playoff (Table)

If the league was a walk in the park, this was the oposite. In the North division Freamunde where just as dominant as we where in the Central. They also got 73 points and had a Goal Difference of +54, 11 points clear of Boavista in 2nd. The South division though was a little bit closer, but Academico de Viseu where still 13 points clear of #2. Clearly the South divison was the weakest as the #2 team managed only 50 points. So I was hoping we might be able to beat Academico de Viseu at least.

Match #1 - Away vs Freamunde 1-0 win

We where totally overrun the entire match. Never really in the match, but still ran out 1-0 winners. Amazing really, and I thought we where really in it now.

Match #2 - Home vs Ac. Viseu 3-2 loss

Gutted! We played much better than them, but they scored a 4' minute injury time winner to really rob us.

Match #3 - Home vs Freamunde 2-1 loss

At least we where giving them a real fight in this one, but they are clearly a better team than us.

Match #4 - Away vs Ac. Viseu 3-2 win

It all came down to this. We had to win to be safe (2 points clear before Freamunde and Ac. Viseu played their last match). It was a roller coaster. We scored, they scored, we scored, they scored. Then Henrique came on as a supersub and gave us the victory we needed to earn our promotion!

The Cup (Fixtures)

Don't wanna talk about it.

The Players (Player ratings)

Bessa turned out to be our best performer. I bought him from one of our rivals Electrico (£0 fee) who finished 9th in the league. I guess they'd be a lot higher with him. Anderson also was great after he joined in January. He'd probably outshine Bessa if he had played that many games. The other January signing, Felipe, didn't get to many chances since Bessa was always on fire.

Very happy with the first choice players. Very rarely did anyone play below a 6.0 rating.

The Finances

We're into red, although we're not really far over the wage budget. Especially considering Felipe and Anderson only joined in January. So I guess our average attendance isn't high enough to warrant even a £2.6K wage budget right now. I'm not to worried though, I was planning on relying on free-transfers for a while still.

The Future

Considering how tough the play off matches where I'm guessing we'll need some improvements during the summer. We already got Anderson Tobias coming in as our 3rd Brazilian import. Hopefully we can at least manage to stay up.

-- I'll add tables for league position history and stuff on the next update, when there's at least 2 lines in it --

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Renato Curi Angolana - Serie B - 2020-21

The deeply average situation at Christmas

The January transfer window ended up being dominated by the events of January 14th. In the morning Sampdoria offered £2.5m for star striker Ezeocha which, inevitably, my chairman accepted. And then in the afternoon he tore a hamstring which put him out for 3 months. Obviously he then failed the medical so stayed. Obviously losing him for 3 months is not great but better than losing him forever. In any case, it would not have been a good move as they ended up getting relegated.

There was only one actual move as I signed a promising young Turkish GK on a free whilst I lined up 3 signings for the Summer, each attempting to solve problem positions - a great looking MR, the perfect looking utility defender and a quite brilliant 17yo Uruguayan DLC who will replace Ivan, he will cost £1.2m and join in July on his 18th birthday.

The first match was away at the bottom club which brought us our 1st away victory of the season and extended our unbeaten run to 9. Then the Ezeocha Situation occured so Saadaoui would get a prolonged period in the side to show what he could do. Well, what he could do against Cagliari was score in the 4th minute and complete a 1st half hat-trick! :D An acceptable away draw was followed by win over Spal which took us to 11th and only 5 points from the playoffs.

All continued to go well as we beat bogey team Grosetto. But then a late Bari equaliser at home via a ridiculously good goal derailed us slightly before our unbeaten run finally stopped at 14 as another late goal gave Chievo a win at our place despite us hitting the woodwork 3 times and forcing stunning save after stunning save. And then we lost at Taranto as well via yet another late goal. I went into the next game with no confidence whatsoever as it was at leaders Cesena who had not conceded in 5 games and were unbeaten in 15. No bother to us as we were brilliant and won 2-1. Unfortunately that appeared to be a fluke as we lost the next 2. That meant that with 30 games gone we had a "perfect" record - W10 D10 L10 F45 A45. We promptly lost the next match as well as any promotion hopes were quickly being extinguished. 4 points from the next 2 games left us equidistant from the playoffs and playouts.

Things then got much better as 4 wins in the row took us back up to 3 points behind 6th and the playoffs, the highlight of the run being a 3-0 win over Padova which included a Loos / Saadaoui assist / goal hat-trick. That run ended abruptly as we were very unluckily beaten 3-0 by Triestina. There was still mild hope as it was very close around the playoffs. Next up was a visit from 3rd placed Siena who outplayed us but we came back from 1-2 down with 5 minutes left to win 3-2, via another Loos hat-trick of assists. A win over Empoli and with 2 games left we were only 2 points behind the mythical 6th place. And our last 2 matches were against relegation threatened sides. Sorrento were brushed aside thanks again to the magnificent Loos.

The last match was at 19th placed SPAL. We needed to win and hope that neither Bologna nor Chievo won, fortunately they were both away from home, unfortunately like us they were also against pretty poor sides. We quickly went 2-0 up, as did Chievo whilst Bologna also took the lead. Unfortunately we then went to sleep and they came back into the game, thankfully so did the other teams' opponents so by the 70th minute all 3 matches were level. Then SPAL scored, then Chievo scored and it was all over...

So, 9th is where we ended up and looking at this we deserved no better. If only a couple of those pre-Christmas draws had been converted to victories although to be honest we did not really deserve much better than 9th place. We conceded a few more and scored a few less than last season which clearly made the difference. Also 6 defeats at home is nothing to write home about. I think the main difference can be summed up by the word Atienza, he was sorely missed. Ezeocha was also more injured this season and never really found top form although I should be grateful for one of those injuries as he would not be any more but for that.

I think the honest reality is that last season we massively overachieved whilst this season we slightly underachieved, if the 2 seasons had been reversed I'd have no complaints.

Worth noting is Atalanta's 2nd successive relegation, this despite having several Serie A standard players including a Spanish defender with 30 odd caps.

Final Squad - less Spanish

Final Summary


Transfers - Saadaoui and Zmuda were great successes, until his injury Coulibaly was solid albeit nothing compared to Atienza but after the injury his morale hit rock-bottom and he never regained his place from Fiorentini, Mutombo did quite well whilst Di Stasio was not convincing and given his value will be flogged in the Summer, the other 2 are for the future

The better players were:

Best GKs - Aílton and Lukas Hampf - the former started off a bit dodgily but had picked up when he missed 3 months thru injury which gave Hampf a chance to shine which he did, he played most of the matches in the 14 match unbeaten run, which ended when Aílton got back from injury, hmm, he is the better keeper though and Hampf is moaning about various matters so I might sell him as the young Turk is even more promising, Aílton should continue as 1st choice, he is still improving but I would like a slightly better season from him

Best Defender - Bruno Rivas - quietly joined last January from Barcelona, albeit for a club record £1.5m which still stands, has been 1st choice ever since and was quietly very good this season, very solid at DR, very rarely played badly and 2 straight MoM performances before Christmas showed how good he could be, more of the same please

Best Left Winger (and Fiorentini Update) - Angelo Fiorentini - was dominating the U20s again with the odd 1st team match until Christmas when Coulibaly got a 3 month injury so he got a run in the team, a run in the team which actually last until the end of the season, he was playing so well that I could not really drop him and when Coulibaly's moral dropped I had little choice but to play him, attributes-wise he is still, worrying, not improving but he is playing well so that is not that concerning, still various top clubs are interested in him which, given the chairman's propensity to accept offers, is a worry, not too sure yet if I will chuck him back to the U20s next season or play him as 1st choice...

Best Right Winger - Aleksander Zmuda - the new guy and a similar story to Fiorentini, he was in the U20s with Hamrouni as 1st choice until a 3 month injury gave him a chance, a chance he took well, and Hamrouni never got his place back, there is a new guy coming in who is supposedly better so he may go back to being back-up, we shall see...

Best Midfield - Radek Loos - wow, simply brilliant, the best £250k I have ever spent, to quote myself from last Summer "I have a suspicion that he is going to be very very good in due course", I was not expecting that to be this season, starting behind Puertas but I quickly realised that Loos is much better, his form after Christmas was unbelievable, towards the end of the season he was unstoppable, the final 6 games brought 1 goal and 8 assists and an average rating of over 8 :eek:, he is a joy to watch and I often have the impression that he is actually too good for some of my players, he plays perfect passes sometimes that they just don't pick up, I have an idea that the better players we better the better he will become, the only issue is that he is pretty dirty and picks up frequent suspensions, like Fiorentini I just fear the chairman...

Best Striker - George Ezeocha - great again, unfortunately just very injury prone, the 3 month injury did keep him at the club but it meant he never really played after Christmas as when he did he was not in peak form, he still managed over a 1 goal every 2 games and scared a lot of defences again, the principle issue is that he only has 1 year left on his contract and is currently refusing to sign one and there are plenty of clubs lurking, as long as he stays happy I won't accept any offers but I fear the chairman might, I am willing to let his contract run down if he can show similar form, if he signs a new contract, then even better

2nd Best Striker - Diego - again not as brilliant as 2 years ago but again he was not in his prefered target man role, despite this he actually ended up as top scorer although that was mainly down to Ezeocha's injury, a great player, shows no sign of wanting to leave, loves the club, I hope he stays and scores plenty more next season

Best Summer Signing - Hicham Saadaoui - when I signed him I thought I had got a bargain but I was concerned that he had played more matches for Algeria in is career than he had domestically, I should have had no worries about that, once he got a chance in the team he was brilliant, a hat-trick in his 1st start, another one late on in the season and he filled Ezeocha's boots very well, so well that even if Ezeocha leaves, I would have no qualms about using him as 1st choice

Hopefully it will be another relatively quiet Summer, the 3 new signings fill some holes whilst a few players will leave, definitely Puertas (Loos is better, Spalazzi is very promising, he has personal problems and won't sign a new contract) and Ivan (obviously!). Di Stasio will probably get flogged for a million of so whilst Galindo's record is so bad for a ST (11 goals in 72 games) that I am sure I can get a better backup then him so I might try to get some money for him. Apart from that it is kind of dependant on what the chairman does in relation to the inevitable offers for some of my better players.

Promotion is the obvious aim again, just need to make sure we get off to a better start than last season.

Best 11

Overall Best 11

10/11 - Serie C2/B - 7th

11/12 - Serie C2/B - 13th

12/13 - Serie C2/B - 2nd (promoted via playoffs)

13/14 - Serie C1/B - 8th

14/15 - Serie C1/B - 10th

15/16 - Serie C1/B - 5th (lost in playoff semi-finals)

16/17 - Serie C1/B - 2nd (promoted via playoffs)

17/18 - Serie B - 13th

18/19 - Serie B - 18th (survived via playouts)

19/20 - Serie B - 3rd (lost in playoff semi-finals)

20/21 - Serie B - 9th

Team I Would Like To Play Every Week - Sorrento (last) - A1-0, H3-0

Team I Would Not Like To Play Every Week - Salernitana (3rd) - H1-5, A2-3

The 100 League Appearances Club


[size=2]                        Apps Gls Asts MoM  AvR[/size]
[size=2]Aiman Napoli            209  98   54  29   7.12[/size]
[size=2]ST (2012-)[/size]
[size=2]Fabian Remy             203   -    -   4   6.87[/size]
[size=2]GK (2013-2019)[/size]
[size=2]Francesco Antonelli     159  13    7   4   6.93[/size]
[size=2]DC (2013-2018)[/size]
[size=2]Marcos Agudo            132   8    7   9   7.08[/size]
[size=2]DRC/DM/MRC (2014-2018)[/size]
[size=2]Francesco Della Rocca   130   7   21   4   6.92[/size]
[size=2]MC (2011-2017)[/size]
[size=2]Asier Sarriegi          129   9   30   9   7.06[/size]
[size=2]MC (2015-2019)[/size]
[size=2]Francesco Tacchinardi   126  64   18  14   6.99[/size]
[size=2]ST (2014-2019)[/size]
[size=2]Diego                   124  63   20  11   7.10[/size]
[size=2]ST (2018-)[/size]
[size=2]Jean-Martial Kipré      122   1   17   4   6.98[/size]
[size=2]D/WBR (2012-2017)[/size]
[size=2]Ivan                    119   0    2   0   6.73[/size]
[size=2]DLC/WBL (2018-)[/size]
[size=2]Francesco Stella        118  17   18   6   7.11[/size]
[size=2]MR (2013-2017)[/size]
[size=2]Andrea De Rose          117   0    4   4   6.86[/size]
[size=2]DLC (2012-2019)[/size]
[size=2]Jorge Loeschbor         116   3   13   2   6.93[/size]
[size=2]D/WB/ML (2015-)[/size]
[size=2]Jacobo                  116   3    0   2   6.88[/size]
[size=2]DC (2018-)[/size]
[size=2]Guiliano Sguera         111   3    2   1   6.89[/size]
[size=2]DC (2013-2019)[/size]
[size=2]Wim Kuipers             101   3   13   1   6.85[/size]
[size=2]MC (2015-2018)[/size]

4 new entries with Ivan being the most embarrassing and undeserved of all the players there...

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Don't worry Ghost a slip like that is just a reason to rebuild and push harder next season, I think this season is only a little behind where it needed to be. Hopefully you can grab some of Atalanta's players and push up to the top.

And thats an excellent first season in Portugal Ohanzee, you need to strengthen a little to stay up in Liga Vitalis though...

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ghostwriter - still a decent season that despite last season's 3rd place.

ohanzee - congrats on promotion - thought you might have done it. congrats.

As for Mannheim, with 2 days left of the January transfer window to go my chairman has sols my star CB Saed Hajrovic to Leverkusen for £1.2 million..... not happy!!

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Don't worry Ghost a slip like that is just a reason to rebuild and push harder next season, I think this season is only a little behind where it needed to be. Hopefully you can grab some of Atalanta's players and push up to the top.

Thanks, I hope it is only that. Have already gone thru the Summer (was a bit lazy about posting the end of season update), will post it in a couple of days but there was quite a few more signings and departures than expected. And I did have a look at Atalanta players but they were on good Serie A wages and ended up at clubs like Milan, Juventus and Napoli, that shows how bad the manager was...

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Des Tiny's Mini Pre-Season Update

Evora 2032/33

Liga Sagres

The Signings

Juan Alvarado: America (MEX) 3.3M

Lorenzo Bertoli: Atalanta 1.3M

Michel van der Linden: Luzern 6.5M

Dietmar Reichert: Freiburg 1.4M

Eusebiu Axinte: Villareal 12.5M

Benny Dost: FC Groningen 1.8M

Melvin Gorter: sc Heerenveen 1M

Inaki Arroyo: Athletic 40k

Roland Raes: Club Brugge 350k

Cristian Buonocore: Atalanta 4.7M

Pedro Zubizarreta: Athletic 1.9M

Pasquale Lazzarini: Roma 2.4M

Oscar Alonso Basail: Osasuna 2.5M

Rayan Thuillier: LOSC Lille Metropole 800k

Unai Soria: Osasuna 2M

Georgi Tsochev: Levski 350k

Mustapha Chihab: Mallorca 3M

I may have spent 46M here, but I raked in a huge 52M so thats a little profit there.

The Defectors

(Just the Big names)

Dudu Cearense: He left after a huge offer of 10M from Sevilla was accepted by the Chairman, admittedly he is only worth about that much and was not going to make our senior side this year.

Kamil Sima: The Left back left in a storm, he was unhappy with playing every game and winning trophies so we sent him off to Barcelona for 9M.

Aleksander Lukic: The left midfielder had slipped out of the starting line-up following an injury and as such he left for 5.25M to Chelsea.

Fahrettin Senol: A former back-up he had dropped and left for 2M to Bolton.

Milos Bjelic: I was surprised to see such interest in him this season, but the season on loan at Sevilla became Permanent for 3.8M.

Barry Britton: He was supposedly our second best Central Defender, but he never got ahead of Javier and ended up behind Duruer as well, a great offer of 4.1M from AC Milan saw him off to the Serie A.

Emiliano Cappiello: The attacking midfielder decided he wasn't happy anymore so I offered him out for 16.25M and thats exactly the offer that Chelsea came back with so he left to join Lukic.

All these transfers led to a new record in fees received.

The Loanees

at Bologna (Feeder Club): Ricardo, Francisco Sanchez, Elicarlos, Jeremie Caron, Josu Ros, Sebastian Uriarte, Jose Pacheco, Oscar Afonso.

at Bolton: Ziga Ruis

at Gil Vicente: Nicolas Rodriguez

The Matches

Our Matches were slight romps this offseason, even when I sent out my U19s to give them some top class game time. I also set up friendlies for the U19s and Reserves throughout the month of July as well. Our senior side got the folloing results:

vs Shakhtar 3:0

at Reserves 3:1

at FC Nantes 3:2

vs Arsenal 2:1

at Modena 7:0

at Catania 2:0

at Mantova 5:0

at Real Oviedo 2:0

Des Tiny's 1000th Match (Evora: 986, England: 2, Brazil: 12)

This milestone came up in the Portuguese Super Cup as we faced Varzim, the players wanted to do it for their boss, but myself I am looking forward to our 15th match of the year, this should be a Champions League Group match on November 2nd, but of course this could change with fixture movement. The team looked good all game, but we went through 90 minutes still tied up with us having 9 players out at the Olympics. In the first half of extra time we saw first Tsochev & then Babic step up to score a couple of goals to give us the 2:0 victory and our 9th consecutive Super Cup.

My Thoughts

With the new signings combined with the strength of my squad I think we look pretty good for the coming season. Hopefully we can do better than last year, as we go for our 10th straight league win, and hope to regain the European Champions League, we also need a slight better performance than Manchester Utd in Europe to gain the top spot there. I am still a substantial way off catching Fergie at the top of the World Hall of Fame.

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Anadia Futebol Clube 2011/12

3rd in Liga Vitalis (pred: 16th) | Graph | Transfers | Finances

The League (Team stats | Corner | IFK | DFK | Player)

I was expecting a battle for survival, but we got of to an amazing start winning 4 in a row. Obviously we where just lucky with the fixtures though as we didn't win a match for 10 games after that. Although we kept picking up lots of draws. The league must have a lot of even quality teams at the moment, cause that was enough to put us in 4th spot come January.

It was pretty much the same for the second half of the season. No team really got into a long run of wins and with just 3 games left of the season there was a gap of 5 points between #1 and #8. It went to the wire with Naval securing their promotion before their last game. That game happened to be against us. Sadly Beira-Mar and Feirense also played each other in the last game, and we needed both of them to lose to have a shot at 2nd spot.

So, not quite there yet, but oh so close. Interestingly we actually lost points against teams like Freamunde, who went back down. We just seem to paly better as underdogs. I hope the league is this tight next season as well. Then we may have a shot. Santa Clara and Portimonense are coming down from the Liga Sagres. I have no idea how good they are compared to the two that went up.

NOTE TO SELF: We've not scored a single direct free-kick goal in 2 seasons. Look for a set-piece taker.

The League Cup (Fixtures)

It looked like we'd be out of the League Cup before it really started when Fatima beat us 3-0 at our own ground. One of those weird results. The game was tight (15-12 shots in our favour), but they just scored on all their chances. Luckily there was a replay at their ground and this time we where the ones to score all our chances.

Enter the group stages. We where put in Group E with Braga and Feirense. That's a top half team from Liga Sagres and one of the top teams in Liga Vitalis. We somehow managed to hold Braga to a 1-1 draw at their ground, one of our biggest achievements so far. Feirense also drew against Braga, so when we beat Feirense 2-1 at our ground in the last match we where through.

In the second group stage we where put in Group A with big boys Sporting CP, P. Ferreira and Leira. That's 3 Liga Sagres teams, so I didn't think of this as any more than a learning experience. We lost against Sporting, which was no surprise, but we gave them a fight. We then beat Leira 2-0, which was very lucky, before losing 2-1 to P. Ferreira. And that was it for the League Cup, but I think we did a great job.

The Portuguese Cup (Fixtures)

We had a good run in this one as well, beating non-league and lower division teams before meating Naval in the 4th round. We beat them 4-2, but really it was more of a 4-4 match.

In the 5th round we drew the mighty giants FC Porto. When I went through the players they started with I thought we where in for a real beating. The only unknown player to me was regen Frantisek Martinek, and even he looks superb. It didn't happen though. Yes, we where outplayed without a doubt, but we somehow managed to hold them off to a 0-0 draw even after 120' minutes. I hadn't even checked my players penalty taking abilities, but when I did I thought that'd be it. We had a just 1 player with ability above 10. Still, it was the stars that faltered as Meireles and Martinek missed theirs for Porto, and we where through with a 4-3 win on penalties.

Sadly we where put down on the earth again in the next round. We drew Olhanense, also from Liga Sagres. They beat us 3-0 in a game that was really much closer than that. But at least we had a great run and managed to knock one giant out.

The Players (Ratings)

Lots of new faces again this year. Mostly in defense, as that's where we lost a lot of nobodies when their contracts ran out.

Anderson Tobias (AMC) - Decent, but not as good as I had hoped.

Roberto Tucker (DC) - The first player my scouts found in Argentina. Good season, very reliable.

Zamorano and Luis Torres (DR) - None of them where amazing, but consistent enough on the right-back.

Rainer (GK) - Our main goal keeper this season. Consistent enough.

Jonathan Criado (GK) - Didn't play much as rainer never let go of his spot.

Tiago (DL) - Promising, but broke his foot and was out most of the season.

Carlos Marques (DRC) - Joined on a trial and then signed a full time contract. Tuckers partner in defense for most of the season.

Marcelo Burzac (AMC) - Another Argentinian that made an impact. Got his share of goals and assists.

Joined in January:

Martin Curuchet (DLC) - Was our most consistent defender after joining.

Claude Froment (DC/DMC) - First player found in France. Not to impressed with him yet, but he needs to learn the language.

Dario Venitucci (DMC/MC) - One of the first players found in Italy. He's a model professional and already an important part of the team.

As expected Anderson was the best of the rest. He kept his form and scored 9 goals in the first 10 games. He calmed down after that, but he is no doubt our most important attacking player atm. Tavares also had a pretty good season in midfield, and Kipulo did his job on the left-back.

The Finances

Without the price money from our cup-run (£70K) we'd be well into red. It's not like we're in trouble though. Just hanging there balancing around zero. We're a bit above our wage budget atm, but no alarm bells ringing or anything. We also have 8 players contracts running out that'll free up about £1.1K. Players that aren't needed.

Average attendance went up a lot this year (1755, from 675), mostly due to playing teams like Porto and Sporting CP at home.

The Top Teams and Europe

Sporting CP won the Liga Sagres for the second year running now. Benfica won 3 years ago. It's the usual 3 teams up top so far.

In Europe Sporting CP got to the 1st KO round of the Champions Cup, where FC Bayern got to strong. Benfica didn't manage to qualify, but got to the 1st KO round of the Euro Cup instead, where Galatasaray beat them. Porto didn't even get through their Euro Cup group. None of the other teams got through to the group stages.

The Future

Just keep going I guess. Most of the team have just 1 year left on their contract, but I can always extend. A few key players have 2 years left. We're still semi-pro, but I have given most of the team full-time contracts anyways to be able to train them better.

If we can get a few more quality players in we could maybe push for promotion already. But I'm not sure we're ready for it as a club just yet. As an example take Rio Ave FC who finished 11th in our division this year. Their 3 top players put together earn more in a week than our entire wage budget. Still, I'd rather get promoted than not.

[b][u][color="Blue"]CLUB HISTORY[/color][/u][/b]

[b]10/11[/b]	PSDC	[url="http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv330/TommiHelm/Anadia/s1tab.jpg"]1st[/url]	-	2nd Round	-		-		Promoted in playoff
[b]11/12[/b]	LV	[url="http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv330/TommiHelm/Anadia/s2tab.jpg"]3rd[/url]	-	6th Round	3rd Round	-		-
PSDC - Portuguese Second Division Central | LV - Liga Vitalis | LS - Liga Sagres
SCUP - Super Cup | PCUP - Portuguese Cup | LCUP - League Cup

[b][u][color="Blue"]TROPHY CABINET[/color][/u][/b]

[b]Portuguese Second Division - Central[/b] - [url="http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv330/TommiHelm/Anadia/s1tab.jpg"]10/11[/url]

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LLR - some good signings there with plenty of potential. your future should remain pretty bright with some of them.

Ohanzee - unlucky on missing out on promotion again but a great season nonetheless. hopefully you'll be knocking on the door again next season.

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Renato Curi Angolana - Serie B - Summer 2021

As I mentioned, there a lot more movement than I was expecting. That said July was very quiet for arrivals as only the 2 Bosmans and the 18yo Uruguayan came in. On the way out however, there was many more things going on. Both Di Stasio and Puertas went for around a million to Taranto who won promotion to Serie A last season whilst Galindo, the non-scoring forward, went to Pescara for a bargain £400k, he could be a great signing for them. Once the young DL arrived, I flogged Ivan back to Spain whilst Hampf (reserve GK) continued moaning so he went back to Germany. Also a load of youngsters who were never going to have much impact here went for varying amounts to clubs of varying ability. This was a common theory in August as well, 10 in total went with only Gennari (a DR product) having playing more than a couple of games for us.

However, on July 20th, the inevitable happened as last season's champions Cesena offered up to £3m for Ezeocha. Obviously the chairman accepted, obviously Ezeocha accepted so our best player went off to try his luck in Serie A. Can't really blame him to be honest and I hope he saves them from relegation.

That along with Galindo's departure meant I had 3 STs at the club and one of those was an elderly declining Napoli, hence reinforcements were needed. And reinforcements arrived, a classy 20yo joined on loan from Roma, he scored 20 goals on loan at mid-table Triestina last season so am hopeful of something similar along with a young Belgian plying his trade in Hungary.

And for 2 weeks I thought that was enough. Until I realised that I only had 6 defenders who I was happy to play, 4 players with a left foot and 4 MCs, of which one Spalazzi would be must better suited to a loan spell. That coupled with both my on-loan ST and Fiorentini picking up 4 month injuries and my only other ML have a huge bigger-club moan I went into a shortlist searching panic. The result of that was Spalazzi going out on loan, a Czech U21 DC, a South African MC and 3 loanees coming in. I felt a bit more comfortable after that although I still had no other MLs to cover Coulibaly for the next couple of months.

So many more players that I expected arriving. And they are:


Marko Georgiev - pretty much the perfect utility defender, is a natural along across the backline and is equal to all my defence on ability in all positions, which is pretty impressive, no idea where I will actually play him, is definitely backup DL, but I can't keep someone of his ability on the bench so he might slot in at DC

Alejandro Jiménez - ridiculously good on the technical side of things, I cannot see any faults whatsover, however his physical stats let him down considerably, should still be a vast improvement on what we currently have at MR, whether he is the real answer to that position we shall see in due course

Pedro Guerrero - for an 18yo he is scarily good, cost a fair whack but I can so no reason why he will not become worth the money I paid for him, will start as 1st choice DL but given his age and the distance from his home country, I would not be too shocked to see him suffer a little bit in his 1st season, thankfully I have Georgiev for that eventuality, looking at his stats he could probably get away with playing ML as well if there was an emergency

Stefano Charlier - on loan from Roma who bought him from Belgium (where he was born) for £1.5m, looks rather good for a 20yo and given that he scored 20 goals last season on loan to a midtable Serie B side I am hoping for similar things, got off to the perfect start with a hat-trick on his debut in the cup, tearing a thigh muscle 2 games later was not ideal though

Christophe Bach - my 2nd ST signing, had cost Debrecen £2.5m 3 years back so £800k was a bargain, looks like a very good all-round ST, had a mighty U21 record and is very eager to do well here, will be in and around the 1st team

Martin Vecera - I needed another DC, and one who would not be too distraught about not playing a huge amount this season, this guy fits the bill apart from the fact that my assistant rates him as one of the best DCs here so he might not get the chance to even think about getting distraught, looks like a great player already although some tacking and heading improvement would not go amiss, with a little bit of training and settling in he could be very good indeed

Roberto Puccinelli + Mehmet Saral - 2 loanees from my parent club so cost nothing in wages, would never have tried for Puccinelli but for Charlier's injury but actually he looks even better than Charlier does(!), had a respectable Serie B loan spell 3 years back but he will have improved considerably since then, will play quite a lot, as for Mehmet, I have no idea why Udinese let him go as they bought him for £2.5m 2 years back and he was close to 1st choice since then, and he is on £24k a week (to which I contribute nothing :cool:), bought as more DL cover but he is in fact our best DR now so will probably play quite a lot there

Japhet Skhosana - I needed an MC and I had a look at quite a few but in the end this guy was definitely the value for money, cost very little and has a Czech passport which meant I could buy him (Guerrero being my 1 non-EU buy this season), looks like a great MC, up there with Loos on ability, will cover that position this season although given that Loos had a Summer grump because I turned down a co-ownership offer from Serie B he might play a bit more than expected if the grump continues

Enrico Gatti - brought in because I sent Spalazzi out on loan, is a bit better than Spalazzi currently is but given the amount of wages I am paying him, I am slightly doubting the financial sense in that move, however given the inevitable suspensions and injuries he will play quite a bit and he looks a great prospect, I just hope Spalazzi's loan in Serie C1 is a great success and he comes back a stunning player

Andrea Speciale - this Summer's youth product and, well, I don't I need to bother about backup GKs for a few years and when I do, it might be because this guy has moved up to 1st choice, he looks like a stunning player for a 16yo and he trains well over the next few years he could turn out to be very, erm, special, co-ownerships from all over Serie A have been offered and refused so far and they shall continue to be

So, there we go, yes, going forward we might have been better 2 years ago with Atienza and Ezeocha but on the rest of the pitch we have definitely improved. The only issue might be the integration of the newcomers, there will be at least 4 new players in the 1st 11.

I think our cup run is worthy of special mention, first up we thrashed a Serie C1 club via Charlier's debut hat-trick. We were then 2-1 up at Padova before conceding a last minute penalty. And it stayed 2-2 so penalties it was. And then this followed :eek:. We had 5 chances to win :rolleyes:. I never thought it would end.

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despite the departures i think you've made some good signings there. The striker Bach looks like he could be a great player. i think you've got a brgain there! good luck this season. fingers crossed you have a good season.

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LLR - Some great signings there. Axinte especially looks like he could create some havoc once he's settled in. Very motivating to see that you can attract such talented players now.

ghostwriter - Looks like you got a good mix there. I especially like Bach. If he has potential to improve he could be world class.

rlipscombe - Cheers, I hope we can keep it up.

We're still a semi-pro club sadly. Guess we need to get to the top division before that goes away. On the bright side we can have 6 scouts now (increased 2 each year so far) and they are getting better and better at their job (JPP/JPA).

Sporting CP and Benfica actually came and asked us if we want to play friendlies against them now. I choose to see that as a sign that the club is improving. The Sporting CP match already got canceled cause it collided with the early cup rounds though.

Not quite done with summer yet. Got a few new boys, but still hoping my scouts come up with some real gems before the window closes.

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Anadia Futebol Clube 2012/13

2nd in Liga Vitalis (pred: 11th) | Graph | Transfers | Finances

The League (Team stats | Corner | IFK | DFK | Player stats)

It didn't start to well. I think mostly due to me playing this new defender Federico Redondo to much. I thought he looked good, but I should know by now that defenders with crappy jumping stats are hopeless. After I dropped him we got back on track and started winning again. After 8 games we where in 2nd place and never left all season.

Trofense was a huge surprise to me seeing as they ended in 10th place last season. This guy Fabiano was no doubt the main reason for their amazing turn around. Shows how much one good striker can change a team.

The Cups (League | Portuguese)

Putting them together cause we where really bad this year. We barely got to the group stages in the League Cup and this time Braga beat us. The Portuguese Cup was the worst though as we went out in the 2nd round to Gondomar SC. They ended up being relegated from Liga Vitalis. I really wonder why we're so bad against bad teams. Anyways, not being in the cups might just have given us enough energy to push for that 2nd spot in the league, who knows.

The Players (Stats)

Starting with the new signings again

Lima (SC) - He was the only player I made a deal for before the transfer window opened. I was hoping he'd be a second Anderson, but he took his time to get going. Not sure what to think of him yet, but he did pretty good in the late season.

Diogo Luis (DL) - Was gonna be the first choice in his position until we found Mino.

Giuseppe Scotti (GK) - 3rd choice goal keeper. Was willing to be a "hot prospect", so no moaning about not playing.

Juan Manuel Sanches Mino (DL) - Very pleased with his first season.

Diego Ortega (AMC) - Disappointed in this one, expected more.

Josue Ayala (GK) - Was gonna be 1st choice, but Rainer didn't let go of his spot this season either.

Cristian Stele (DC) - Very consistent.

Federico Redondo (DC) - Horrible. I think we conceded goals in every match he played. Sometimes as much as 4. I should know better though. Every time I sign a defender with low jumping he's horrible. I considered re-training him to be a midfielder, but his creativity stinks. I think I'll try to make him into a right-back next season just to see if he does less damage there. He do have some qualities. My tactic just seem to rely on strong centre backs who's good in the air.

Dante Geminiani (DR) - Very pleased with this one, just like Mino.

Adriano (MC) - First choice, but not amazing. Consistent though.

Marcelo Canete (AMC/FC) - Bit of a panic buy just before deadline as I wanted another attacker. Didn't really get a chance to impress.

We also signed two young belgians in January. Sijmen Marx (MC) and Zakaria Falkenberg (DL). Both as "hot prospects" and on long term contracts. Rated as "leading stars" potential for Liga Vitalis. Not convinced they will turn out to be much, but they cost nothing so it's worth a try, and we need to start building a youth/reserve team anyways for the future.

Of the old players Martin Curuchet was the most impressive. Shows what kind of centre back I really need. Anderson once again had to pull most of the weight up front. Venitucci was also consistent as usual in midfield. Those three where also the only players we had in the "team of the year".

The Finances

Not looking to good now. We're a small club still. Semi-pro, have a crap stadium, crap facilities, etc. And now we're gonna join the "big boys", without any money to invest. I really hope something change over summer, like a Chairman loan or something. But I doubt it.

Average attendance went down 200 (1755->1555). Mostly due to not playing any big teams in the cups I guess.

The Top Teams and Europe

Sporting CP won the Liga Sagres, again. That's 3 in a row now. They have a very strong squad still including big stars like Veloso, Moutinho, Fernandez and Postiga. The usual top 3 are 14 points a head of #4 this year.

In Europe Sporting CP got to the 1st KO round again, but where knocked out by Man Utd. Porto also entered the group stages of the Champions Cup this year, but only managed 3rd place in their group. They where knocked out in the Euro Cup 2nd KO round by Benfica. Benfica lost in the Quarter Final to AS Roma. A rather heavy defeat as well. 5-1 loss at home and 3-0 loss away. Humiliating really. Maritimo also reached the group stages of the Euro Cup, but lost 5 of their games.

The Future

Like I said we're a very small club when you look at everything. No idea how we'll do in the top division. Since we have no money atm and are over the wage budget I'm not sure we'll be able to improve much. All the current players have at least 1 year left on their contract though. Have to wait and see I guess. Things may change. Praying for a cash injection from somewhere.

[b][u][color="Blue"]CLUB HISTORY[/color][/u][/b]

[b]10/11[/b]	PSDC	[url="http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv330/TommiHelm/Anadia/s1tab.jpg"]1st[/url]	-	2nd Round	-		-		Promoted in playoff
[b]11/12[/b]	LV	[url="http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv330/TommiHelm/Anadia/s2tab.jpg"]3rd[/url]	-	6th Round	3rd Round	-		-
[b]12/13[/b]	LV	[url="http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv330/TommiHelm/Anadia/s3tab.jpg"]2nd[/url]	-	2nd Round	2nd Round	-		Promoted
PSDC - Portuguese Second Division Central | LV - Liga Vitalis | LS - Liga Sagres
SCUP - Super Cup | PCUP - Portuguese Cup | LCUP - League Cup

[b][u][color="Blue"]TROPHY CABINET[/color][/u][/b]

[b]Portuguese Second Division - Central[/b] - [url="http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv330/TommiHelm/Anadia/s1tab.jpg"]10/11[/url]

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congrats on the promotion Ohanzee... Good luck next season - gonna be tough!

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Cheers rlipscombe. It will be tough, but I think we got some good players. We're starting with games against teams predicted to finish 12th-15th in our first 4 games actually. Hopefully that can give us a jump start.

Anadia Futebol Clube pre-season 2013/14

30th of June was like Christmas eve this year. First I'm told that Anadia is gonna recieve £1,000,000 in TV-rights the coming season. That alone will fix our current financial situation. Then my board tell me they'll increase our wage budget to £23,2K, meaning we can actually attract some decent players. And the last great news is that we are finally a professional football club. Great day.

I spent a lot of time setting up a scouting network, keeping only 2 of the ones we had. We now have 12 scouts, most of them very good at judging potential and ability. And, the best part, we can now scout anywhere in the whole world. This is my favorite part of this game, so I'm really happy about this. :thup:

Another sign that we're now at the top level is that we all of a sudden have players worth as much as £7M wanting to join us. At least that's what my assistant thinks. Sadly we have an amazing £3K transfer budget, so they'll all have to wait with joining the mighty Anadia. :cool:

The best things in life are free anyways:

Yago (AMLC) - One of two deals done before the transfer window opened. He was released by Juventus.

Giacomo Bonnaventura (DMC) - The other deal done before the transfer window opened.

Germano (DMC) - Never played in Europe despite his age.

Steve De Ridder (AMR) - I don't usually play with wingers, but I can fan my tactic out to support them easily enough. He can also play striker and left winger though.

Carlos Martins (AMC) - He was released by Benfica and have played 11 seasons in Liga Sagres. I expect him to be important.

Rodney Strasser (DMC) - Released by AC Milan. Another one I expect to be really important. He looks brilliant, compared to what we had before.

Deola (GK) - Has been in Europe for 4 seasons in De Graafschap. Played above 7.00 for them each season, so hopefully he can help us keep a few clean sheets.

Milan Mutavdzic (MC) - First Scandinavian import, as he played in Malmö before. A bit slow, but looks good and can play DC, DMC, and MC.

Nicola Battaglia (DC) - Another regen defender. This on can jump though. He looks promising. Was released by Inter after 3 years of not playing.

Bruno Gama (AMR) - Another winger, but he can also play AMC. Well known name in Portugal I think. Another winger that was gonna be a world beater, but never was.

Anderson (FC) - Another striker called Anderson. This is gonna be confusing.

Lorenzo Giuliani (DC) - Another regen defender. I think this guy is the most promising of my regens so far. Although he's missing determination, which is usually first on my list. He as well was realeased by Inter.

Filipe Machado (DL) - He looks good, but my fans think he can cause issues with his personality.

Jacob Lensky (DL/AML) - A Canadian, who's been playing in Holland for Utrecht. He had a rating of 8.04 last season for them, although I suspect that was as a winger.

We also sold quite a few players for actual money.

Sky Bet think we're gonna win the league, making us 5001.00 favorites. Err wait, is it the other way around? :rolleyes:

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some decent signings there Ohanzee. Carlos Martins will do well for you i think and Deola looks a solid goalkeeper. good luck mate. i have a feeling you might finish in the top-half...

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well my debut season in Bundesliga II is complete - i will put up a review tomorrow.

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Anadia Futebol Clube 2013/14

6th in Liga Sagres (pred: 16th) | Graph | Transfers | Finances

The League (Team stats | Corner | IFK | DFK | Player stats)

As I mentioned earlier, we had to play teams predicted to finish 12th to 15th in our first 4 games. We managed 3 wins and 1 draw, giving us an amazing kick-start in the top division. We then lost to Braga in our 5th game and only won 3 of the next 10 matches after that. Still that was enough to put us in a really safe situation come January.

I decided to take advantage of our safe position, because our finances were really bad. Several of our players had clubs looking at them, so I started offering them out (without transfer listing). This lead to Battaglia, De Ridder, Bonaventura, Stele and Germano leaving for a total of £1.33M. Sadly not a single dime went into our transfer budget, but it put our balance back on the right side of zero.

It also put us below our wage budget again, which was my real plan. There was several players in my scout reports whos contract be running out come summer. Sadly my plan sort of failed. Almost all the players I was after wanted signing-on fees, and my board would not let me give them that, even though we had money in the bank now. I managed to bring in Garibaldi and Hubert right away though, to make up for some of the lost squad players. And we do have 3 decent players coming in July after their contracts end. But we missed out on many as well.

Anyways, having kicked several squad players out the door, I was expecting February to be a tough month for us. Instead, we went on our biggest winning streak of the season. I picked up a manager of the month award for February and for March after winning 7 before drawing with Vit. Guimaraes to end the streak. In the middle of it we had the best result of the season as Benfica was beaten 5-4 in a thrilling match.

At this point we where actually just 5 points behind the top spot, but the Vit. Guimaraes match was another turning point, this time a bad one. We didn't win another game for the rest of the season, losing 5 of 6. Still it was enough to finish 6th. Looking at the table it's clear that our defense is utter crap, while we have a more than decent attack.

Also interesting to see all 3 "top teams" finish at the same points total. A total that was an all time low for the winner of the Liga Sagres. I was really expecting Sporting CP to win it easily once again, as they picked up Edin Dzeko on a free in the summer and didn't really lose anyone important.

Note to self (again): Get a bloody set-piece taker! 1 goal from corners in 30 matches is abysmal! And again zero from direct free-kicks! :thdn:

The Cups (League | Portuguese)

Not much to talk about. We did manage to get through the first group stage of the league cup, but Porto won the second group rather easily. In the Portuguese cup we drew Belenenses away in the 3rd round, which was the first round for us. We didn't really put up a fight and they deserved their 2-0 win. Unlucky draw I'd say, although they did finish only 13th this year somehow, after 4 years straight in the top 6.

The Players (Stats)

No one really stood out, but Lima and "the new Anderson" were behind most of the goals together with Yago. But their ratio isn't incredible when you look at the amount of matches they played. Still, two strikers at 10+ goals in our first season is decent I guess. "The old Anderson" became more of a super sub as he failed in most of his starts, but scored quite a few late goals as a sub.

I was hoping for more from Strasser, Martins and Deola to be honest. But they where at least consistent. I suspect Martins would shine more in a AMC role. He was playing MC most of this season. Giuliani had a good first season I thought to. The other young Italian defender, Battaglia, was sold in January. He couldn't adapt to life in Portugal and missed 3 training sessions even after being allowed a leave of absence.

Several contracts are running out. Tucker, Mino, Burzac, Diogo Luis, Zamorano and Rainer will all be allowed to leave.

As mentioned I have 3 players ready to join us in July already. Antonio (DRC), Hector Caro (SC), and Martin Diaz (DR). Hopefully we can manage to bring in a few more as well during the summer.

*poke if you want screens of anyone in particular*

The Finances

As mentioned they were horrible in January. Even with the TV-revenue ticking in we where losing money each month. So the transfers done in January is the only reason we're on the plus side atm.

It's a bit of a blow, cause we had an average attendance of 4,673 this season. That's just 227 away from full every game. So we won't be getting much help from ticket sales anytime soon. We'll just have to keep bringing in free transfers and selling for profit for now.

The Future

Staying up was easier than I thought it would be, but even though we're in the top half I feel like we're pretty far away from the top. This game in the late season against Sporting CP shows just how big the gap really is. Sporting are ranked as #19 in Europe though. Clearly they have a big reputation when they can attract a player like Edin Dzeko.

Portugal are ranked 6th in Europe and have 3 ECC and 3 EC spots now. Sadly I think Vit. Guimaraed will get one of the 3 EC spots, since they lost to Porto in the Portuguese cup final. I don't think we're ready for it yet anyways.

Anyways, we have all the backbone in place. A huge scouting network. 4+ stars in all training areas. Good physios. All we need is money to improve facilities and attract better players. Not quite sure what my strategy will be yet. We need a new stadium, as it can't be expanded past the current 5K. And that won't happen without more money in the bank I reckon. So we'll have to rely on player sales I guess.

[b][u][color="Blue"]CLUB HISTORY[/color][/u][/b]

[b]10/11[/b]	PSDC	[url="http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv330/TommiHelm/Anadia/s1tab.jpg"]1st[/url]	-	2nd Round	-		-		Promoted in playoff
[b]11/12[/b]	LV	[url="http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv330/TommiHelm/Anadia/s2tab.jpg"]3rd[/url]	-	6th Round	3rd Round	-		-
[b]12/13[/b]	LV	[url="http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv330/TommiHelm/Anadia/s3tab.jpg"]2nd[/url]	-	2nd Round	2nd Round	-		Promoted
[b]13/14[/b]	LS	[url="http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv330/TommiHelm/Anadia/s4tab.jpg"]6th[/url]	-	3rd Round	3rd Round	-		-
PSDC - Portuguese Second Division Central | LV - Liga Vitalis | LS - Liga Sagres
SCUP - Super Cup | PCUP - Portuguese Cup | LCUP - League Cup

[b][u][color="Blue"]TROPHY CABINET[/color][/u][/b]

[b]Portuguese Second Division - Central[/b] - [url="http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv330/TommiHelm/Anadia/s1tab.jpg"]10/11[/url]

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great stuff Ohanzee - had a feeling you'd be around mid-table somewhere. still outperformed what i tohught though i should hardly be surprised... i'm also extremely envious of your ability to fly through the seasons!! :D

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Cheers rlipscombe. I think we where lucky to be that high really. Some wins where not deserved. I have a lot of time on my hands atm as I'm back to studying 100%. I have made myself some rules. I spend time on transfer windows. And then I read at least 1 page in my books between each match I play for the rest of the season. I actually get a lot done (study-wise), cause I really want to get to that next match. :D (Probably won't be playing much this evening though, but maybe late late night)

Anadia Futebol Clube pre-season 2014/15

We got a new kit sponsor. Two year deal worth £400K per annum. Very pleased with that.

We where busy in the transfer market once again. Here's all the transfers. As you can see we also sold a lot of players. Instead of spending any transfer money I put most of it into the wage budget though.

Martin Diaz, Antonio and Hector Caro I already mentioned briefly. Caro is probably my best striker now, as I decided to cash in on Lima, Felipe and "the new Anderson". Antonio and Caro will also play a lot as they are the only real right-backs left after the summer. Although Redondo is also "competent" in the position now, after a year of re-training.

Gür Koray was the only other player I decided to go for before the transfer window opened. He's a very tall defender with good jumping and heading skills. Just the way I like them. Being from Turkey he might need some time to settle in, but he'll probably be playing a lot.

Jose Luis Marti was the next one to join. A Spanish left-back. He's not amazing yet, but he's got potential to improve. My scout said he's a decent Liga Sagres player, but can become a good one.

Ali Yüksel Akbas is another Turkish defender. He's not as tall as Koray, but he's got the aerial ability. Sadly he's already homesick, so I fear he'll be another Battaglia, but I hope not.

Cristian Leiva is one of three young goalkeepers that joined this summer. Brian Goodall and Dailos Alvares are the other two. All three are 19 years old and have 3,5 star potential. That's "leading star" according to my scouts. Dailos Alvares is the best, and already at his potential according to my assistant, but I'm not sure I believe him. The scout who found him thought he could improve. Either way, we have 3 promising goalkeepers. Now to keep them all happy. This is why I decided to sell Deola.

In between the goalkeeper arrivals we also picked up Attilio Gatti. A young Italian defensive midfielder. Not amazing, but hopefully he'll improve a bit.

The last two to join was the experienced Ruben Olivera and Russian striker Vladimir Lebedev. My fans don't like the Olivera signing, so maybe it was dumb, but he can play both AMC and striker, and I need the cover. Lebedev is a bit slow for my liking, as I usually want pacey strikers. But he was the best striker I could find that wanted to join us. He looks very promising if you look past the acceleration. Hopefully that can improve with training.

I also want to mention this kid my Scandinavian scout found, Patrick Wang. He looks crazy good. But they want at least £1.8M for him, and I don't have anywhere near that kind of money. Really sad, cause my scout thinks he'd be extremely interested in joining us. :(

That's it. With the players sold we now have a £2.1M balance, but I'm sure we'll need it. The wages are higher than the gate receipts will be able to handle. We're still £100 below our wage budget, and I have £322K in the transfer budget left to juggle if needed as well. Might come in handy in January when we can start offering contracts to those who'll be out of contract next summer.

PS! You lot need to start posting. I feel like I'm hijacking the thread here lately. :p

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WOW Patrick Wang is an amazing player...I want him in my game, I can afford that. Of course to me 1.8M is chump change in Portugal, of course I am worth nearly 3 times the value of my nearest competition now, but I still drop in finances every season until I get my Champs League money in the door at the end.

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SVW Mannheim - Bundesliga II - Season 2012/13

Season Review

Media Prediction: 17th

League Finish: 2nd Graph

Bundesliga here we come!! Our brief stay in Bundeliga II sees us promoted as runners-up and we have made the top division after only 3 seasons. Have to say i am absolutely delighted at our promotion and it is far beyond my expectations for the season. I had secretly been hoping for a mid-table finish but i never expected us to win promotion. I'd have loved to have given lots of updates but i just couldn't risk the forum curse... :D In all truth in the end i am a little disappointed not to have won the title having led at Christmas but the sale of Hajrovic put paid to those plans. Our little wobble in the spring saw us fall behind Karlsruhe and we were never able to close the gap.

Squad 1 Squad 2


Time to have a look at the players who helped us to our second successive promotion:


Ricardo Batista - The Portugese was once more our number one keeper. Put in a number of great performances again.

Full Backs

Bienvenue Basala-Mazana - The young German was a force once more at RB and handled the step up in division well. Occasionally lost his place to Salukvadze to keep him happy but overall first choice RB.

Lasha Salukvadze - The experienced Georgian was mainly back up RB over the season though he did well when he played. Due to his age i might start looking for a replacement though as he was a bit of a stop-gap signing. Will probably be moved on during the summer.

Lovre Vulin - The Croatian starred once more at LB and dominated the LB position. may make the grade at the highest level.

Marin Leovac - A great little player but the form of Vulin limited his appearances.

Centre Backs

Sead Hajrovic - The young Swiss Cb was definately our star Cb and his departure to Leverkusen for £1.2 million thanks to the interferance of my chairman definately weakened our defence in 2013.

Bura - the Portugese CB handled the step up well though his performances were a little more erratic, especially after Hajrovic's departure. His place is possibly under threat for the new season.

Mario Erb - Despite some inconsistent form, Erb had a solid season. His place is at risk tohugh as well for next season.

Stephen Sama - the controversial German / Camaroonian signing really disappointed this season and he may well have to pack his bags in the summer.

Defensive Midfielders

Jay-Emmanuel Thomas - The young Englishman had a solid season in his new DM position, his preferred position. Kept Coelho out of the side by and large. i hope he can handle the step up.

Nuno Coelho - Found himself on the subs bench this season after i decided to move Thomas backwards in the team. Still turned in solid performances when called upon.

Eric Tie-Bi - the young Ivory Coast midfielder found his appearances limited this season but i still rate him as a DM and i am planning on keeping him on.

Central Midfielders

Ertan Ekiz - Another fine season from Ekiz - he handled the step up with ease. Although at times i wanted to rotate the squad, i could never bring myself to taking him out of the starting XI. It will be interesting to see if he can maintain his performances at the top level. My heart says yes my head isn't so sure...

Mario Haas - the on-loan German found himself a regular starter this season and scored a number of important goals which kept him his starting place. Whether he will come back again next season we shall see.

Andrea Mutumbo - The Belgian midfielder found himself in the role of '1st rserve' called upon when Haas or Ekiz did not play. But for Haas' goalscoring, Mutombo would probably have got plenty more appearances under his belt.

Nemanja Nikolic - The Serbian played at both CM and AMR over the season and performed well when called upon. I maybe hoped for a little more from him but he will probably get more chances to imporess next season.

Attacking Wingers

Fabio Paim - The Portugese winger started well but tailed off after Christmas and found himself out of the side. Possibly not cut-out for this level, he may well leave over the summer.

Noureddine Boukhari - The on-loan Dutchman did well when called upon and put in some good performances on either flank when required. Would like to maybe have him back but not sure of the chances of that happening.

Maxim Skavysh - The Belorussian was signed on a pre-contract deal in the summer and he arrived in the new year. was mainly a sub but when called upon he played either AMR or sometimes as a replacement for Ekiz.

Ricardo Ziganda - The young Spaniard stepped perfectly into the shoes of the departed Diogo ROsado and performed admirably on the left side. Much more to come from him hopefully.


Fikru - An absolute steal at £55k, Fikru was the top goalscorer for the club and earned his place in history in helping fire us to promotion. if i was being picky his form did slump for a long time in the second half of the season which may ultimately cost him a starting spot in the Bundesliga. Named 3rd best player in Bundesliga II

Soren Larsen - i signed the experienced Dane on a free transfer over the winter to strengthen our striking options. Did reasonably well when called upon, although i'd have liked a few more goals. His contract has now expired and i haven't decided whether to give him a new one yet.

Christian Pitrotto - the young Italian didn't get too much game time this season but his time should come as he continues to improve.

As previously mentioned Hajrovic was the main departure of the season. i have also sold Rabiola for £1 million after a disappointing season at the club and Conor Clifford has moved to Aberdeen for £95k.

On the finances front, we now have an extremely healthy £10 million in the bank following the increase in attendances coupled with transfer fees and a healthy £6.5 million in prize fund money. Looking at the prize fund money in the Bundesliga i think the bottom club gets about £11 million so financially we are pretty secure for now. hopefully i'll get a good wage and transfer budget to play with as i try to survive in the top flight.

>>> Targets for the new season <<<

> SURVIVE!! Unofficially though i am hoping for somewhere in mid-table. when we have played winter friendlies against the top teams we have always done quite well so i hope that that can transfer to the league.

I cannot wait to get cracking moulding a squad over the summer to see us compete in the Bundesliga. to get here so fast is fantastic and i just hope we can keep up this form.

Career History

[color=black][font=Verdana]Season   League      Pos.  Cup       Europe         Achievements[/font][/color]
[color=black][font=Verdana]2010/11  3rd Division  3rd   N/A       N/A             Lost in play-off final[/font][/color]
[color=black][font=Verdana]2011/12  3rd Division  1st                 N/A            Champions[/font][/color]
[color=black][font=Verdana]2012/13  2nd Division  2nd               N/A             Promoted[/font][/color]
[color=black][font=Verdana] [/font][/color]

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LLR - Yea, I really wish I could find the money to get him. He'd probably get us into Europe on his own. I'm really glad to see how big your Evora has become btw. In FM2011 we'll have dynamic league reputation as well. Should make it even more fun. Not to mention the option of asking to build a new stadium instead of having to wait for the board to think of it on their own.

rlipscombe - Well done! :thup: You got the finances to get some improvements to. I reckon you'll be able to attract some real talent now. It usually makes an enourmous difference just being in the top division.

I had Jay-Emmanuel Thomas in my Scotland save I think. But that was after at least 6-7 years. He was part of my Euro Cup winning side. I think his potential is random though, but he looks good for you. (Found a screen of him from my last season there).

That Roland Schraps look very promising for his age. Needs some concentration, but that'll come by itself. Might have future legend there.

I got one more player before the transfer window myself. Sasa Sunjic is a very talented striker. Better than the others we have according to my assistant. Only got him on loan though as my scouts won't even guess what kind of fee they want for him. Cost just £50K to loan him for a season, and he'll be useful no doubt.

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cheers Ohanzee. the money is good though i was only given £2m transfer budget and £89k per week in wages. need some serious wheeling and dealing i think1!!

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Anadia Futebol Clube 2014/15

6th in Liga Sagres (pred: 10th) | Graph | Transfers | Finances

The League (Team stats | Corner | IFK | DFK | Player stats)

It started really well as we somehow managed to beat Sporting CP at our ground in the first round. It was a robbery though. We didn't lose until the 6th match against Trofense. Typical of the season, as we played a lot better against good teams and lost against the bad ones. It was also the 6th game without a clean sheet.

In January we had some players leave again. I decided to offer Ali Yüksel Akbas cause he was creating disharmony with his attitude problems. I was delighted to get several offers at £1.6M (twice his value). What I didn't plan on though was losing Koray Gür. He had been playing well but when Kayserispor offered £2.3M up front I just couldn't refuse. We where losing £200-300K per month at that point. I also decided to offer Rodney Strasser out. The reason being that he picked up his 2nd red card in 14 matches. Add to that that he had 13 yellow as well and started crying when I fined him 1 week wages for that second red, and my patience with him was up.

To make up the numbers I brought in Alberto (DMC), Corry Evans (DC/DMC) and Emiliano Moretti (DLC). All experienced players. I also put some of the transfer money received into the wage budget, and started offering contracts to players who will be out of a contract in the summer. We have no less than 10 players lined up to join us in July already.

After we started playing again in January we kept conceding goals every match. We won just 1 of the next 5 matches, and after a 3-3 draw away to Leixoes I decided to do something. From that point on I started every match with a defensive team mentality. And it actually helped. The last 10 matches we let in 9 goals, 6 of those in three matches against top 4 sides (Braga, Sporting, Benfica). Huge improvement over the 27 we let in in the first 20. We managed 5 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses in those matches. Including a 3-1 win away at Braga, which was probably the best match we played all season.

In the end we got more points than last year, but finished in the same spot, 6th. This time how ever I believe it will give us a chance in Europe. Nacional de Madeira finished 5th and was runners up in the Portuguese Cup which Sporting CP won. So I think all 6 spots will go to league places this time.

NOTE!!: Check out how many goals Benfica scored on corners.

The Cups (League | Portuguese)

League Cup was bad again, no point dwelling on it. We had some lucky draws in the Portuguese Cup though, which brought us to the 6th round before losing to Sporting CP.

The Players (Stats)

At the very back I tried my best to rotate our talented young goalkeepers from the start. Brian Goodall sadly got homesick right away. Dailos Alvarez became the first choice for the first half of the season, but he also never managed to settled in. He as well asked to be transfer listed. So, in the end Cristian Leiva became our first choice goalkeeper.

In defense Giuliani once again became the most important player after losing two center backs in January. He was angry with me for not accepting offers for him during the summer, but now he's happy playing for the club. I'm also happy to see that Redondo is actually playing well now that he's retrained to right-back. He and Martin Diaz did really well there. Jose Luis Marti was also good at the left-back, and probably the player that improved the most over the season. Shows how much playing games mean for a players progress.

I feel like midfield is where we can improve the most atm. No one really stood out. We have several consistent performers, but no one is really above average. It's an area I need to look at during the summer. A couple of the 10 that's coming in July can play there.

In attack Vladimir Lebedev became the big star after he settled in. It took some time, but in the end he was our best striker. FC Porto have been watching him for several matches and are "interested". A few other clubs are monitoring him as well. He even picked up the Young Player of the Year award. Hector Caro did ok, but I expected more. There's several clubs monitoring him as well.

The Finances

They may look good, but there's trouble under the surface. We were losing £200-300K per month most of the season. What saves us is player sales. Without £6.3M income from that, we'd be £2M in red now. Average attendance also went down a bit.

You may wonder why I haven't bought Patrick Wang, now that I have a £2M+ transfer budget. Well I tried, but after getting a updated scout report on him Tromsø now want at least £3.3M for him. So he's out of my league. There's several other clubs after him to now.

The Future

I guess my strategy is clear now. Get as many promising youngsters or decent players on free as possible, and sell some of each season. It's the only way I can get any sort of economy atm. Like I mentioned we have 10 players coming in already, some more promising than others. I'll wait until my pre-season report to show them though.

We'll also be in the Euro Cup qualifiers, I think. At least we should be, the way the Cup and league went. That might give us a bit more money, depending on how far we mange to go.

I also asked the board to improve training and youth facilities, and they have agreed. They'll spend £450K on that.

[b][u][color="Blue"]CLUB HISTORY[/color][/u][/b]

[b]10/11[/b]	PSDC	[url="http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv330/TommiHelm/Anadia/s1tab.jpg"]1st[/url]	-	2nd Round	-		-		Promoted in playoff
[b]11/12[/b]	LV	[url="http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv330/TommiHelm/Anadia/s2tab.jpg"]3rd[/url]	-	6th Round	3rd Round	-		-
[b]12/13[/b]	LV	[url="http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv330/TommiHelm/Anadia/s3tab.jpg"]2nd[/url]	-	2nd Round	2nd Round	-		Promoted
[b]13/14[/b]	LS	[url="http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv330/TommiHelm/Anadia/s4tab.jpg"]6th[/url]	-	3rd Round	3rd Round	-	-
[b]14/15[/b]	LS	[url="http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv330/TommiHelm/Anadia/s5tab.jpg"]6th[/url]	-	6th Round	2nd Round	-		Europe here we come
PSDC - Portuguese Second Division Central | LV - Liga Vitalis | LS - Liga Sagres
SCUP - Super Cup | PCUP - Portuguese Cup | LCUP - League Cup

[b][u][color="Blue"]TROPHY CABINET[/color][/u][/b]

[b]Portuguese Second Division - Central[/b] - [url="http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv330/TommiHelm/Anadia/s1tab.jpg"]10/11[/url]

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Anadia Futebol Clube pre-season 2015/16

Transfer History :

Fernando (DR) - Spain, 20yo. End of contract, Barcelona.

Eugeny Galkin (SC) - Ukraine, 19yo. End of contract Metalists.

Marko Livaja (SC) - Croatia, 22yo. End of contract Hajduk.

Antonio (DLC) - Spain, 20yo. End of contract Valladollid.

Ergün Cakin (DC/DMC/MC) - Turkey, 20yo. End of contract Fenerbache.

Vuk Dabic (DC/DMC/MC) - Serbia, 22yo. End of contract Sparta Prague. £65K fee.

Alberto De la Rosa (AMC) - Spain, 20yo. End of contract Barcelona.

Emilio Arias (SC) - Spain 22yo. End of contract Valencia.

David Sousa (DRLC) - Spain, 20yo. End of contract At. Madrid.

Pavel Gross (SC) - Czech Republic, 18yo. End of contract. £60K fee.

Oriol (AMC) - Spain, 18yo. Transfer listed Sporting. £425K.

Humberto Gonzalez (MC) - Spain, 18yo. Transfer listed Racing. £755K.

Regis Makengo (GK) - DR Congo, 19yo. Released by Olympique Lyonnais.

Patrick Wang (SC) - Norway, 18yo. Bought from Tromsø. £2.4M

As you can see several players were sold. The biggest one being our goalkeeper Cristian Leiva to Sporting CP for £3M. That and the money from the sale of Gatti and Caro was enough to actually spend some money this window.

Lets start with the big transfer. Patrick Wang. His price had dropped, probably cause he had just 1 year left on his contract. Somehow I didn't face any competition. No other bids, even though clubs like Arsenal were interested. He'll probably need some time to settle in. First two matches he played 6.20 and 5.30, and did nothing at all. 3rd match he did a 9.20 with 2 goals, 1 assist and the MoM award though. 5 year contract to. Hopefully he can be a real star.

Of the others I'm especially pleased with Vuk Dabic and De la Rosa. They are filling two positions I really needed to fill, and look really promising. Emilio Arias is supposed to be a leading star as well. I'm excited about all of them really.

Makengo is the only "hot prospect", but he'll really be a 3rd choice in the first team instead. Dailos Alvares and Brian Goodall have both settled in now. But Goodall still haven't requested to be taken off the transfer list, and I can't force it. And with Leiva leaving for Sporting CP we'll need another 3rd choice.

I'll be playing with 3 strikers most of this season I reckon, and we have plenty of cover in all positions.

We're also through to the group stages of the Euro Cup. After two really weird rounds. We only managed a 1-1 draw at home against Malmö FF, but beat them 3-0 away. We then drew Lech of Polen in the next round, who I reckon are really a better team than us looking at their players. In the home game we where by far the better team, but still lost 3-4. But somehow we came away with a 3-1 win in the away game, which they dominated. I dunno what's wrong with us at home really.

We drew Tottenham, Udinese and CFR Cluj in the group stages, so I reckon that's as far as we'll get. But at least we got there.

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