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  1. I just signed a player to a new short term contract (under 6 months to expiry) and another club came in and offered them one (which they can do as they the player's contract is less than 6 months from expiry) The problem? The other club can offer them a contract but I can't because "it's too soon since they last signed" This is a pretty clear bug/design flaw. Hoping it will be fixed for FM19
  2. So, in my current save I was employed at Ukraine national team and wanted to get a job in Dynamo Kyiv. I resigned from Barcelona to pursue this opportunity and decrease costs for them. I was second in hall of fame, won Champions League 5 times with different clubs and had a stellar reputation. For some reasons, regardless of what I said at the interview (I will resign from national coaching, decrease transfer budget, agree with all philosophies), I just could not get hired. For some other reasons, my personal assistant did not even hesitate to send me that Dynamo hired someone else, so I don't even know what was the reason not to hire me.
  3. Hey! Unfortunately, I got an annoying problem, which from what I did research on the Internet did not happen only to me. The player of my team is simultaneously in the roster of another team. It's about Pedro Neto, who at the beginning of the game was loaned to Lazio for 2 years from my Braga and after these 2 years he had to go permanently, but with the end of the loan instead of going to Lazio his contract was ended so I signed him to my Braga. The problem is that his copy stayed in the Lazio roster and even though he's at my club, he's at Lazio too and he's playing matches there (I can not use it if I have a match on the same day as Lazio). The situation is idiotic, but there are pros - statistics are from both clubs, stats and value are growing. Can you solve this? He is wonderkid about whom I would like to base my team. Transfer to another club does not change anything and the copy stays in Lazio. Even loan him to Lazio did not do anything because there were just two Pedro Neto in the squad. After clicking on the copy profile from Lazio it is showing Pedro Neto's profile from my Braga. All statistics and others are also counted to mine. P.S. I did not use the editor if it changes something.
  4. So in previous versions of FM if I am interest in a player, I request a scouting report on him and it happens. Sounds simple, right? Well so far at all 3 levels(North/south, National and Skybet 2) whenever I request a report on a player........none generate. Ever. I mean, ive been waiting for 3 years for my damn report on Ben Purrington. But this is true for ALL requested reports, not just this one player. I don't know if this is intentional, but it is highly annoying.
  5. -I am not sure when this issue started and do not have saves near when it started. It has been a while in my save since it started. I thought maybe selling some players or something might fix it. I didn't think about posting the issue to the forums until now. I don't think there is anyway to fix it in my save because I don't have any saves near when the issue started. I am more or less just looking for confirmation that it is a bug and it isn't just me not understanding the rules correctly. -I hope this is the right place to put this. I think I understand the rules of an MLS save, but if I am just not understanding something correctly please let me know. -I don't know why I have 121 million GAM I am not that rich. But if I do have 121 million GAM why can't I lower his salary cap impact? Even if I don't have 121 million GAM I should still have enough money to buy him down. Very frustrating and have had to waive a few good players I spent money on. -Please let me know if I am just missing a rule for the MLS, or if I should be able to reduce his cap impact and this is just bugged. -Also do you think if I bought the in game editor I could mess with my teams finances/GAM to fix this? -Thanks. -
  6. So I found a player who's contract has expired, but he is still at the club earning his weekly wage. On the scouting screen, he appears on the list when searching for "contract expired". I offered him a contract, agreed a wage, but then when I went to finalise the deal, I was told I had to pay his club £65k in compensation fee? Why is that? I could have signed him on a Bosman for nothing, but as soon as his contract expires I have to pay £65k in compensation? Why do I have to pay compensation for a player that is not under any legal contract anymore? I just checked, and any player that is on the "contract expired" list, but still earns a weekly wage has a ludicrous compensation fee attached to him?
  7. I notices that scouts can't repeat their assignments after they finish. I mean there is no button for that (as it used to be in FM 17). In other words you can't create a list f assignments for a scout and then just rotate them.
  8. I stumbled upon a bug/mistake, where the transfer offer did not contain selling team contribution, but when I was approving the transfer it was included in the other fees. The two screenshots below show what happened. The offer on the left, which was accepted by both parties, did not have the selling team wage contribution of 80€/week, but the inbox message where I need to approve the transfer mentions the selling team wage contribution in the additional fees. I ended up cancelling the transfer because of this. And before you ask, yes it's the same transfer, same offer, same player, only one club making an offer and so on.
  9. Hello, been a loong time fm player like most people here. Recently been getting into fm18 as well. Here's the situation, I'm trying to buy unhappy players that have requested to be put to transfer list, I'm bidding the exact amount they request but the clubs are allowed to reject it, negotiate and they even alter the asking price afterwards. The reason I make this thread is, I've been buying players like this for the second season now and this didn't happen the first time around and I have never known AI clubs to be able to reject a transfer bid for their "req" status players. Sorry if my topic is in the wrong section of the forum as it's my first time being here. I'm really frustrated right now and I would appreciate any help. I can provide save files if necessary
  10. hi having problem with my wages. highly in profit, lots of available wage budget, no transfers pending and still cant offer even half of my bast paid player. but only maximum I can offer is 8k? pls help
  11. In third season, signed a player on a free and his value is listed as 0. Tried setting his transfer value to 1 milllion, but resets his value back to 0. So offered him another contract, initially sets his value to 10million, then after a few matches it drops back to 0!!! No idea what to do, as clueless as to why keeps doing it...
  12. A few days ago, I tried selling a transfer clause for a bit of extra money. However, the Sell Clause button stayed there after clicking it. Being the impatient person I am, I mashed it for quite a while, and it resulted in me somehow receiving money for it multiple times. The glitch stayed upon switching menus and going back, and it also stayed after pressing the Continue button once, but disappeared on the second continuation. In the end, my club received all of the money (hundreds of millions in total), however, it seems to have no effect on the reported transfer price of the player.
  13. Hi, The in-game editor suddenly disappeared after I started a new game. I only used an new data-update. So nothing changed on the Skin settings..
  14. I have set up a new league structure in a new nation. There are 14 teams in the top division. Almost everything is working perfectly, yet i am struggling with adding tv dates. This is what i put in the TV dates section, yet this is what it shows in-game for the tv schedule. It is clear that i have no clue what to do, so any help would be appreciated.
  15. I am now beyond frustrated and seriously considering refunding the game via steam. Purchased game yesterday this morning figured i would do some editing before starting a game so i started the game up changed few preferences closed it..first i realised that i had to uninstall touch because the pre game editor would not work..that's 2 hours of troubleshooting so after two hours i deleted touch and installed normal fm18 editor now worked i spent next 3 hours editing club fiances player stats for several league's made no changes to any league..i feel i am finished..click save boom crashed 3 hours lost..i figured ok i was unlucky..i go into a club edit fiances try to save again as soon as i click save total crash and closure of the editor how is this game so buggy? https://gyazo.com/f1cd129ce623504c1d7d5246d50a2e5a https://gyazo.com/655fd12c6a9644e341d8d57ecaa3589e Windows 10 64 bit windows operating system 16 gb ram blah blah.
  16. Hi, In my current game I was a very successful manager. I had won everything there was to win (Italian title, Spanish title, Spanish cups, Champions League) with Napoli and Barcelona, had 4 full stars of reputation, and then noticed that my favourite team was in Belgiums second division. So I switched to Lokeren and had a decent first season just missing out on promotion. The second season I won the first round (there are 2 rounds where everyone plays against each other, if the same team ends up first they promote immediately, otherwise there's a play off between both winners for promotion). The second round started bad, and after a couple of games I was fired? This is weird to me as: * I am the Guardiola of the game, who switches to a second division team. He would never be fired. * I had already won the first round which offers the chance for promotion. * I had kept my finances under control (even on a 100k salary surplus and 4mil transfer budget remaining). I was still on track as I had planned to spend some budget to increase my team in depth.
  17. Make an offer for a young player playing in the spanish division for his current price. However make his price semi negotiable (make the padlock orange). The club will usually accept it. Without this the club will demand a high fee or his minimum fee release clause. This is game breaking as you can secure all young players very cheaply. I think the problem exits because in spain there is the minimum fee release clause inserted in contracts as when I tried it on other players in other leagues they completely refused the offer. (further testing needed).
  18. Hi, I have added a newly generated Club to English League 2 (moving a club down on each below league etc) but they do not enter the Carabao cup or Checktrade Trophy as they should, This edit is something I do on every new edition of FM and have not experienced this issue before. I have tried editing the teams entered for both these competions on the pre game editor but no teams appear on the "Teams" or "Teams for Next Season" tabs, any ideas? Thank, Phill.
  19. Anytime I try to save anything on the editor, it crashes. It happened to me on fm17 so assuming its something to do with my setup on my laptop.
  20. Hello, I have a problem when I want to validate my purchase on steam. This opens a window with very small characters. and there is nothing happening. When I want to click on one of the buttons, the buttons do not work when I click ... Why do I have this bug? thank you.
  21. Hello, I have always played FM with very personalized databases. In fact, I use teams created by me in the first and second division of Spain. I've never had any problems ... until now. When I start a new game, I choose the database and then the my personal database. I get the next screen, I choose which league to play with, when the season starts ... and in the next screen the game is not loaded. It stays frozen in "configuring the game database". I have deleted the cache, but it is not solved. Any ideas to fix it? Thank you
  22. Been playing the same save for 4 years and noticed all around the uk bigger teams seem to sign promising young players under 18 for a transfer fee of £0 from teams in the lower divisions with no extras included? I’m playing in the Scottish championship have first hand done it myself to my own surprise the other team doesn’t even try and negotiate even though there player is under contact and playing for the first team. 
  23. How is it possible? double chairman ?!
  24. When trying to update some details I am receiving a blank screen on the EDIT details option where I should be able to update. Similar screenshots attached. Sample pages where blank return is seen are: Edit Player attribute details, Edit Player's personal details and Edit club contract details. Any help appreciated . Thanks
  25. How come there price you have to pay for a player is much higher than other teams need to offer and even your DOF gets better price than you can get? Is this a bug or just part of the game? (been this way last few games). Example: Player valued 700.000 in Danish league, 20 yrs old, wonderkid potetials, offered 5mj then 10mj! From Danish League. Rejected. Tottenham got him for 8mj tho.