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When should I start to look for another team?

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Hey, As you can see I am new to these forums and having just completed my 2rd season in charge of Real Madrid CF I was wondering when I would be able to quit and reciew or apply for a job at a well known club as I have done this before and all the clubs were lesser known.

Just for some background reading here is my club info.

Goalkeeper: Iker Cassilas Tim Howard

Backline: Sergio Ramos John Terry Pepe Miguel Torres Lassana Diarra

Midfield: C.Ronaldo Andres Guardado Raul Van Der Vaart David Beckham

Forwards: Gonzalo Higuain Huntellar Van Nistelroy Tim Cahill

Titles over 2 years:

Season 08-09: Spanish Cup- Winner vs Valencia Liga BBVA- Winner by 14 Points

Season 09-10: Champions Cup- Winners vs Barcelona Liga BBVA- 2nd by 5 Points Spanish cup: Winners vs Gimnasio ???

Thanks for Reading comments on Question above much appreciated.

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Just keep looking in the Jobs section. When a job that you want appears, you don't have to quit, but you'll probably annoy the board

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Yeah, follow your gut. If you see a club you fancy, go for it. I was at Newcastle for 8 seasons, the final two winning CL and Prem both seasons. AC Milan came up so I thought I'd give it a go.

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Having started with Real Madrid, almost any other job is going to be a serious step down!

I personally would advise creating a new manager who is either unemployed or starts at a smaller club. It's harder but ultimately more satisfying.

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