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  1. When managing a club and national team, national team scouting range matches that of the club (example : managing Icelandic second division club side HK with scouting range of Scandinavia will not allow national side, Algeria, to scout own continent or even own country because of club scouting restrictions (only able to scout Scandinavia). This has been present in all versions of this game so far back as I can remember. Why hasn't it been fixed yet??
  2. When on Scouting - Knowledge, screen flickers/bugs out depending on where your mouse is. The screen grab I got is not the worst I've seen, sometimes the majority of the screen will black out. Again, depending on where the mouse is.
  3. When I clicked on add to shortlist and acknowledged the player, Add to shortlist checkbox was still there but the text disappeared. I guess either checkbox should go as well or the text must stay. IDK I just thought it's worth having a look.
  4. Hi Just been thinking about an earlier post I made about the restart option being missing for your scouts, for example if they have been scouting the major top leagues, like I always have mine do, once the season is over you have to start again and re-assign. If I have my chief scout assigning the scouts they always seem to just scout general focus, so how about this idea. In pre-season (and at the very start of your first season) you assign which leagues, competitions and/or regions you want scouted that season, your chief scout then does the actual assigning depending on yours scouts knowledge. A compromise of both systems really.
  5. When playing as an MLS Club it is annoying to see these long lists of players your club has rights to and not knowing basic Information about them. All it gives is a name. To find out anything about him you have to use the search bar and then scout. You club should have them on some sort of searchable shortlist. This would be invaluable at end of season especially before the Draft. Also annoying when AI controlled team wants to trade for his rights and then you find out you could have used him for your team because he is better than player drafted or Transferred from Europe.
  6. Is it normal that you can only sign new Scouting Staff in the Belgian Pro League on a P/T basis ? examples: Standard Liege, Club Brugge Existing scouts at the clubs work on a F/T basis, new scouts can only be hired on a P/T basis. Consequently, number of scout reports per region is very low (20+ after 6 months ingame time).
  7. Hi. Can someone please clarify the difference between a scout report and an analyst report? What's the purpose of each? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I am in English Premier League and i have a 23 men scouting team (30 Recruitment Staff). All packages, regions, budgets etc. maximised. My player and youngster knowledge attributes are 14-14 in my profile. The problem is, when i manage to get outstanding knowledge of many regions with sometimes 1-2 scouts, i can't get satisfying knowledge of my own area UK&Ireland although i have a huge good number of domestic staff in addition to scouts. Chief scout and other 2 other scouts are English. Also there are many UK coaches and staff. I usually set my UK scouts to roam in UK&Ireland region ongoing but I am trying alternative solutions after this problem. I set them to scout competitions but i didn't help. I have outstanding knowledge of Central Europe, Scandinavia, South America but i still only have %65 knowledge of UK despite all these domestic staff. It feels weird when i still have players in the Premier League whose attributes are not fully displayed, even in worldwide clubs like Man City and Man Utd, when i get nice display of attributes for players in the leagues around the world. I would expect to have better attribute display at least in my own region but unfortunately not. What is this about? Anyone realised this? Is that something related with the database size and number of players? Or what? I hope i could explain well enough.
  9. I don't know if this is a bug or just a feature which is still only partially developed. My scout reports for each club tend to be absolutely identical in terms of build up (mixed pace, short passing), marking style (mixed), away playing style (tends to be the same), and pressing style (opportunity, from front). The only things which change are formation and morale. Is this actually a reflection of how the AI is playing against me (certainly seems like it a lot of the time), or is it just that the feature doesn't really work? The reports are consistently the same across leagues, across levels of leagues, between scouts, and over manager turnovers.
  10. Stupid question.In regard to scouting if you leave it to your head scout to make assignments can you still go in and set individual assignments? As in will the head scout override your assignment? With big scouting teams I don't want to set each individual assignment but may want something specific from time to time.
  11. I was playing around with this and discovered just how little control you have over it. This could go down as a 'bug' but could also be a suggestion for improvement I suppose. My current budget is £77k pw I slide the bar (the smallest amount I can) to increase it and it goes to £487,256 I try to scroll it back to reduce it to say, £200k, it goes to £38,550. Basically there no option to click on the number and type in the amount I want? The slider doesn't seem adjustable enough by far. Also just to note I did this when I had no scouting packages active, just in case they caused any issues.
  12. I think it could be nice to add any column we want there, and if not add there option to check current scout recommendation. So we can sort it and cancel assignments which are until full knowledge easier. I mean just this view: Currently is hard to view each player, their recommendation, multiple select them and fail it some times and do it all over again.
  13. 1- This scout spend 1 month, more or less to scout Ukraine but he has %1 knowledge about Ukraine. He is in the club from beginning of the game, almost 1,5 year. Most of knowledge gains are not make sense. Some of my scouts spend more than a year and still with %1 knowledge. (i do not have screenshot for them.) 2- Scouting u19 leagues is not creating any reports and scouts are not attending any matches. The next photo shows even scout is spend some time for scouting u19 league, which is German u19 league, active league in the game. And he is not even attending matches. I tried sending him without criterias etc. 3- Sending scouts to nation for scouting for "until finished" is not worked for me. Even if they have fully knowledge, they just keep scouting and do not go for next assignment. Sorry, no screen shot for this. I really love scouting and this year it is so hard to find a way for it. Any solution or advice would be helpful. Thank you.
  14. I understand that buying these Scout packages increases the amount of players available to you via the player search, i think, but doesn't the scouting knowledge also do this? Is it just a quick way of increasing the players available to you? And if so, couldn't you just use this for a week, then go back down to a lower level?
  15. Right so I like to search for players and have everyone to choose from not just a select few that the scouts know of. My mate has football manager on his pc and he has scouting budgets and packages. Both are set on maximum budget so when he searches for say all 15-19 year olds from Portugal they will all come up and it's brilliant. Now on mine I don't get any players under that criteria. I understand it's because of scouts and their knowledge... But I have no way to improve it because FM touch seems to have no scouting budgets or packages?!? My mate said just use FM scout but I like to search myself. However this is impossible as I cant increase my scout budget. When looking for players you want to see them all not just 3 or 4. Devastated to be honest please help
  16. Hi all. I am struggling with new scouting system. As i am used to set assignments my own, i am doing it so in fm 2018. But in some cases, i feel like scouts ignoring their assignment, not attending matches and not do scouting. For example, i am managing Valencia and assign one of scouts for scouting u-19 league. I expect him to attend matches and create reports, but he just doing nothing. I changed searching criters, lower them, remove them totally but he is just not creating reports. Am i doing wrong? How you are using scouting? Any advice? I like spending time on scouting. Thanks fot help.
  17. What is the point in the discard list currently, other than stopping an agent recommending that player? I would like the option to remove all players from a search if I have added them to the discard list already. For example, I am searching for a midfielder who is on the loan list, and Stephen Ireland is in my discard list. However he shows up in my options for midfielders who are listed for loan. If there was an option to remove these players in the filters it would just make scouting that little bit less tiresome. Great game so far though. Really enjoying it.
  18. Hello! I have a problem with Player Search for my club. I manage Genoa(ITA) and Russian nation team in FM18. I have a few scouts with great knowledge of Italy, Russia and few with middle about some other countries in Genoa. But when I open Scouting -> Player Search with Genoa, I get only players with russian nationality. Filters are not chosen. Help me please! Best regards, Andrew!
  19. Hi, I have discovered another anomaly when a scout watches my next opposition. Even though his report in the inbox is a summary of the opponent's strengths and weaknesses, he does actually produce scout reports for all the opposition players, ranging from 0-2% knowledge, which is enough to give a rough indication of basic ability. When the match is played, the knowledge for opposition players whom feature in the match rises to Up to around 20%. However, although these players must surely now be known to the club's staff, they do not appear on the scouting > players > player search list. This feels like a bug, as at the beginning of the game none of the players on the player search list have been scouted at all, so surely my staff are now more likely to be familiar with the last opponents' scouted players, particularly those that have just played against us? It could also be argued that, whilst not the subject of an individual scouting assignment, these opposition players should also appear on the scouting > players > scouted list, although I accept that it would be realistic for the players with 0-2% knowledge to be removed from the list fairly quickly. A couple of subsidiary anomalies with these scout reports are as follows: a. The reports say that the players have been last scouted by my chief scout, but it is another scout whom is set to next opposition and the chief scout is watching other matches whilst on a loan player assignment. I wonder if this a hangover of the chief scout being responsible for sending the other scout's report to my inbox? b. The date of the scout reports is fixed at the date of when the opposition scouting report was originally received, even when my knowledge of some opposition players increases as a result of them subsequently playing against my team. Rather than updating to the date of the match, the additional information appears to get backdated onto the original scout report and it remains in the name of my chief scout, even though he's supposedly away watching another match whilst my team is playing. I hope you can reproduce this, it will be noticeable on some of the saves I have already uploaded - the best one is probably The-Enforcer_scouting_assignments_contacts_recommend, as that's the highest number of games played. Cheers, TE
  20. DJG78704

    18.2.2 hotfix

    Scouting players is still not working after the latest update. I still only receive six reports a day vs. 25 when working properly. It was fine until the 18.2.1 hotfix so I was very optimistic that it would be addressed in this update. It's a basic function of the game and a very fun part. Considering someone broke it during the last update I was sure this would be a high priority. I'm not sure how anyone could prioritize "Fixed ad hoardings displaying in black" over basic functionality like player searches. I'm not trying to be a wise@ss here. That is not the tone of this post. I'm just very frustrated.
  21. The Carnivorous Badger

    Scouting Crash

    Starting a new thread as per the mod's advice on the other one. Same issue as everyone else - crashes when you hit anything in scouting (except acknowledge/dismiss). - My save is uploaded as Wrexham (Darlo)_Scouting Crash. - I've tried public beta mode - makes no difference. - I'm running OS X High Sierra, brand new MacBook as of October, game worked absolutely fine until about 4th January (I think). My save started on the beta. Let me know if you need more details Detailed System Info.spx
  22. Hi community. I'm managing Pegasus in Hong Kong and recently I've noticed that their scouting expenses was sky rocketing! For a team that can barely buy a player for 3.000 quid, spending 150.000 quid per year on scouting is extremely damaging for their economy. So I went to the different forums and everyone turned me onto the North Man. Watched his video and got in touch with him afterwards. He strongly suggested that I posted a forum here since he clearly sees it as a bug in the game and confirms that I've removed every single option that could influence scouting expenses, yet it continues to costs me an insane amount every months. I'm gonna post some different pictures that shows every option is ticked off. Hopefully someone can help me with this, coz I'm destroying their economy right now Cheers
  23. Searched the forums, but haven't seen a thread on this yet. I've a question about the reports given to me by my scouts. The issue is that I keep receiving the same report time and time again. Players such as Mbappe and Donnarumma pop up in most of the time. How do I keep the scouts searching for players, without the need to have them overlapping or reporting back with reparts that are more than a season old? Do you also micro-manage your scouts, or leave the job to the chief? In previous versions I used to send out scouts en masse when regen fever hit, often to great effect. Less so in this version. Is it because of a weak in the game, or am I not using the scouts properly?
  24. Please see screenshot below, it doesn't matter which position I select, no players are listed under 'replacement for': This was definitely working prior to the 12.2 updates. Cheers, TE
  25. AccessEuphoria

    Scouting Numbers

    I have seen a thread with a reply but would like to seek actual dialogue with SI as the issue with limiting scouting to just 50 players per time is dramatically causing problems on my youtube series and many of my viewers. Your reply i saw said people asked for this, but there is a lot of people not wanting this too. So surely as this is a single player game we could be given the choice, a simple option in game to set the scouting limit so as paying customers we can decide how to play our own series. As i mainly do series based on scouting every regen this change kills this and therefore my enjoyment of the game. So if this is your long term plan it would hugely put me off this game because its how i have played and loved the game for years but without that it takes away that enjoyment. In real life i can scout everyone really, i would simply hire my scouting team and tell them, you go to x country, visit every club and scout their young players. They wouldnt need to just do 50 at a time then have me tell them to go to the next club, if they did wouldnt be a very useful scout. It would of course take a while but thats fine, i can understand the extra time it takes to scout players. So there is arguments either way, so surely SI could make it so we get the option to play the game the way we wish? I would really like to be able to discuss this with someone at SI and share my thoughts and those of many of my viewers who have raised the same issue to me. Thanks AE