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Network play - NEED HELP

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I have the following problem:

i started a network game with a friend. we did 2 seasons no problem.

yestarday we were in my house and played the game on my pc. i started the game normaly and he clicked on the team and join command.

after hours of play... we saved it.

Today we were going to resume it but playing again in network mode because we were each one in our houses. The problem appears : each time a load the game it appears the ACTIVE status to both of us when to him should appear not active, and he would join the game by accessing the ip and clicking on the non active status to become active.

But since we played in the same computer every time a load the game we both have active status and he can´t reseume control of his time from his home. the only way we can continue the game is playing in the same computer... this sucks

Is there anyway to solve this if ??

Please help


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