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  1. Because I have a mental issue, I just can't give up with this stupid San Giovanni thing, so we're trying it again. There's two main changes from the last one: 1: We can sign other Sammarinese U21 players. On the last save the other teams were actually producing some decent potential players, but they'd never develop. This should help out the NT. 2, and the main one: We're using the ingame editor to sort out Youth Recruitment. It's starting at the default value, but once we dominate domestically we'll keep manually upgrading it to stay in line as the joint best in the country. This is probably going to be a shorter save than the other one(s). I want to actually make progress now we have those two rules in to help us out. We need to win. No excuses.
  2. Ello All Well, having been spurred on by the excellence of @Jupjamie and his never ending quest in San Marino, I thought I would try one myself. I havent played fm games seriously for quite some time, not since its was considered cheating to sign Maxim Tsigalko, (but we all did it though, he was just that good!) But I have always been one for trying the impossible, and this relates to the earliest challenge I set myself as far as I can remember, which was winning the premier league with Stalybridge Celtic on Premier Manager 2 using just development players. Now I dont know how much I can tread on jupjamies toes, but i do love his spreadsheet layout, so I have started doing one of these for myself, and if its ok with him, will post on here too. Now what I have done differently, 1stly I have chose Cosmos, for 2 reasons, 1, they are the worst side on the other side of the San Marino league system to San Giovanni, and 2. they are called Cosmos! its just asking for a shedload of spacey type puns! 2ndly, I am starting with a youth team, so at the start of the game I am releasing all the players (except 1 16 year old, as he looks ok, and well, is 16) and signing the grey players in the squad and u19s that appear on a free. I will play the 1st couple of games, and if it goes terrible, I will holiday to the 1st Youth Intake day, sign them all, and then holiday to the start of next season. Lets see how it goes.
  3. The classic FM Challenge, San Marino Calcio in the Italian structure. Simple plan, pick up the club, improve the finances, develop the academy and hopefully some great Sammarinese players come through, probably have a crack at the national team when the time is right. Fast forwarded a year until June 29th, to reload until they were promoted to playable, but they were promoted first go. Proceeded to sign everyone and their Italian cousin, and here we are. I won't bother screencapping the transfers as there are 28 in, and far more out. Finances are already swirling down the drain, well done me, only took two months! Staff ratings, post overhaul. EDIT: Forgot to show the active leagues. Deadline Day signing Tsonev is our star player. Full squad for now. Part of the reason for such a busy transfer window is that I started it out planning on playing 4-1-4-1, and I quickly grew to despise it after a few cup games, and switched to a diamond, requiring extra strikers and attacking mids. Unparalleled technical skills here already.
  4. We're back. After trying this save twice on FM 16 here and here, we're back to give it a shot for FM17. The premise is simple. We're going to take the worst team in San Marino, San Giovanni, and attempt to take them - and, just as importantly, the national side - as high up in the world as we can. One catch - we're not going to be buying any players. We're doing this purely with the talent that we can find and nurture in San Marino. My love affair with San Marino started when I saw how the English media reacted to any qualifier against the minnows. It's a guarantee that before every game, one or two 'journalists' would complain about England having to even waste their time against San Marino, who didn't deserve to be gracing the same pitch as England. Well, excuse my French, but that's bulls***. They're a country. They deserve respect. They're going to get it. It's time to tear down the establishment.
  5. Everybody loves rooting for the little guy! I've loved reading everyone's stories of their careers taking a club from one of Europe's tiniest countries and making them a European powerhouse! I've seen some amazing stories around San Marino, Gibraltar, the Faroes and Luxembourg and decided to go for something similar. I'm a massive fan of @Jupjamies amazing San Marino save and the insane amount of patience that takes... My aim is simple, though stupidly hard, take a team from each of the smallest nations: Malta, Andorra, San Marino, Luxembourg & the Faroe Islands and complete the following steps: Get to and win their top domestic division! Turn Professional! (& hopefully bring some other clubs with me) Win Multiple Domestic Cups! Qualify for the Champs League Group Stages! Only Use Players of that nationality! (Little different from other saves, I have no issue signing other prospects from each country, as long as they're under 20 at the time). Once each nation is established and the national team is up to the top 50 in the world I must move onto the next country! This is going to have to be a passion project because it's going to take AGES! I did a Maltese only save before and got beyond frustrated after 12 years in FM 16. Fingers crossed we can keep it going this time! The plan is to post a pre/post season entry, a youth intake entry and any other major achievements/announcements. SOOOOOO.....where to begin....
  6. Hello. I am currently playing as Tre Penne from San Marino and the national team inin FM16. The league file I used has the first division league in which all teams are amateur. It allows for 5 foreigner to be registered to play. However, there isn't a time period after which any of these can become elegible to play for San Marino. Under this setting, I figured the development of my team, the league and the National Team would rely a lot on a constant improvement of the youth system. However, early in my save I asked the board to allow more youth trainers to come work for us and that was denied, not because of money but because, while there are U19 teams in the clubs, there isn't a U19 tournament going on so, the board doesn't see much sense in spending on youth. I'm afraid that I go 5 seasons with success, get a lot of money and they still won't invest in youth because there isn't a tournament going on. -Could the board eventually agreed to invest in the U19 team despite the lack of competitions? -Under this setting, what's the potential growth the team could reach? Do you see it becoming at least an usual in the Champions League or Europa League group stages not minding if it's through the qualy playoffs or a direct spot? -Is there a way to edit the league in-game so there's an active youth league or the possibility to have foreign players gain nationality after some time? -Maybe I got a not-that-great league edit and there's other file I should use instead. If you have any advice on how I should approach this kind of save, please let me know Thanks for the help
  7. San Marino Challenge Hi guys! I know this is hardly a new idea, but I've been interested in trying this challenge for a while. Several years ago on another forum I documented my rise through the ranks with Luton, and while I haven't done something like this (documenting it, I mean) since then, I thoroughly enjoyed it last time, so I figured I'd give it a try. I generally prefer to play FM by starting with a low tier team and trying to bring them as high as I can, so this kind of challenge is right up my alley..... if a fair bit harder than what I normally tend to do. Just a couple of notes before we dive in so that anybody who's interested knows what to expect: I'll be updating mostly month by month, and the updates will sometimes come every couple of days, and sometimes have a gap of a couple of weeks, due to other responsibilities. I've always been kind of of the mind that FM is just about the worst game for viewers, but I may stream some of my exploits at www.twitch.tv/pengwin_sc (I'll probably stream really big matches and put a disclaimer in the update when there's a big one coming). For those of you not familiar with the San Marino Challenge, let me fill you in. Essentially, I'll be attempting to accomplish the goals listed below. I've listed out the standard goals for this challenge, but if anybody has some cool ideas for other things I could shoot for, feel free to let me know and I'll consider aiming for them as well. I'll check these off as they're completed. Club Goals: - Take San Marino Calcio to Serie A - Win Serie A - Win the Champions League - Win the Champions League with a squad comprised of purely San Marino nationals National Goals: - Achieve a top 100 global rank with San Marino - Qualify for a major tournament with San Marino - Win the European Championships with San Marino - Win the World Cup with San Marino - Achieve rank 1 globally with San Marino So, onwards to adventure! And victory! Well, probably a lot of losses, but EVENTUAL VICTORY!
  8. To Conquer - A Youth Challenge in San Marino So you are probably thinking 'Oh my God, not another idiot trying a Youth Challenge in San Marino'. Well let me set one thing straight! You're not wrong. I honestly have no idea what I've got myself into, I like using youth players but I've never done a youth only challenge. This is my first thread on the forum after being a lurker and following everyone's journey's. I'll be looking to give monthly/bi-monthly updates and the ultimate goal is to become European Champions. I'll never achieve it but we've got to be optimistic. So this first post will be introducing the manager and I'll be giving a background story into his life. He's a completely fictional character. Meet Vicente Maggio. He's a 21 year old male born in Rome, Italy. Back home he was an avid Sunday League Footballer until a life threatening injury changed his life. Throughout the months he spent in hospital, in Rome, he became a massive fan of Sammarinese football, after stumbling upon a dodgy TV channel (Even to this day he denies it was in fact Babestation and there was a beautiful Sammarinese woman whispering his name). Since that day it became his dream was to manage a Sammarinese team using only youth players (Don't ask me why, he's a very dodgy bloke but again denies any wrong doing towards children). Due to his injury he had a massive payout and has managed to retire at the age of 21, allowing him to travel and live in San Marino to manage at an amateur level. Vicente means 'To Conquer' and that is exactly what he wants to do. Firstly conquer San Marino and then ultimately Europe and most definitely not find the beautiful Sammarinese woman he once saw on that dodgy TV channel. He also has no coaching qualifications, but as you can see in the profile screen, the club has already set him to work on Studying for his National C Licence. The next post will reveal the chosen club for Vicente, although you with keen eyes may have already spotted that. If not I'm sorry say but you're blind, go get checked.
  9. A.C. Juvenes Dogana So here I go again, a sucker for a San Marino challenge. This time I'm starting with A.C. Juvenes. Here's a brief history of the club, taken from you know where. "A.C. Juvenes/Dogana is a Sammarinese football club based in Dogana, in the civil parish of Serravalle. The club was founded in 2000 after the merger of S.S. Juvenes (named after a historical side in San Marino) and G.S. Dogana. Until season 2006/07 Juvenes/Dogana was the only team to play in both Sammarinese and Italian leagues, taking part in the Girone A of Campionato Sammarinese and in the Italian amateur levels, but it has since retired from the Italian leagues. The team's colors are light blue, red and white." Honours San Marino Cup: 9 S.S. Juvenes: 1965, 1968, 1976, 1978, 1984 G.S. Dogana: 1977, 1979 A.C. Juvenes/Dogana: 2008/09, 2010/11 San Marino League: 0 Runners-up 2007/08, 2008/09, 2014/15 European Record Facilities The reason I've chosen Juvenes Dogana is because they have the best training / youth setup in the country so I'm starting off with a small advantage. There will be an emphasis on youth development, but I am not going to restrict myself to a youth only challenge. My only stipulation will be that everyone in my squad must be Sammarinese, so I will be starting by releasing anyone who isn't. Media Prediction We're predicted to finish 3rd in our group and we are ranked 6th best overall. I'm hoping to get into the play-offs at least - I will have to get my head around that again! This is my manager profile, as true to real life as possible with the exception that I have made my main nationality Sammarinese. I've also taken over the national team and because I'm starting in early June we have some games to play already. I will be doing yearly updates with the NT and seasonal with Juvenes, with additional focus on youth intake / European games as and when they come. Progress Tracker Thanks @Jimbokav1971 for sending the original. I will be keeping track of my progress on a seasonal basis, looking at youth development.
  10. The Small Four - Gibraltar

    The Small Four is a custom idea where you must take a team from Gibraltar, Andorra, San Marino, and Kosovo to both International and European glory. This save file will be following the custom Gibraltarian team, known as Gibraltar Rocks, named after the Rock of Gibraltar. There will be 3 other saves following the teams in Andorra, San Marino and Kosovo, as I hope to win the World Cup, the Euros, and the Champions Cup with all 4 teams. There will be a write up after every 3 game months to show how the team develops throughout the years.