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Is there some kind of a Man Utd stadium bug in the game?

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Can someone tell me the stadium sizes of Wolves and Manchester United six years into the game? I started the game as Wolves (for a third time) and noticed that the board expanded the stadium after one year in the Premiership even though my avg attendance was 25000+ for a 28500 stadium. The number of seats was the same in each save, bringing the total to around 42000+. No expansion has taken place in the next four years.

The same thing happens every time i play as Manchester United. The board expands the stadium in the first two years to bring it till 100,000 and then leaves it off. When i started as Manchester City and then after six seven years into the game (which saw me go to Italy and Spain) i took over as United, there were no expansions to the stadium. But after the end of my first year at the club (2016) the board announced an expansion of 16000 seats. Is this some kind of a bug?

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There isn't a planned stadium extension for Man Utd and Wolves. If the club has a lot of money and reguarly fill there stadium the board will decide to extend/build a stadium.

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