The Thread Nobody Reads But Which Everyone Should -- THE FMS HOUSE RULES

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FMS House Rules and FAQs (read before posting!)
Welcome to the FMS Forum, the best place on the internet to share your fan fiction about Football Manager/CM. Here you’ll find a great place to hang out, a good place to get constructive criticism about your work, and some discussion about issues of the day in and out of the world of football.

We are an active community. As a result, we do have house rules that we expect will be followed by those who post here.

We aren't a site which allows you to post links to your Youtube videos, blog posts or redirects to other forums without an accompanying story. Period.

  1. We are a storieshttp://www.proxymoron.org/llm/ and have fun. It’s a random team selector and it works. Point being, don’t start a thread asking us to choose what team you should be. You will be flagellated.

    Q. Can I do a sign-up story?
    A. Signups are difficult to do because they take a great deal of dedication. Our advice is that you should be an experienced writer with a strong following before you make the attempt. Don't expect a lot of input if you stroll onto the forums, post for a sign-up, and abandon your work after two weeks when the novelty wears off. Before starting a sign-up, post in the Community Thread. Or, see the Challenge and Sign-up Forum. If you write a sign-up story here, the actual thread should be just that -- a story, and not a request for sign-ups.

    Q. Hey, what’s with these cool polls and thread-rating tools in the software?
    A. Erm, nothing. Nothing at all. In fact, don’t use them. If you rate a story, tenthreeleader will find you. If you post a poll, gavrenwick will find you. If you like Liverpool, Mark Wilson_27 will find you (just kidding). We have annual awards, voted on by our membership, each year. That’s our ‘thread rater’, and we accept no other.

    Q. What happens if I don't read the clearly marked sticky that says to read this thread before I post my thread that contains items violating the house rules?
    A. Well. Maybe it won't be that bad.

    Q. Is it true that the mods have horns and can breathe fire out their ears?
    A. Maybe. We’re really nice guys, but we’re here to enforce the rules for the benefit of everyone. We want FMS to be a welcoming place and we’ll make sure the SI Forum rules are followed here. So relax, post your work and above all, have fun in FMS.

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