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  1. When playing as an MLS Club it is annoying to see these long lists of players your club has rights to and not knowing basic Information about them. All it gives is a name. To find out anything about him you have to use the search bar and then scout. You club should have them on some sort of searchable shortlist. This would be invaluable at end of season especially before the Draft. Also annoying when AI controlled team wants to trade for his rights and then you find out you could have used him for your team because he is better than player drafted or Transferred from Europe.
  2. Please see original issue below. Apparently the "Clear" button has been added to "Player Search" modal, but is still not present on the Staff Search.
  3. Within any search screen (being in players or staff) there are no options to clear the current search. The user is forced to either 1) manually clear all selections or 2) close the search modal and click the "Clear" button next to the "New Search" button in the search Player/Staff Search screen. See attached screenshot for example. In this case I have multiple selections and I back out and hit the "Clear" button and then re-enter the search screen via "New Search". It seems unnecessary. This is a minor request, but would reduce number of click for users.
  4. Suggestions Since some are starting to talk about FM19, I’d like to put some suggestions out there that mainly are about UX. (For those who doesn’t know, UI=User Interface, it is the way things are presented on your screen, UX= User Experience, it is a combination of the interactions with the UI). 1) Scouting module a. Why can’t we create scouting templates like with Staff search? When I play LLM, I don’t really care that much about it because I only have 4 or five scouts, but when you grow your scouting team, to negate the possibility to create templates is just… wrong. i. Example 1: I want to create a team DNA with 3 or 4 or 7 specific attribute values; I will have to do it by hand every single time! ii. Example 2: Key left back gets injured for a long period and my rotation guy gets injured too. I have some kids but I really need a first team guy quick and the ones I have on my “scouted” list or “players list” doesn’t fit the bill/don’t have enough infos. I want all my team of 15-20+ scouts to go look for one right now? if I want some specific attributes, personality, home grown, etc….I will need to input everything by hand every single time for every single scout. 1. That example I put? I was confronted with that and, no joke, I had to think if I really wanted to spend 10 to 15 minutes to change my scouts assignments because I knew that, once I would have found my player, I would have to redo the thing backward again! b. Outside of the Transfer windows, we cannot have access to the players available for loans except for the GKs! i. If I find I need a loan in-between transfers windows that is not a GK, because of an injury for example, if I want to go check who can be available, I need to go check by hand every single team, that are of a sufficient level, which players are listed for loan. You tell me I can’t make an offer outside of the transfer window? Fine! Why deny me the possibility of just looking at the list??? ii. FM situation translated into the real world: Manager X of recently promoted Ligue 1 team on December 2nd calls a meeting of his Scouting team because his main DM got injured the day before and the back-ups he have at the club aren’t good enough and he is on budget so, loan is the best option: “Ok, Head Scout? I would like you to give me a list of Ligue 1 DMs we could bring on loan during the winter transfer window that starts in a month. - I can’t give that to you boss. - Why is that? - Well, the software we use to get those lists easily? in a few clicks of buttons/menus? already made? Well, outside of the transfer window? The software negates me access to the info, except for the GKs of course because there is no transfer windows specifics for GKs. - You kidding me! - No boss. - What, you are telling me that the software for which we pay thousands of €€€ yearly, to have access to those lists, negates us access to those lists outside of the transfer windows? - Absolutely boss. - Why the h**l we are paying them for then? - Boss, I can’t change the software, it’s just like that. - Hmmm.. so you tell me that if I want a list of DM loan prospects for the window that is in two weeks, you will have to go through every single Ligue 1 team by hand and check if there is some that are available? - Yes boss. - Ha ha ha! Very funny! It’s a joke, right? Tell me you are pulling my leg… Where are the cameras??? - No boss. Serious as I can be! If you want a list of the Ligue 1 players available for loan as DMs, I will have to go check the 19 other teams by hand. If you want me to go check other leagues like Bundesliga or Premiere League, I will have to go make the same thing for each of the 20 teams for each league… 2) Other templates a. Contract templates would make work way easier and much less tedious if a player cares about wages structure or bonuses and extras for example b. In the ME, it would be nice to be able to have the possibility to create set pieces templates that could be specific to players, not only positions. Just giving the choice would be a great improvement I think. i. Example, I have two strikers that have specific jumping reach attributes. Instead of making 2 templates, by hand, with the possible permutations, it would be interesting to have the choice of making only 1 template with specific players instead of positions. So, the offensive corner template where “Striker A” that jumps good will be inside the box but if “Striker B” is on the pitch, he’ll be outside the box, etc…. 3) Default settings customization a. Just like for the scouting default length of a first look at a player (i.e. 1 game, 3 game, 5 games, 1 week, 2 weeks, etc…), why can’t we customize default values of some other items i. Example: trial duration, shortlist time span, etc… 4) Small UI detail that I find very annoying is the fact that every single skin I ever looked at, or used, put the “media prediction/current table position” on the very first page of a club. I started to play with FM16, it was the same thing, I looked for older skins for older versions and it was the same thing again… Isn’t that I sign that peoples want this info on the very first page???? Yet, every version of FM does not show that info right on the first page…. 5) Finally, this is more something about the old fart that I am, who learned to work on computers by inputting commands on a prompt line but, one thing that fascinates me is the staggering amount of menus and sub-menus and sub-menus of the sub-menus…. ( I am not even talking about some sub-menus with specific items that are only available through a contextual menu (i.e. right-click) like the player status at the club that can only be changed by right-clicking on a player to have the possibility to do it) I am talking about the plethora of sub-menus everywhere… Couldn’t it be a thing to have possibility to create a customized task bar with buttons that would be bookmarks? That task bar would need to be fully customizable both for its size and the number of bookmarks you can put on it (i.e. I usually play on a PC so, 1920*1080 is my basic resolution but on a laptop, the size of the screen is different, hence, customizable in size too). Another possibility would be to create a quick access bar (like a lot of softwares have, Office for example). Could be more than interesting but at the very least, one that will float over the windows and that could be called with a single click (permanent button for it on the side of “advice from coach maybe?) or a keyboard command (that need be known of course….)? The important thing is to give us the choice to use it (i.e. seeing) or not. (Case in point about the menu plague, I would never play that game without a mouse because of that; to be forced to go into menus/sub-menus/sub-sub-menus all the times with a mousepad… I’d go bezerk in a heartbeat!) a. Basic examples i. I am a lot into player development, instead of pulling that training menu sometimes 4 to 5 times to check what I want, I’d love to have that customizable task bar where I could put anything I want. Finally to do clicking that I will want to do. ii. I have about 10 squad displays I created, to go from one to another (i.e. Performance tracker to training for example), instead of going into the sub menu of the window, I can just click on that bookmark I had put into the task bar. b. I found a little example, which I love, in Milla skin (which showed me it can be done <https://community.sigames.com/topic/422875-fm18skin-milla-skin-dark-light-v22-updated-2732018/?tab=comments#comment-11113026> by @jovovich ). On the player page, under the right side column, the guy who did the skin put 5 little buttons and I find them immensely practical (picture 1). He put those buttons inside a panel and the info’s appeared inside the panel. How many times, instead of pulling down those menus have I checked the medical status of my player simply by clicking the button he put there (picture 2)? How many times have I went to check the player’s happiness info’s by clicking on that info button that showed me the info right there, without changing module? (picture 3) Thank you for considering B.L. a.k.a. Rien102
  5. i play FM2018 beta 18.0.3 on my Macbook Pro Mid 2012. I have some bug, in the appearance manager not showing Black Hair. before the last update. The black hair available. but after the last update. the black hair just gone. Look at the picture, the darkest colour is grey. WHERE IS THE BLACK COLOR? please fix this. sorry for my bad english.
  6. Would it be possible to change the method of column resizing for the various screens to work more like typical spreadsheet column resizing? That is: (1) when resizing one column it doesn't affect the width of other columns; and (2) show the column separators so that it is easy to see where one column finishes and another starts (toggleable if people have concerns about aesthetics). Just a minor quality of life improvement really, but it would make my day.
  7. How about an option where as a manager you can have 2 or 3 "team boards" simultaneously like Alex Ferguson was noted for doing. So that the team XI could be known for the next 2 or 3 games. Combine that with better man-management player interaction so that you can say: "Son, I'm resting you this game but get yourself ready. You're playing as [insert position] in the game after." or "There's too much emotion in the next game. I'm leaving you out but I need you in the game after." Or even being able to just say to a player in between games: "I want to see you working hard in training this week because you're in my 11 for the next game." or "Put an extra shine on those boots son, I'm giving you your debut next week." Then propagate that into the "Promises" section. That will lead to increased morale, maybe a temporary increase in stats (weighted by 'Ambition', 'Professionalism') In a squad of internationals or good players or any type of player - it's important to feel like you're always part of the manager's plans. It's too restrictive to only say. "I'm thinking of resting you." How good you are as a man manager will be linked to how often you do this kind of interaction with your players. How "involved" they feel as part of your plans. Even the more rotational players. If you're too lazy to perform these extra interactive steps, the repercussions in the game could lead to your bit-players becoming very quickly disillusioned and wanting to move on. Also repeatedly promising/telling a player he will play as striker only to play him in a big game as a winger should also have negative repercussions. Like a player answering back with: "Boss I've been training the last few days as a winger and you threw me on as a striker. How can you expect me to perform well?" I feel this would make interactions a more organic experience. It's well documented that Alex Ferguson was excellent at this type of interaction and the ability to make everyone feel involved. Also one of the key reasons why Moyes struggled (if you read Rio Ferdinand's second book). This would be a fantastic addition.
  8. Hello all, As the title suggests there appears to be some issue in the RGB values displaying correctly in-game for the team text/title bar when edited using either the in-game editor or the pre-game editor. 1 Here you can see the colour choices for the text displayed correctly using the in-game editor (the results would be identical using the pre-game editor as well (tested)). Here is the example of how the game interprets the RGB values set in the editor, the difference is apparent. 2 Here you can see I have set the background to black and the text to blue (appearing correctly if a little hard to see in the editor) The result in-game is pure white text instead of the blue. if anyone knows of a work-around to force the game to display the true RGB colour values stipulated in the edited db that would be super. Many thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Is that a bug or a feature?, if so I'd like a new option to keep my inbox settings permanent (filter out inbox messages about awards, records and such)
  10. Hi, I've reported an issue in another thread (https://community.sigames.com/topic/430465-problems-still-with-1831/) that I'm not being able to see the information on a player's profile, such as suspensions, injuries etc, as pictured below. The thread has told me that the display problem is an UI issue and to raise it in this thread. Can you please help resolve this for me? I have altered the zoom in size, which has helped, but it changes the look of the entire page and I would prefer it in 100% zoom. Thanks
  11. Hi, steam app updated me to the 18.3 hotfix patch last night but does anyone have problems being able to see the Team Talk options on match day? Especially using OPZ skin (even after updating to the most recent skin version). It just appears as a blank window. Maybe I need to go back to the standard FM18 skin but never had this problem before prior to the update. I see other people on the Steam forum have this problem also. Can someone look into this for me? Need to know if it is something localized to OPZ skin or if it is a general problem affecting default and all skins. Cheers!
  12. There seems to be some missing text on the game
  13. Hi Team, Can we change the colours to match the dark skin it's hard on the eyes As you can see bellow the mouse pointer goes missing quite easy.
  14. hey:) really love the game, but there's one little issue. why does the club secondary color (marked with red on my screenshots) always change? is there any way to fix it? happens all the time. like here, with LAFC - from gold to orange and then back again. happened with other clubs as well. reloading the game does help, but doing it all the time is kinda irritating thanks
  15. Hello, hopefully this is the right page to post these suggestions: - whenever you are viewing a replay the pause menu (which is hidden by default) should be visible. its annoying as hell to press the little arrow then rewind or go live. Not to mention that the menu goes away if you click outside of it. - whenever selecting a team talk for a category of players (defenders etc) I shouldn't have to click on the teamtalk button again...it should just be displayed - we should be allowed to create shortcuts for every button which is usable during matches. this will make actions more fluid and all. Hopefully it helps.
  16. The widgets don't become transparent during a match when the play move's behind the widget, which obviously obscures my view of the action.
  17. The bar charts on the medical and training staff pages used to have a pop up that displayed your stats compared to others in the same league. It told you if your Fitness training was worst in the league whereas your technical was second best in league. It still highlights best in league stats green though. This helped when recruiting new staff. This pop up seems to have disappeared.
  18. I'm trying to register my players for the Champions Cup but after selecting one player to be 'In', It's not possible to select any other players. Also, The minimum number of players allowed is 1, which should be 15.
  19. In the tactics screen when i try and pin them so as to be able to use both the formation and player selection, for some reason im not allowed to use both of them at the same time. I have to expand and contract the formation screen every time i want to see my players. having watched videos on youtube and seen screenshots i also notice that my tactics screen is somewhat different, the formation screen appears to take a lot more space than in screenshots ive seen. I would really like to know if this is a bug or if i havent seen a button that solves my problem.
  20. There isn't a lot to say here. My problem is, I find it incredibly hard/frustrating to select the status icons (wnt and others)
  21. Every time I have a scouting meeting the one thing I hate the most is the UI, I play on FM Dark skin and all the 'report card' things you get for players have a white background and a colour at the top which is the primary colour of the player your scouting's current team, the white background is simply too bright on FM Dark, it's like I've died and am walking towards the light. Please make it dark grey or something to blend in with the FM dark skin. Thank you.
  22. Like i said i can't see what options are on/off in the left panel. This happens for analysis in match and out of match. In the screenshot below i have selected heat map , avg position with ball, avg position without ball. The left panel should show the active selections
  23. Screenshot of the top menu bar playing as Bognor Regis Town FC. The white background with light green text is making it really hard to read. Changing to the Dark skin doesn't help. Cheers
  24. Is it me or after 18.0.3 update the inbox is responding slow when you have to respond to something? For example if you have to reject a loan offer for one of your players, when you press the Reject button it takes a couple of seconds to accept the action...
  25. The new animation for hovering on the calendar looks weird and a little muddy around the edges. Here's another example... I'm trying to filter out a staff search... With the use of fade here, I have "guess and test". The old method of split screen was more efficient.... I could add or remove filters on the fly, changing them to make the dataset more manageable. This new system forces me to focus on the filter ui and not the data. On a final note, why is this filter window so small? Why do I have to scroll through the filters?