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Found 23 results

  1. Welcome all to this years FM18 Performance benchmarking thread! As per previous years, a save has been created with all 51 nations and 116 leagues using a large database. Total player count is 170,000. Note: Per my own testing and other user reports, FM18 processes slower then previous editions due to new mechanics such as Squad Dynamics, Scouting revamp, Medical Centre etc. Three saves have been provided this year to test and benchmark your computer under different conditions, these are as follows: Benchmark A - Starts 20th August 2017, Detail Level: Default/Default Benchmark B - Starts 20th August 2017, Detail Level: Default/Custom (Full detail set on EFL Championship, Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A, Primera Division) Benchmark C - Starts 20th August 2019, Detail Level: Default/Default (Beginning of 3rd season) To run the benchmarks, download benchmark save games from the following site: DropBox: FM18_Benchmark_A, FM18_Benchmark_B, FM18_Benchmark_C Save files to \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\games Before running some tests, ensure your PC is configured for the best possible conditions for testing: PC Settings: Close all non-essential system tray icons (OneDrive, Sound\Motherboard\Peripheral apps etc) Disable any non-essential services (Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology etc) Turn on 'High Performance' power plan. (Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options) FM Settings: Ensure that auto save interval is disabled Ensure that Enable Data Collection is disabled Set processing to Fast (Less Responsive) Ensure WindowMode is Full Screen Make sure when running FM18, no other programs are running (i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Task Manager, Office etc) and if running on a laptop make sure it is plugged into the power socket. After you load the appropriate benchmark save game, just go on holiday for a week, and measure the time needed for processing using a stopwatch on your wristwatch or phone. Holiday from 20/8 until 27/8 for all tests Post your results in the following format: If you are unsure about your PC specs, you can download CPU-Z for free from https://www.cpuid.com/, this should give you all the precise information you need. To find your true memory clock speed, in CPU-Z click on the MEMORY tab and check the value of the DRAM FREQUENCY field and then double it. (Example, my memory reports 1600 MHz which when doubled give 3200 MHz). Alternatively, run the following command from a command line in windows: wmic memorychip get speed. This will report the speed for each RAM module in your PC (mine reports 3200 for each RAM stick). The FM18 Computer Performance Rating can be found by loading FM18_Benchmark_A saved game and going to FM > Add/Remove Leagues. Score is at the bottom. The FM18 PC 3D Graphics Rating can be found in FM Preferences under the Match heading. If any questions, feel free to ask. Get testing! RESULTS: FM17 Benchmarking Thread
  2. Curious as to how language actually affects performance: any evidence?... Also, in terms of learning: - do players learn the new language even without taking a course? - do players learn faster if the language is of the same family (e.g., Spanish and Portuguese; Swedish and Norwegian; etc.)? - do polyglot players learn a new language faster than those who only speak one language? - are there any hidden mental attribute(s) that speed up language learning? Any other insights that you have noticed? Thanks, gracias, obrigado, grazie, dank, shukria, etc...
  3. My grafics card is a Radeon R9 290X with 8GB memory. The temperature on idle is about 50c. Running the most graphic heavy game I got, BF1 on ultra high settings, it can reach 74c at most. When the FM18 match engine starts, the GPU temp jumps to 80c and will slowly raise to 100c when the computer will emergency shut down. First thought it was dust in the coolers, but after cleaning it I noticed this only happen when FM18 is running and never under any other circumstances. Tested three sets of driver, no change. When running FM18 in 2D mode, the temperature stays at 74c Running FM14 and FM17 it have pretty much idle temp 50-55c. Found a few threads all unsolved about this kind of issue, a long thread about a simular issue with a Nvidia card, that ended up unsolved with user planing to get another graphics card. Tested suggested solution except messing with the GPU clock. I am not going to risk that since I have not the know how. DxDiag.txt
  4. My system Intel core i7-7700HQ CPU Qcore (2.80GHz) 16 GB Ram NVIDIA1050 ti (4GB) For most of the time FM runs okay.. I have a lot af delays and lags, but nothing serious (Just insanly anoying), but sometimes my CPU usages spikes to 80-90% and I get interference on my screen (flicker).. I have checked my joblist and its FM 2018 doing it. I only have Chrome running in the bg while playing. It only happens when playing FM and only inside the game.. I have tried deleting all graphics and even reinstalled both my Gcard and formatting my laptop. I even ran a 20 min test in Furmark to see if I had a graphics glitch, but all is fine - just not in FM. It seems when I browse the issue here and elsewhere that Nvidia cards and FM2018 isnt clicking very well - could this be the issue?? I am using anti virus and i have made FM2018 an exception - it has made a small difference in the CPU usage (from 13-15% standard to now 0,5-2% when not working/loading), but the insane spikes still persists. Otherwise love the game but it acts sluggish and have these spikes I cant seem to fix. Can u help or tell me if its a known issue?? attached a DxDiag - as it always seems to be the first step DxDiag FM2018.xml
  5. Full game shows 3 stars instead of 5, why? Laptop specs: i7 6700HQ 960m 4GB 16GB of ram 256GB SSD Game still plays fine though.. just wanted to know what's wrong as i have seen people with worse graphics get 5 stars
  6. I bought the game on the release day and started to play. Did realise pretty soon that game interface where not that smooth that i had thought. Anyway, i installed all my kits/logos etc and when i started the game it where an disaster. 10-15 minutes just to get to choose database. I uninstalled the game and thought u guys would fix it in the near future. Today i installed the game again and tried to play it, with no alternative graphic whatsoever and with the hopes of an smoother experience. Was is any different from the day of the release? No DxDiag.txt
  7. I'm running FM 2018 18.1.3 on my Gigabytes Aero 15 machine which has HD630 and and GTX 1060. I've right click the fm.exe and choose it to run on my 1060 card, but the game still running on HD630 which is a low performance card i cannot get it played. Tried other games in steam, all works fine, they are running on GTX1060 by default. Some other standalone games, when i right click and specify them to to use GTX1060, they all works fine. EXCEPT for FM2018. FIX IT~! DxDiag.txt graphics config.log
  8. This is something that bothers me most about FM. value of the player should depend on their performance, not solely on potential. I see players who play less than 10 games for their team, with an average of under 6.70, and they get sold for millions and millions of pounds. Other players get sold for 2-5m pounds, even though their performance that season was over a 7.20. It's true that potential does play a role in the transfermarket (i.e. Martial to Utd) but I think performance matters just as much if not more. Another thing that should change depending on performance is player potential. if a players potential and current ability are 132, but that player has been putting in great performance on the pitch, I think that his current ability and potential should go up. & for players with the same potential but with 6.40 avg performance, the potential & current ability should go down. I think this would make the game a lot more realistic.
  9. I had installed windows 10 1709. I had fps drops. From 75 to 1. I went back to the previous version of windows 1609 if i remember correctly. so dont install 1709
  10. Hi all - any tips or config specs to make my FM18 run faster? It seems it takes 1 second for the next screen, after I click to run/confirm - either during matches or general inbox. No, my laptop is not slow: Intel i7 2.4GHz, 16GB RAM, 64-bit Great game. Thanks!
  11. After having configured my resolutions and graphical settings a lot, I wonder if any of the developers are able to answer me this: Was this game released mainly having tested it with Retina? It runs much smoother and somehow manages to utilise the resources of my mac much better, than if it's unticked. Which strikes me as odd, since demanding more resources would usually require a lower frame rate and thus a worse overall performance. It would be nice to get an answer, since I'm growing tired of configuring how to find the optimal setup. (P.S. used gfxstatus to figure out, that using the macs integrated graphic card, increased the performance vastly as well..)
  12. Does fitness help players's sharpness so they can run on through balls? it really frustrates me as I put training as fitness on average/heavy
  13. I don´t know what is wrong but even when i play with like 2 leagues loaded, it still takes the game long to load. I have tried switching to lower graphics, changing from CPU to software and i haven´t noticed a difference. I just started playing again because i took a break from the game for like 2 months. Since i started i have noticed that my mac suddenly struggles more to load the game then i previously have experienced with it. I was wondering if there could perhaps be a way to make the game run smoother and experience less crashes as well, i cant really explain the crashes in detail but i can tell you that the last two times it crashed was because i viewed a match of my u20´s (weird). I also have a lot of graphics and i have some files in editor data (more leagues), Any tips so that i can get to experience a smoother football manager experience? Kind regards.
  14. I have just ordered a 13 inch Macbook Pro with retina display - the latest generation with touch bar. 16gb ram and i5 processer up to 3.5ghz Just wondering how fm17 runs on other peoples macbooks? I know there have been issues with the retina display causing overheating... is this still an issue with fm17?
  15. Personal I always want to load lots of playable leagues, I start unemployed, and want a good selection of jobs to go for. Since I got FM17 I can't load as many leagues. Ball-ake. But fixable. Starting unemployed I decided I wont be in the frame for any big jobs from big country's. So I only made the small country's playable and the rest of Europe, Viewable. I still start with a large database. Once I start doing well and getting more coaching badges, You can start swapping the playable and none playable leagues about. Anyone with any other ideas or tips?
  16. After seeing the threads about benchmarking, game performance and database here and there, I'm just wondering will/how this mode will effect Football Manager 2017? Wil there be a patch or something? Will it significally effect the game performance? Do anyone have an idea about this?
  17. Hi. I'd like to see a graph for player value, so I can monitor his valuation over the years. This can be toggled against other players or overall value of players, other clubs and leagues, with absolute and percentage annual growth options. This can be done for club value as well. Now that I'm writing, I think that many more GRAPHS can be added to the game, so I can monitor improvements over TIME. Thank you!
  18. After playing FM series since day 1 here goes my first post on forum, I have played each and every Football Manager game on different laptops/computers every year. Because of my job, I need to carry two different laptops and use PC at my home and office. I won't bore you with details and jump to my request. We need some optimization on Mac OS systems. I'm using the latest Macbook Pro and its actually a capable device to run the game smooth. However, I get the slowest performance even though I tune down everything for better gaming experience. Watching games 3D is almost impossible which is understandable since my laptop doesn't have a graphics card (Most Macbook Pro users don't have as far as I know) but even watching games 2D is slow and stressful. Even the loading time when I hit continue is way longer than my Windows Laptop (it is not as near as powerful in terms of hardware) which led me to believe there is something wrong with software adaptation. I'm not an computer expert, can't tell whats exactly wrong but you can also find mac users complain on same issue if you google for a short amount of time. If there is something I don't know of and should do to fix the problem, please let me know. If not, please, I want a smooth FM 2017 experience with my mac.
  19. Is there a way to rollback to a version prior to 17.1.2 ? its unbearable to play 3d match play is very laggy.
  20. The most recent update 17.1.2 made the match performance much worse on my ipad mini 2. It was quite smooth and i liked it when first purchased the game. Somehow it automatically updated and now its really slow, the players are not moving as smooth as it was
  21. Hey everyone! Currently I'm planning on getting the 2015 Macbook Pro 13 inch Retina ( Base Model ). I wanted to know if there will be any issues with the laptop heating up or bad performance on the settings I plan on playing the FM16 and FM17 when it does come out. I plan on playing with 3d matches, about 7-8 leagues and large player database, and if possible on 1080p, (Oh and I also want to run it on OSX) otherwise the rest of the graphic settings can be low, I don't care much for the rest. Will the laptop suffer from performance at those settings? And also very important, will the laptop suffer from any excessive heating? I wouldn't want such an expensive laptop to heat up as soon as I start the game as it happens with the Macbook Air, people say. I wanted to get the Macbook for school since I don't have any laptop at the moment and I have never owned a Mac, and the MBP is very appealing, but I wouldn't want a 1500€ laptop to overheat or have a very very poor performance with Football Manager. So maybe anyone who owns the the MBP 13" could tell me about his experience? Thanks in advance and any tip or information you guys drop is greatly aprecciated! (PS: I am considering waiting for the 2016 New Macbook Pro but apparently there won't be any major changes in the CPU department so the question applies for both the 2015 and the one that is yet to come out. Once again, thanks in advance guys )
  22. Hi everyone. I'm 5 years into the future coaching Napoli. The team goes very well, we have won 3 Serie A in a row, 2 ELs and my first CL. I was able to raise the financial level of the team and to buy a lot of young talented players to raise, and some seasoned good players to play the backbone of the team and to tutor youngsters. However, what bothers me it's not the overall team performance, that is very good, but the single player's performances. Very often, when a player performs well enough (vote 8 or 9), and I praise him, he says that he didn't do anything special, and his morale decreases. On the other side, almost everytime that a player performs badly (vote 6 or less), and I scold him for the bad performance, he says that he performed very well and he didn't deserve the telling-off (and his moral decreases too). The same thing happens when I talk with players on loan about their performance. Now, I can't believe that players are so clueless about their performance. Am I doing something wrong? Or there is simply a bug in players dialogues about their performance?
  23. Hi, I only really use my PC to play Football Manager and to act as a media server. I don't use any of the 3d match engine elements. I'm finding that clicking between screens has become painfully slow. And yes, i have been through all the performance steps detailed here: My PC Spec: AMD Phenom 9550 Quad Core Processor @ 2.2ghz 8gb ram Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OS 256gb SSD primary drive Radeon HC 4200 gfx chip with 256mb ram From what i gather, this spec should be ample to run the game at a reasonable speed, but isnt doing so. It's probably important to note that i have most major leagues playable (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, etc). I also have the DB Size set to max. I don't use any custom skins or picture sets. Now, as my PC is pushing 12 years old, i appreciate that this may be the cause. So assuming it isn't the cause (as i don't experience issues doing anything else), and as other troubleshooting tips haven't worked, what else could it be? And assuming that my PC is the cause, what would be the ideal system spec i should be looking to upgrade to to ensure smooth running with all the DB size and leagues set to max? For instance, does the game rely more heavily on the hard disk, RAM or CPU? Thanks, Scott