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[FM09] The Forgotten Half of Manchester

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So, this is take 2 of a previous thread of mine, and just for the record, I haven't forgotten about my Chelsea/Hibs save

Normal database with the 9.3 patch.



A pretty pish season to sum it up royally. All will be explained soon enough. No screenshots of league table as I'm quite far in, so I'm trying to remember.


They were my transfers for the entire season. Kuzmanovic, Pandev, Yobo, Srna, Johnson, Gamberini, Vagner Love were all signed to be first teamers. Aurelio was offered to me so I bought him as back-up.

Anyway, we finished a very crap 7th in the League. We won nothing and failed to qualify for anything. Very disappointing season, however I believe the team failed to bond together and of course and abrupt change of tactic didn't help. I must've been on a very thin line but a good run in the LC I think saved me. Words can't describe how I felt when the contract offer came in.



Gordon was signed as back-up and potential replacement to Shay Given, likewise Vanden Borre and Huth. Vuckevic, Ribery, Sanchez were signed to go straight into the first team and did, whereas Sahko, Wilshere and Bale are all for the future. As you can see, a lot of deadwood were released on a free but we got a fair few players for money. All who left were un-needed and unhappy, except Vagner Love but I felt with the amount of profit we were getting was insane, plus his form had started to dip slightly.

The league was much better this year, we finished a very respectable fourth. Again, nothing won except much appreciaton from the board and I'm very happy with that. Another good run in the FA Cup this time was pleasing.

Author's note: Sincere apologies for the very bare updates, however when I catch up with the current season, I'll be more in-depth with more screenshots.

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Some interesting signings there. £191 million spent over two years :eek: Considering it was only offset by £50 million, that's some amazing spending...but then again you're Man Citeh so i'm sure it's just a drop in the ocean! :D

Well done on breaking the top four last year, with the players you now have i'm sure the league title won't be too far off this year :thup:

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We're steadily improving! We welcomed a third place finish but transfers first. Xabier Garcia was signed as a promising 16 year old, however sadly has not turned into much. This is him now, lingering in the reserves sadly. Stefan Mauersberger was also signed as a 16 year old, alas he hasn't come to anything. Veloso and Defour were our big name signings this year, however biggest bargain goes to Igor Akinfeev who was signed for a paltry £10M. Jimenez was signed because he was cheap.

Like I said, third place and the semi finals of the FA Cup.



James Vaughan was cheap and very good back-up, likewise Joleon Lescott.Brandon Rodriguez and Ruban Usandigaza were both promising youngsters, Usandigaza has since left the club, and Rodriguez may have a future. Muntari, Aguero and Rodriguez are all part of my plans.

Second place!!! Until the last day of the season where we slipped into third. However, we won the League Cup! Also, Arsenal dominated this season winning 34, drawing 2 and losing 2, a phenomonal record.

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A great season, second place! Steady progress is being made, I'm enjoying this.


Mikkel Ibsen, Damian Santana and Vitaliy Kovalchuk are all promising youngsters (Kovalchuk was even a one-time wonderkid despite not playing a game for me..) and Hans Nguimbat was signed for back-up, likewise Nacer Barazite. Luka Modric was the big money signing, along with Fernando Torres. Chris Gunter was brought in as back-up.

So, all in all a good season. Second in the league and runner up in the UEFA Cup!

Much apologies for the last few bare updates, next one will be the season I'm currently at. And cheers for the support!

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Milos Urosevic - A good central midfield prospect from Montenegro, cost £3.2M.

Dennis Peter - A Brazillian 15 year old signed for a hefty £5M, however his attributes look excellent and he is two-footed!

Vladimir Kekic - Serbian Winger/AM and a good prospect imo. Didn't cost too much.

Francesco - Spanish defensive midfielder. Signed after he impressed scouts and Euro U21 Championships.

Gérard Carriere - See Francesco. Top scorer of the championships.

Ross Dunn - A hefty fee but is a great player and soon became a wonderkid following his arrival.

Juan Abundis - Mexican defender, very pleased with this signing and definitely future first team.


As you can see, we had a good season but United dominated. Liverpool went into administration allowing me to snap up Gerrard and Babel for paltry fees.


Shows our cup progress. Very hopeful for the forthcoming season :)

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Love the way you talk about players coming in for £7.5m as "cheap" when pretty much all my transfers on my current save are free ones, and "expensive" is £375k :D

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Can I ask why you sold Micah Richards for only £10 million in the first season?

You should be able to win the league this season.

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Micah Richards was replaced with better players so I felt he could leave - which he did



Players signed:

Drew Vaughn

Bartosz Sacha

Pablo Alvarez

This year was our year, as we completed the treble by securing the FA Cup, League Cup and won the league by some distance.

English Footballer of the Year - Very surprised by the eventual winner although we done a 1, 2, 3 in this award.

English Young Footballer of the Year - Ross Dunn retained this for the second consecutive year.

Manager of the Year - Me :cool:

Team of the Year - We dominated this, tallying players altogether in it.

Top Goalscorer

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