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  1. So, I just bought Patrice Evra due to his good Personality of Driven and nice mental's. I'm trying to get him to tutor Justin Kluivert, all the requirements should be filled, both play mid left, Evra has a higher reputation than Justin, neither are training on the trait and Evra squad role is rotation while Justin's is hot prospect . The only thing that I think it could be is that they have the same current ability but I've read that doesn't affect it. By the way, currently playing as Ajax on FM 17. Cheers
  2. I have a world class striker who is lethal with his right foot, but is really quite poor with his left foot, often shooting off target with that foot. What is the best option to deal with this? Train his weaker foot? (He is 26 so I don't know if that is too old) Train him to avoid the use of his weaker foot? Do something tactically so he finds himself more in positions where shooting with the right foot is more natural? Something else?
  3. i have 3 short youth players who i think about training to be CBs, for fun more than an actual need: 16 yo DC 175 cm 10 JR 1 ca 1.5-2.5 pa (coach assessment, just to estimate if and how much room they have to improve, 1.5 gold stars 2.5 black star) 16 yo DM 176 cm 10 JR 1.5 ca 3-4 pa 17 yo DM 176 cm 8 JR 1.5 ca 3.5-4.5 pa (favorite as he is generally better, plus the DC has poor passing and technique and the other DM has very poor heading) a good DC with cover duty for my team would need at least 12 JR, 10 is someone i might play if i'm sure i'm going to win and want to give him some playing time. though of course ideally he'd jump as high as i can get him to. i have no reserve team and my youth team is an u19, the rep of the youth league is probably not good enough to improve a 19 years old significantly. if i loan them, they would probably be good enough for a second division team, may even get them to a first division team if they had just gained promotion, though that would be punching over their weight. training facilities are good, and let's say i can't give them playing time unless it's the ending games of the season after my table spot is secured. while actual players their height can (sometimes,that's not an expectation) have JR of 13-15, regens at my save (oldest are currently 24-25) need to be at least 180 and usually taller than 184 cm tall to get there. to the point, how much did you managed to improve a single players' jumping reach? do you "hit a wall (or rather a ceiling)" below a certain height or after a certain age or growth (say "i usually can't make them gain more than 3 points during their career\over 10 when they are 168 cm tall (i think there is a top JR you can have bellow certain heights, but as i've seen a 167 cm player with 16 JR, this isn't really what i'm referring to)\more than 1 point after they are 25")? i assume that loaning them later to a team that might train other attributes or even play them as DMs (even if i set their position to be DC in the loan deal, other managers don't tend to be very disciplined, definitely not when asked to play a poor jumper as a center back) will hurt their JR developement, but letting them play 4 games a season until they are 23 can't be very good for them either. so what do you recommend? let them improve more (ca\other attributes wise) in an organic way or train them so they have higher relative chance of improving their jumping, but at the expense of lacking general improvement? i know that JR is not everything when it comes to winning a header and i'm sure someone has figured up a system that allows or encourages short central defenders, but this is mainly training rather than tactical thread, and you can save your virtual ink writing 'it's a combination of attributes" comments and consider them acknowledged.
  4. Hi, I Designed my Son didn’t put any traits, so I could train them if I decided to give him any in future, but I think through tutoring he has developed ‘Argues With Officials’ I immediately put him down to unlearn it with 100% concentration on it. He has been on it for 4 full season going into the 5th. When is he going to stop arguing with officials. Blackthorn
  5. Hi guys, I just finished my second season with Juventus and for some reason my players (senior, youth teams) did not start their end of season break. It's 22.06.2019 now and training is still running - all other teams are long time ago on their breaks. Please advise on this unusual behaviour THx Gabor
  6. Maybe you've never experienced this ,s o a little deduction and imagination may be required ...... I'm managing an amateur club (from Level 22, since you ask). Training involves two short sessions per week with minimal facilities and staff, and players rarely stay for long if they have potential - or ability come to that. They tend to have poor personalities too (kind of by definition they are not professional or ambitious, and rarely determined). So, what's the best you can do? So far I've kept general training on Cohesion for two full seasons so far although team blending is regularly disrupted by players getting poached. Any attempts to add extra specialist training guarantees complaints and again, any benefits are likely to go to the players' next clubs rather than mine. Have to say, it's a lot of fun, but I just wonder if I'm missing any tricks at all. :-)
  7. I'd suggest allowing multiple players to be selected when praising training. Rationale: on a monthly basis, I praise every player (on all squads) who show an improvement in training. I say the same thing to every player. Doing this individually is pretty tedious and takes an unnecessary amount of time. I propose allowing multiple players to be selected, the results can come back something like the results of the team meeting. By player, icons indicating the previous and current morale, and a one-liner for their response to the praise. I realize you can't do this easily when warning players about training, since that often generates further dialogue, but this would eliminate a lot of clicks. Thanks.
  8. Hi Si, Loving the game as ever. 100s of hours played. It's the 2018 World Cup around the corner. I have a few FM 2018 HOTFIX requests that will hopefully improve the experience for managing National teams. Primary request: Introduce the 'rest' function into International management: This will be especially useful in World Cups etc. At the moment you can only access 'rest' through the training function. Ideally that will mean bringing in training. (which is realistic as an International window is 2 weeks and there is much longer for the full tournaments. However, if that's not possible to add the training function please add 'rest'. Expand 'rest' to be 1 Day, 2 Days, 3 Days, 4 Days, 5 Day, 6 Days, 7 Days - rather than, the 1, 2 miss a few, 7 days Secondary requests: Boost morale with International call-ups: No player should start a World Cup with abysmal morale. Tactic familiarity: As there is no training can you please artificially boost the tactic familiarity. These are top quality players, they should be more familiar with more tactics. Delay International call-ups if there are end of season finals: Happened a lot with my super successful team in FM 17 where I lost players from end of season club cups due to being called up to the national sides, when the national teams weren't weren't playing for a week or so. Ability to play knock-about friendly prior to World Cup against a minor local side: Helps with team cohesion, tactics, fitness. (back to that training function again). Ability to move shirt numbers around on tactics screen without having to move player and thus the role etc,: This applies to International friendlies, club preseason friendlies, Non league teams (all season). This also has the general function of helping in game when you switch tactics in the drop down and you hadn't realised (due to squad numbers) that tactic 1 effectively has number 6 on the right wing and tactic 2 number 6 is the centre-half. If you stick to the same tactic you won't notice, it only comes to light if you switch tactics in game from the drop down. More team meetings: When the World Cups are on you often here players say, in today's meeting. Need tools to be able to boost morale after a loss. Remind them of a target (in group stages) etc. Every player you have ever called-up is automatically added to a special short list: If you are an International manager for a while you can quickly see who you have used. Ability to see the same for u21 and other younger sides would be great. An average club rating, can miss a class act International. Rare but happens. When you take over an international team there is a shortlist that lists all players called-up in the last 12 months: A helpful tool when you start with a nation. Match reports not always available. At the very least it would be brilliant if the primary request can make it on a HOTFIX for FM2018. Thanks guys Happy gaming
  9. Any ideas on how to address this. It's a regular occurrence.
  10. Apologies if this is already covered somewhere else, but I've got some quick questions which will hopefully clarify a few Training aspects for me: - Regarding the Team Training, I've seen opinions that you need to run a specific focus (i.e. Tactics, Fitness) for about 3-4 months continuously for it to be effective, but is it really the case ? On the Overview panel the percentages for each focus are added and updated over time, so is it really different if you train a focus for 3 months continuously or if you get those 3 months in a longer frame (alternating between other focuses, i.e. 2 weeks Tactics, 2 weeks Fitness etc.) as long as you still end-up with, say, 75% Fitness and 25% Tactics over 12 months ? - I know @Cleon and others have written extensively about Player Development and such, but what do you guys generally recommend in terms of Workload for a player ? Specifically if they're younger, under 23 (but playing regularly in the First Team). Would you say a total (Team + Individual) Medium workload is more suitable than a Heavy one (provided that even on Heavy they don't get injured) ? I suppose Heavy would eventually make them tired during the later stages of a season ? - How important Match Training really is ? For example, if I choose to focus on Defensive Positioning for an upcoming match, does it make a real difference if I max-out the Match Training (2 days) or I leave it to the minimum (half day, or the first notch that doesn't completely skip it) ? - I noticed sometimes even young players with good potential fail to learn a PPM. Does this have to do with the quality of coaches or Training facilities or it's simply a hit and miss ? Also, does it matter which of the coaches I ask to teach these PPMs ? I would assume that if you've got a Defensive style coach he'd be more suited to ask for Defensive PPMs or does it not matter that much ? Any answers and links to other topics which offer more insight on these aspects of Training are much appreciated, thanks !
  11. Can’t click on coaches to suggest or create new player trait
  12. Hi all. I have a regen in my u18 squad that is a pretty good defender with very good ratings for national u19 team but he lacks in jumping reach. He got 181cm at 16 years old and I've been training him as a Central Defender with an individual focus on jumping reach but it didn't increase at all in 1 year. What should I do? Could he ever become an good-ish Premier League defender or I'm wasting my time with him? Could I retrain him in a different position? If yes, which one would suit him better?
  13. Good morning, I was thinking and what you think about "we" managers have more options to control the training of the team? How planing the microcycle, mesocycle and macrocyle? I thing the options we have to control the training are basic and we have few options
  14. I read through the forum posts and I realized that everyone has its own training strategy often not related to managed team. I wish to understand which is the amount (%) of specific training (attack, defense etc) considered enough before to start another weekly duty. Also I wonder if it gives a short or a long term effect or both. some guides to read are welcome. thanks
  15. I usually do a different training category (Ball Control, Attacking etc) each week but I've heard it may be better to dedicate a whole month to each category. Which method do you use? Does anyone know if there is a proven best method?
  16. I am loving this years football manager but one thing i am having a issue with, with 1 or 2 players is the training. Most of my team are happy with my training but 1 player since he joined has had the saying "Feels the team is not working enough on match preperation" and because of this he is not developing but still playing ok. Now I have another youngster who had developed loads but now all of a sudden with no change he also says it now and its worrying me that his development stops. I have tried alsorts to get it to normal, increasing work load, changing weekly training from team cohesion 2 balanced and nothing has worked. Can somebody please tell me how to fix this because its very annoying. All the staff says is work more on match preperation, I dont understand how I can. Thankyou
  17. I've got Thomas Lemar, whose primary position in the game is that of left-winger, and I'm wondering about getting him to develop his weaker foot so that he'll can be more effective as a central attacking midfielder (his right foot is current 8/20) Anyone know how many current ability points each point of improvement in his weaker foot might cost? Thanks
  18. The medical centre is introduced this year and there is a new feature of assessing players risk of injury, whilst the risk can be managed by altering training workload. As a result, I have to change players individual workload between having additional training or not, and intensity light, average or heavy a lot of times during a season, according to players health status and match load. In the current setting, I have to view players' injury risk in medical centre, and then go to players' individual development page to change training workload. So I have to switch back and forth a lot of times every time. It would be a lot more convenient if there a page that allow us to switch training workload, and at the same time seeing the corresponding change in risk of injury. In addition, the current injury page in the medical centre shows only the expected return date of players to light training. From the approach of minimizing risk of injury recurrence, I am not comfortable at playing players only in light training. So it would be only useful if it shows the date of return to full training.
  19. In training schedule we have a checkbox option to automatic rest day after match. Please add an extra option to specific how many days to rest after match instead of just one day. Right now If I need to rest my team for two days after match I have to do it manually every time after match.
  20. So iv'e been thinking for a while, as have many other more senior members of the community, that the AIs development of younger players is absolutely dreadful. But there seems to be an obvious fix? It seems player development is hugely linked to playing time. But almost too much? Sure playing time is a significant factor in developing as a young player. Getting senior games is vital. But if the AI isnt built to give younger players more of a go then surely you just tweak the %s that are assigned to training ground development, tutoring development and the other more passive forms of development. Hate seeing so many young studs in the game never developed by there AI clubs meaning unless I pitch in and buy them they never seem to reach their potential.
  21. training is FMs biggest weakness. Managers often refer to the quality of weekly training and how a player has performed. I also want to marry this up with attribute scoring. Why not make attributes much more fluid. Eg its possible (Spurs are my team btw) that Dele has a week where his shooting was 20 out of 20. Maybe play him up front that week. Later in the month it could drop to 10 when hes had a bad training week. Attributes then become an average based on a series of training sessions. Ie Unless dele is shooting at 20 out of 20 every week, actually his real score is more like 15. This will also help spot rising talent. Eg a 17 yo CB who suddenly hits a 19 out of 20 week on passing suggests you have a Beckenbauer on your hands. This will also make decisions for the big games more exciting. Do you pick the best player or the best trainer? I think this makes attributes much more realistic. Obviously your height will only change when growing up and your speed will always be pretty consistent. But the other metrics would be much more fluid in real life.
  22. Ok, so I'm not a real football manager, but I expect that a certain amount of their time (similar to any other kind of manager) is talking with individual players one on one and setting expectations for them and then after games or training talking about how the player has achieved against those expectations. Currently in FM we don't have a way to do this, even though the systems are in the game that should allow it. I would like to be able to have a one on one conversation with my players between matches giving them feedback and instructions, for instance "you were far too lethargic in the last game. I want to see you running further in the next one" or "you haven't been doing a good job of screening your defenders. Make sure you don't get too far away from them in the next game" and then be able to look at stats and have a conversation with them like "you ran over two kilometres further than in the last game - great effort!" or "what were you doing in the opposition box so much? I told you to screen the defence!" In addition to influencing player behaviour in the short term, it could also be a way to teach them PPMs which to me would seem more realistic than just assigning a coach to teach them. Perhaps this sort of coaching could also have an effect on stats like fining and warning players does currently.
  23. Bannside of Killowen

    Training (all aspects)

    It would be get to some sort of training greatly improved. 1. Players training on the beach especially in pre season, because I know my local club does it in the Irish Premiership. 2. Players wanting to stay behind after the main training session has finished, so they can improve in there own weakness. 3. Players looking after there own fitness during the close season, because of the club's I've managed when they come back for pre season training some of the players can be lazy and takes nearly the full pre season and the 1st full month of league fixtures before they are fully fit
  24. When I express my interest for a player in the media and get my bids rejected or when one of my own players goes mental for not getting the chance in the first team their morale drops. But that's about it exhept for them refusing contract talks, but that also seems to be forgotten after a month or too. What I would like too see is the option for players to really start taking actions when their morale is very poor or abysmal. Examples of these actions could be the player refusing to play or train, the player making a BIG fuss on social media like Berahinho for example, talking to other clubs while no transfer fee has been agreed, fighting in training, etc, etc. What do you guys think of this idea? What other actions could an unhappy player take? Aso, please exhuse my English, I'm swedish.
  25. Who here sets the training intensity to low when the team has 2 games in a week?