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  1. Introduction. For a few issues of the game now, my saves have generally been more about the development of a club and individual players within that club rather than about winning this trophy or that trophy, (although a little success along the way is always nice too). I usually play Full Fat FM with a skin that has an Instant Result button, and the only highlights I look at are usually goals that we score, (unless things are going particularly poorly and I need to do something to avoid getting sacked). My goal is just to keep developing the Youth players produced by the club, and hope that their continued development will see the club progress over an extended period of time. Some of you are probably thinking "where on Earth is the fun in that?", but that's just how I like to play and I make absolutely no apologies for it. So I started off playing with San Marino (club), in FM14 and it was in this save that the Youth development bug really bit me. Forget winning the Champions League or the World Cup. The best Day each season was Youth Intake Day and all the others days in the year were only about getting 1 day nearer to Youth Intake Day. Since San Marino, I have played Youth Development saves in Gibraltar, (went very well), Germany, (second season sacking syndrome), Serbia, (Partizan rather than Red Star thank you very much), and I am now managing a little club called HK in Iceland in FM17. Something that I have often wondered is...... what actually determines how good my Youth Players are going to be? We all know that it's something to do with the HoYD, and the Junior Coaching, and the Youth Recruitment, and the Nation you are managing in, but how much do each of the above affect things and in what way? How important are they? Also, does it matter what Country you are managing in and what if you have great Facilities but a poor reputation? Going further than that, how might your Intake be affected if you had great Facilities and a good reputation, (because you were successful), but you were playing in the Footballing back-water of Outer Mongolia, (or Greenland was the analogy that I remember first reading about this)? The truth is I just don't know, and it seems that nobody else really does either. What seems to happen quite a bit in the FM community, is that if something is posted or said in a blog or vlog and is well-presented and articulated, then it is just taken as the gospel truth by loads of readers/viewers, irrespective of the truth behind the statement or claims. Then it is just spouted verbatim as if it is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, (and the only truth at that!) lol and it's a bit of a self-perpetuating myth. It's true because so many people think it's true and the reason that so many people think it's true is because so many people say that it's true. It obviously must be true! The reality is that blogs and vlogs and threads in here are absolutely nothing more than a presentation of an opinion held by one or more people on a particular subject. It could very well be that the opinion is bang on the money and is great, but it could also be that the opinion is a load of old baloney and isn't worth the online paper it isn't written on. (That obviously goes for this thread too by the way). The difference here is that I am going to try and tell you what I think will happen before each mini experiment and then we will actually see the results of the experiment, and then I will offer my own conclusions as to the results of the mini-experiment, but feel free to draw your own conclusions and even disagree with me. If this interests you then just look at the evidence and decide for yourself. I've done relatively well with youth intakes over the last few versions of the game, so FM players that I deem as quite experienced have often come to me and asked, "how do you get such good intakes?" The reality is that I don't think I do really, it's just that they look better in comparison to the rest of my squad because I am never going out and buying the next star. What I have been looking for is a way to do an experiment like this, but at the same time not ruin my own game. I will be honest with you and admit that I'm far too busy, (lazy you say?), to run a blog about FM like so many others do, (I really just can't be bothered), but I love playing the game so I needed something that wouldn't take away from my own HK save in Iceland, because with respect to those of you reading this, if the enjoyment of playing my own save wanes, I'm certainly not likely to be continuing a bloomin FM experiment. The way my mind works though, (and this thread is far more for me than anyone who might read it so apologies for being selfish), while it might be ok for me to do things in the game that manage to generate what I want in terms of end result, I actually want to understand it. I don't mean have a vague notion of little bits and pieces of the game as is the case now. I mean I want to know how every aspect works and how it impacts on the particular way I now like to play the game. (Ok. Maybe not).
  2. I have played every version of FM (and CM!) since CM97/98, and never done a youth only challenge. And I have very rarely, if ever, managed outside the big European countries. My usual thing is to take over supported club, Leyton Orient, and play until they dominate. So I am setting myself a vaguely ridiculous challenge to see the other side of the game. I want to turn Europe on it's head using a youth only strategy. What does that mean? Taking over a club in the country with the lowest coefficient (preferably newly promoted), use only players from the youth academy (signing players for mentoring only is ok), and play in that country until that country is top of the coefficient list. Then move onto the new country that is bottom of the list. And so on. In practice I doubt I ever get past the first country, but hey, we shall see. Wouldn't it be great to see a Europe dominated by the smallest countries? Using Claassen's update, I am starting in San Marino, as according to UEFA they are second bottom (not sure Kosovo clubs can play in European club competitions in Football Manager?). I kept having the computer pick a team for me until it selected one from San Marino for me, and it is Faetano. My manager starts off as 22 and took the recommended settings: so I have a National A coaching badge and a Sunday League past. To make the challenge harder, I loaded 100,000 players (keeps the value of my players down), and also loaded the top 12 leagues by the rankings. So that is Spain, England, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Portugal, Belgium, Ukraine, Turkey, Netherlands, Austria. Lets go!
  3. Ello All Well, having been spurred on by the excellence of @Jupjamie and his never ending quest in San Marino, I thought I would try one myself. I havent played fm games seriously for quite some time, not since its was considered cheating to sign Maxim Tsigalko, (but we all did it though, he was just that good!) But I have always been one for trying the impossible, and this relates to the earliest challenge I set myself as far as I can remember, which was winning the premier league with Stalybridge Celtic on Premier Manager 2 using just development players. Now I dont know how much I can tread on jupjamies toes, but i do love his spreadsheet layout, so I have started doing one of these for myself, and if its ok with him, will post on here too. Now what I have done differently, 1stly I have chose Cosmos, for 2 reasons, 1, they are the worst side on the other side of the San Marino league system to San Giovanni, and 2. they are called Cosmos! its just asking for a shedload of spacey type puns! 2ndly, I am starting with a youth team, so at the start of the game I am releasing all the players (except 1 16 year old, as he looks ok, and well, is 16) and signing the grey players in the squad and u19s that appear on a free. I will play the 1st couple of games, and if it goes terrible, I will holiday to the 1st Youth Intake day, sign them all, and then holiday to the start of next season. Lets see how it goes.
  4. In my save i am Rangers, im into my 3rd season on my new save and i must say it seems like si have improved the youth players that come up through the ranks as i seem to get better players coming through than previous fm versions. On my second year i got some good prospects. This year i have had the best youth player i have ever seen, for me anyway. Paul Rae. He started with 2 stars and has 5 star potential. He is also described as a Perfectionist and i have never seen this on any youth player to come through my ranks. He looks immense and has been described as the next Joe Jordan.
  5. Can anyone explain what the deal with the "extra" compensation fees for youth players is? My scout says a player has a compensation fee of 6M (NOK), which is really on the high end for my club, but he's got very good potential and I need a youth player in that position. So I offer him a contract and we agree on wages etc. When the deal comes through, the compensation is now 6M cash, with an additional 2M for his first International Appearance and 200k(!) Per League Appearance for 40(!) matches!? That's an additional 8M if he becomes a regular, and 10M if he becomes an International. Where did these fees come from, and why aren't they considered by my scout? This is quite detrimental to how I like to recruit new players to the club, as I will have to wait until they sign a contract before I know if they are worth it or not. I tried searching both here and Google, but I couldn't find anything about it
  6. Please give some attention to the function of managing in America, and how the youth system works there. With the financial restrictions that are present when managing in the MLS, the only way to really sustain long-term success and growth is through a good youth program. But in FM17 there isn't a whole lot that you can do with that. There are no U18 or U20 leagues and no real way to develop youth players other than playing them in the first team or loaning them out to a 2nd or 3rd tier American team that FM won't even simulate games for. There is also the issue of the U.S. Development Academy, which is seemingly the only way to find American players under 17, but you cannot sign players from the academy, it is just locked.
  7. From the Author of [FM16] Enemy Harriers Incoming! Club Atlético Aldosivi The Aim So before I begin, I'd like to thank @smp20 for inspiring me to start this save with his amazing San Marino thread last year and also for giving me some advice on this adventure. I'd also like to thank @iacovone, @LPQR, and Golden FM on YouTube for their equally impressive youth-oriented content that served as inspiration as well. With that out of the way, it's time to introduce my new challenge in the lovely nation of Argentina. So I'd imagine that most of you guys know the general structure of a youth challenge, but for those unfamiliar, here's the basics of how it works: - Your squad must be built through your youth academy. No buying, no loaning, and no free agents. - New players (regens) come through at youth intakes conducted annually by your HoYD, and this is the only way to acquire new players -You can have international players, as long as they come through your academy I chose Aldosivi (known as Los Tiburones or "The Sharks") mostly because of the logo and colours, and although they are a Primera Division club, they are minuscule in terms of reputation and history to the South American giants Boca Juniors and River Plate, therefore the challenge will still be quite difficult to pull off. Game Setup I only have the Argentine leagues loaded as playable, but I have the major European leagues, all South American leagues with the help of claassen's megapack, and USA and Mexico as view-only with a medium-sized database. Goals -Win all Argentine competitions (Primera Division, Copa Argentina, Supercopa) multiple times -Win the Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, and Recopa -Win the Club World Cup, preferably by defeating the European champions -Become the most reputable club in Argentina, South America, and one of the most reputable in the world (Bonus) Manage the Argentine NT and win the World Cup and Copa America with a core of Aldosivi players Now usually these saves are done in Europe, so the Champions League is the goal for most players. However, continental glory won't be good enough here. This is South America, and although the Libertadores is a prestigious competition, it is nowhere near the reputation and richness of the Champions League. Therefore the only true way to prove yourself is in that Club World Cup against the European champs, so I think winning that will be the pinnacle for me and the club. Of course, this is almost certainly many seasons down the road. For now, we have to focus on discovering, developing, and perfecting the generation of players that will take us there. That starts right here, right now. My goals seem crazy to me, especially since my last thread saw me toiling with Kidderminster Harriers in the English fifth tier, but I've seen wilder and I'm sure you all have too. So if anyone wants to try and stop us, you'll have to talk to Chief Brody...
  8. Everybody loves rooting for the little guy! I've loved reading everyone's stories of their careers taking a club from one of Europe's tiniest countries and making them a European powerhouse! I've seen some amazing stories around San Marino, Gibraltar, the Faroes and Luxembourg and decided to go for something similar. I'm a massive fan of @Jupjamies amazing San Marino save and the insane amount of patience that takes... My aim is simple, though stupidly hard, take a team from each of the smallest nations: Malta, Andorra, San Marino, Luxembourg & the Faroe Islands and complete the following steps: Get to and win their top domestic division! Turn Professional! (& hopefully bring some other clubs with me) Win Multiple Domestic Cups! Qualify for the Champs League Group Stages! Only Use Players of that nationality! (Little different from other saves, I have no issue signing other prospects from each country, as long as they're under 20 at the time). Once each nation is established and the national team is up to the top 50 in the world I must move onto the next country! This is going to have to be a passion project because it's going to take AGES! I did a Maltese only save before and got beyond frustrated after 12 years in FM 16. Fingers crossed we can keep it going this time! The plan is to post a pre/post season entry, a youth intake entry and any other major achievements/announcements. SOOOOOO.....where to begin....
  9. I am making yet another edit and save. I created a new club and without any stadium and facilities. I put all training facilities at minimum value like 0 or 1 and some are -1 like youth recruitment. If i put -1 then will I still get youth players? I want to put lowest values but I need to get youth players, so which values should i input in the editor? I mean what is -1 and 0 or 1 , Is there any help or chart where I can see these values?
  10. I am interested to play a North American team like US or British Virgin Islands after creating the db file. I noticed most teams there are Amateur teams but have corporate of 10 and Recruitment of abvoe 11 upto 20. Is it reflected from real world or an error, i am confused. Should I edit it in the editor to low corporate and youth recruitment? Or is it accurate from the real world info ? Thanks.
  11. Hi guys can anyone help, I have a quality argentinian AMC that's 20, I couldn't get a work permit due to lack of international caps. He's so good but he's being by passed for 29+year players at he moment for the national side, anyone got ideas or tips how to improve his chances for the senior national side??????
  12. Intro & Overall Results Summary GoodyBye “1860 Munich, the city's other club, are struggling to become noisy neighbours.” ---theguardian 1860 Munich is the oldest club in Munich. Being one of the founding members of Bundesliga in 1963. They won the league in 1966, and has played a total of 20 seasons in the top flight. Now, the club is playing at 4th tier. 1860 Munich are famous for producing stars. Julian Weigl ,Bender bros, Kevin Volland, Fabian Johnson and Julian Baumgartlinger are the most recent examples. They are full international for their respective country. Who am I? I am Javier Lok, 36 years old, former professional footballer and German International, I had 57 caps and one goal for Germany. I was born in Munich. I spent over 10 seasons in professional football and I won Bundesliga, Chmapionship League, German Cup . I joined 1860 Munich when I was 10. I made debut after 8 years. Then , I moved to Signal Iduna Park. I rejoined The Lions and hoped to bring them back to Top flight but I failed . I retired at the end of season . Part 0 May 30, 2017 May 31 2017 ESPN: Managing director and president Peter Cassalette resigned this morning and the owner also left the club. June 2 2017 2100 June 5 2017 A new president Bjorn Kruse phoned me and said ‘Javier, Come On, We need you , We need you to bring it back to glory’ ‘Although you dont have any coaching license, it’s okay. Your reputation and leadership gonna help us make through this storm’ I replied ‘Errrr…. Let me consider a few days…’ ‘Alright, look forward to hearing from you’ June 10 2017 I phoned Bjorn in the morning , told him I wanna be the new manager of the team. We met in the afternoon and signed the contract. The official appointment will be announced 2 weeks later. This will be the greatest challenge of my life. Despite I have been SKY Sports analyst 2 years. I never consider coaching,it is much difficult. I don't want to be next Gary Neville. PS: Update monthly with results and stats. To keep things Simple Not fascinating wording. Appreciate any feedback and comments Long Term Goals: Use as many youth products as possible. Promote to Top Flight within 5years.
  13. Dorchester Magpies Hello everyone. This is my second Career Update. I just Started a new save using Dafuge Rules. Since I am not a master tactician nor player trainer. I will take some liberties. I signed a few players and kept ALL players currently at the club even so I only have 24 players for the first team. After the first season I will be playing only with youth......... Here is the Club:(3 games into season) Dorchester play in the Vanarama League South and are predicted 20th. and the Manager: Staff: Assistant Coach:http://imageshack.com/a/img923/6743/OqIGlX.jpg Coach:http://imageshack.com/a/img922/56/UBOqdI.jpg HOYD:http://imageshack.com/a/img922/3658/UMxY5K.jpg Chief Scout:http://imageshack.com/a/img924/7118/sr7Nnb.jpg Head Physio:http://imageshack.com/a/img922/4260/Jdc7XG.jpg The Squad: As you can see not bad but not great either, but good enough to avoid regulation which is the goal this season! Tactics Dorchester have Historically played 4-3-2-1 Wide. Since the manager is a life long fan he will continue the tradition. (It is the formation I understand the best in FM. So it is a win-win) TI's As with all these thread comments and advice are welcome. I hope you will enjoy following this career!
  14. If I move my Youth players to the first team but they're still playing for the under 20's will my first team coaches train them? I lack quality under 20 coaches, so was thinking if i could train them with first team coaches.
  15. To Conquer - A Youth Challenge in San Marino So you are probably thinking 'Oh my God, not another idiot trying a Youth Challenge in San Marino'. Well let me set one thing straight! You're not wrong. I honestly have no idea what I've got myself into, I like using youth players but I've never done a youth only challenge. This is my first thread on the forum after being a lurker and following everyone's journey's. I'll be looking to give monthly/bi-monthly updates and the ultimate goal is to become European Champions. I'll never achieve it but we've got to be optimistic. So this first post will be introducing the manager and I'll be giving a background story into his life. He's a completely fictional character. Meet Vicente Maggio. He's a 21 year old male born in Rome, Italy. Back home he was an avid Sunday League Footballer until a life threatening injury changed his life. Throughout the months he spent in hospital, in Rome, he became a massive fan of Sammarinese football, after stumbling upon a dodgy TV channel (Even to this day he denies it was in fact Babestation and there was a beautiful Sammarinese woman whispering his name). Since that day it became his dream was to manage a Sammarinese team using only youth players (Don't ask me why, he's a very dodgy bloke but again denies any wrong doing towards children). Due to his injury he had a massive payout and has managed to retire at the age of 21, allowing him to travel and live in San Marino to manage at an amateur level. Vicente means 'To Conquer' and that is exactly what he wants to do. Firstly conquer San Marino and then ultimately Europe and most definitely not find the beautiful Sammarinese woman he once saw on that dodgy TV channel. He also has no coaching qualifications, but as you can see in the profile screen, the club has already set him to work on Studying for his National C Licence. The next post will reveal the chosen club for Vicente, although you with keen eyes may have already spotted that. If not I'm sorry say but you're blind, go get checked.
  16. As you know, the eligible age for transfer must be 17 above, but the player must also sign a professional contract with his club, otherwise, if the player is 18 but still owing only a youth contract, you can't sign him directly or need to wait until he signed a professional contract. Here's my question, I have a confirmed future transfer of a 15 yr regen and he will join me 2 and a half years later. Can I do something to change him into professional immediately so I don't have to wait that much long time? Second question, I don't understand why sometimes I can sign a player who is still owing a youth contract. For example, I can sign Afonso Sousa, Moise Kean... many youth players who are at 16 only when I start a new saving, by directly offering him a professional contract and compensate a little bit amount of money. What's the reason?
  17. "Arsene, it's not going to work anymore." "I am not sure what you mean" "Fourth place, the constant end-of-season or midseason stumbles to fall out of title contention, all of it" "We just need little bit more time." "I"m sorry, but we can't give it to you. Sure, you've done well for a very long time. But we want a fresh approach." "I see. Any chance I stick around to act as director and give some advice to the new manager and help him with his transfers?" "Well, that's the thing, Arsene. There won't be any transfers. At all. Not anymore. We're looking inward to move forward" "That's a terrible catchphrase". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Over the years, many, many jokes have been made about Arsenal's reluctance to buy players to strengthen areas of need. In this save, I'm taking that to an extreme. There will be NO transfers in for the duration of the save. I will only be using players already at the club, as well as developing the youth that come through. This is sort of an experiment to see what happens with a "top club youth save". Most that I see around here involve starting at clubs in the lowest tiers or in low-reputation foreign countries. I wanted to try something different, partially because I am just more comfortable at the top tiers of the game as opposed to the bottom, and partially because I think it's an interesting twist, at least for me. I'm intending to sort of role-play as a Head of Youth Development who is also the manager. With that in mind, If I get sacked, I'll just add a new manager and continue the development, as I'm also curious about the levels of patience with a youth save at the top level, and the goal is more to follow the development of the youth anyway. There are a lot of things that I expect this save to allow me to play around with that I really haven't spent much time with. Youth training in the past has mostly been just me sending people on loan and hoping that they get game time. I'll be micromanaging a bit more than I usually do in that area of the game. Initial Senior Squad: Obviously, for a side with title expectations, it's very strong. There are only a few U21s in the initial squad that I really want to follow the development of. Hector Bellerin should be a known name for Premier League fans. He's a very strong right back and will be my starter for the foreseeable future(read: until Barcelona comes in for him and turns his head). Rob Holding is a young center-back. He looks like he has some potential, but seems to be distinctly average for now. We'll see what happens in the future. I'll be giving him some game time, especially while Gabriel and Mertesacker are out for a couple months. Alex Iwobi has been seeing some game time in real life and shown some potential. In game, he looks like a very solid option for the attack, especially at 20. He'll definitely get some time. U23 Squad: There are several players here I'm pretty excited about and really hope that they can turn into something. Jeff Reine-Adelaide is very similar to Iwobi in terms of what he can do. I'm considering bringing him into the first team this season to get a couple games. He may even surpass Iwobi if things go well for him. Vlad Dragomir is called out by the coaches as having high potential as a midfielder. I can definitely see the potential here, it's all about bringing it out. Jon Toral seems to me to be a slightly more developed Dragomir. Maybe I can bring him up within a season or two. Krystian Bielik is probably coming up to the first team for a good 6-month run as a backup until January or so, due to the injuries to Mertesacker and Gabriel. He seems to have some decent potential as a central defender. U18 Squad: Not a ton going on with the initial U18 squad except for this young one. Reiss Nelson is only 16, but there is already a lot going on here. With a little bit of development, he could really be something special. ----------------------------------------------------- If you're looking for screenshots of literally every single youth player so we can see how they develop, I've got that too! Hector Bellerin - 2016 Rob Holding - 2016 Alex Iwobi - 2016 ----- Jeff Reine-Adelaide - 2016 Vlad Dragomir - 2016 Takuma Asano - 2016 Donyell Malen - 2016 Jordi Osei-Tutu - 2016 Chris Willock - 2016 Ainsley Maitland-Niles - 2016 Jon Toral - 2016 Krystian Bielik - 2016 Ismael Bennacer - 2016 Gedion Zelalem - 2016 Eddie Nketiah - 2016 Marcus McGuane - 2016 Tyrell Robinson - 2016 Marc Bola - 2016 Glen Kamara - 2016 Chuba Akpom - 2016 Kelechi Nwakali - 2016 Matt Macey - 2016 Yassin Fortune - 2016 Ben Sheaf - 2016 Stephy Mavididi - 2016 Kaylen Hinds - 2016 Stefan O'Connor - 2016 Tafari Moore - 2016 Julio Pleguezuelo - 2016 Dan Crowley - 2016 Deyan Iliev - 2016 Aaron Eyoma - 2016 Chiori Johnson - 2016 Ryan Huddart - 2016 ------ Reiss Nelson - 2016 Joe Willock - 2016 Alex Crean - 2016 Daniel Ballard - 2016 Robbie Burton - 2016 Josh Benson - 2016 Emile Smith-Rowe - 2016 Joao Virginia - 2016 Tolaji Bola - 2016 Hugo Keto - 2016 Jay Beckford - 2016 Dominic Thompson - 2016 Nathan Tormey - 2016 Joseph Olowu - 2016 Josh Dasilva - 2016 Nathan Tella - 2016 Charlie Gilmour - 2016 Savvas Mourgos - 2016 Kristopher Da Graca - 2016 Tobi Omole - 2016 Kostas Pileas - 2016 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maybe there's a hidden gem or two in there that I can't quite pick out of the crowd just yet. For now, I guess we'll see what the basic squad does in season 1.
  18. I have been playing FM14 for a few years now but very casually whenever I need to kill some time. Anyway I am managing Man U. As Man U I am not allowed to have any Under 21 team coaches. I have 3 coaches but I am advised to have 0. When I talked to my board I can only ask to decrease the Junior coaching budget. I am not even sure if this will increase my U21 coaches. Under the staff section I cannot ask to additional coaches. Can someone let me know how I can increase the number of coaches I am allowed.
  19. Hey guys! I've been a lurker here on many threads and commented on a fair few when I get the chance. So I thought it was time to start my own thread and save. Let's get onto the team then shall we? It's going to be one of my local sides that I turned out for from the age of six until 17. Clonmel Town in the Irish lower leagues. In real life there's no proper pyramid connecting all the leagues but I managed to find a database that links 7 tiers together right up to the Airtricity Premier League and so I'll be starting in the 5th tier. This is going to be a Youth only challenge as I love reading those types of saves on here. There are some real players still here (including a couple of my former managers!) and also some regens to fill up the squad, all random of course. No players will be signed but I'll keep the real players until they retire/are sold/can be replaced. I won't drag this on so I'll post some screenshots of various bits and pieces. As you can see we have pretty meh facilities but the Fairly Professional squad status is a good starting point. The finances start off in the red unfortunately and since it's my first lower league save I'll have to learn how to control them. We got off on the wrong foot with that as I managed to get the wage bill up to €425 a week which was a complete oversight from me as I tried to tie some players down. Our modest history is also there. My best achievement with the club was getting to the semi finals of the National competition at U13s where we were hammered 5-0 by St. Kevins Boys in Dublin (They've produced the likes of Jeff Hendrick, Robbie Brady etc.) Squad Part 1/Squad Part 2 I forgot to get the ages in but there are a lot of very old players and very young players. Curran who I'm excited about is 16 and I hope I can keep him at the club for a considerable time. Other future prospects are O'Reilly, O'Rourke, Smith, and O'Donovan. The current star players are McGrath, Kiely, Mulcahy and P. Scully (Who's 40 and a former manager!). Tactics (Couldn't post like the other pics for some reason, maybe a limit?) Very simple 4-4-2, pretty self explanatory. Loaded Leagues (Quite a few view only in South American/African etc. to try and get some variety.) Playable Leagues (For European competitiveness further down the line.) Thanks for reading (if you made it that far!). I know that was a lot of info bombarded at you all but if you want more (Greedy bastards. ) just ask!
  20. Hello, I'm unsure whether it was me or a fault in the game however I'm in 2023 with Newcastle Utd I recently signed a youth keeper as a free agent (superb potential) after his release from Chelsea. I placed him straight into my under 23's as his ability and potential was out grown for the u18's. A year on I go to renew his contract before interest grows but I see he's asking for 400k a week! (currently on 275k a week w/ 3 years left). I'm in a position where I've sold players and succeeded in comps where money isn't that much of an issue so i never noticed the issue until now. However saying that I'm more than positive I never offered him that in the first place but now I can't release him due to the compensation fee and no team is willing to buy him due to his wages (he's only valued at 90k). Any advice/help?
  21. Hi all Need help. Looking for a new club to manage but have a few pre requisites, those being..... - a club outside of the top league, ideally 3rd or 4th - squad with youth / decent average age - squad with potential for players to progress up the leagues - decent youth / training setup I want to take the team up through the leagues. I'm open to suggestions in regards to what leagues, preferably in Europe though but will listen to other options. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place, I didn't think we had a what team to manage thread this year?!
  22. The Wicker Man is a seminal horror film. In it Edward Woodward plays a devout Christian police officer who travels to a remote Scottish island to investigate the disappearance of a girl. On the island he finds himself at odds with the Celtic paganism practiced by the inhabitants and finds his investigation hampered by the islanders. Eventually he finds the girl and saves her from being sacrificed only to find out that he has been set-up and it is who is to be the sacrifice. The film ends with him being burned alive in the titular wicker man and I'm absolutely not sorry for spoiling the ending of a forty+ year old film. It's excellent. Go watch it. Fast forward to 2006 and there was an ill advised reboot of the film staring Nicholas Cage. The island is now somewhere near America, it is an all woman island and Nicholas Cage punches out quite a few of them (once dressed as a bear). The film is dreck but does have this inspired piece of acting towards the end... <iframe width="500" height="306" src=" The point is that reboots never work It is in this spirit then I look to resurrect and reboot a career I had last year where I took over Wick Academy and tried to bring glory to them by only playing the players I found and the youngsters I groomed. I was relatively successful and even got them out of the Highland League before a crisis of faith caused by being run over by a former goalkeeper led me to lose my mind and move to Sweden. I have unfinished business in Wick. I owe it to the people of that wee town in Caithness, I owe it to Big Gaz, I owe it to @Pompeyboyz's cat and most of all I owe it to myself. The story is a simple one. I'm leaving my cozy little place just down the road from Hampden for the north coast and footballing redemption and I'm not coming back until I bring Wick Academy with me. There will be tears, there will be failure and there will likely be more attempts on my life from disgruntled ex-players. With Big Gaz by my side, however,I can begin the search for the next Kieran Forbes knowing that I can weather anything that lies ahead. It's a one way ticket north provided by @Morrissey's excellent Scottish pyramid expansion. Let's go.
  23. Hi all, is it just me or it is extremely difficult to loan out youth players in FMM17? In FMM16 and previous years, I've never had this issue. I'm usually more active on vibe and you can remove this post if links aren't allowed, but Marc Vaughn has replied to this following post but no updates so far. Would love more information on this issue/bug and whether or not it will be hotfixed in a patch or update soon as it is destroying the most enjoyable part of managing a football team, to watch young players develop and growing attached to them when they come back from their loan spell. http://vibe.community/forums/topic/38976-unable-to-loan-out-youth-players/ Thank you!
  24. {FM17} Youth in Kosovo

    I have seen many youth challenges in this forum before and have thus decided to begin my own. This challenge will begin in the former warzone town of Kosovo Polje as 20 year Haitian/Danish dual national Joseph Olakunle walks into the dismal training facilities of semi-professional club KF Fushe Kosova with a vision, a vision that one day this town that has had so much hardship in the past, will see their local heroes lift a Champions League trophy, in the name of peace, in the name of independence, in the name of Kosovo. Fushe Kosova is a semi-professional club with most players playing on non-contracts with low appearance fees, all players are regens and I am using a database created by FloddyJump. One of the difficult things in this challenge is that Kosovo doesn't even have qualifying spots in the Europa League. This is however most likely (hopefully) going to change as the country increases its co-efficient rankings which is currently increasing at an above average rate.
  25. History PFC Septemvri (Bulgarian: ПФК Септември) is a Bulgarian football club based in Sofia, who compete in the Second League, the second division of Bulgarian football. Its home matches take place at Dragalevtsi stadium and the 57th Public School's FIFA-certified football field. The club 's biggest success to date is the winning of the Bulgarian Cup in 1960 and finishing 5th in the Bulgarian first division during the same season. Septemvri is known for its strong youth academy, which over the years has developed numerous players for Bulgaria's elite clubs and the national team. Early ages On November 5, 1944, the clubs of Sportclub, Sokol and Vazrazhdane unite under the name of FC Septemvri Sofia. On March 26, 1945, the additional clubs of Botev (Konyovitsa), Ustrem (Zaharna fabrika), Pobeda (Krasna Polyana), and Svoboda (Tri kladentsi) merge into the club. In May 1948, the club, then playing in the 1st Sofia Division, is briefly merged with second-division CDV/Chavdar (Sofia) and the unified club wins the 1948 Bulgarian Championship by overcoming Levski Sofia at the final. FC Septemvri's roots prior to merging with CSKA Sofia (see lower right corner) Septemvri starts the 1948/49 season in the newly formed A Republican Football Group, but only six months later is separated from CDV (Chavdar) and removed from the division, with the current title given to CDNV, Chavdar's new name, which would ultimately become CSKA Sofia. At the end of the 1948/49 season, Septemvri is allowed to take part in a two-match play-off for entering first division against Marek Duptinsa. After both matches end with a 2:0 win for each team, a third game is played in which Septemvri falls 1:0 and remains in second division. From 1949 to 1969, Septemvri exists as an independent club, during which period it reaches the height of its success. In 1959, the club finishes first in the B PFG (Second level) and is promoted to First division for the 1959/60 season. That same season, Septemvri finishes in 5th place and claims the Bulgarian Cup after a dramatic 4:3 win over Lokomotiv Sofia in extra time. The club's stay among the elite lasts only two years, as in 1961 it is relegated to the B PFG, where it remains until 1968. In 1969, during another period of football reform in Bulgaria, Septemvri was again merged into CSKA Sofia. This unification continued for almost 20 years, until 1988, when the club became independent again and joined the V AFG. In 1993, Septemvri won a promotion to the B PFG. In 1998, the club became the champion of the B PFG and joined the elite for the first time since 1961. It finished in 16th place and was relegated again. 2000s years During the 2000/01 season, the club finished in 13th place in the B PFG and was relegated to the V AFG (Third level), where it remained until 2008. In March 2008, the club was heavily penalized after a scandalous match against FC Bansko, when coach Rumen Stoyanov ordered his players to leave the field, a serious offence according to Bulgarian Football Union regulations.With an executive decision, the BFU removed Septemvri from the V AFG and placed it in the A OFG, the Sofia Regional Football Group. Despite this setback, the club attained 1st place in the division in the 2008/2009 season and qualified for a play-off match for entering the V AFG against FC Novi Iskar. After an emotional 0:0 in regular time, penalty kicks were in order to determine the team going forward. Septemvri lost the penalty shootout 5:4. Next season the team going forward to V AFG and stay there till 2013/14. During season 2013/14 financial crisis deepened in the club at the beginning of the spring season team withdrew from participation in the "V" FG. Next season 2014/15 he was included in the Sofia regional group South, relying mainly on youth players. Chandarov's era (2015–present) In 2015 Rumen Chandarov, owner of DIT Sport Academy, one of the best Bulgarian football academies in the last few years, announced that he is the new owner of Septemvri, with the goal of getting the young players to compete in the First Professional Football League of Bulgaria. The team merged with Conegliano German and started the 2015–16 season from V Group. Nikolay Mitov was appointed as a manager of the team. In the end of the 2015 it was decided that the team will give a bigger chance to their U19 players, so most of the players who joined in the season start left and only 7 players left, but 18 players joined from the U19 team which was 3rd in the Elite Youth Group by the end of 2015. Some media announced that Chandarov will stop financing the team also due to the fact that he started financing Botev Plovdiv, but Chandarov said that this is not true and the only reason to do this is to make youth players enter the man's football. On 24 June 2016 Pirin Razlog merged into PFC Septemvri Sofia. From the new season 2016/17 Septemvri will compete in the new Second League, the second division of Bulgarian football. Logo history: Honours