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Found 80 results

  1. I bought a boxed copy of FM 18 from amazon.co.uk a couple of days ago. I loaded it up on my computer just now but the activation code does not work on steam. It says that the item is not available in my country and that my purchase has been cancelled. I live in Bangladesh and this has never happened to me before in the 20+ years I've been playing FM. Please help.
  2. When me and my friend try to play online together it says that my friend is not inn game. even tho he has oppened the game, and it has worked before. I can not join him becaus i cant find his game because on my steam it says that he is online but not in game. We have tried deleting the game and steam, but it does not work.
  3. Everytime I left the game, it says steam cloud back up will start after the game is closed. And it always stucks in sync. It says 0% 0 byte/s in steam and I have to stop steam from task manager in order to play another game. I added a screenshot just in case.
  4. Does anybody want to play online with me. I live in europe. I am a beginner but as far as lower league management is going right now i should be good, so dont expect me to be Sir Alex Ferguson. I do not care what team you want to manage so that is not an issue, i probably will go with a league 1 or a championship team and you should be open to doing transfer buisness with me and by that i dont mean that give me your players or die, i just want to negotiate over some players. I would like to speak over discord when we negotiate transfers and steam voice chat is ok as well. Contact me on steam if you live in europe and speak good enough english to communicate. Im not a grammar nazi so I don't care if we can have a normal conversation. My Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198105105641/
  5. VSfallin

    Anyone joining?

    Does anybody want to play online with me. I live in europe. I am a beginner but as far as lower league management is going right now i should be good, so dont expect me to be Sir Alex Ferguson. I do not care what team you want to manage so that is not an issue, i probably will go with a league 1 or a championship team and you should be open to doing transfer buisness with me. I speak decent english and if i want to sign a player i would like to negotiate the signing over discord or steam voice chat. Please send me your steam link so i could add you guys. ANYONE IS WELCOME but you need to live in europe
  6. Cannot play game. Steam just says "Starting" in downloads section then times out.
  7. Hi, I can't anymore start Football Manager 2017. (it worked a few months ago, but long time I had not played) Just Steam windows "Preparing to launch Football Manager 2017" then this windows close and nothing (see image). I try uninstall Steam + Football Manager 2017 + delete all preferences files/folder of .steam and "Sports interactive" but not better. I can't find a log file for see what is the problem In Shell terminal : steam steam://rungameid/482730 Give nothing error just this : Running Steam on ubuntu 16.04 64-bit STEAM_RUNTIME is enabled by the user Pins up-to-date! [2018-03-04 15:12:14] Startup - updater built Dec 15 2017 11:47:44 [2018-03-04 15:12:14] Verifying installation... [2018-03-04 15:12:14] Verification complete Refresh rate: 0 Refresh rate: 0 Refresh rate: 0 Refresh rate: 0 Refresh rate: 0 Refresh rate: 0 Refresh rate: 0 Refresh rate: 0 Refresh rate: 0 Refresh rate: 1 Refresh rate: 1 Refresh rate: 1 Refresh rate: 1 Refresh rate: 1 Refresh rate: 1 Refresh rate: 1 Have idea or solution ? My configuration : Xubuntu 16.04 64 bits - 4.10.0-27-generic
  8. I've noticed not long ago that previous FM versions are no longer sold in Steam. I'm just curious why is that and if they will return. Not that I need them to buy (I already have 12-18), but I can't buy/sell trading cards for FM17. Will trading cards return or I have to turn them to gems?
  9. Hi, I installed FM18 onto my PC and then transferred it to an SD card. The game has been running fine for a few months, but the SD card accidentally came out and when I've went to start the game, it isn't telling me to install the game as it can't find it on the SD card. I have checked and it is definitely still there. I don't have enough space on my PC hardrive to reinstall at this point so looking for a solution. Thanks!
  10. I have reset my laptop because fm18 was running slow, stupidly I forgot my username and password to steam, I have emailed them to try and sort that. Next thing I created a new steam and try my fm activation code and it says it's a duplicate code, it' my game and I can prove I bought it, is there anything I can do? Will steam be able to find my user name? Can sigames reset the code to use on my new account? Help!!!!
  11. So when I click the tab and shift button to pull up the side screen it comes up very small, but trying to use the mouse is impossible as it stays relative to a full screen, so trying to click anything is a nightmare. If anyone can help would be greatly appreciated. Rob
  12. Hello All! Can anyone help how to avance game time? I have a demo version, which stopped and unable to proceed showing after clicking to continue button: click to advance game. Thanks.
  13. Hi! I have bought FM to my PC, so I have both FM18 & FM Mobile on there. And now I want to play it on my iPhone. Please tell me How to get it to work! and please tell me its not so disfunctional that i need to buy a New key to get it to work!! best regards kingkubas
  14. Is there anyone I can speak to directly about a problem I'm having? I try and cloud save my games so that I can play on two different devices but the save simply is not transferring over to my desired device. When I try to load up on the cloud there is no game saves at all. To test this I have started a game on the device which isn't loading up/can't find the initial save and doing a cloud save with a separate career. My other device CAN detect this save. To try and put it simply. One device can load a game from the cloud, the other device cannot. And I am using the same steam account on both devices.
  15. suwandiwang77

    Need Help Urgent

    Hello, Im just lost my iPad Air 2. Im playing FMT2018 on there and going to 2025 bring Boston United from Vanarama South to League One within 6/7years. I also login my steam account and ask me to cross save before but i never uploud my files. It is auto save to steam or not? Thanks.
  16. Trying to buy the in-game editor, when it pops to the screen to 'authorize' I can't click anything in the little box, even if I try to move the cursor to a specific spot on the page? I've tried every screen resolution size and although FM changes size the steam overlay does not. I've tried changing the launch options via properties in steam but still no change. Please help someone!
  17. First thing I do with Steam is switch this spyware to offline mode. So why then does it constantly go back online, update ITSELF and also the games I have with it? What is the point of OFFLINE if it goes ONLINE when it obviously gets the OK from Valve to do so? (and please no rubbish about "I obviously have to have had it online" I look at logs, Steam is ignoring the OFFLINE instruction and basically doing what it pleases.) Any advice would be appreciated. Sorry for the bluntness, but when it comes to this insidious piece of filth (Steam) politeness is out of the window.
  18. I'd like to add some national leagues from the Steam workshop, particularly from the Middle East or African regions. I see several there (some by claassen). Any recommendations of fun leagues that aren't glitchy, and lend themselves for a nice international coach career? Thanks.
  19. Hi Went to play FM18 this morning, steam gets to 68% and won't download any further, tried all tips on here, restarting, clearing cache, verifying, but nothing, it gets to 68% and then just simply stops downloading Anything I can do - never had a single problem with it before THanks
  20. Right, forgive me if I'm wrong but this is not something I've seen brought up or even rumoured but it is a feature that is basically already in the game. When you create a club, you are able to design your kits for that team. Now how good would it be if at the end of every season, every team changed their kits. Only slightly for home kits but the designs for the away and alternate kits could be anything really. The team you were managing, you could either select from a group of generated kits, or even create your own. This really would work wonders with the immersion that football manager goes for. Please give me any opinions on this but I think it would be a great addition.
  21. I have been using FM18 Touch (FM18T) for a few days on a Microsoft Surface, without problems. Steam updated my FM18T on 26th Nov. After the update when I started FM18T I was presented with a T&C's and Privacy statement. The 3 clickable options booted out of the game to a website where the full T&C's etc could be read. The 'accept' button is grey'd out and can't be clicked. (see picture attached). No other area on the screen is clickable. This renders the game unplayable as you can't get past this screen. I've uninstalled FM18T and re-installed the game but can't get past the privacy statement screen. I've tried with the surface keyboard attached & unattached, turning the screen around to portrait from landscape, I've plugging the surface to a external TV screen (to increase area as a monitor). Nothing works. I have a spare old regular laptop and installed FM18T to see if I could get past this screen. On a regular laptop the privacy statement works normally (it doesn't boot to a external browser to show T&Cs etc), so after scrolling down the T&Cs this time inside the game all the way to the end of the T&Cs the accept button can then be used (as expected). Accepting the terms on this old laptop is not universal for my steam account. When I try again on the surface it still requires me to get past the privacy screen, which I can't. I purchased FM18T specifically to play on my new, faster surface. Please can you fix this issue as I can no longer play the game until you do.
  22. I'm getting this error message everytime I try to play the game after trying to install the update, it still says update paused, there is noway to unpause it, if I try to play the game it comes up with error. Can someone help with this please?
  23. Hello sigames-Team. Since the last update I can not play the FM18 anymore. Broken updated! Games on Steam. Before the update, it worked flawlessly. Have it already uninstalled and reinstalled. Video card updated. Nothing!! Some people are at Steam like that. Will you fix your great update someday?
  24. Hi, I have a lot of problems with FM18 on Steam... Now, I can't start playing because the game get stuck before starting. I always have to restart the game 6/8 times before finally reaching the main menu. Why?!