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Found 62 results

  1. Fairwarp FC You know you've hit rock bottom when your club logo looks like it's been coloured in by an eight year old. Fairwarp FC are a miniscule football club currently playing in the 22nd level of English football, in the Mid-Sussex League Division Nine. No one knows when they were founded, or by whom - although local gardener Paul Ward is currently the chairman. Representing the eponymous town, population in the hundreds, Fairwarp play at the town recreation ground and have no nickname. The club has raised £60 from season ticket sales thanks to Ward's family members. Taking over at Fairwarp will be legendary iconic fan favourite well-known respected unknown manager Kieran Davis, a native of nearby Haywards Heath. Upon arriving, Davis had one simple decree. Only Fairwarp lads could play for Fairwarp Football Club. And thus, Davis' journey began. Save Rules - only players from the youth intake born in Fairwarp can be signed - that's it Note: I cannot be relegated from this league. I will be using greyed out players as long as I need to. I don't care how many times I finish last. I've made myself unsackable.
  2. Diaspora football clubs always fascinated me and that's the reason why I started my first career update here with one of them. My choice wasn't that easy but the fact that the club was based in England made the challenge of bringing it from bottom to top even more exciting for me. A bit of history... According to Wikipedia... Football Club Romania is a football club based in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England. The club are currently members of the Essex Senior League and groundshare at Cheshunt's Theobalds Lane. The club was established in August 2006 by Ion Vintilă. They started in Sunday league football, initially playing in the Sunday London Weekend League. After winning their division at the first attempt, the club switched to Saturday football, joining the Essex Business Houses League in 2008. In 2010 they joined Division One (Central and East) of the Middlesex County League. After finishing as runners-up in their first season in the division, they were promoted to the Premier Division. In 2011–12 the club finished as runners-up in the Premier Division, but were unable to be promoted due to ground grading regulations. In 2012–13 the club entered the FA Vase for the first time, beating Tring Athletic in the first qualifying round, before losing 7–0 at Hoddesdon Town in the next round. In the same season the club finished second in the Premier Division for a second successive season and were promoted to the Essex Senior League after a groundsharing agreement with Cheshunt allowed them to meet the ground grading regulations. The season also saw them win the Middlesex County League's Open Cup with a 3–1 win over Bratham in the final. In 2014–15 the club entered the FA Cup for the first time, reaching the second qualifying round, where they lost to Sutton United. Our (shared) ground... According to Wikipedia... The club originally played on Hackney Marshes, before moving to the Low Hall Recreation Ground in Walthamstow when they moved up to the Essex Business Houses League. When the club joined the Middlesex County League they began playing at Leyton Sports Centre. In 2012 the club began groundsharing at the Cheshunt Stadium. OK, but what about the game ? 🤔 Ingame, the club looks like this... Needless to say, a lot of work lies ahead us... 😮 Fine, but who are you ? 🤔 I'll be playing as Nikos Pappas, a young Greek-Cypriot (born in Salonica, Greece) student and big football fan who decided to help this club arise in power and popularity. Who's Pappas ? More will follow, with a presentation of the strong and weak points of the team, its players, as well as our transfer activity, both on and outside the pitch and the pre-season friendly matches. 😉
  3. The dream begins anew. As a big fan of Italian football and as a big fan of Hornchurch I have decided to merge the two in my latest save. The conceit? I will start in Serie D and learn my trade in Italy. I will experiment tactically to try and get a preferred catenaccio system as well as some others working before moving back to England to take over my beloved Urchins and lead them to glory. So let us away to Italy then. When I return... I'll be the most cultured English football manager since this man... Let the learning begin... Also, if my Italian title doesn't translate properly if someone who actually speaks it could help out that would be greatly appreciated. Grazie.
  4. A dutchman in Sweden. I've decided I should write about my attempt to get back into FM18 again, this time with a very unusual team pick for me, and a new country that I've never really managed at. Dennis Averkamp, 38, takes over the vacant managerial spot in IK Sätra, an amateur team playing at the fifth tier of Swedish football. They aren't exactly a leading team. But so far I've managed to raise the Junior Coaching (Now: Fairly Basic) And Youth Recruitment (Basic). The club also aims to turn Semi-Pro after I requested it successfully. Here's the first intake: Pretty happy with it. Svensson looks insane for this level. Wow! Personalities sucks though, most of them anyway. I'll keep you posted with a season review after we're done with it, stay tuned!
  5. Wasn't sure where to ask this question, but I guess it's about training and strategies! I have in mind a career save in the lower leagues of Italy, and I had a quick experimental save a couple of months ago. But I couldn't get my head around the age requirements, which are pretty stringent - something like 8 under-21s on the pitch all the time, of whom four have to be under-18. But that isn't the issue... I've not really played with many young players, and I've never done the various academy challenges, so I'm wondering about the ins and outs of playing a lot of young players. Is is really a matter of 'If they're good enough, they're old enough' or is there more to it than that? Beyond that, really, any hints and tips for developing youngsters and building a good academy? Anything you can share would be gratefully received!
  6. I am trying a career in the Swedish lower divisions. The club's structure is very bad. My doubt is whether it is more useful to keep the youth contract until the deadline or to go as soon as possible to the part-time contract (which must be renewed year by year). Beyond the economic considerations I am interested in knowing what is the best solution to ensure the best development of young players.
  7. Doin an experiment, not a save that i acc manage in I will be trying to see what my home country, Northern Ireland can do when everything is maxed out, youth facilities being key, i will also max out all the finances of the top 2 divisions clubs in northern Ireland, can the GAWA win the world cup? I will be providing consistent updates regarding this, I hope you enjoy!!!
  8. No U23

    I'm managing AFC Telford who do not currently have an u23, I'm only in the National League and still Semi-Pro. At what point do I get a U23 or do I never have the option?
  9. ive spent millions on my academy, and my DoF used to always sign up 90% of the youth candidates each year, which then blossomed and some became world class. recently though my DoF has not offered them contract and so i get no youth team players staying at the club. i havent changed the settings, my DoF is responsible for youth contracts, ive also switched it to my youth development office, and ive also fired them both and hired new staff for each role and still the problem persists. any ideas how i can solve this?
  10. Although you can see the squad depth and future talents coming through via the squad depth screen and selecting the u23s and u18s, i feel this is messy Instead there should be a table showing current first team players and then future players based on age ranges or squad status, all ranked on potential ability therefore you have an easy and really simple way to identify the future talents coming through in your club and where this sits within your long term planning of squad composition. See attached for very rough example Any thoughts?
  11. Could anyone help me out with setting up under 23 and under 18 custom tactics. My first team plays with a target man but i can't change this role to somehting more suitable for the youth teams without changing the first team? or at least i can't see where to do it. I really want to have custom tactics for the academy teams. Cheers
  12. U17 Team Type

    My sole request this year is pretty straightforward and simple. I'm really glad SI added the option to have 3 reserve teams. Now the thing is that still bothers me is that my u19s are still crowded and since already real-life u19s, u18s and u17 players are in the game and that the standard newgen age is 16 which gives me 4 generations in one youth team and I'd like to have the option to really have an u17 team. Now we're already teased with that possibility but in the end those created u17 teams don't really have a true team type yet and can't be drawn into leagues, For instance, you can let the game make u17s using advanced rules Nation -> Reserve teams like this: And that'll end up like this in the game: But like I said before, it's not a team type and it can't be drawn into the game so I can't do anything with it.
  13. I would really love to be able to see my youth team's trophy under the "club" page. perhaps as a seperate page. with so much emphasis as you CAN put on youth and also because some clubs has it as a backbone in their identity (man utd, ajax, barcelona etc.) it would be cool to be able to show more clearly that you have an emphasis on this by having the trophy cabinet for them
  14. Young Target Men

    The key to a quality target man isn’t just a physical specimen but also one with great bravery, aggression and determination. I find it relatively easy to find older target men who have these mental attributes. In my 4th season with Auxerre I’ve managed to sign Marco Tuminello who seems to be the only young target man with the required mental attributes who was willing to join. There appear to be plenty of young tall players who are strong but lack the mental attributes. In training you can’t increase aggression and bravery, so the questions is this - are these attributes set in stone (or will have mild natural increases)? Or can they increase significantly through experience and playing time? Need to know whether to give up on some youth prospects now or give them time. Also for a break from the norm I’m playing direct football utilising a target man so retraining to be a poacher for example won’t do.
  15. Vad U Z

    from wiki: I'll attempt to make Vaduz to make European champions league winners using only the clubs youth players. I've already played out the first two seasons, since, well, I suck on fm18, I've already been fired 5 times witihn the first year during my first few saves, wanted to see if I could last a bit longer before commiting to this project..
  16. Hi there, Got a few questions about youth teams.. Im in my third season as manager of United of Manchester, currently in pre season League One. 1. I thought maybe my youth team will enroll in a competition this year, but still only friendlies? When will they enroll into a competition? Is it something the board is blocking? 2. Some teams have -23 teams as well, is there any way I can start this team from popping up? Or is there no way
  17. Prior to my third season with Bournemouth I managed to convince the board to improve my youth facilities to 'Top'! Full of excitement, I delved straight into the reserve team, to see what gems could be uncovered. Naturally my eye was instantly drawn to Booty... Niall Booty. On closer inspection Booty proved to have impressive statistics, so there and then I offered them a contract. Unfortunately, my assistant manager didn't share my appreciation of Booty and advised that they were unlikely to make great shakes in my first team squad. Trusting in my coach I promptly released Booty and went back to my reserves hoping i might have missed a wonder kid the first time round. What I saw instead was... another Booty. Looking closer I could see this wasn't another Booty, it was exactly the same Booty! I once again released them and went back to the reserves to uncover the south coast Ronaldo. Yet again I came up against Booty. I lived this Booty groundhog day 16 times in total before admitting defeat, assuming it was a bug and continued with the game. After a couple of weeks, when one of my scouts passed his gold assessment, I considered that he may have a different opinion on Booty. One player search later... Who knew top youth facilities came with cloning technology! Naturally Wrexham swooped for Booty and a few more clones I’d inadvertently released into the world...
  18. I'm playing a FK Partizan save as I have for many years on Football Manager and I'm noticing something that I never have before and it seems to be a bug. I've done a couple of reloads during the youth regen date in 2018 and from time to time a player will generate with a ridiculously high CA in between 115 and 120 along with a PA of around 130. The screenshot attached is an exception (CA 124 - PA 155). I doubt this is deliberate although I would be interested to know if it is. EDIT: Here's another example.. CA: 120 PA: 130
  19. Even though I have set myself to handle all responsibilities, I'm finding that my youth player's contracts are being signed. My Youth Development Manager does not have this responsibility, neither does the youth team manager. Is this a new thing? Or is it a bug?
  20. When making senior players available for U23 games from the email, the calendar freezes after pressing continue and does not progress forward, also, matches sometimes don't show up on the calendar and its blank when continue has been pressed.
  21. When interacting with a loan player about their form / development, even when they are happy with what you have said their morale still goes down.
  22. so i started a low league save as Edinburgh city but for some reason they do not have an under 20's squad just the main squaddoes anyone know if i will get one when we turn professional or when we get go up the leagues or am i just going to not have an academy and have to wait for the editor to change the team ??
  23. Welcome back everyone!! This is the 2018 incarnation of the Youth Academy Challenge started by ri916 and continued last year by Braumiller The Aim To win your chosen countries' top division and win the Champions League with a previously unplayable club using only your academy as a way of acquiring new players. The Available Countries Previously any Country in Europe is eligible as long as you can get a previously unplayable side promoted from Holidaying, however for this version we're happy to extended it to the rest of the world as well as long as the team meets the criteria of being previously unplayable. The Reset Dates (Dates will appear when they have been confirmed for FM18) Argentina - July 14th Austria - June 14th Belarus Belgium Brazil - January 2nd Croatia Czech Republic Denmark - June 30th (but save a couple weeks before to reload teams as seems lower leagues end earlier) England - June 25th Finland France - June 20th Germany - June 19th Holland - July 7th 2019 (no relegation season 1) Iceland Italy - June 30th Northern Ireland - June 24th Norway - January 13th Portugal Russia Scotland - June 25th (but save on April 28th as that is when where they decide who is in the play off games) Serbia - June 16th Spain - July 10th Sweden - December 16th Switzerland Turkey Wales - June 25th Database Settings Mandatory Only load the Nation you’re managing in Database size can be small, medium or large Advanced Options have to be as shown here --> Optional Any additional settings in the ‘Advanced Database Setup’ – Due to us not being allowed to buy players, adding extra players just adds to the realism of your game and potentially slightly increases difficulty. NOTE – It is highly recommended you add the highest unplayable leagues for your country, as this will help make sure the promoted teams (you will be taking control of) have players. As an example, this is what I loaded for England - Players from Top Clubs in Europe is also recommended Steps When Getting Started Add yourself as an unemployed manager. Call him holiday man if you want. Go on holiday until the reset date of your nation or the day before if you’re planning on reloading. Retire the manager Add a new manager with your chosen nationality and the lowest possible reputation and qualifications Choose the newly promoted club of your choice Rules for the Challenge No loans or transfers in are allowed but you can sell and loan players out. If you are sacked, sorry, you have to start again. No save game editors are allowed. Only cosmetic database edits are allowed. (Team/competition names/logos) No international management until completion of challenge. Signing backroom staff is allowed. Signing players on trial or signing grey players isn't allowed. Rules for this Thread Player naming is allowed. General discussion on tactics is allowed, although people should not refer to downloaded tactics. They are not banned, but I would expect the majority of people to avoid them. Screenshots for anything are encouraged but please post links to your pictures, don't post them as images as it makes the pages slower to load. When you join the challenge, could you post a screenshot of your manager's profile on the league reset date. Progress of your club should be documented using this thread. The beauty of these challenge threads is to share your story and to read others. Please keep us updated, even if you are not performing as you may wish. Season Update Youth Candidates All Tagged Players Attribute page Transfers (to prove that you haven’t signed any players) Squad League Table Anything else is optional. Also, some people like to nickname/tag their best players from each youth intake in chronological order. For example, you could nickname your best player in the intake in season 1 as *their name* YP01a, and so on. But this is not compulsory if you don't wish to. I have copied and pasted last years starting post to get the ball rolling, I will update with necessary information as we get going (let me know dates for leagues so I can add them) Good luck to all!
  24. holland gems

    Hy guys I'm managing heerenveen 1st season and I'd like to know which players in scandinavia and other regions with low leagues do you suggest me to search for players and staff? Some hidden gems and youngsters which I can develop..