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Just my opinion and I am not a computer wiz.

Dont buy it. The specs are fine. Lots of processing power, big harddrive for a laptop and good amount of memory and the graphic card isnt bad.

I have had VERY bad experiences with Acer laptops. Just threw away mine and helped another friend repair his.

If your going to spend all that money invest it in a more reliable company, they all have similar hardware nowdays anyway.

I would recommend: Dell, HP, Toshiba as good reliable laptops

Again this is only my opinion from personal experiences.

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i would agree with the above post DO NOT BUY ACER.

dell are very reputable as are hp toshiba and packard bell. ive used all these and never had a problem. but acer is completely useless i would never buy so much as a toothpick from them (even though they dont make toothpicks before some smart arse comment)

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You get bad experiences with any brand... I've had two Acer laptops and they've been nothing but excellent! Its luck of the draw, and how you treat them/use them.

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