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Suggestion: Option to view finances 10 years back

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I really enjoy the financial aspect of Football Manager, I like to look at where my expenditure is going on, how much and where, same with my revenue.

At the moment all you can see in terms of income and expenditure is:

This Month

Last Month

This Year

Last Year

I don't think this is sufficient enough, the graph does show overall income and overall expenditure over the past few years. I'd like to see over the last 10 years how my gate receipts have varied, how my merchandise revenue has increased.

I'm just suggesting for the detailed financial features to be displayed futher back, like 10 years. Rather than the current ones listed above.

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oops, just realised you can view them in the graphs. But seeing them as values would be good too!

Would be good if you could see income and expenditure on the same graph!

Also would be good if you had a financial advisor, that would advise you on things on how to maximise your revenue or reduce your expenditures.

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Some advice on how to improve the club's finances would be welcomed by me. It would make managerial life a bit easier.

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