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[FM09] Tales from the Galpharm

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With FM2010 only a few weeks away I thought I would have one final fling on 2009 with a mid level club based in League One (as some of you may have guessed from my name I support Charlton Athletic so in a way I suppose I am scouting League One so it’s not a complete shock to me when I start my 2010 career). For the purposes of this final fling I decided upon Huddersfield Town a club who are not among the pre-season favourites to win the title but a club who in theory should not be among the strugglers.


Huddersfield Town for those of you who don’t know are a team based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and to be honest the town is more of a rugby town so it falls squarely upon my shoulders to change that. They share the Galpharm Stadium with rugby league side Huddersfield Giants and the stadium holds approximately 25,000 supporters though we will be lucky to see two thirds of that through the gates this season.

For my final 2009 challenge I am using version 9.3 and I have loaded up all leagues from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I have also loaded the top divisions in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Argentina and Brazil (all non-playable). I like to play and write at similar times so I won’t be more than five games or so in front of what I am posting on here.

For my summaries I will only report on the important information and present each result, goalscorers and team selection with a small summary of what happened. I will do monthly updates so some maybe longer than others and I will present my squad, transfers and pre-season results as one larger post to kick off with.

I hope you enjoy…

* Please note: Due to the fact I am not the best when it comes to using computers I will not be able to post much in the way of screenshots to start with but as the season progresses and my knowledge increases I will put some in towards the end.


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I have taken over Huddersfield Town and upon first inspection they have a good squad who are more than capable of being up there at the end of the season.

Squad... (I will be alternating between a 4-5-1 and a 4-4-2 formation)

Goalkeepers: Matt Glennon (29 years old) & Alex Smithies (18)

Full Backs: Andy Holdsworth (24), Jack Hunt (17), Joe Skarz (18) & Dominik Werling (25)

Centre Backs: Andy Butler (24), Nathan Clarke (24), Tom Clarke (20) & Spencer Harris (17)

Midfielders: James Berrett (19), Michael Collins (22), Ian Craney (25), Michael Flynn (27), Jim Goodwin (26) & Jonathan Worthington (25)

Wingers: Lionel Ainsworth (20), Danny Cadamarteri (28), Anthony Pilkington (20), Gary Roberts (24)

Strikers: Andy Booth (34), Tom Denton (18), Phil Jevons (28) & Keigan Parker (26)

I also have defenders David Unsworth (34) & Chris Lucketti (36) on the books but I will be looking to offload them in the near future to reduce our high wage bill.

Finances: Two kit sponsorship deals worth a combined £510,000 a season. Also I have three different loans repayable at a combined £18,000 a month.

Club Affiliates: No-one affiliated with at present but I instruct the board to find us a parent club

To Spend: By the time I had adjusted the budgets I only had £68,000 left for transfers but at least the wage budget was under control. If I sell any players I will adjust it back accordingly.

Predictions: The media have predicted an 8th place finish for us this season though I firmly believe that we could aim slightly higher and maybe go for the play-offs. I think automatic promotion may be out of our reach this season so maybe a nice cup run will keep the fans happy.


Players In...

Zavon Hines from West Ham United on a season long loan deal

James Chester from Manchester United on a season long loan deal

Jordan Henderson from Sunderland on a season long loan deal

Donal McDermott from Manchester City on a season long loan deal

Players Out...



Friendly Match vs Ossett Albion (away) attendance: 1408


HUDDERSFIELD TOWN 9 (4) Flynn 12, Hines 21, Cadamarteri 40 & 43, Worthington 50, Wilkins og 57, Parker 61, Roberts 70, Collins 90

Team: Glennon, Hunt (Holdsworth), Werling, Chester, N. Clarke, Berrett (Goodwin), Flynn (Craney), Worthington (Collins), Cadamarteri, Roberts, Hines (Parker)

Club announce a link up with Premier League side Middlesbrough

Friendly Match vs Bromsgrove Rovers (away) attendance: 1215


HUDDERSFIELD TOWN 2 (2) Henderson 15, Pilkington 39

Team: Smithies, Holdsworth, Skarz, T. Clarke, Butler, Goodwin (Berrett), Henderson (Craney), Collins (Flynn), Pilkington (Ainsworth), McDermott (Roberts), Booth (Jevons)

Friendly Match vs Tilbury (away) attendance: 1121


HUDDERSFIELD TOWN 3 (3) Ainsworth 18, McDermott 27, Parker 37

Team: Glennon, Hunt (Holdsworth), Werling, N. Clarke, Butler, Berrett (Goodwin), Worthington (Collins), Flynn (Craney), Ainsworth, McDermott, Parker (Hines)

Friendly Match vs Winchester City (away) attendance: 1105


HUDDERSFIELD TOWN 2 (1) Collins 7, Chamberlain og 74

Team: Smithies, Holdsworth, Werling (Skarz), Butler, Chester, Goodwin, Henderson (Flynn), Collins (Craney), Ainsworth (Roberts), Pilkington, Booth (Hines)

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