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Installing on other drive

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Now whilst the normal drive to install the game on is C:\ I have a quaestion

I have a 2nd drive which is E:\ which is pretty much empty. Now what I want to know is, am I able to install FM10 on this E:\ ? and how would it impact the game ? would it run alot better since the drive is pretty much empty ? Will it run at all on the E:\ ??

If I can use it on the E:\ how much different during installation of FM10 would it be ? whould I have to do anythng different ??

Many thanks ahead of time for this help. I hope to be getting the game int he next couple of days


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Makes no difference what so ever first of all on speed and yes you can do it to your secondary hard drive partition if it has enough space on it.

The installation will be the same and you need to change it on the installation option to make sure it's E drive.

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