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  1. alexcmann

    [FM18] Fort William

    Fair to say that the Scottish Highlands are not the most hospitable places to play football, with tough winter weather, remote landscapes and a small population. The Press & Journal Highland Football League is Tier 5 in Scotland, the first non-league tier. To get into the football league you must win the league, then beat the winner of the Lowland League, and then beat the team that comes last in Scottish League Two. A bit of a hard task. Fort William Fort William are pretty rubbish. They come last most seasons. In 2009 they only got one point. Their points have been in single digits for 9 of the past 13 seasons. Last year they conceded over 180 goals and all six directors left. Since they joined the Highland League in 1985 they have never finished higher than 11th (there are 18 teams at the moment but there were as few as 14 at one point). Quite the task. They play at Claggan Park which is at the foot of Ben Nevis. Technically 1,800 capacity, but that includes an old wooden stand for 400 people and then a perimeter fence. My goal is to develop the youth and see where we can take them. Not we'll ever get them out the league let alone any further, but we'll see!
  2. FM18 All-European (Less England) Small Club to Big Club Challenge Introduction Welcome to a new chapter in the history of the ‘Euro Nation’ Challenge, born out of the recent history of the highly successful Gundo’s Challenge and the Big Euro Nation Challenge that spawned out of it. Originally set up as an alternative to the hugely successful Dafuges Challenge for FM06, Gundos Challenge offered an alternative for people who wanted to play in another European country. The Big Euro Nation Challenge followed for FM08 and, like Gundo’s Challenge, has had some fantastic stories over the years. These threads have always been hugely popular and successful thanks to those who played, and who still take part, in the challenges. Some of the stories are legendary, and hopefully more of these will be born in this, and future, versions of the game. The premise of the challenge is the same, and simple, to start with a previously unplayable club and taking them all the way to a National Title and then on to winning the European Champions League. With a variety of leagues, styles of play, different rules, and many different locations for your clubs there can be a lot of variety throughout the thread, providing a great atmosphere and stories for our users to become immersed in. General Challenge Info Possible Countries Austria Belarus Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Finland France - June 20th Germany Greece Holland * Hungary Iceland Ireland * Israel Italy - July 30th N. Ireland - 25th June Norway - January 13th Poland Portugal Romania Russia Scotland Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain - July 10th Sweden - December 15th Switzerland Turkey Ukraine Wales * Holiday for two seasons not one. League Reset Dates Austria - 13th June Belarus Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Holland * Hungary Iceland Ireland * Israel Italy N. Ireland Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia Scotland Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine Wales The Rules A) Game Set-up 1) Load One Nation Only (All Available Divisions within your nation) 2) Your choice of Database Size (Large Recommended) 3) NO Edited Databases of any kind 4) Customising Database You can add players to the database up to a limit of 100,000 in total in order to add more depth to your save and also add more difficulty down the line. Suggested Adds Players from Top Clubs/Top Divisions (Europe or All Continents) - This increases the challenge at Continental Level Players Based in your Nation - This can add up to 50% more players to your game Players Based in your Region (Central Europe/East Europe/UK & Ireland) - This can add extra players likely to join your club There will be a file correcting the club/competition names, I will advise use of this. NO other additional customising is allowed. 5) Attribute Masking should be Enabled 6) Disable Ingame Editor (Please do this) 7) Optional Ticks Add Key Staff (This will give you a Scout, Physio & Ass Man by generating them if your club is without) Add Players in Playable Nations (This will ensure all clubs have a minimum number of players, generating them if needed) The extra levels of detail that you can change while in the game are up to you, as they shouldn't make a difference. B) Steps in the Game 1) Add an unemployed manager; you will not use this man to manage your club. I like "Unemployed Man or Holiday Man" 2) Go on holiday until the reset date of your chosen nation (Should take about an hour) TIP - Changing Detail Level to None will make it go faster. (Remember to change it back afterwards) TIP - Saving on the day before this date may give you a better choice of teams by reloading the game then going on holiday for one day, I would strongly recommend trying this. 3) Add a new manager - Use yourself, or a created character to help build a story line a) Personal Details - Your Choice b) Tracksuit vs. Trainer - Your Choice c) Past Experience lowest Possible (Generally Sunday League) d) Coaching Licenses lowest Possible (None) e) Other options are up to you TIP - If you add the language of your country of choice it will make it easier at the beginning TIP - Training now includes you at some level depending on your abilities. 4) Choose to take over any club which has been promoted to the bottom playable league of your nation. TIP - Easiest way in FM17 to see this is on the "Season Review" screen, showing the "Promoted Clubs" TIP - You can confirm your club by checking the Domestic History's page for not being at this level since start of game 5) Retire your unemployed manager. 6) Manage your club to National Title & European Champions League Victory 7) Completing the Challenge. C) Signing of Players 1) You must be able to scout them TIP - You don't actually have to scout them, just be able to TIP - You can check your scouting range on the Scouting page 2) Alternatively (If you can't scout them), you must bring them on a trial first 3) You are able to sign anyone sent to you via Agent Offer TIP - Make sure you screenshot the Agent offer 4) In later versions you can get your DoF to find players, he will bring in players not in Scouting Range, these are also allowed. TIP - Grab a screenshot of your DoF signing them D) Posting 1) Player naming is allowed. (This is a warning for those of you who do not wish to see this) 2) Discussion of tactics is allowed. (This is another warning for those of you who do not wish to see this) Expected Updates We have minimum expectations when it comes to a first up post and also in the end of season updates. The Bold pages are necessary for everyone; the others are some suggestions that will get others interested in your posts and following your club. All other screenshots are welcome and encouraged, but we please ask that the majority are posted as links, because lots of pictures can make the page very slow to load. First Post: Domestic Leagues History (Club) Profile (Manager) Overview (Club) Squad (Club) End of Season Updates: Transfers (Club) - This is so we can see the ins & outs League Table (Competition) Squad (Club) Information (Manager) Profile (Manager) Information (Club) Profile (Players) Progress of your club should be documented using this thread; we want to hear the story of your club all the way through. Please keep us updated, even if you are doing badly. If you title your end of season report in bold this makes it easier to identify. Everyone will be supportive, and really get into your game if you give more detail. E) Other 1. If you are Sacked 1. You can Restart from the beginning or; 2. Continue your game and pick a new club (Under Same Rules) at the end of the next season or; 3. Add another Euro League/Remove Current League, holiday a whole season and continue 1. You can still only have one nation running at a time 2. Once the league becomes active you MUST holiday a full season 3. The club must be one of those unplayable from the beginning 2. No Restrictions on Parent or Feeder Clubs 3. International Management allowed from FM14 forwards (But you cannot start as an International Manager) The use of any external utilities and editors (Such as Genie Scout or FMM) are prohibited. As of FM14 there are also unlockables, these are also prohibited, please don't use them. It would be appreciated if you also ticked the box at the start which prevents the use of the ingame editor. How to Post a Screenshot 1) While in FM, press the 'Prt Sc' button (usually next to F12 on your keyboard). 2) Open an image editing program such as Paint and paste the image 3) Save the file as a JPEG or PNG 4) Upload the image to an image hosting website such as Photobucket or Imageshack 5) Post the direct URL to the image here. Alternatively using ALT + F9 in game saves a screenshot to your user data folder. (You can also edit this in the shortcuts options) The Euro Nation Motivational I would like to thank all of you who choose to participate in this thread this year, and to wish everyone taking on this challenge the best of luck on a long and hard journey to managerial success! I have personally had a number of hugely enjoyable saves over the years, first in Gundos challenge and then latterly in the Big Euro Nation Challenge. The atmosphere and support these threads have historically offered is key in making the thread, and your saves more enjoyable as I can testify to. I and some of the other regulars of these threads are here to help for the new challengers and hope everybody that participates contributes considerably to the thread. There is nothing better than getting immersed not only in your own game but providing the encouragement to other people's attempts too. Remember we are all fighting the same battle - to defeat the AI (and uncover fabulous newgens!) - Therefore it goes without saying that any form of cheating will be severely chastised. Don't do it! I know that it is painful to lose a European Final or to lose the title on the final day (I have been there myself on more than one occasion) but eventual success down the line is all the sweeter for those defeats. Good luck to all the participants – Here’s to a successful (and enjoyable) version!!
  3. Background It is the summer of 2017 and we are half way through the qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Everyone is expecting a lot of the usual suspects to be there with a few surprise nations expected to make a return to the world stage or make their debuts. One nation looking to make their return is Scotland. Scotland were a permanent fixture on the international stage throughout the 1970's and 1980's, however no tournament qualification since the 1998 World Cup in France sees the Tartan Army facing a long baron run in the big time. Aims for Scotland My overall aim is to get Scotland back into international tournaments, as we are half way through the qualifying for this World Cup I am not putting this as a target and will use this time to build my squad and find the best tactic for us to play. As a Scotsman myself I already have a sound knowledge of our current squad and the younger players coming through. I will look to use a lot of the talent coming through just now and some of the fringe players we have used over the years and we wont see players like Hutton, Fletcher, Brown and McGregor feature as much as they have done in recent years. Below is the point we are starting from when the game is loaded up. I hope you all enjoy and join me on this journey to try and bring another home nation back to the big time.
  4. Back again for another year! Instead of doing 2 different DBs this time, I've put all my efforts into one real-life DB going all the way down to the bottom of the junior ranks. Also, it always annoyed me playing in the Lowland League with no real players when the Highland League had full squads...so I've been watching various games and working with some of the clubs to make real squad lists this season! A huge thank you is owed to the SLFL's media man Michael Park, as well as representatives from Cumbernauld Colts, Edusport Academy, Uni of Stirling and BSC Glasgow for their help with this. Here's a brief change list: Addition of all leagues in the SFA pyramid, as well as the SJFA ranks underneath and relevant cups Lowland Squads added to complement the Highland League's detail level Managers added at all playable levels Cups corrected to work as they do IRL, with the Scottish Cup and Irn-Bru Cup seeing changes Graphics pack for logos (all teams and leagues) available Working playoffs at every level (including the seperate strands of the SJFA) *PENDING* Junior league reconstruction after season 2017/18, as will happen in real life This saw over 10k downloads last year, hoping to get even better this time around.
  5. Hi guys though i would give this another bash and improve from the last one (level 20) this one iv adding in the up to date leagues also added the west premiership to level 5 with Eos and Sos with all 3 leagues with 1 promotion too lowland with 3 relegated from the lowland , also added below the Eos league with 4 relegation places to the north and south leagues with relegation from the north to the East Superleague . the top leagues are updated leagues still 12 10 10 10 enjoy Fantasy Scottish Pyramid 2019 -2020.fmf
  6. Hello :waves: My name is FMSamo and I blog about FM. I'm also from Scotland, and ahead of FM18 launching I decided that I wanted to edit the structure of the Scottish leagues on the game to prevent me from getting ridiculously bored playing against the same teams four times a season. Just to reiterate, unlike @Morrissey's excellent effort at getting the whole official Scottish pyramid working in-game, mine is purely made up. I'm hugely passionate about Scottish football and promoting it in a good light, but I bloody hate our league structure! My edited database consists of 288 clubs within the Scottish league system, across 16 tiers. The SPL returns as the top tier, while the remaining divisions are numbered from One to Fifteen. Here's how the top three divisions look: All of the divisions are done to the best of my ability in matching up where the finished in their current leagues during the 2016/17 season. The SPL has been given a tiny reputation boost in comparison to the Scottish Premiership out of the box, and it decreases the lower down the leagues you get. As does prize money. There's now £4.8m on offer for 1st place in the SPL. Still a drop in the ocean compared to the BuLi or Premier League, but a decent enough boost for Scottish football. Don't go filling your squad with foreigners in the top two tiers though, you'll be expected to have at least six homegrown Scottish players in your matchday squad. If you do decide to play lower down the pyramid, perhaps at newly resurrected Third Lanark in the bottom tier, then make sure you do click add players to playable teams to give you a slightly easier task to start off with. Three teams get relegated in each league aside from the 16th tier, while in each league other than the SPL, 2 teams automatically go up alongside a third team via the playoffs featuring the teams from 3rd to 6th. There's no regionalisation, it's a pure all-in league system. The Scottish Cup, aside from the 1st round containing teams from lower down the pyramid, from the 2nd round is all in. It is in fact the only major cup competition too, with the League Cup and Challenge Cup being removed. There's an addition of a Supercup at the beginning of the season between the SPL and Scottish Cup winners. If there's any questions, queries or feedback at all, please do let me know! I've been playing my save on my blog with Stirling on an earlier version of the database and nothing majorly gamebreaking has happened or is jumping out at me. Hope you enjoy it! DOWNLOAD LINK
  7. Decided I'm going to complete a Scottish League Pyramid with all real players for most teams... I will also add youngsters to teams in the Premiership & Championship. If anyone has ay players they'd like to see added who arent in the game give me a shout. Leagues Ladbrokes Premiership Ladbrokes Championship Ladbrokes League One Ladbrokes League Two Highland-Lowland Leagues North Caledonian Football League EoS-SoS League/s SJFA East Region SJFA North Region SJFA West Region Ayrshire Amateur Aberdeenshire Amateur Border Amateur Caledonian Amateur Central Scotland Amateur Dundee Saturday Morning Amateur Glasgow & District Saturday Morning Amateur Glasgow Colleges Greater Glasgow Premier Amateur Kingdom of Fife AFA Lothians & Edinburgh Amateur Midlands Amateur Paisley & District Amateur Perthshire Amateur Scottish Amateur Stirling & District Strathclyde Evangelical Churches Strathclyde Saturday Morning Amateur Aberdeen Sunday Football Association Airdrie & Coatbridge Sunday Amateur Football League Ayrshire Sunday Amateur Football Association Dundee Sunday Amateur Football Association Dumfries Sunday Amateur Football League Fife Sunday Amateur Football League Forth Valley Amateur Football Association Lothians & Edinburgh Amateur Football Association Stewartry Sunday Amateur Football League Sunday Central Amateur Football League West Lothian Sunday Amateur Football League Caithness Amateur FA Inverness & District FA Lewis & Harris FA North West Sutherland FA Orkney Amateur FA Shetland Amateur FA Skye and Lochalsh FA Uist and Barra FA
  8. Ok, had a tactic I used in a rangers save previously and kept beating celtic, however this time it will not work, i play them in the scottish cup final and i am snookered, I have no way to beat them, I can beat almost all the other teams in the league bar an anomaly, so the results against celtic are pivotal
  9. Decided to put this up this year you Can work your way from the amateur leagues through the juniors up to the eos/sos leagues into the lowland/highland league all the way too the premiership included a few extra cups like the British cup , Scottish non league cup. Update 25 Feb done another pyramid system same set below sos/east seems to be working but got top teams real life 12 ,10, 10, 10 play off back in for lowland /highland and for sos /eos also added a play off for bottom of sos/ eos play the junior champions of east /west Iv added this in as a alternative for anyone wants to play close too the real life set up . 18 Scottish premiership 18 championship 16 league 1 Scottish fantasy pyramid system.fmf Scottish fantasy pyramid system version 1.fmf
  10. SCOTLAND - All 42 sides (From 4 Divisions to 3) Every division has 14 teams. Automatic relegation from the 3rd tier (2 will go down) - Highland & Lowland Leagues (Both have a 2nd tier) Then it goes regionalish (North Divisions, South & West, East) - Scottish Cup (All teams involved, the SPL teams come in the 2nd Round (Last 64) Some good prize money for all teams if they do well) - League Cup (Knockout competition which just involves 42 teams, 1st round is 2 legs) - Challenge Cup (Involved with just Scottish Clubs only, Plus all of the Highland & Lowland League teams get involved 64 teams and its all in) - Highland & Lowland Cups - Scottish Junior Cup - Scottlsh Junior Vase - Regional (Pre-season) Cups (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling etc) Trialists are allowed in all division (Apart from the top one) Plus lots more Please let me know any Thoughts, Suggestions please Scotland.fmf
  11. SCOTLAND - All 42 sides (From 4 Divisions to 3) Every division has 14 teams. Automatic relegation from the 3rd tier (2 will go down) - Highland & Lowland Leagues (Both have a 2nd tier) Then it goes regionalish (North Divisions, South & West, East) - Scottish Cup (All teams involved, the SPL teams come in the 2nd Round (Last 64) Some good prize money for all teams if they do well) - League Cup (Knockout competition which just involves 42 teams, 1st round is 2 legs) - Challenge Cup (Involved with just Scottish Clubs only, Plus all of the Highland & Lowland League teams get involved 64 teams and its all in) - Highland & Lowland Cups - Scottish Junior Cup - Scottlsh Junior Vase - Regional (Pre-season) Cups (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling etc) Trialists are allowed in all division (Apart from the top one) Plus lots more Please let me know any Thoughts, Suggestions please Scotland.fmf
  12. This is my from my journeyman save. Currently in Falkirk in Scotland, fourth (and last) season and my second club in my virtual manager career. I will get to the results later but we managed to break the Glasgow dominance for the first time since Aberdeen in 84/85. This season have been so great I feel the need to share it somehow! First thing to point out is to credit the foundation I have used. The brilliant write-up from @LPQR of the Max Allegri’s Juventus. Found here -> https://fmasymmetric.wordpress.com/2017/04/09/the-mad-max-space-commitment-creativity-part-one/#more-2312 This article is sheer brilliance and a recommended read. I have used the same team shape, mentality & formation but changed the player roles & team- and player instructions. My team doesn’t play anything like Juventus but have the ability to both dominate possession & hit teams on the counter. My version of the tactic: Common tactical tweaks: If we chase a goal - Change the fullback to “attack” + crossing instruction (often from byline) - Add “look for overlap” - Change crossing type; “whipped crosses” if the penalty area is congested, “low crosses” if we have space behind their back line - Add “shoot less” to attackers & maybe even “work ball into the box” If we defend a league - Drop the d-line to “Normal”, this is something I do the second I felt the opposition found space behind my back line. Many teams in Scotland played with a target man and I wanted to keep them as far away as possible - Drop the WB to a fullback position OR change it to a defend duty Player selection & instructions: GK: Standard goalkeeper, nothing out of the ordinary. Shot stopper. PI: Distribute to fullbacks (common tweak is to change to central defender depending on the opposition formation Desired player traits: None RB: Look for a pretty all-round solid right back. We want them to overlap when they have the possibility but not for all cost. PI: N/A Desired player traits: Nothing essential but found be RBs to have “get forward whenever possible” CB: Fast and good on the ball is priority because of the initial high D-line but it all comes down to how you want to play really. We suffered some for the lack of presence in the air and conceded some easy goals on corners but not a major issue. PI: N/A Desired player traits: Play simple passes. WB: I have played with both the roles of CWB and the ordinary WB and really didn’t see any major different. However, we want this guy to bomb forward and cross the ball & keep width. Need good team work, work rate & stamina ofc. PI: N/A (for the CWB). Add run wide & stay wider for the WB. Not a fan of the "roam from position" box for the complete. DM: The enforcer of the team. I want him to break of play and give the ball to either the flanks or the playmaker. PI: I have used him to mark any player in the AMC spot. When playing against 4-2-3-1 you have to keep tabs is the AI overload the space with the MCL pushing forward. He is also instructed to play fewer risky passes. Tweak 1: if the opposition line up without any apparent threat in central midfield I have changed it to a Ball-winning midfielder Tweak 2: Sometimes the opposition line up in a deep 4-4-2, I have tested to use the volante role with some success (AP then changed to a DLP) Desired traits: Play simple passes AP: The creator & attacking heartbeat of the team. Look for a player that excels in first touch, technique, passing, vision & anticipation as he is requested to pick out either the speedy attackers up front, the flanks to build pressure or the attacking midfielder to link-up. I am eager to try the RPM role once I found the perfect fit but AP works just fine. PIs: None Desire traits: Dictates tempo RM: This role have not been changed from the tactic borrowed (stolen?) from LPQR. This role together with the AM role and how they interact with each other is pure magic. Their partnership is really wonderful and I saw no need to change anything. I have gotten many goals & assist from Tom Walsh in this role. PIs: Shoot less, Dribble more, Cross more often, Sit narrower & Ride wide with ball Desired traits: I have found Get forward whenever possible useful & would like to add “Look for pass rather than attempting to score” AM: Same thing here, almost untouched from the tactic created by LPQR, just added shoot less as a PI. PI: Shoot less, Roam from position, more risky passes, move into channels Desired players traits: Place shots, player killer passes, look for pass rather than attempting to score CF: Look for speed, movement and good work rate. Played with a defensive forward at last season but couldn’t get him to back track and/or hassle the defence as much as I wanted. Neither did I get offensive fire power. When I switched to a Complete Forward I got a bunch of goals and an assist record for the Scottish Premiership (25 assists). Tbf, I am not sure if those PI really makes any difference. PI: Mark tighter & tackle harder Desired player traits: Run with ball. Maybe add some kind of finishing trait (place shots, lob keeper or like to round keeper AF: This is your goal scorer. Look for speed and movement. My prototype is below, Daryl f***ing Hornby. PI: Roam from position Desired player traits: See below The results: Three trophies in the bag and broke all kind of records. At one time we were on a 30 matches unbeaten run, which is the longest run I have ever had on FM. We simply couldn’t lose. The turn-around against Leverkusen is one of the most ecstatic moment I have had in a video/computer game. The Premiership The domestic cups European Cups Stand-out performance of the year: The loan from Manchester United Daryl Hornby scored 82 goals for under during the 2 seasons he spent at the club. 31 goals in the role as DLF & 51 (!) when we changed it to AF. Tried to tie him up for a third consecutive year but Manchester United wants to give him a chance in the first team. Well deserved. The kid has been described as bot the new Gary Lineker and Michael Owen. With me moving on in my journeyman save I will most certainly look to sign Daryl if Jose Mourinho doesn’t give him the love he deserves. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://ufile.io/p8naz
  13. So after the bug I found made my Andorran save dead and my East Kilbride save ending abruptly, I am starting again, in the lowest Scottish league available where promotion is eventually possible to the top flight. I am using the league created by @Morrissey. You can find the file here. Game Type - One club, youth only. I will be at Scottish club Tynecastle FC until I either retire, get sacked, or give up! I cannot sign anyone and must rely fully on our youth academy. Reputation - Sunday League. Starting Qualifications - None. Editor's Used - Real Competition Names. Huge database. The Scottish league database as stated above. Leagues Loaded Scotland. Number of Nations Loaded - One. Number of Leagues Loaded - Ten. Number of Players Loaded - 15,660. I have loaded all players from the Scottish leagues, including those in the lower leagues, as well as all players of Scottish nationality. Database Size - Huge. Game Start Date - 29 May 2017. Updates - I only intend to update at the end of each season, together with the youth candidates day. Youth - As this is a youth only save, I will tag all who are rated to have 3 stars potential and above. YP18A1 for example, would mean Youth Player from 2018. The "A" means he is the best prospect from that intake and the "1" means he is the first youth prospect I have produced in my career. Records - If you have ever read one of my threads, you will know I am a bit of a statto, so will be keeping detailed records during this save which you can see in the next few posts.
  14. EDIT: This thread had a change in direction before I had a blue screen which brought it back to the original track. I had then abandoned it, but I've decided to bring it back from the dead. Evening all I've been trying to come up with an idea for a new thread for several weeks now after finally running out of steam with my original Scandinavian Shankly effort, but I think I'm finally on to something. I'm something of a fan of football biographies and autobiographies, and just recently I've been reading about Jim McLean (I'd stolen the title of his autobiography originally for this thread), who took the manager's job at unfashionable Dundee United in 1971 and transformed them into one half of the New Firm (the other of course being Fergie's Aberdeen). While McLean couldn't quite match the silverware Ferguson took to Pittodrie, his United side were robbed of a place in the 1984 European Cup Final thanks to a bribed referee, and he also took United to the 1987 UEFA Cup Final, beating Barcelona home and away in the process. So where am I going with this then? Normally I'm not a fan of starting careers in the top flight, but attempting to restore McLean's club to prominence really appeals to me. I've always liked the challenge of trying to overthrow clubs who have a hegemony on domestic silverware, such as that of Celtic and Rangers in Scotland. No club outside the Glasgow giants has won the Scottish league title for 30 years now, so of course I'd be aiming to change that down the line. Meet the manager 32 year old Johan Andersen is the man in the hotseat. He is Norwegian born to Scottish family, and spent his playing career as a fairly average midfielder in Norway's second tier. He is a lifelong fan of his local team Bodø/Glimt, but has followed Scottish football all his life. A knee injury brought his playing days to a close at the age of 31, but he is determined to make more of an impact in the management game. The details: FM13.3 (My laptop can't handle any later version, I'm afraid) Loaded leagues from England (BSS/N and above) Scotland (Third Division and above) and Norway (First Division and above). I'm sure I'll add more as time goes by, but for now fewer leagues loaded means a faster laptop, and that can't be a bad thing. Medium database, 17,000 players. Club details to follow shortly...
  15. I'm looking to start a save in Scotland not in the 8th tier or something but in the Premiership or Championship but obviously not Celtic (too easy). It would be the type of save that I would probably write about, being exactly the type of level of team I like to manage (English Championship to League 2). I like a bit of narrative as well so if anyone with a slightly better knowledge of Scotland as any inspiration for me. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated . Cheers.
  16. I am delighted to announce a unique and exciting challenge for Football Manager 2018…with the prize of a share in Scotland’s forward-thinking Edusport Academy up for grabs! TLDR? Download the file here, put it into your save games folder and get going! You have 2 seasons, good luck. The Club Edusport Academy are currently enjoying their debut season in the Lowland League, just one promotion away from the professional ranks of the SPFL, having won the South of Scotland League last year. Truly an academy in name and operation, players are recruited via trials (mainly in France) and combine playing with learning the English language. The club have campus bases in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, with the Lowland League side playing their fixtures at Galabank – home of League Two side Annan Athletic. The #EdusportChallenge Starting in preseason with plenty of time to ready your squad for the 2017/18 season, the aim is simple – you have a span of 2 years to take the club as far as possible. The initial aim (and possibly the most difficult) is to achieve promotion from Level 5 in the pyramid into the SPFL…to do so, you’ll need to not only win the Lowland League, but additionally overcome the Highland League champions and the bottom club in League Two via the playoffs! The rules are as follows – no use of any in-game editor is permitted, and there are no limits on transfers etc. Using our save file means everyone starts with the same database of players to ensure a fair and level playing field. In the end, a healthy mixture of skill and luck will be required to overcome the competition. At the end of the 2019/20 campaign, save your game and tweet a picture of the final league table to me @MozzaPlays, using the hashtag #EdusportChallenge (I’ll ask for the save file if you’re in the running). Not a twitter user? E-mail me with this information to enter. Our winner will be the manager to achieve the best finish (final league placing) in season 2019/20, with tiebreakers as follows – best Scottish Cup finish, best Irn-Bru Cup finish, league points tally in final season, average points per league game over the two seasons. In the (extremely unlikely) event that we do not have a clear cut victor after all this, it’ll come down to an online playoff between the top dogs to crown the champ. What are you waiting for? Download the file, put it in the Documents -> Sports Interactive -> Football Manager 2018 -> games folder and get managing! The Prize The overall winner of the #EdusportChallenge will become a shareholder in the club itself, through the new “Our Football Club” scheme. A minimum of 30% of the club will be sold to shareholders at £50 per share, and this money will be used to fund the aspirations of the club through transfers, wages, facilities & day-to-day operations. Edusport’s connections across Europe mean they already have access to some of the top young talents, but with your help we can ensure a rapid rise to the top of the Scottish game, and achieve the dream of reaching the Premiership and beyond. Your shareholder benefits will include: Voting Rights – including re-naming the team in the near future to choosing new kits, setting budgets and even electing the board. Why not nominate yourself? Exclusive Content – high-quality video of matches, player & staff interviews and other access-all-areas content. You’ll also get advanced access to match-day tickets and merchandise. Scouting & Recruitment – As fan investment from shares comes in, you will have the opportunity to suggest players directly to our staff. Setting Strategy – Help us determine our goals and set policies for the club as we grow from strength to strength. Have a look around the official website www.ourfootballclub.com for all the information you’ll need on shareholder benefits. #CheapPlug, follow me on twitter @MozzaPlays to see progress sporadically!
  17. So in my journeyman save I am currently in Scotland. In the rules, no team can have more than 4 domestic loans. I keep getting loan offers for my players from clubs that already have four domestic loans. This has happened at least 10 times in the year and half I've been with Morton. Each time the team making the offer already has four domestic loan players. I accept some of them just to see. And every time I get an email about how it fell through because the club already has four players on loan. Why are these teams making these loans, and at such a high rate? Here are some images of this latest ones. Here we see Edinburgh make an offer. Here it is declined. On the same day it was declined, I get new offers for another player, notice Edinburgh are one of those teams. One of the teams on the new offer, with four loans players in their squad. The other teams squad with loan players. And here it is rejected. This has become such a common thing that I'm starting to auto reject all loans because I'm not getting any legit offers to loan my players. And I never get loan offers from outside Scotland. Its only ever clubs in Scotland. And only ever clubs who already have four domestic loans. If you need a save file let me know, I can provide one.
  18. i would love to see the Youth Structure of (U23, U18 etc) following real life like in my current save i'm playing with Tranmere Rovers in game there U18 are not in any league but in real life they play in the North West Conference of the Football League Youth Alliance but in game what would be Football League Youth Alliance is a mess like some of the team that would playing in North West Conference are playing in what would be the South West Conference And the SuperCupNI (formerly NI Milk Cup est. 1983) with the Tournament having full support from the EPL Premier League backing is 'significant endorsement' for SuperCupNI
  19. Advantageous

    PGC: Jumpers for Goalposts (FM 2018)

    Scotland for FM 2018 The PGC takes it's next step in it's European Adventures, as we move across the border into the harsh winters of the north. We begin our adventures in the Scottish pyramid with all members starting in League 2, in what promises to be an exciting (all be it a predictably slow) maiden season. With only semi-professional clubs available to pick from, expect facilities to match the weather. Interested in joining? If you are interested in joining our network game you can message FFCStu1428, or apply using the application form on our website. The game is played Monday through Wednesday every week, from 1900UK to 2300UK. Make sure you familiarise yourself with our game rules. Boring stuff, yes, but not long-winded and essential reading. Good luck, and even if you are not part of our game, enjoy our thread!
  20. 30th December 2016 Gene collapsed into an armchair in the living room of the small flat he had just bought his mother, in Smallingerland, and switched on the tele. He sighed... the last few weeks had been a whirlwind. Gene had been a sensation of Dutch football, snapped up at a young age by German giants Bayern Munich where he'd burst onto the scene as a 17 year old, and some even dared to whisper his name in the same breath as the legendary Johan Cruijff. This was to be the man to revolutionise the Dutch national team, which had seen an incredible decline in recent years. He made 15 appearances for his country, scoring two goals from midfield, but a horror injury had ultimately ended his career aged only 20 years old. The football world was fickle, he'd already been forgotten, and now he was back where it had all started. He looked down at the picture next to him, the only photograph his mother had of who she said was his father. He chuckled, and then sighed again. Growing up, she had told him that this man was 'Scott McBride', captain of the Scotland team that lifted the World Cup trophy in 2058. As a child, he had been fascinated by stories of this mystery man from the future. As an adult? He realised to his horror that his mother actually thought it was true. Regardless, the story had inspired Gene. It had driven him to a career in football himself, and he had always held a special place for the Scotland team in his heart - even though the first game of football he could remember was Holland's 6-0 drubbing of the Tartan Army in a European Championship playoff when he was only 6 years old. Therefore, the news that Gordon Strachan had left his position as manager of the current Scottish national side was an interesting prospect for the young Dutchman. The press were saying the job had to go to a Scot, that it should be someone with experience, but what the hell. Gene registered his interest. The job was never going to be his anyway, and he'd already had several positive meetings with Greg Kerfoot and Rachel Lewis at the Vancouver Whitecaps about taking their vacant position, he had nothing to lose.
  21. so i started a low league save as Edinburgh city but for some reason they do not have an under 20's squad just the main squaddoes anyone know if i will get one when we turn professional or when we get go up the leagues or am i just going to not have an academy and have to wait for the editor to change the team ??
  22. I'm playing as Dunfermline in the Scottish Championship, I'm in a good position (4th) and have good coaches for that level (3 stars minimum) but there's one problem... none of my players are developing! It's February and I think I've only had one month since the start of the season where my coach has informed me that there has been an impressive performance. Most of my first teamers are under 22, they all have at least 4 star potential but some of their stats have actually decreased. One of my players is playing exceptionally well, he has 16 assists and 10 goals from the wing and an average rating of 7.45 and his stats haven't improved either! Is there a reason why this is happening?
  23. I wanted to do another youth only challenge, so here we are, the north of the UK! Welcome to Gilbertson Park,and thanks to @Morrissey's fantastic Scotland databases the home of the Shetland football team, who I shall be managing in this Scottish youth only challenge! The aim is to get these lads from Lerwick to the top, we start in the Scottish Juniors North 2nd Division West, 7 tiers below the Scottish Premiership! We're right at the bottom there in Juniors Level 3! League System: Best 3 players: I have Scotland as the only playable nation but have Belgium, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal and Spain as view only all to the lowest division.
  24. Fully tested, fixed and working - my files for the 2016/17 season in Scotland! Database file for the real pyramid now downloadable via Steam Workshop at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=795631476 Database file for the fantasy pyramid now downloadable via Steam Workshop at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=822405366 Logo megapack for Scotland now downloadable at https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/30189/scotland-lower-leagues-megapack-inc-juniors-201617 Kit pack for Highland & Lowland Leagues (inc fantasy expanded Lowland) now downloadable at https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/29477/scotland-highland-lowland-leagues-standard-201617 *NOTE* these logo and kit packs are created by myself for leagues not originally included in the game. Changelist (Real Pyramid file): Corrected all divisions and teams in the pyramid (DB has them wrong) Amended all kits to match real life Corrected stadium information Added real-life managers Edited all club reputations to try and achieve more realistic setups Added correct competitions, dates and playoffs Ensured all Highland & Lowland sides enter Scottish Cup Added realistic prize money STILL TO COME: Lowland League squads to be filled out, with help of clubs (hopefully!)
  25. Hi, I have completed fixtures for: Scottish Premiership. English Premier League I will also be doing: Championship League 1 League 2 I will up date you as an when I have completed these. League & Data & Fixture update_3119A416-0199-4E1E-9F8B-33D7EEA79B79.fmf League & Data Updates (Scotland Fixtures)_C67C4067-6046-479B-8F96-F3A631FAD1BE.fmf