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  1. Hello, I have always played FM with very personalized databases. In fact, I use teams created by me in the first and second division of Spain. I've never had any problems ... until now. When I start a new game, I choose the database and then the my personal database. I get the next screen, I choose which league to play with, when the season starts ... and in the next screen the game is not loaded. It stays frozen in "configuring the game database". I have deleted the cache, but it is not solved. Any ideas to fix it? Thank you
  2. Been playing the same save for 4 years and noticed all around the uk bigger teams seem to sign promising young players under 18 for a transfer fee of £0 from teams in the lower divisions with no extras included? I’m playing in the Scottish championship have first hand done it myself to my own surprise the other team doesn’t even try and negotiate even though there player is under contact and playing for the first team. 
  3. How is it possible? double chairman ?!
  4. When trying to update some details I am receiving a blank screen on the EDIT details option where I should be able to update. Similar screenshots attached. Sample pages where blank return is seen are: Edit Player attribute details, Edit Player's personal details and Edit club contract details. Any help appreciated . Thanks
  5. How come there price you have to pay for a player is much higher than other teams need to offer and even your DOF gets better price than you can get? Is this a bug or just part of the game? (been this way last few games). Example: Player valued 700.000 in Danish league, 20 yrs old, wonderkid potetials, offered 5mj then 10mj! From Danish League. Rejected. Tottenham got him for 8mj tho.
  6. I have completed a cash+player offer for Philippe Coutinho with David Ospina heading to Liverpool as part of the deal in ny Arsenal save. Liverpool hade accepted the offer and both players have accepted the contracts. I also got a message that Ospina was granted a work permit. The problem is that I'm not able to confirm the transfer as the final message where the confirm button is hasn't showed up in my manager inbox. On each players view it says that they have accepted a contract and on my transfer page both players show as awaiting confirmation. What can I do? Can you create the confirmation message for me? (Sorry for my bad english or use of the wrong expressions, I play the game in swedish) Thanks Patrik
  7. Good morning, Not sure if it's a bug, but decided to give a heads up anyway. Werder Bremen, season 2, Max Kruse very unhappy, so I offer him out, Ipswich replies, we negotiate, they accept 18 million, flat, no installments, nothing. The chairman stays silent. A few days on, Bournemouth come with a bid of something like 14 million plus bonuses, and the chairman steps in right away and accepts the bid, not even a chance to negotiate. Sure enough, Kruse prefers the latter, and we lose out on 4 million. The only possible explanation is that the game is coded to take into account potential transfer value (which, if I'm not mistaken, was aroung 18,75 million, so not even significantly higher), but surely it's not very prudent? I mean, conditionals like after league goals, after X appearances etc. - is not in any way a guaranteed payout, as opposed to 18 million cash, no strings attached.
  8. This is the thread I started on the general discussion thread, but none of the solutions worked.. Long story short - Bought a player. Played fine a few games. Then I noticed that he only appeared on the tactics screen. On some stats screen he wasnt there. On some he was. Couldn't register him later on for Europe.
  9. To be honest i didn't really know what to title this. I don't know if this is a bug in the game or something has happened without me realizing like me hitting a setting wrong. As you will be able to see in the added pictures we are in March of the first season. There are an unusual large amount of vacancies. I checked and there have been no manager movements so every team to have sacked a manager in this save so far has not replaced them. I have absolutely no idea why this has happened, i just wondered if someone had any idea for me.
  10. Hi, could someone read my crash dump and tell me what the problem is? I am running 2 editor files. One is a modified setup of England Leagues, the other is modified European competitions, they run fine on their own as I holidayed a season each, but when I try to run both at once in a game, the game keeps crashing on 23rd September. Any help would be much appreciated. FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.05.22 00.33.40).dmp
  11. I have a young player (on a semi pro contract) who just left while still having one year left. He had no clauses that could allow this. This is not the first time I have experienced this. Is this a bug or is there anything I do not know about?
  12. I've got a young player at my club that is playing and developing well. I'm one of his favourite personel and he's enjoying playing for the club. He's in the last year of his contract. However, when I go to offer him a new one, his agent is saying, "he feels staying here wouldn't be a wise decision due to his dislike of the club" Wtf?? I'm rangers and doing well and he's Scottish. Any ideas?
  13. I have played my FM Touch Career up until 2022 so far and I haven't encounter any problems with emails so far. but ever since I got to the recent January Transfer window, I've Recieved non stop transfer updates on other clubs. Sometimes i'd get 100+ Emails a day. I prefer my inbox not to be clogged and that only stuff thats relevant shows in my inbox. I've Searched all the setting with my director of football and ingame settings but I still can't find any option to stop recieving notifications
  14. Hello Sİ, So let me explain you the situation from the start. I Modded the game and added more lower English leagues to the game. And I modified that database and created my own club. I'm playing with that club and its my 4th season now. The problem is that I'can find some of my new transfer (like Devante Cole) and some of my players from the previous season ( Like Manny Monthe) in my team. I have checked filters, Under 18 and 23s but they are just not at the club. Also some players that I released are still at the club (Like Josh Dolling and Jack Saville). I looked up a solition online but I can't find one. I don't want to start over as it took me in real life days to take the team in this position and It's soo annoying that this is happening. Also did these kind of stuff all the time and its the first time that someting like this is happening, PLEASE HELP.
  15. I cannot see how long time the scout has left when scouting another country. dunno how to fix it.
  16. i Signed Marcus Rashord and managed to use him for the second half of last season. Now this season he is not coming up for me to register for the league. I am guessing this is why?
  17. Cant register player in Palermo , Marko Grujic . help?
  18. every time I want to save my changes the editor just crashes and shuts down. all ready tried to save in a different folder ( works ) but then I can't load the database in the game. ( selection page for database doesn't open)
  19. Update on this issue. I offered new contract to one of my Physios to become my Head Physio. He accepted, but the board thought different... Except as you can see on the first screenshot there is no Head Physio in Man Utd's staff list...
  20. Hi all. Hadnt played Fm18 for some time till today. Appears to have been an update and since then the ingame editor has gone wierd. When i click in any field to enter data i get another screen which looks rather like a pale blue mobile keyboard. Mouse behaves strangely on that screen and data doesnt enter properly. Never seen the screen before. Uninstalled twice but still the same. Also doesnt save games in that when i come to load the game save the box is empty. Never had probs before. All this since the update. Any ideas?
  21. I'm playing SL Benfica and at the end of the first season, Talisca who is on loan at Besiktas with a 25M buying option returned to me. Immediately he asked me to move to a bigger club, I have saved and reloaded and tried to convince him to stay two different ways: if I talk to him personally he says he needs to win the Champions League, I say that I can at most challenge for the Champions League, he responds that it is good enough but he would only wait for a season OR ask Luisão, my captain and his personal friend, to convince him to stay (since he has 20 leadership he easily convinces him). In any case, I get the message that "Talisca is now happy to stay at SL Benfica". Since he only has a year left on his contract, when I try to renew his agent ALWAYS, no matter the case, says his client isn't interested in renewing since he thinks it wouldn't be wise to stay at a club he dislikes. However, his information page doesn't say anywhere he wouldn't want to play for SL Benfica and this always happens even if he says he is happy to stay. Is this intended behaviour or is it a bug? I can't understand why he would be convinced to stay but not to renew. Thanks in advance. EDIT: I've noticed that if I ask my DoF to renew his contract he is able to offer him one (albeit a very horrible and overpriced one with a very low release clause)
  22. Four questions/problems I have with future transfers regarding the pre game editor. 1. I have an update that has future transfers, but I started a game to check if they worked and some of them don't. Most of them are staff related future transfers. I Have a future transfer where an assistent-manager goes from Club A to Club B. Everything in the editor is filled in correctly , but in the game (a few days after the date set in the editor) he ends up without any club, never making it to Club B? Also many future transfers like Player -> Trainer under 19 don't work. 2. Not all roles are available when setting a future transfer. No assistant-manager or trainer for the second team option? 3. No option for a double role future transfer. A current goalkeepertrainer is going to be a goalkeepertrainer + assistent-manager, but this isn't possible to do with the future transfer options there are now. 4. Player X goes from Club A to Club B. Signs a contract for 3 years + 1 year option. But can't set the 1 year option in his future contract, since the clause isn't there.
  23. I've been getting frustrated recently with a bug in the contracts side of the transfers system. Essentially, I will be in negotiations with a player in their prime over a (free) transfer, and their wages (and add on) demands will be ridiculously high. Their agent will often cancel negotiations fairly quickly with things too far apart. Then, no less than a week later, the player is signing for another team on a contract less than half the size of the lowest offer I made them myself. It's also usually about 33% lower than their old contract. Crazy! Happened to me four times now in 2 seasons. These are often quality players (who then go on to be really good on their pint-sized contracts for my division rivals) who ought to be on much bigger contracts (but still nowhere near as big as the ones they were demanding, which is an issue in and of itself that SI should be looking at - demanding £35k a week for a first teamer at a top-half Championship level club?) Quite an annoying bug which could do with sorting.
  24. Roaming Raumdeuter

    Scouting staff with duplicates.

    I started Ajax save recently and I have duplicates in scouting staff with Chief scout. This surely seems like a bug. Check attachment. Thanks.
  25. Hi, i am just writing to you to tell you that i am in a nine man network save and we go on holidays from game to game so that the game goes faster, and 3 of my players have been sold without me accepting any bids there was no release clauses in the contract and all of the responsibilities are down to me, my finances are completely fine also when i go on holidays i always have under transfers reject all offers. just messaging you guys to wonder what is going on and dont want this too happen again...