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Will Football Manager Work On A Netbook?

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Here are the specifications of the Netbook. I intend to put FM2009 on it but if I get the Netbook later on in the year I may just wait for FM2010 and install that instead. I also intend to upgrade the hard drive to a Solid State Drive maybe an 80Gb or 120Gb and boost the RAM up to 2gb.


* Display: 12.1 WXGA (1280 X 800) LED 200 nit, 250g

* Processor: Intel Atom N270

* Graphics: Intel integrated GMA 950, Nvidia ION

* Memory: Up to 1GB DDR2 533 MHz

* Hard Drive: Up to 160 GB SATA (160, 250, 320)

* Battery Life: 3 hours with 3-cell, 6 hours with 6-cell

* Weight: 1.4kg with 3 cell, 1.55kg with 6 cell

* Dimensions: 292 X 216 X 22-28.9mm

* Connectivity: 10/100m Ethernet, Broadcom 578M, Intel WiFi Link 5150 1X2 AGN, Intel WiFi Link 5100 1X2 AGN, Non-Intel wireless b/g, Non-Intel wireless b/g/n, Bluetooth

* Other: 3 USB, 1 Expresscard slot (Intel and VIA platforms), 4-in-1 card reader, VGA, RJA45, HDMI

* Software: XP Home SP3 (32 bit)

The name of the netbook is: Lenovo IdeaPad S12.

Link To Netbook:


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You might get the 2d engine going, but I doubt the 3d graphics will work particularly well. Also, if you have more than a few leagues running, I expect 1GB of RAM will render the game very slow. If you are buying the netbook anyway, I'd say try the demo first.

FM08 should go okay, though.

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Atom is a very slow CPU while FM on the other hand is the slowest game in the world by far. It might be somewhat playable with a couple of leagues loaded on a small db (i personally wouldnt select more than 4). 1gb of ram is enough for a small db. 3d engine i guess should work since you said the netbook is based on the ion chipset (geforce 9300 integrated gfx).

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You can get netbooks with 2GB RAM for about £30 more. Personally, if I was wanting to run FM on a Netbook I'd spend the extra.

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It is possible to get it running, however the hassle involved is not worth it. I stick to playing FM09 on my mac and using the netbook for just net browsing and mobile computing which is all its designed for really. There are some quite small and light normal laptops on the market these days too, although its probably a netbook you defo want/need?

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