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Found 46 results

  1. The order of player attributes changes depending on the game language. I'm used to the Norwegian player attributes order, but I will be playing with English language this year, but I find the player attributes to be kinda all over the place. I'm sure I could eventually get used to it, but it would be nice if we could: Click+hold, and drag player attributes vertically to change the order. I have wanted this for years, and I have previously tried to change from Norwegian game language to English, but I gave up after I couldn't get used to the English player attributes order. I also think that this feature would be easily implemented. If this gets implemented, I'm sure that it will feature in the full version of Football Manager, but as Touch user on PC, I would appreciate if this feature could also be implemented on Football Manager Touch for PC.
  2. Denzel Dumfries from PSV Eindhoven has now gone on to make 2 appearances for the Dutch national team. He is however listed as having made 2 appearances for Aruba. Could this be changed to Holland?
  3. Hello mates, so I have been playing FM 16 for a while now in the Indian National League as Bharat FC club. My attack has been trustworthy this season but my defence was weak so I decided to sign a good defender and signed Ricardo Carvalho. His attributes were great which made me sign him but the problem was he was 40 years old and he is giving a below average performance. So is there a way I can get him back in form ?
  4. Out of the many years I've manged many gifted players and I've congragulated them on many player of the month rewards and just once I'd like them to congragulate me on my manager of the month rewards, this could be something like a message in the inbox such as a certain player or the team congragulated you on your award in training this morning.
  5. When I select player analysis for a specific player instead of getting a player analysis I am getting the whole match, both teams on all the things like shots made, passes made etc. Player analysis needs looking at. This is what I get when looking at Billy knotts player analysis.
  6. Just wanted to start this thread in the hopes that any kind player, who is currently 5 years or more into the game would do player screenshot requests so we can see how some of our favourite youngsters develop later in the game. Would be much appreciated. Personally, would love to find out how Ryan Sessegnon and Matt O'Riley turn out after 5+ years.
  7. My player history has been reset. If you look at the amount of goals between the club and yearly, you’ll notice it. If anyone know how to fix this i’ll be really happy thank you community
  8. Dear United Fans, Have you able to successfully kick off Season 1 without buying new players? Share your tactics here~
  9. SO i had Patrick Cutrone who was brilliant as a DLF for me, but for some reason i taught him to try to break offside trap, and how he has poor match ratings. This led me to realise that maybe i got him to learn a Player trait which doesn't work well with his player role, of DLF-S. So i just wanted to ask if any of you have had success with certain player roles for certain positions, and what they were. 1. What are some great player traits for a DLF ?
  10. JPMclaren1

    Shirt income

    Hi all I miss the possibility to see in detail what each player shirt sales has generated of income. Something like in Fifa carrier mode. Furthermore it should have to be possible for star players like Ronaldo etc to have a shirt deal (% of income) in its contract. Lastly It would be great if clubs have a possibility to chose from different shirt sponsors. When you are a top club like Real you are certainly in pole position to get a contract with Addidas, Nike, NewBalance etc. Each sponsor should have a rating (which could attract more high end players), a different duration and different income levels. One might give you 50.000.000 EUR over a certain period or could be able to give you a higher percentage of shirt income and a lower sum in advance. I really think the game van have a deeper layer which isn't that difficult to code. Thanks in advance to consider this proposition! Have a nice day guys and keep up the great work
  11. Hi SI, My entire squad's stats are deteriorating, quite heavily. I thought it might be the quality of coaching, so I improved my coaching team to become the best in the league. Didn't make any difference. Their morale is high, we're winning games and I've made some high profile signings. Still, the player stats continue to decline. I can't work it out. I even, for the purpose of the exercise, took to editor to make the coaches amazing (separate save), made the players potential ability crazily high and still nothing. Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey have been attached as examples. The Everton midfield prospect, Tom Davies, for example, has stronger stats?
  12. So iv'e been thinking for a while, as have many other more senior members of the community, that the AIs development of younger players is absolutely dreadful. But there seems to be an obvious fix? It seems player development is hugely linked to playing time. But almost too much? Sure playing time is a significant factor in developing as a young player. Getting senior games is vital. But if the AI isnt built to give younger players more of a go then surely you just tweak the %s that are assigned to training ground development, tutoring development and the other more passive forms of development. Hate seeing so many young studs in the game never developed by there AI clubs meaning unless I pitch in and buy them they never seem to reach their potential.
  13. This is something that bothers me most about FM. value of the player should depend on their performance, not solely on potential. I see players who play less than 10 games for their team, with an average of under 6.70, and they get sold for millions and millions of pounds. Other players get sold for 2-5m pounds, even though their performance that season was over a 7.20. It's true that potential does play a role in the transfermarket (i.e. Martial to Utd) but I think performance matters just as much if not more. Another thing that should change depending on performance is player potential. if a players potential and current ability are 132, but that player has been putting in great performance on the pitch, I think that his current ability and potential should go up. & for players with the same potential but with 6.40 avg performance, the potential & current ability should go down. I think this would make the game a lot more realistic.
  14. It started when taking a penalty. I was going to change the penalty taker, clicked on "change player" and confirmed the player. First of all the player I chose did not take the penalty, but the one who stood by the ball when clicking it. Second of all, after I had done this the "Cancel Pending Changes" was stuck in the corner of the screen the rest of the half. It wouldn't go away when clicking it, and I couldn't click Tactics or anything. Very annoying since this was in the 50th minute. At full time I got the question if I wanted to proceed with the changes after the goal (as I scored from the penalty).
  15. They look absolutely dreadful! I've only see about 4 varieties regardless of their ethnicity. Another issue for those of us who edit is the removal of the 'change hair colour' option. When it's 2067 and the game is getting a bit monotonous being able to change players hair colours was always fun. Why not turn an entire squad into blond or red haired players? I thought the regen faces in FM16 were perfect. What happened SI???
  16. morris_denning

    Need Help for new player

    I am currently in the 2nd Season with Manchester United and approaching the January transfer window. Antonio Valencia is getting old and is currently 33 years old and I am looking to replace him soon as he only offers 3 stars. I am looking for either a RB or maybe a RWB to switch up my formation. Suggest either a already high profile player or a high potential player. Money is not an issue
  17. When checking the form of a player from the reports drop-down menu, the data is incomplete. Few players the form history is from 14/10/17 and for some players, it is from 1/1/18. I am not sure if that has been the case throughout the save game period as I never actually checked this till now.
  18. Slight issue with players under loan offers. After I accept deals for them, the next day the system generates a message saying 'no clubs think deal is viable' message. Screenshot below. Only happens with loan players, but consistently.
  19. Morgjones13

    Player Condition

    When you click to view player condition during match the game just removes your tick and it seems impossible to get this to work.
  20. I've just downloaded the game on Steam, and when I go to start a new game I get an error message that says 'Couldn't load the database' Any suggestions on a fix. Thanks
  21. O FM inovou e criou o ícone "i" ao lado dos nomes dos jogadores para que pudessemos ver uma prévia dos atributos e informações resumidas. No meu Macbook toda vez que vou olhar essa prévia do jogador a mini-janela que abre é incompleta: vezes não aparece nenhuma informação, vezes aparece somente o nome, vezes apenas a posição, ou seja, normalmente na primeira tentativa ela não aparece as informações corretas. Caso eu mova o cursor e tente novamente as informações aparecem, bem como caso eu clique no ícone da prévia. Valeu. _______ FM innovated and created the "i" icon next to the players' names so we could see a preview of the attributes and summary information. In my Macbook every time I go to look at this preview of the player the mini-window that opens is incomplete: sometimes no information appears, sometimes appears only the name, times only the position, ie usually on the first attempt it does not appear information correct. If I move the cursor and try again the information appears, as well as if I click the preview icon. Thanks.
  22. Freddie_Insane

    Player Unhappy

    In my save with Famalicão (Portugal) my goalkeeper (Leo Rodrigues) was worried about not being a starter, I praised the training and put him to headline in the last two games, at the end of the second game he was dissatisfied for not having an opportunity. I uploaded the save game to FTP "(Famalicão (Portugal) GK.fm" in fm\game-save. I hope I have helped
  23. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum. How is it possible for a player to be accomplished in a position, yet useless in EVERY role in that position???? Surely, the very idea of training is that you are trained in a certain way?
  24. In preseason, a punished player (in official matches) can't play friendly matches. Vanarama south.
  25. When I hover over the Information circle the bottom left corner of the report doesn't display the player's star rating even when i put it on the report tab, nor does the star rating appear at the top of a payer's report card like previous versions of the game. Instead I get a coach summary which is pretty pointless. Not sure if I'm being an idiot and can't find the correct tab, or if indeed this is a change that the developers have made for the new game, if the latter is the case then it would be very frustrating as now having to click on each player name and move in and out of pages just to see a star rating is very time consuming and irritating. The left image is what I have in 18 at the minute, the right is what it has looked like in fm17, notice the missing star r ating