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Found 17 results

  1. Hi. I am wondering if my scouts would benefits from having a scouting package. I would like to know if the packages helps my scout to look for better player even if I don't affect them manually. I don't want to check for player myself! ( would be to easy!). Does it also reduce time needed for full knowlegde on the player considering they already have information on the player?
  2. Hi Folks, i’ve got a problem with the new FM18 and my transfer/scouting shortlists. In FM17 it was possible to select up to 500 players of a shortlist and then to assign a scout (or the scoutingpool) for a detailed report (till full knowledge). I often handle with big shortlists (500 to 900 players on one list) – But in FM18 it seems that it is only possible to select only 50 players and assign Scouts to them. This is terrible while handling with big shortlists. Is there any option to solve this problem? Why is it reduced to 50 Players? Best Regards
  3. Since forever you were able to scout 500 players at a time. I started playing yesterday after a week or two of pause and I realised I couldn't scout more than 50 players at a time. I thought it might be because my scouts were busy or something so I deleted all their assignments, but nothing. I was playing with Manchester United. I started a new save with Ajax, same. I started today another one with Real Madrid just to check if it's the same problem and it is. I can't scout more than 50 players at a time wtf? that makes the game unplayable. I'm so angry. Is this a thing in the latest update? cause I could scout 500 players at a time before, in FM2018.
  4. Just changed my data analyst chief, and now i dont get a data report on the enemy team before the match like i used to.. Already checked in the scout menu, and i can only make a task for the actual scouts, the data chief doesnt even appear. Tried some things like giving the scouts control to me, changed again to chief scout etc, still no task being created or whatever, just the basic one from the chief scout... Help please.
  5. When I scout a player, why do I not get the report card sent back to my inbox like on the old game? Any ideas? I go into the scouting section and there's just report cards for other players
  6. Hi, I am playing Football Manager Touch 2018 - When I go to scouting and assignments and click on my scout I see there are lots of "Start new Assignment" slots but they are all greyed out. When I click on to manager I have the slots available but I cannot scout the continent, it is greyed out. When I try and scout European players etc it says "Out Of Range" What am I doing wrong ?
  7. When scouting for players and looking at the list of "players found", each action on a specific player such as scouting him or adding him to my shortlist throws me up or down on the list (of players found). So for example I can be starring at a player worth 10 Million Euros and after adding him to my shortlist or inspecting him closely - going back to the list will take me to players which are aroung the 7 Million Euros mark (or 13) In the scenario below (before) I added Colin Quaner to my shortlist (right click and add to shortlist) , the screen jumped to the one shown as after. Very annoying..
  8. Could you please put the "+-" and "match X/Y" button the top of the search bar as it was in previous years? I really like the new scouting system but when I search for attribs it's very annoying. I set a few things and when I close the "edit search" window I see it found nothing, so I open it again adjust the requirements and have to close to see what I have found. The "edit search" windows covers hits, so I have to do many open-close to get what I want... You could save a life of a mouse (or two ) with this. There's enough space for the buttons...
  9. When on my scouts and on the assignments section there is multiple big grey bars across it that don't feel like it's meant to be like that.
  10. Scouting attributes not showed Judging player ability & potential in FM Touch Thank you
  11. Now this trick is very useful (especially when managing smaller teams with smaller budgets) around the years 2019-2020, and got me some insane talents It's as simple as this: during the above mentioned years, type in an average country like Czech Republic, Austria or whatever in the search bar with OK major clubs. Now check all of the six teams mentioned on the 'Overview' screen of the country, and look at their Key Player. If their key player is a newly-generated player, just scout the player. I don't even know how I came up with this scouting strategy, but using this, I got some insane bargains. Scouting in countries like Spain or England though, it will be very unlikely to find a newly-generated player as a major club's Key Player, and even if that was the case, he would cost tens of millions of pounds, excluding their salary. Now not every player you will scout will be a huge talent, but some of them are just mad.
  12. Hello, One thing I think would be a nice and hopefully simple feature to implement would be a simple mechanism for the deletion of outdated scouting reports. Preferably, by "age"... that is to say, allowing you to delete reports over a certain number of days which you could type into a filter or have in a drop down menu containing increments of time (30 days, 60 days, 90 days) etc. Additionally, perhaps a rating to suggest the current accuracy of reports as they age... to accommodate how much the player has changed. If he has progressed or regressed significantly you could recolour the start rating (red grossly outdated, orange for slight change, green for current?). Though one might argue that this would seem unrealistic, if a players match ratings improve significantly in the same league, or he starts banging more goals in, or runs less miles, has reduced pass percentage.... one could argue that the re-colouration would just serve as a quick indicator of such events and as a loose reflection of statistics already made available within the game, and if anything, a catalyst for a more in depth review of such a player by (us/you) the manager. Cheers
  13. Hi guys, long time reader, sporadic poster. Who would be the best person or best line of contact to enquire about becoming a scout for a newly promoted team in the Welsh Premier League? Cheers
  14. Hi everybody! I'm trying to use the FM genie scout on MAC. I've read lot of sites and tutorials but I just can not use the wine to emulate the Windows and run the genie. The principal problem is that the genie don't read the saved game. I'm with the FM running and the correct location inside genie to find it.Could anyone help me? tks guys!
  15. Hi Folks, hopefully you can help me with my topic. Unfortunately I’m not able to find the following part in the FM17 Editor (not in-game editor). I Just wanted to change the allowed number of certain Staff categories. For example when I start my game I’m allowed to recruit 6 Scouts. But I wanted to be allowed to have 12 Scouts from beginning (without requesting the board). So is there any chance to edit this in the FM17 EDITOR? Thanks in advance Best Regards
  16. Just wondered if anybody knows whether you can set parameters on scouts so that they only show players with Teamwork > 12 for instance. I don't mean when you send them on scouting missions as I know how to do this, but I mean general scouting because my scouts will always come to me with suggestions but they are wasting my time with skills lower than i require.
  17. i) At the moment, the game lacks of some feedback to tell the user how his tactic is good/bad. You are supposed to be a manager, sometimes with multiple licenses, even a former star player, but you dont know if the tactic you're working on at the training ground all week gonna be right or wrong. My first suggestion is: Give us some AI teams, out of any league, to play against, to test our tactics "for free". The kind of AI teams we had in FML i.e. Teams with different levels of skills, and playing styles. With a view on their set up (formation obviously, and TI/PI). Then the manager can freely choose against wich he's gonna test his tactics. With no injuries, no team talk, just testing. ii)The opposition scout report, is a mess of stats, neither immersive or realistic. My second suggestion is: Give us the "written" opposition scout report we had (if I remember correctly) back to fm2007/2008. It was the kind of (adapted with today roles): Hi coach, I've seen Arsenal in their last game against Stoke at the Emirates. Arsène used a 4-2-3-1 formation with medium to high defensive line, heavy closing down, and fast tempo down the wings. The back four didnt play offside rule for what I saw. No man marking either. Giroud had a good game, with a TM role, he scored twice. We have to be careful about Theo Walcott. His pace was devastating. He played very well, on the right wing, with an agressive winger role. Ozil was also dangerous , in a Trequartista manner, not doing much defensily, but he opened the Saints defense with lethal passing. bla bla bla.... With a link to the highlights of the scouted game, I think this is much more interesting and immersive.